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Limited editions of the following Bureau of Mines publications are temporarily available for free distribution. Requests for all publications can not be granted, and applicants should select only those publications that are of especial interest to them. All requests for publications should be addressed to the Director, Bureau of Mines, Washington, D. C.

BULLETIN 17. A primer on explosives for coal miners, by C. E. Munroe and Clarence Hall. 61 pp., 10 pls., 12 figs. Reprint of United States Geological Survey Bulletin 423.

BULLETIN 20. The explosibility of coal dust, by G. S. Rice, with chapters by J. C. W. Frazer, Axel Larsen, Frank Haas, and Carl Scholz. 204 pp., 14 pls., 28 figs.

BULLETIN 42. The sampling and examination of mine gases and natural gas, by G. A. Burrell and F. M. Seibert. 1913. 116 pp., 2 pls., 23 figs.

BULLETIN 45. Sand available for filling mine workings in the Northern Anthracite Coal Basin of Pennsylvania, by N. H. Darton. 1913. 33 pp., 8 pls., 5 figs.

BULLETIN 46. An investigation of explosion-proof mine motors, by I. H. Clark. 1912. 44 pp., 6 pls., 14 figs.

BULLETIN 50. A laboratory study of the inflammability of coal dust, by J. C. W. Frazer, E. J. Hoffman, and L. A. Scholl, jr: 1913. 60 pp., 95 figs.

BULLETIN 52. Ignition of mine gases by the filaments of incandescent electric lamps, by H. H. Clark and L. C. Ilsley. 1913. 31 pp., 6 pls., 2 figs.

BULLETIN 56. First series of coal-dust explosion tests in the experimental mine, by G. S. Rice, L. M. Jones, J. K. Clement, and W. L. Egy. 1913. 115 pp., 12 pls., 28 figs.

BULLETIN 60. Hydraulic mine filling; its use in the Pennsylvania anthracite fields, a preliminary report, by Charles Enzian. 1913. 77 pp., 3 pls., 12 figs.

BULLETIN 62. National mine-rescue and first-aid conference, Pittsburgh, Pa., September 23–26, 1912, by H. M. Wilson. 1913. 74 pp.

BULLETIN 68. Electric switches for use in gaseous mines, by H. H. Clark and R. W. Crocker. 1913. 40 pp., 6 pls.

BULLETIN 69. Coal-mine accidents in the United States and foreign countries, compiled by F. W. Horton. 1913. 102 pp., 3 pls., 40 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 4. The electrical section of the Bureau of Mines, its purpose and equipment, by H. H. Clark. 1911. 12 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 6. The rate of burning of fuse as influenced by temperature and pressure, by W. 0. Snelling and W. C. Cope. 1912. 28 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 7. Investigations of fuse and miners' squibs, by Clarence Hall and S. P. Howell. 1912. 19 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 11. The use of mice and birds for detecting carbon monoxide after mine fires and explosions, by G. A. Burrell. 1912. 15 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 13. Gas analysis as an aid in fighting mine fires, by G. A. Burrell and F. M. Seibert. 1912. 16 pp., 1 fig.

TECHNICAL PAPER 14. Apparatus for gas-analysis laboratories at coal mines, by G. A. Burrell and F. M. Seibert. 1913. 24 pp., 7 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 15. An electrolytic method of preventing corrosion of iron and steel, by J. K. Clement and L. V. Walker. 1913. 19 pp., 10 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 17. The effect of stemming on the efficiency of explosives, by W.O. Snelling and Clarence Hall. 1912. 20 pp., 11 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 18. Magazines and thaw houses for explosives, by Clarence Hall and S. P. Howell. 1912. 34 pp., 1 pl., 5 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 19. The factor of safety in mine electrical installations, by H. H. Clark. 1912. 14 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 21. The prevention of mine explosions, report and recommendations, by Victor Watteyne, Carl Meissner, and Arthur Desborough. 12 pp. Reprint of United States Geological Survey Bulletin 369.

TECHNICAL PAPER 22. Electrical symbols for mine maps, by H. H. Clark. 1912. 11 pp., 8 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 28. Ignition of mine gas by standard incandescent lamps, by H. H. Clark. 1912. 6 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 29. Training with mine-rescue breathing apparatus, by J. W. Paul. 1912. 16 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 39. The inflammable gases in mine air, by G. A. Burrell and F. M. Seibert. 1913. 24 pp., 2 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 43. The effect of inert gases on inflammable gaseous mixtures, by J. K. Clement. 1913. 24 pp., 1 pl., 8 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 44. Safety electric switches for mines, by H. H. Clark. 1913.

8 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 47. Portable electric mine lamps, by H. H. Clark. 1913. 13 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 48. Coal-mine accidents in the United States, 1896–1912, with monthly statistics for 1912, compiled by F. W. Horton. 1913. 74 pp., 10 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 69. Production of explosives in the United States during the calendar year 1912, compiled by A. H. Fay. 1914. 8 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 71. Permissible explosives tested prior to January 1, 1914, by Clarence Hall.

1914. 12 pp. TECHNICAL PAPER 75. Permissible electric lamps for miners, by H. H. Clark. 1914. 21 pp., 3 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 76. Notes on the sampling and analysis of coal, by A. C. Fieldner. 1914. 59 pp., 6 figs.

TECHNICAL Paper 77. Report of the Committee on Resuscitation from Mine Gases, by W. B. Cannon, George W. Crile, Joseph Erlanger, Yandell Henderson, and S. T. Meltzer. 1914. 36 pp., 4 figs.

TECHNICAL PAPER 84. Methods of preventing and limiting explosions in coal mines, by G. S. Rice and L. M. Jones. 1915. 45 pp., 14 pls., 3 figs.

TECHNICAL Paper 100. Permissible explosives tested prior to March 1, 1915, by S. P. Howell. 1915. 16 pp.

TECHNICAL PAPER 118. Coke-oven accidents in the United States during the calendar years 1913 and 1914, compiled by A. H. Fay. 1915. 15 pp.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 7. Use and misuse of explosives in coal mining, by J. J. Rutledge. 1914. 51 pp., 8 figs.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 8. First-aid instructions for miners, by M. W. Glasgow, W. A. Raudenbush, and C. O. Roberts. 1913. 67 pp., 51 figs.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 9. Accidents from falls of roof and coal, by G. S. Rice. 1912.

16 pp.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 10. Mine fires and how to fight them, by J. W. Paul. 1912.

14 pp.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 11. Accidents from mine cars and locomotives, by L. M. Jones. 1912. 16 pp.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 12. Use and care of miners' safety lamps, by J. W. Paul. 1913. 16 pp., 4 figs.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 13. Safety in tunneling, by D. W. Brunton and J. A. Davis. 1913. 19 pp.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 14. Gases found in coal mines, by G. A. Burrell and F. M. Seibert.

1914. 23 pp. MINERS' CIRCULAR 15. Rules for mine-rescue and first-aid field contests, by J. W. Paul. 1913. 12 pp.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 16. Hints on coal-mine ventilation, by J. J. Rutledge. 1914.

22 pp.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 18. Notes on miners' carbide lamps, by J. W. Paul. 1915.

11 pp.

MINERS' CIRCULAR 21. What a miner can do to prevent gas and dust explosions, by G. S. Rice. 1915. 24 pp.



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