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N innovation in electric chairs-not

the kind they use at Sing Sing, but one just as expeditious, only with a different purpose—has recently been designed. The visitors at the San Diego Exposition will not have to trust to the human agency of hired porters to transport them from building to building, but will have the novel pleasure, as well as the greater freedom of movement, afforded by two-passenger electric run

WHEN THE RACE WAS ON about chairs. These are made after the

The newspaper was going to press and there

was no time to fix the typewriter any other fashion of the ordinary wicker wheel chair for sight-seers, but fitted out with electric storage batteries, which supply end of the string was tied to the carriage a small motor with power. These elec- and the bottle was tied to the other end. tric chairs will be a great convenience,

The box was placed on the edge of the as the person riding in one may turn

stand and the string was passed over wherever he wishes.

this. The weight of the empty bottle was just enough to give the proper

pull to bring the carriage over to RUN TYPEWRITER WITH

begin a new line. A weight was placed BOTTLE

inside the box to keep it steady. The A LARGE eastern news

typewriter was used in this paper office was

manner for several working at a high

days, during which tension to get out

time the impro"copy" for a

vised spring special edition.

pulled the carAll the type

riage steadily writers in

and without the place

a stop. were click

When the ing at top

reporter speed,

has come when the

in at the spring of

last moone of

ment to them sud

write his denly broke.

story before There was no

the last forms time to have it

close any derepaired and no

lay of even a other machine

few minutes may was available; so

deprive the paper the ingenious operator

of the column which made a temporary repair

he was to have filled, and from a short length of

SO a typewriter repair

THE PORTER LOSES His JOB string, an empty ink bottle,

Visitors at the San Diego Ex

under these circumstances and a pasteboard box. One

position will ride in electric

is of prime importance.

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GUN REPLACES FOG HORN ALL the work of raising rice in THE

HE first acetylene-gas gun in Japan is done by hand. A

the United States has recently horse is never used in the rice fields.

been imported by the Lighthouse The husband drags the plow while

Board from Scotland, and is being the wife steers. The rice is raised

tried out at the Marrowstone Point on small squares and rectangles of

Lighthouse, in Puget Sound. land, covered with water, so that a

The gun stands about eight feet rice field looks like a big mud pud

in height from the base to the top dle with whiskers, the latter being

of the exhaust pipe. the rice sprouts.

Gas pressure lifts the diaphragm When it comes time to thresh the

of a regulator floating in oil, to a rice, it is taken to a dry place

sufficient height to operate and piled up. Then a frame

a trigger that explodes the with teeth is set up; the

gas in the combustion chamrice is struck into the

ber by electricity. The disteeth of this great comb

charges are thirty Seconds and the heads are pulled

apart and can be heard off. When these are

from four to ten miles pulled off, they are put

away, according to air conon a floor and pounded

ditions. until the hulls are

When the connection moved. The stalks are

from the acetylene tanks used for weaving

is turned on, the gun disAll day long the wife

charges automatically. works by the side of

A sufficient supply of her husband, and both

gas is in the storage working from dawn to

tanks for three weeks' dusk, seven days a

continuous firing. week, can just make a Fog GUN TO WARN SAILORS

These fog guns are It works automatically with acetylene gas, fir. living ing for three weeks without attention.

proving very popular.



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HARBOR MISS CLYDE SULLIVAN, of Ous- SAN DIEGO, California, has a harbor ley, Georgia, holds the 1913 record

that is absolutely landlocked, withof the United States among the members

out treacherous reefs and free from disof the Girls' Canning Clubs for yield of

astrous storms. tomatoes on one-tenth of an acre. The The present harbor channels have tenth-acre tract is the size

never been dredged of the plat each member

Grows Most TOMATOES and, figuring on

She won the prize for must cultivate.

making the most money

low tide, they have This Georgia girl gath

off one-tenth of an acre.

a depth of from ered 5354 pounds of toma

thirty to sixty feet toes from her patch and

and a width of made a net profit

ChilmStatezul-America from fifteen hunof $132.39. A full

dred to twenty-four acre at this rate

hundred feet for a would, of course,

distance of seven have netted

miles; the channels $1323.90. Practic

then continue a ally all of the to

further distance of matoes were put up

five miles with a in cans and neatly

depth of from fiflabeled with the

teen to thirty-six standard canning

feet. club brand.

