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Rev. Feb. 13, 1901

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New York Annotated Cases.

Each volume of these reports contains a complete index to the Special Notes
in all the volumes then published See Table of Special Notes in each volume.]

Abatement and Revival, abatement by

death after verdict, vol. iii, p. 310.
Abuse of Process, action for, vol. iv, p.

Account Books, as evidence, vol. vii, p.


Account Stated, action on, vol. ii, p. 43.
Actions, without precedent, vol. iv, p. 15.

for abuse of process, vol. iv. p. 176.
consolidation of actions, vol. iv. p. 205.
separate actions for injuries to person

and property from the same tort.

vol. iv, p. 212
suspension of right to sue by acceptance

of note vol. iv, p. 282.
on judgment, vol. vi, p. 196.
Adoption, of children, vol. vii, p. 33.
Affidavits, of jurors on motion as to ver-

dict, vol. vi, p. 212.
on information and belief, vol. ii, p. 58.

taken without the State, vol. v, p. 374.
Alimony, allowance to defend action,

vol, i, p. 228.
in action for separation, vol vii,
attorney's lien on, vol. vii, p. 257.
modification of decree as to, vol. v, p. 9;

vol. vii, p. 178.
Amendment, of summons as to designa

tion of parties, vol. I, p. 34.
of complaint on motion before trial, vol.

i, p. 45.
of pleadings, terms, vol. vii, p. 82.
Appeal, waiver of, vol. ii, p. 168.
what is appealable to the court of ap-

peals under the new constitution, vol.

iii, p. 276,
time to appeal to court of appeals, vol.

vii. p. 125.
certification of questions to the court of

appeals, vol. vii, p. 28.
unanimous decision of appellate divis-

ion, vol. vii, p. 229.

Appeal (copt'd), dismissal by appellate

division for default of printed papers,

vol. vii, p. 484
introduction of evidence on, vol. iv, p.

form of case, vol. vii, p 492.
settlement of case on appeal, vol.v.p.287
certification of completeness of evi-

dence in case, vul. vii. p. 455
Arrest, affidavits on information and

belief, vol. ii, p. 58.
motion to vacate (rder of, on merits,

vol. iii, p. 43
Assigned Counsel, compensation of,

vol. vii, p. 119.
Assignment for Benefit of Creditors
frauu in general assignment by with-

holding assets, etc., vol. v, p. 231.
operation on trade marks, good will,

etc, vol. vi, p. 176.
Attachment, affidavits on information

and belief, vol. ii, p. 58.
proof of cause of action to sustain, vol.

ii, p. 359
action in aid of, vol iii, p 92.
levy on choses in action, vol. iv, p. 345,
conjunctive and disjunctive recitals in

warrants of attachments, vol. v, p.41.
"actual custody" on attachment or exe-

cution, vol. vi, p. 118.
Attorneys, disbarment of, vol. vii, p 1.
Attorney and Client, substitution of

attorneys, vol i, p. 352.
compensation of assigned, vol.vii, p. 119.
lien on alimony, vol. vii, p. 237.
lien in surrogate's court, vol. vii, p. 165,
title to costs, vol. vi, p. 336.
authority of attorney after judgment,

vol. vi, p, 406.
negligence of, vol. vii,' p. 381
liability for disbursements, vol.vii p.398.
summary remedy of client against at-

torney, vol. vi, p. 6.
verification of pleading of corporation

by attorney, vol. vii, p. 373.
waiver of privileged communication

vol. vii, p. 343

p. 236.

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