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Wheaton, Henry: American diplomat

and jurist, 481
Wheeler, Joseph: commands Confeder-

ate cavalry, 805; appointed major
general, 1028; in Santiago campaign,

Wheeler, William A.: nominated for

Vice President (1876), 907; elected

Vice President (1876), 913
Wheeling, West Virginia : loyalist con-

vention at, 731 ; state Constitutional

Convention, 732
Wheelright, John: in Salem colony, 90
Whig Party: organized, 520; convention

at Harrisburg, 520; alienated from
Tyler, 528; convention at Baltimore
(1844), 536; convention meets at
Philadelphia (1848), 556; conven-
tion at Baltimore (1852), 620; dis-
solution, 637; remnant in Constitu-

tional Union Party, 680
Whigs : origin, 434; named, 510
Whisky Rebellion: in Pennsylvania, 367
Whisky Ring, The, 894
Whisky Tax (1791): imposed, 348; re-

pealed, 348
White, Andrew Dickson: in San Do-

mingo commission, 880
White, Horace: joins liberal movement,

White, Hugh Lawson: nominated for

Presidency, 510
White, John: leaves a colony in Vir-

ginia, 53
White City: see Columbian Exposition,

White House, The: burned by British,

White Pass, The: awarded to the United

States in Alaskan boundary dispute,

White Plains: battle of (1776), 244
Whitefield, George: missionary

preacher, 81
Whitman, Dr. Marcus : saves Oregon for

the United States, 542
Whitman, Walt: his poem on death of

Lincoln, 827
Whitney, Eli: increases value of slavery

to the South, 128; invents cotton

gin, 450
Whitney, William Collins: Secretary of

the Navy, 950 note

Whittier, John Greenleaf: in American

literature, 481; secretary of Ameri-
can Anti-Slavery Society, 574; joins
liberal movement, 890; his Centen-

nial Hymn sung, 903
Wickes, Lambert: naval exploits of, 290
Wilderness, The: battle of (1864), 787;

political effects of, 801
Wilkes, Charles: in the Trent Affair,

Wilkinson, James: betrays Burr, 403
Willard, Samuel: notable divine, 139
William and Mary, Rulers of England:

accession, 72, 157; unfavorable to
Lord Baltimore, 72; efforts at mili-
tary unity in colonies, 93; yield to
colonies, 101; proclaimed in New

York, 105
William and Mary, College of: founded,

141; graduates of, in Constitutional

Convention, 323
Williamette, The: settlements made on,

William Henry, Fort: captured by

French, 186
Williams, Mrs.: captivity among In-

dians, 160
Williams, David: aids in capture of

André, 277
Williams, Ephraim: in the French and

Indian Wars, 183
Williams, George Henry: in Joint High

Commission, 883
Williams, James: killed at battle of

King's Mountain, 279
Williams, John Sharp: in Democratic

convention (1904), 1064
Williams, Roger : sketch of, 89; founds

Providence, 94; early colonial au-

thor, 142
Williamsburg: reached by Washington

on return from Fort le Boeuf, 171;

battle of (1862), 758
Williams' College: founded, 183
William the Conqueror, King of Eng-

land: erects Palatinate of Durham,

Willis, Albert L.: minister plenipoten-

tiary to Hawaii, 998
Willis, Nathaniel Parker : in American

literature, 481
Wilmington: taken, 809

Wise, Henry Alexander: opposes Slade

in Congress, 578
Witchcraft: made capital offense by

“ Body of Liberties,” 91; persecu-

tions at Salem, 91
Witherspoon, John: British soldiers pil-

lage house of, 250
Wolfe, James: at siege of Louisburg,

188; attacks Quebec, 194; death, 196
Wolfe's Cove: origin of name, 195
Wollaston, Captain: founds commercial

settlement, 85
Women: first arrival in American col-

ony, 62

Wilmot, David: proposes the Wilmot

Proviso, 551
Wilmot Proviso: proposed, 551; effect

on South, 594; Lincoln votes for,

Wilson, Henry: member of Buffalo con-

vention (1848), 558; nominated for

Vice President (1872), 891
Wilson, James: in Constitutional Con-

vention, 324; wins ratification of
Constitution in Pennsylvania, 335;

