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THE following work originated in an idea which has long impressed my mind—that no proof of the truth of Christianity can be found so unanswerable as that which is supplied by the prophecies of Jesus himself.

Some learned divines of our Church have positively asserted that the Gospels were published previous to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. Although I cordially agree in the fact, and rejoice that there is powerful evidence in support of it, I am unable to coincide in the opinion that its reality is placed beyond dispute. This I greatly lament, because if there existed an absolute proof of the Gospels having


been generally known at the time when there are strong reasons to believe they were published, namely, soon after the year sixty of the Christian era, the attacks of the caviller would cease, and the labours of the infidel would be at rest.

There is, however, another view in which the prophecies of Jesus may be seen, whence, according to my judgment, may be drawn irresistible evidence of the truth of his religion.

On the supposition that the prophecies which the Evangelists affirm to have been uttered by Jesus in the course of his ministry were not spoken by him, I will venture to maintain that no sane man who will read them with a sincere desire of discovering the truth, can solemnly declare his belief that they were forged, and produced as the words of Jesus after his death. Such a conclusion is not only in the highest degree improbable, but is altogether absurd and incredible.

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