Journal of Therapeutics and Dietetics, Volume 1, Issue 3

Front Cover
Pitts Edwin Howes
Therapeutic Publishing Company, 1906

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Page xiii - Strychnine). And the Vitalizing Constituent — Phosphorus; the whole combined in the form of a Syrup with a Slightly Alkaline Reaction. It Differs in its Effects from all Analogous Preparations; and it possesses the important properties of being pleasant to the taste, easily borne by the stomach, and harmless under prolonged use.
Page xi - HEPATICA The original effervescing Saline Laxative and Uric Acid Solvent. A combination of the Tonic, Alterative and Laxative Salts similar to the celebrated Bitter Waters of Europe, fortified by addition of Lithium and Sodium Phosphates.
Page ix - A work on the preparation of proper food for the sick and convalescent, giving in detail the method of preparing and administering liquid, semi-liquid and solid food. Contains the diet lists and what to avoid in various diseases; also the proper diet for infants and children as advised by leading physicians and hospitals of New York and Boston.
Page xiii - The success of Fellows' Syrup of Hypophosphites has tempted certain persons to offer imitations of it for sale. Mr. Fellows, who has examined samples, of several of these, finds that no two of them are identical, and that all of them differ from the original in composition, in freedom...
Page 69 - The irrational practice of giving infinitesimal doses has of course nothing to do with the principle of homoeopathy — similia similibus curantur: the only requisite is that mentioned by Hippocrates, when he recommended mandrake in mania ; viz. that the dose be smaller than would be sufficient to produce in a healthy man symptoms similar to those of the disease.
Page xiii - Prompt; it stimulates the appetite and the digestion, it promotes assimilation, and it enters directly into the circulation with the food products. The prescribed dose produces a feeling of buoyancy, and removes depression and melancholy ; lience the preparation is of great value in the treatment of mental and nervous affections.
Page xiii - Tongallne represents a complicated prescription and some of its ingredients are very expensive, but all have been most carefully selected, are fresh and pure, and are so skillfully combined by the most improved processes that the full therapeutic strength of each drug is secured, giving one of those happy and fortunate pharmaceutical products which has made Tongaline a standard remedial agent for twenty-five years.

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