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and 140 New York State Reporter

Pal Manufacturers' Bank of Cohoes, In re Moore v. Mutual Reserve Fund Life Ass'n (Sur.)

354 (Sup.) Manville, Horsford v. (Sup.).

.1137 | Moore v. Vulcanite Portland Cement Co. Maris v. Swann (Sup.).

.1136 (Sup.) Markham v. Walsh (Sup.).

.1136 Moran v. Board of Education of New Marlor's Will, In re (Sup.). 131 York (Sup.)

.11 Marlor's Will, In re (Sup.).

. 1136 Moran, Talcott v. (Sup.). Martin v. Central R. Co. of New Jersey Morch' v. Smith (Sup.). (Sup.)

226 Morette v. Bostwick (Sup.). Martin, Conaway v. (Sup.).

194 Morgan v. New York (Sup.). Martin, Sheehan v. (Sup.).

.1144 | Morgan v. Waters (Sup.), Martin v. Walker & Williams Mfg. Co. Morgan & Co. v. Heitmann (Sup.). (Sup.)

708 Morning Telegraph Co., Dixey v. (Sup.)..11 Martine v. Hudson Valley R. Co. (Sup.)..1136 Moroney, Fitter v. (Sup.)... Mason v. Thompson (Sup.).

.1137 Morris v. Board of Education (Sup.).....1 Matkoff v. New York City R. Co. (Sup.) 1131 Morrison V. Andrews (Sup.).

..1 Mattea wan, Taylor v. Sup.).

841 Morrison, Orange County Trust Co. . Matthews, State Board of Pharmacy v. (Sup.) (Sup.)

.1146 Moser v. Ellis (Sup.). Matzger, Goldman v. (Sup.).

..1093 Moshier, Columbus Trust Co. v. (Sup.)..] Maucher v. Hartzheim (Sup.).

371 | Mott v. Mott, two cases (Sup.). Maurer v. Friedman (Sup.).

.1137 Mt. Vernon, Bussing v. (Sup.). Maxwell-Briscoe Motor Co., Brady v. (Sup.)1118 Mullen, Gilroy y. (Sup.). Mayer v. Davis (Sup.).

11041 Mulstay v. Carlin (Sup.). Mayer v. Davis (Sup.).

.1137 Mulvey v. Fuchs (Sup.). Mayer v. Gottlieb (Sup.).

.1137 Munro v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.)..] Mead, Barr v., two cases (Sup.). ..1116 Munro, Taylor v. (Sup.). Mead, Northrup v. (Sup.).

150 Murphy, In re (Sup.).. Meany v. Hurwitz (Sup.).

.1137 Murphy Const. Co., Cosgrove v. (Sup.)....1 Mechanics' & Traders' Bank, Corbin v. Murray, Levy v. (Sup.). (Sup.)

573 Murray v. New York City R. Co., two cases Meeks v. Meeks (Sup.).

907 (Sup.) Meiszner's Estate, In re (Sup.).

. 1137 Murray v. North River Electric Light & Merritt_v. Pierce (Sup.).

.1137 Power Co. (Sup.). Mertz, Fallon v. (Sup.)...

.1125 Murthey v. Burke (Sup.). Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., Creedon v. Mutual Life Ins. Co. v. Raymond (Sup.).. (Sup.)

.1121 Mutual Reserve Fund Life Ass'n., Moore Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., Henderson v. V. (Sup.). (Sup.)

.1130 Myer, Abelman v. (Sup.). Metropolitan St. R. Co., Dambmann v. (Sup.)

221 Nadler, Duff v. (Sup.). . Metropolitan St. R. Co., De Feo y. (Sup.)1122 Nassau Electric R. Co., Wixted v. (Sup.).. Metropolitan St. R. Co., Hart v. (Sup.).. 494 National Park Bank v. Saitta (Sup.). Metropolitan St. R. Co., Sohman v. (City National Starch Co., Arnold v. (Sup.). Ct. N. Y.)....

. 1033 National Starch Co., Clark v. (Sup.). Meyerhoffer y. Baker (Sup.).

718 Natural Carbonic Gas Co., McCarty F Meyer, Kohn V. (Sup.)...

.1134 (Sup.) M. Hartley Co. v. Evans (Sup.). .1137 Naughton v. Interurban St. R. Co. (Sup.). Mifflin, Butler v. (Sup.).

.1119 Neale v. Walter (Sup.). Miles v. Barton (Sup.).

.1137 | Neely, Bottome v. (Sup.). Milgrim_v. Feuer (Sup.)

1137 | Neff, People v. (Sup.). Miller, Brackin v. (Sup.).

.1118 Neff, People v. (Sup.). Miller v. Herrick (Sup.).

.1055 Nelson v. Forty-Second St., M. & St. Miller, Lounsbery v. (Sup.).