The city has just The results were carefully checked by completed, at a cost of one million county and demonstration agents and the dollars, the first unit in harbor developrecord is fully verified. A number of ment, which consists of one pier eight Georgia girls approached her record but hundred feet long. The total cost a larger number fell far below, the of contemplated improvement will be smallest net profit being ten dollars on nine million dollars. With this expendithe tenth acre.

ture the city will secure title to fourteen The enrollment of canning club girls hundred acres of reclaimed tide lands with in Georgia is thirty-five hundred and it the value far in excess of the cost of imis claimed that the work has only begun provement. Being the first port of call and many more could be enrolled if they on the Pacific in the United States, the could be looked after by those interested eyes of the world are now focused upon in the movement.

this magnificent body of water.

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EARLY every day in the year officials to plan for days ahead of the giant express steamers arrival of a steamer, that fast freight racing across the Pacific under trains may be waiting to dash across the a full head of steam, the en- continent on a passenger train schedule

gines throbbing mightily in an as soon as the precious packing cases are effort to gain more headway, to get a rolled from the hold? commodity to us at a certain hour, nay, Oddly enough, it is nothing more than at a certain minute. First-class passen

silks for milady! Hitherto food supplies gers no longer command the fastest have usurped all the speed there was steamers; the traveling public no longer left after traveling humanity had exacted is able to go and come in advance of its toll. Now it has become more imfreight,—that is, of a certain kind of portant to speed up ships and trains to freight.

deliver silk than it is to hurry fruit boats What may be the name of the class of and refrigerator cars carrying fastfreight that exacts all this hurry and ripening fruit. Silk is not perishable, but fuss? What is it that sends engine-room silk prices are. firemen weak and weary to the forecastle If silk quotations are high, the proof the ship at the end of every watch ducers in Japan are naturally anxious to after stoking roaring fires like demons sell. It is to their interest to land the in hell? What is it that causes railroad silk in New York City before the bottom



falls out of the market. The sellers make · Carrying concerns that operate their own it their business to see that the over- over-ocean steamers and railroads are the ocean carriers get the cargoes into New leading participants in the silk races. York on schedule, often on a certain day. They have facilities for bringing the and sometimes at a certain hour. It is ships alongside docks on which fast an exciting game, as much so for the freights are waiting with steam up. carrier as it is for the seller. If the In July last, the Japanese steamer Awa race is lost, the grower is out at pocket, Maru brought a silk cargo valued at and the transporting agent likewise loses. $1,141,000 into Seattle. The ship sailed There is a penalty for every day that the from Yokohama on July fifteenth and, shipment is overdue.

although it ordinarily takes the vessel Because of these conditions, silk has from fifteen to sixteen days to make port, been able to do in almost no time what by unmerciful crowding she was able to ordinary trade conditions have failed to get the cargo on the rails by July twentydo for transpacific shipping in a decade. eighth. The Awa Maru's burst of speed Silk ships, some of them, are now cross- was occasioned by the fact that the Eming the Pacific in from nine to ten days. press of Russia, perhaps the fastest silk Twenty days over the northern route ship on the Pacific, owned and operated by used to be fair time; even today the the Canadian Pacific Railroad, a formidaverage steamer from 'Frisco out takes able rival of the Japanese line, left Japan from twenty to twenty-five days to reach shortly after the Awa Maru left, for the world's silk center.

Vancouver, British Columbia, carrying a A Canadian Pacific silk express came cargo valued at $1,500,000. The idea near making the voyage from Yokohama was to get the Awa's cargo into the New to Seattle in eight days but, in the end, York depots before the Empress could she disappointed her owners and the get her shipment on the rails. As the maritime world by coming in late. Empress has made the trip from Yoko


THE GIANT OF THE PACIFIC The Minnesota has carried the greatest cargo ever carried by any ship on any sea. according to the Pacific Coast

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