absent from first Congress, 343
Wilson, William L.: Postmaster-Gen-

eral, 993 note; introduces a bill to

change McKinley Tariff, 995
Wilson Tariff Law: passed, 995
Wilson's Creek: battle of (1861), 739
Will's Creek: Washington withdraws

to, 173
Winchester : occupied by Johnston, 734;

battle of (1864), 760; Sheridan's
ride from, 793; political effect of

victory at, 801
Winchester, James: defeated at River

Raisin, 424
Winder, General: fails to defend Wash-

ington, 426
Windom, William: in Garfield's Cabi-

net, 932 note; investigates charges

against the railways, 956
Windsor: founded, 92
Wing, Simon: nominated for President

(1892), 991
“ Winning of the West”: published,

Winslow, Josiah : expels Acadians, 180
Winthrop, John: removes colony to

Boston Harbor, 88; disputes over
rights of colonists, 88; sent to Eng-

land, 93; early colonial author, 142
Winthrop, John, Jr.: founds Saybrook,

Winthrop, Robert Charles: opposed for

Speaker of House, 598; at centen-

nial of Cornwallis's surrender, 940
Wirt, William: nominated for Presi-

dent, 498; quoted on Jackson's pop-

ularity, 499
Wisconsin: mounds of the Mound

Builders in, 5; part of Massachu-
setts, 317; Presidential election of
1892, 992


Women, Status of: among Aztecs, 7;

heard by proxy in Indian councils,
13; excluded from Colonial colleges,

Wood, Leonard: in Santiago campaign,

1029; transfers government of Cuba

to Cuban authorities, 1046
Woodford, Stewart Lyndon: leaves

Spain, 1025
Woodruff, Wilford : issues manifesto re-

specting Mormon polygamy, 984
Wool, John Ellis: colonel in War of

1812, 421; assembles volunteers at

San Antonio, 548; joins Taylor, 549
Woolman, John:

against slavery, 130
Worcester, Dean Conant: member of

the Philippine commission, 1042
Worden, John Lorimer: commands the

Monitor, 756
World's Columbian Exposition: see Co-

lumbian Exposition, World's
Wright, Silas: defeated for governor-

ship of New York, 555
Wyoming: affected by Missouri Com-

promise, 456; Northwest Territory
includes part of, 631; admitted to
the Union, 986; Presidential election
of 1892, 993; Presidential election of

1900, 1040
Wyoming Valley: massacre of (1778),

296; quarrel between Pennsylvania

and Connecticut over, 312
Wythe, George: elevates the legal pro

fession, 138; preceptor to Jefferson,

X, Y, Z

“X. Y. Z. Dispatches": in French im-

broglio, 374
Yale, Elihu: makes bequests to Yale

College, 140
Yale University: founded, 140
Yamassees: attack on colonists, 77; ex-

pense of war with, 78
Yancey, William Lowndes: denounces

Northern Democrats, 679
Yates, Richard: war governor of Illi-

nois, 818
Yazoo River: Sherman ascends the, 776
Yeamans, Sir John: leads settlers from

Barbadoes, 73; brings slaves to

South Carolina, 75
Yeardley, Sir George: governor of Vir-

ginia, 63
Yellow Fever Epidemic (1878), 923
Yellow Tavern: battle of (1864), 788

Yerger, Judge: quoted on slave labor,

York, Maine: attacked by French and

Indians, 159
York, Pennsylvania: meetings of con-

gress at, 262
York: see Toronto
Yorktown, Virginia: Cornwallis's sur-

render (1781), 285; McClellan's
siege of (1862), 758; in Bull Run
campaign, 734; centennial of Corn-

wallis's surrender celebrated, 940
Young, Brigham: succeeds Smith in

Mormon Church, 982
Young, Samuel Baldwin Marks : in San-

tiago campaign, 1029
Yrujo, Spanish Minister: Burr's corre-

spondence with, 404
Yuman Indians: found in Mexico, 6
Zapotecs : found in Mexico, 6
Zenger, Peter : and freedom of the press,


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