.1135 Ave. R. Co. Millring v. Keitsch (Sup.).

..1137 Nemrow v. Assembly Catering & Suppl Minch v. New York Evening Journal, two Co. (Sup.) cases (Sup.)

.1137 Newton v. Dunkirk (Sup.). Minsky v. Jacobs (Sup.).

.1137 New York, American Ice Co. v. (Sup.). Minsky V. Jacobs (Sup.).

.1138 New York, Beckwith v. (Sup.). Minsky, Strunsky v. (Sup.).

.1146 New York, Bercovitz v. (Sup.). Mitchell v. Greene (Sun.)..

449 New York, Bernreither v. (Sup.). Mitchell, Lenkeit v. (Sup.)..

549 New York, Birch v. (Sup.). Mock v. Supreme Council of Royal Arca- New York, Corr v. (Sup.). num (Sup.)..

155 New York, Donlon Contracting Co. Moest v. Continental Casualty Co. (Sup.). .1138 (Sup.) Monroe Bank, Heidelberg v. (Sup.). .....1130 New York, Goldstein : (Sup.).. Monsees, Quigley v. (Sup.).

167 New York, Grant y. (Sup.)... Montrose v. Potterton (Sup.)

1138 New York, Hart v., two cases (Sup.). Moore v. Board of Education of City of New York, Mackeyy. (Sup.).... New York (Sup.).

983 New York, McKnight v. (Sup.)...


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Page w York, Maltby v. (Sup.).

.1136 New York, L. & W. R. Co., Cooper v. w York, Morgan v. (Sup.). .1138 (Sup.)

611 w York, Paterno v. (Sup.).

.1139 New York, N. H. & H. R. Co., Hall v. w York, Powers v. (Sup.).


106 w York, Punsky v. (Sup.).

1141 New York Shoe Repairing Co., Granieri v. w York, Spaulding v. (Sup.). .1145 (City Ct. N. Y.).

.1107 w York, Wrigley v. (Sup.).

812 | New York State Nat. Bank, Easton v., * York Anti-Saloon League, Smith v. two cases (Sup.).

. 1124 sup.)

251 | New York State Nat. Bank, Pray V., two w York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Gibbons v. cases (Sup.).

.1141 sup.)

.1127 | New York & E. R. Ferry Co., Ward v. York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Noakes (Sup.)

.1149 (Sup.)

522 New York & L. I. R. Co. v. O'Brien (Sup.) 909 w York Cent. & H. R, R. Co., Phenix New York & Q. C. R. Co., O'Neil v. (Sup.) 128 is. Co. F. (Sup.).

696 New York & Queens Electric Light & PowYork Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Rahm v. er Co. v. Carpenter (Sup.).

1139 fup.) 1141 Nicholas v. Lord (Sup.).

.1139 * York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Richard- Niel, In re (Co. Ct.).

479 inv. (Sup.).

702 | N. N. Maloof & Co., Hamrah v. (Sup.). .1129 ç York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Simmons Noakes v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. (Sup.). .1145 (Sup.)

522 ç York Cent. & H, R. R. Co., Slack v. Nocito v. Acierno (Sup.).

783 lup.)

.1145 Norcross Bros. Co., McCarthy v. (Sup.). . 578 ✓ York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Townsend Northam, In re (Sup.)...

.1139 (Sup.)

381 | Northam, Dutchess Ins. Co. v. (Sup.). .1139 ✓ York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Walsh Northern Cent. R. Co., Doyle v. (Sup.). .. .1123 (Sup.).

..1149 North River Electric Light & Power Co., York City R. Co., Bull v. (Sup.). 378 Murray v. (Sup.). .

1138 York City R. Co., Cerf v. (Sup.)...1120 North River Sav. Bank, Hoffman v. (Sup.)1131 ✓ York City R. Co., City of New York v. Northrup v. Mead (Sup.)..

150 up.)

293 North Star Mines Co., Ætna Life Ins. Co. York City R. Co., Cohen v. (Sup.). ... 561 V. (Sup.)

545 York City R. Co., Davidson North Tona wanda, Sparks v. (Sup.).

44 lup.)

1044 Norton v. Ithaca St. R. Co. (Sup.). 1139 ✓ York City R. Co., Downing v. (Sup.)1123 Norton v. Kain (Sup.)..

129 York City R. Co., Eckhardt v. (Sup.)1125 Norton & Gorman Contracting Co. v. 1 York City R. Co., Glennon v. (Sup.). .1127 Unique Const. Co. (Sup.). .

372 York City R. Co., Harkow v., eight Norwich Light Co., Ames v. (Sup.)

932 ses (Sup.).

