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a parade of their sinfulness, who pretend to exalt the Saviour by increasing His burthen; who continue in sin that grace may abound; and such are amongst the worst of Christ's enemies. They make Him the minister of sin: sin for which He

suffered in the body of His flesh upon the cross, that He might put it away. But I must not to-day enter into any further examination respecting the opponents of the Redeemer's cross.

I will now conclude with a few brief remarks upon the second point proposed for our consideration; upon the end of those who are Christ's enemies. In the words of St. Paul, their "end is destruction;" not necessarily destruction in this world, but destruction hereafter; separation from God, and happiness, and eternal banishment with the devils in their torment. This is indeed an awful doctrine; a doctrine upon which we none of us can like to dwell. But, my brethren, it is an infallible doctrine of the Bible. Everywhere in that sacred volume are we taught that the enemies of the Lord shall come to a fearful end. We may have difficulty in believing it, because we see so little manifestation of God's anger against His foes at present. But that difficulty is done away, when we remember that it is a part of the plan of that Divine government to let the evil, and the good partake together

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of His temporal blessings; yes, and to associate together in the outward privileges of His church. "He sendeth rain upon the just, and the unjust, and maketh His sun to shine upon the evil, and the good." He keeps back till a later day the time of separation. The day of vengeance is in His hand, though mercy for the moment may restrain it: but come it will, at an hour when they are not aware, upon those guilty souls who now, it may be, rejoice in their unvisited iniquity, and count themselves safe, while they are at variance with their Lord!safe, while at enmity with Christ!-safe, while opposed to Him who sitteth upon the circle of the heavens, who is King of kings, Lord of lords, who must reign till He hath put all enemies under His feet! Who in their senses would count such a condition to be one of safety? Who in their senses would bear, if they knew it, to remain for an instant in such deadly peril? None, I trust, amongst you, my brethren. You need not, I am persuaded, be told that there is no safety for any man, except in reconciliation with the Father; in friendship with the Son. He Himself allows the title, else I had not ventured to make use of it. "Ye," says He, "are my friends, if ye do whatever I command you."

Let us, then, not hesitate to hearken to His gracious voice. Let us go gladly unto Christ, and at

His bidding take up the cross, and follow Him; follow Him in all virtuous and godly living. Let us at His command learn to keep a check over our immoderate desires. Let us mortify our carnal appetites, and passions, and seek to bring, as far as may be, every thought of our hearts unto subjection to His holy law. Instead of being conformed to this world, let us be transformed in the spirit of our minds. Instead of laying up treasure here, let us lay up treasure in heaven. That is to say, let us cease caring so exclusively for earthly goods, and earthly enjoyments, and care more singly, and more sincerely for those good things which can never be taken from us; for God; for the knowledge of His truth; for the rest prepared for His people.

In short, let us, by walking in the narrow path of our Master's Gospel, show ourselves to be what we are called by name- Christian men-men whose life is hid with Christ in God; whose hope is beyond the grave; and then we shall not be disappointed of our hope. When everything most prized by the world shall have passed away; when to those who have had their portion, there remains only the bitterness of remorse; when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed the second time from heaven," in flaming fire taking vengeance on His enemies," then shall we who have trusted in and

obeyed Him, find Him indeed our Friend. "He shall change our vile bodies, and make them like unto His glorious body, according to the mighty working whereby He is able to subdue all things unto Himself.




ST. LUKE xvii. 32.-" Remember Lot's wife."

THE story of Lot's wife, and the calamity which befel her, is recorded for our warning in the nineteenth chapter of the book of Genesis.

That chapter gives, as you will at once remember, an account of the deliverance of Lot, and part of his family out of Sodom in the day when the Lord visited it, and its abominable inhabitants, as well as those of the other cities of the plain, with a total overthrow in the day when He rained fire, and brimstone out of heaven, and miserably destroyed those wicked men, and burnt up their city. I must not this morning go into the particulars of that deliverance, except so far as it relates to the circum

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