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.1992 V. I

ENTERED according to Act of Congress, in the year 1858, by


In the Clerk's Office in the District Court for the Southern District of New-York.



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194, 442


Revolution-Downing's Horticultural Papers-Meagher's

Speeches-Lectures-Cooper Monument-Hale's Wo-

men's Record-McLeods Life of Sir Walter Scott.

Christmas Books-Reprints of Alford's and Mackay's

Poems-"To-day "-Critics Differ-Land of the Caesar

and the Doge-Rector of St, Bardolph-War of Ormuzd

and Ahriman in the 19th Century-American Books in

England-Callicott's Gazetteer-Industrial Exhibition



After the Holidays-The Footpath and Highway-Ander-

son's American Villa Architecture--Matt Ward's Eng-

lish Items-Fun and Earnest-Deck of the Crescent City

-New Work by Hawthorne-Adventures in Fairy Land

-The Lofty and the Lowly-Whittier's new volume--

Wallis's Spain-Types of Mankind-The Curse of Clif-

ten-Miseries of Human Life-Death of Samuel Judd-

Works of Sir W. Hamilton-New edition of Coleridge

-Macaulay's Speeches-De Quincey.


Copyright Treaty-Note on harsh judgment-Stoddard's

Adventures in Fairy Land-Calhoun's Works-Beecher's

Works-Amabel-Dr. Skinner's Translation of Vinet's

Pastoral Theology-Neander's Library-Judge Story's

Life-Memoir of Wheaton--Thalatta-Considerations

upon Social Theories.



. 582

Works of William H. Seward-Lives of the Brothers Hum-

boid:-The Captive in Patagonia-Correspondence of the

Revolution-Rural Essays by Downing-New Bond of

Love-Stuart's Naval and Mail Steamers-Bartlett's

Commercial and Banking Tables-Autobiography of an

English Soldier-Virginalia-Reason and Faith-Jeffer

son's Works-Willis's Cruise in the Mediterranean-Dr.

Cox's Interviews.

Prismatics, by Richard Haywarde-Judge Campbell's

Captain Kidd and Robin Hood-The Translators Revived

-Mrs. Ellett's Summer Rambles-Literature of the

Rappers--Life of Chalmers-Publications of Uncle Sam-

New Rome, or the United States of the World-Thalatta

-Coral Reefs and Islands-Dr. Park's Handbook for

American Travellera-Old English Authors Revived-

Benton's Thirty Years in the Senate-M. B. Field's

Three Tales-Carey's Slave Trade-Brace's Home Life

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III. French and German Literature.
Annuaire des deux Mondes-Des Interets Catholiques au
XIX. Siècle-Histories of the Restoration-Origines de
l'Eglise Romaine-Essai sur St. Martin-Influence de la
Littérature Française-Haxthausen's Studies on Russia
-Tegoborski's Russia-Villebois' Memoires Secretes-
Lewitz's Mirabeau-Duntzer's Women of Goethe's Youth
-Stahr's Weimar aud Jena-Seibert's Illustrated Faust
-Ritter's Palestine-Grimm's German Dictionary-
Planta's Science of the State-Lepsius's Egypt, Ethiopia,
&c.-Weber's Indian Literature-Stark's Philistine Coast
-Radowitz's Writings-Ranmer's Historical Pocket-
book-Winter's Popular Representation-Masius's Skiz-
zen, &c.-Wuttke's History of Heathendom- Jacob's
Horace and his Friends-Gutzkow's Autobiography. 109
Calvin's Commentaries-Théâtre de Balzac-Emile Souves-
tre-John Lemoinne-Traité de Chimie Révue Archæ-
ologique -- Dumas - Auerbach-Gutzlaff - Muhlbach-
Sternberg-Deutsche Balladenbuch-Ticknor's Spanish
Literature in German-Szemere's Life of Gorgey-Dus-
seldorf Kunstler Album..
Beauchesne's Life of the Dauphin-Painting on Glass-
Works of Napoleon I.-New work on Asia Minor-Pon-
tificat de Clement XIV.-Polish Authors in Paris-Me-
moirs of Mallet du Pain-Works published in France in
1852-Alexandre Dumas' Isaac Laquedem--Victor Cousin
-Gervinus's History of the Nineteenth Century -- Die
Könige-Marriage by Mr. Von Lafaulx-Musical Portraita
-Rosenkranz's System of Science-May Queen-Henry
Heine Quickborn--Dr. Ungwitter-Christian Lammfel
-Poems of Luis Ponce de Leon-Seibold's Japan--Der
Getreue Ritter....


. 342

Le Monde des Oiseaux-Madame Emile de Girardin's Lady
Tartuffe-Jules Janin on Canary Birds-Mirimée's False
Demetriuses-Gironière's Philippines-Mignet's Charles
V.-Deltuf's Contes-Houssaye's Regence-Krasinski's
Slaves-Chaix's Peru-Burkhardt's Constantine the Great
-Hengstenberg's Song of Solomon-Newman's Dis-
courses-Schwartz's Holy Land--Spindler's Devil at the
Bath-Tiedefreud's Napoleon III.-Romancers-Nor-
wegian Songs..
: 464
Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter-La Vie Parisienne-M. Tego-
borski's Essai sur les conséquences éventuelles de la dé-
converte des gites aurifères en Californie et en Australie-
Mazzini jugé par lui-meme-Giulio-Les Cesars-Contes

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