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Those of minor importance meet the eye in the back ground, with appropriate distinctness, but with colours gradually diminishing in brightness, until they become lost in the haze of distant perspective.

"With great pleasure and interest, I have again and again perused the manuscript on the book of Job; where its conclusions are positive, they are always judicious, and on doubtful and controverted points, the side to which the author inclines possesses a very high degree of probability. Her opinions and mine, on most points coincide; and any item of difference is of minor consequence and not worthy of specification. The elegant. and luminous summary, with which the piece is concluded, cannot fail to be read with pleasure and with profit. I anticipate with feelings of interest its public appearance, and most cordially do I wish for it a wide circulation among the friends of the best book in the world."

The "Conversations on the Bible," by Mrs. Hall, has passed through several editions. The public has thus expressed its approbation of the plan, and of the execution. Every book which can be introduced into schools, or which can be made interesting to the young, that shall give a correct view of the history and the doctrines of the Scriptures, is valuable, and merits the approbation of the Christian community. I have had an opportunity of examining this work, and feel a pleasure in expressing a hope that it will continue to receive the favour of the public, and that it will meet with a still more extensive circulation.


Philadelphia, March 11, 1837.


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Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1837, by HARRISON HALL, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

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Ar the urgent request of a number of the friends of the late Author, this new edition is offered to the public, under a confident hope that the CONVERSATIONS ON THE BIBLE, may be continued with the present and many succeeding generations. With that view the book is now stereotyped, for the use of schools; and the publisher has the promise of its adoption in several important seminaries of education.


The recommendations of this work from some of the first Divines of the age are confidently referred to; and its entire freedom from all sectarian bias, is a prominent characteristic in its favour.

Teachers will be supplied on very liberal

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