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By Willard Price

THAT city would think of screen door. The windows of restau

such a thing as starting rants are thrown wide open to the air a fly crusade in the and sunlight. One solitary fly creates depths of a cold, bliz- more of a panic than a host of flies zardy winter?

would have provoked three years ago Answe:–Cleveland! Each winter before the winter crusade idea was conand early spring, while the snow is ceived. falling and icy winds are sweeping in The success of the Cleveland camfrom Lake Erie, an army of searchers paign is epitomized in this statement are on the still hunt for fies. At "fly by Mayor Baker: headquarters” in the

"The anti-fly camCity Hall the

paign is a small pests





are being

of more paid for at the

far - reaching rate of ten cents a

importance and conhundred. What is the result ?

of prolonged life and When summer comes,

freedom from disease flies are as scarce as fur coats! than perhaps any other single activity House after house is entirely un- going forward in the community.” screened. Many meat shops and gro- What is the philosophy back of this ceries find it possible to discard the old- remarkable movement which, in the time, bothersome, banging, rattling short space of three years, has made


Cleveland practically a Ayless city? been generaled by Dr. Jean Dawson, The following question and answer professor of civic biology in the Norfrom the official Fly Catechism con- mal School. She has the assistance of tains the philosophy of the whole thing the "junior sanitary police”—boys rein a nutshell:

cruited from the seventh and eighth “How many fies may breed from a grades of the city schools. The prinpair in the spring ?”

cipal of each school appoints the force “Allowing six batches of eggs of one for his district, and it is considered hundred fifty each, supposing all to live high honor in Cleveland to be made a and find filth to breed in, the number "Ay cop”. For each school a chief, would be 191,010,000,000,000,000,000, assistant chief, and four inspectors are enough to bury the entire earth forty- chosen to officer the squad. seven feet deep. Why not kill the fly in During the winter, the amateur the winter or early spring ?”

policemen go after the winter Aies, sellSo instead of the old slogan, "Swat ing them to Dr. Dawson by the tens the Fly”, the war-cry, “Head 'em Off”, of thousands. Then as spring warms was adopted, and during the last three up the old heaps of lawn clippings, rubwinters the war has been fierce and bish, and fertilizer—all excellent breedtriumphant. The “mother fly”, who ing places for fies—the vigilance of skulks away into a dark crack to spend the “police” is directed toward searchthe cold months before the egg-laying ing out these breeding places. Each season, has found the deepest of such "man" is made responsible for one seccracks an insecure retreat.

tion of his school district. He must From the first the movement has make regular inspections. When he

may be somith," the small of I am a FA whole process, fre

discovers an offense, what happens open garbage can is not corrected. may be something like this:

Thus the city backs up the authority "Mrs. Smith,” the small officer says of the junior sanitary police. to the lady at the back door, “I am a A cover is found for that garbage can! member of the junior sanitary police. The whole process, from the first warnYour garbage can has no cover and I ing to the final correction, has probam afraid you will find it a good breed- ably not taken more than five days. ing place for Aies."

Generally, of course, such drastic Most Mrs. Smiths have read the measures are not necessary. The first newspapers and know something of the visit of the "Ay cop” is usually suffijunior sanitary police. But suppose cient, because householders are natthis one to be unfamiliar with the urally not averse to being free of fies methods of the fly fighters, and both and are willing and eager to do their cantankerous and busy.

part toward this end. "Mind your own affairs !” she snaps. That ninety per cent of the house "I imagine I can look after my own flies are bred in unclean stables is the garbage can! Such impudence !” and claim of Miss Dawson. Stable owners the door slams.

have been put through a course of The "Ay cop” refers his case to his education that has been as effective as senior officer, the boy inspector. This it has been novel. Pretty college girls high official tries his wiles upon the have been paying visits to stable men irascible housewife. If he also fails and showing them how to clean house. the matter goes on up to the boy chief, The girls are recompensed from a who writes some such note as

special fund granted by the this:

city council. Stables have My dear Mrs. Smith:

become clean as if by We are trying to

magic and most of them make our school dis

are staying clean, for trict Ayless. Will

the girls happen in you help us ? Flies


every so often to breed in ferment

see how their suging lawn clippings,

gestions are being open garbage, and

carried out. stable manure. Gar

Hosts of smaller bage should always

girls, members of be kept tightly cov

the sixth, seventh, ered. We are writ

and eighth grades, ing this note to you

are made "sanitary because we know that

aides”. Their duty is to you will co-operate with

inspect the city's stores. A





Very truly yours, Chief of the Junior Sanitary Police. little girl steps into a meat shop or candy It is hardly conceivable that Mrs. store and notes down on a specially preSmith could still remain obdurate. But pared blank the number of flies she can if she does, the case is reported by let- detect in three minutes. The blank goes to ter to the Street Cleaning Department. her chief, and a day or so later the merMrs. Smith is startled one morning to chant receives courteous official notificareceive an official-looking document tion as to just how his store compares from the City of Cleveland threatening with others in the same class. If it comimmediate suit, if the offense of the pares well, he is congratulated. If it


compares poorly, he is informed that the arose and demanded the redoubling of school children of the community have the movement. Clevelanders had been been instructed to tell their parents so well educated to detest Aies that the which stores are kept free from flies. Ay campaign had become not a mere The public opinion thus brought to bear hygienic fad but a public necessity. So upon the merchant has worked wonders. it is planned to continue the work

And here are the wonders: In an apace, and to continue continuing it, investigation of five hundred eleven until the word "house fly” becomes grocery stores, confectioneries, meat obsolete among Clevelanders. Clevestores, restaurants, and milk depots, no land is not yet absolutely a "Ayless flies whatever were found in sixty per city” but it is approaching that goal cent of the stores; less than three Aies more rapidly than any other great each were found in thirty-six per cent; American city. and in only four per cent were Aies at It seems quite possible that within all numerous. In an inspection of the this. generation we shall witness the great city market where the acres of decline and fall of one of man's most displayed provisions formerly attracted deadly enemies—the “fly”. With its vast myriads of pests, only two flies elimination, whenever it comes, the were found!

specters of typhoid, cholera infantum, When the campaign lagged a bit this dysentery, tuberculosis, spinal meninyear for want of funds and a contingent gitis, and many other diseases of which of insects crept back into the ancestral it has long been the chief distributor, fly haunts, public opinion immediately will lose much of their terror.

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THE FLYING-FISH TORPEDO FIRED BY AN AEROPLANE: As the automobile torpedoes adjust themselves to direction and depth automatically, this kind of a medium looks

as practicable as a torpedo boat.

w this kind of a medium looks



HE “Aying - fish torpedo" fish, costing about eight thousand might more properly be dollars apiece, within twenty minutes termed a combination of two cank the British armored cruisers inventions already familiar, Agincourt, Aboukir, and Cressy in the

the flying machine, and the North Sea, incidentally drowning more automobile torpedo. Rear Admirai than twelve hundred men. Great Bradley A. Fiske, the inventor, sug- battleships have been sunk since by gests that the torpedo of the White- submarines, without eliciting the same head submarine type be carried by the degree of horror as from that first shock. aeroplane and launched by the aviator But the difficulty with this kind of against the ship which may be picked weapon is to get near enough to the out as a target.

adversary to be able to use it effectively. There can be no question of the fact Torpedo boats were originally designed that the submarine torpedo is the most mainly for the purpose of torpedo attack. deadly instrument of destruction thus But these mosquito craft have been renfar contrived by human ingenuity. dered practically harmless by the creation Most of us felt a thrill of horror when of a newer type of warship, the “dethree of these little mechanical devil- stroyer"—itself a larger and swifter tor

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