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The following recommendations are confidently referred to, as to the character and usefulness of this work. The first three refer entirely to the first edition, published several years ago, and comprising only a part of the Old Testament; the latter refers to the present work. It may also be stated, that this work received the commendations of the Right Rev. Bishop White, Dr. Bedell, Mr. Allen, Dr. Skinner, Dr. Sargeant, and others. It has been specially noticed by some of these gentlemen, as being entirely free from SECTARIANISM.

The little book you sent me, entitled "Conversations on the Bible," appears to be well calculated to lead the youthful mind to the correct understanding of Scriptural history. Being the production of a lady, whose advantages for mental improvement have been eminent, her style will be found to be natural, perspicuous and pleasing. It will not fail to find its place generally in the libraries of her sex.

Mr. H. HALL.

Respectfully yours,




SIR-I have read the little volume, entitled "Conversations on the Bible," by a lady, and feel gratified in being able to express my approbation, both of its contents and the style in which it is written. I would cordially recommend it to the notice of the young; believing a perusal of it will assist them in forming an acquaintance with that best of all books, to the study of which it is the author's design to persuade all who read her interesting performance.

I hope this little work will meet with encouragement enough to induce the writer to continue her "Conversations" through the remaining historical books that compose the Bible.

Mr. H. HALL.

Respectfully yours,


SIR-According to your request, I have read "Conversations on the Bible," written "by a Lady;" and most cheerfully declare, that I consider it a very useful little book; calculated both to originate and increase a desire in the minds of youth to read the sacred Scriptures. I think it will be a very profitable school book; and while I sincerely wish it may be extensively circulated, I hope the writer will be encouraged to proceed in her good work, agreeably to her promise.

I am dear sir, your friend,

Mr. H. HALL.

Extracts from Letters from the Rev. Dr. Samuel Miller, Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government in the Theological Seminary at Prince


"I have only time to say, in general, that instead of liking your book less in print than I have done in manuscript, I like it much more; and sincerely think it calculated to be honourable to the writer, and useful, very useful, to young people."

From another Letter relative to the second edition.

"The further the author makes progress in her work, the more I am pleased with its design and execution, and the more I am persuaded that it is calculated to do much good. The parts of the sacred narrative which are noticed, are in my opinion, well selected; the manner in which difficult and delicate passages are touched, judicious and excellent; and the reflections offered to the youthful mind, such as are fitted to make the best impressions."

"I can with the utmost sincerity say, that the more I attend to your "Conversations on the Bible," the more highly I esteem the work, as both honourable to the writer and as calculated to instruct, and to do good. The chapters on Job and Prophecy I am particularly pleased with, as conducted in a remarkably judicious and happy manner. The task of despatching each of these subjects in such a manner as to please and satisfy a youthful mind of some intelligence, without going into a very extensive discussion, was a very delicate and difficult one. I really think you have succeeded well, in saying what was about right and nothing more, and that in a very happy manner.'

Extract from a letter from the Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Wylie.

"The book evinces sound judgment and a highly cultivated intellect. The style is perspicuous and masculine, and accords well with the dignity of the subject. The sentiments throughout breathe a spirit of genuine orthodoxy. The solution of difficult points and answers to objections, show extensive reading, judicious collation, and sound criticism. In the picture which the author has drawn of the Pentateuch, she has with great discrimination, placed her principal figures in a strong light, and in the situations which they ought to occupy.

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