..1129 | Nourse v. Lexington Dime Sav. & Loan York City R. Co., Harrison v. (Sup.). .1131 Ass'n (Sup.)

..1139 York City R. Co., Herman v. (Sup.).. 896 York City R. Co., Hook v. (Sup.). ...1131 Oatman, Schwab v. (Sup.)..

741 York City R. Co., Kear v. (Sup.)....1137 | O'Brien, New York & L. I. R. Co. v. York City R. Co., Kelly v. (Sup.).... 894 (Sup.)

909 York City R. Co., Kenny v. (Sup.). . 1133 O'Brien, People v. (Sup.).

.1140 York City R. Co., Konrad v. (Sup.). .1134 O'Donohue, Van Norden Trust Co. | York City R. Co., Loewe v. (Sup.). . 488 (Sup.)

948 York City R. Co., McGurgan v. (Sup.) 201 O'Dwyer, Sweeney v. (Sup.).

1146 1 York City R. Co., Matkoff v. (Sup.). .1131 O'Grady v. McDonough (Sup.).

.1139 1 York City R. Co., Murray v., two cases Olcott v. Passaic Steel Co. (Sup.).

566 up.)

1138 Old Dominion S. S. Co., Eisenstein v. York Contracting Co., Pennsylvania (City Ct, N. Y.)...

837 erminal, Hamnstrown v. (Sup.). 880 Oldfield, Hamilton v. (Sup.)...

.1128 1 York Contracting Co., Rockwood v. O'Leary v. Howell (Sup.)..

1139 up.) 1142 Olsen v. Royal Co. (Sup.).

1139 ; York Cotton Exchange, Quentell v. Oneida Nat. Chuck Co., Westcott Chuck up.) 228 Co. v. (Sup.)...

.1016 1 York C. & St. L. R. Co., Gorman y. O'Neill v. Star ('o. (Sup.).

973 .1127 O'Neil v. New York & Q. C. R. Co. (Sup.) 128 York Evening Journal, Dinkelspiel v. Onesti v. Central New England R. Co. up.) .1122 (Sup.)

233 York Evening Journal, Minch v., two Onyan v. Burns (Sup.).

.1139 ses (Sup.).

.1137 Oppenheimer v. Wells, Fargo & Co. (Sup.) 547 York Evening Journal Pub. Co. v. Orange County Trust Co. v. Morrison illiam F. Simpson Advertising Agency (Sup.)

910 ity Ct. N. Y.). $38 Ordemann, Squire y. (Sup.).

. 1146 York Herald Co., Breen v. (Sup.). 872 O'Reilly v. Skelly (Sip 1.

1082 York Herald Co., Lyons v. (Sup.). .. 874 O'Rourke, Child v. (Sup.).

884 York Life Ins. Co., Homans v. (Sup.) 929 | Orr, In re (Sup.).

.1139 106 N.Y.S.-b



and 140 New York State Reporter

Page Orr, Connor v. (Sup.).. ..1121 People v. McClellan (Sup.).

200) Osborn v. Cardeza (Sup.). ..1139 People v. McWilliams (Sup.).

4.59 Osborne v. McArthurs Bros. Co. (Sup.). .1139 People v. Neff (Sup.). Otto Sarony Co., Burrow v. (Sup.).......1119 People v. Neff (Sup.)..

1110 Outhouse v. Baird (Sup.). 246 People v. O'Brien (Sup.)

. 1140 People v. Palmer (Sup.).

583 Page v. Dempsey (Sup.)...

.1139 People v. Public Service Commission, SecPalliser, Studwell v. (Sup.). .1146 ond Dist. (Sup.)..

968 Palmer, People v. (Sup.).

583 People v. Queens Borough (Sup.). .. 1140 Palmer v. Van Deusen (Sup.).

707 People v. Santa Clara Lumber Co. (Sup.).. 624 Pardee v. Douglas (Sup.). 775 People v. Simpson (Sup.)..

45 Parker v. Altonwood Park Co. (Sup.)...1139 People v. Smith (Sup.).

.1141 Parker, Bauer v. (Sup.). 878 People v. Soloman (Co. Ct.).

.1110 Parmigiani, Husch v. (Sup.). .1097 People v. Sommer (Gen. Sess.).

190 Parsons, Bauer v. (Sup.). .1116 People v. Sturgis (Sup.).

61 Passaic Steel Co., Olcott v. (Sup.). 566 People v. Sullivan (Gen. Sess. Ct.).

143 Paterno v. New York (Sup.). .1139 People v. Thornton (Sup.).

704 Patterson, Coe v. (Sup.). 659 People v. Tilden (Sup.).

247 Peekskill Lighting & R. Co., Craft v. People v. Wade (Sup.).

1140 (Sup.)

232 | People v. Warden of City Prison of City Pegg, Keyser v. (Sup.). .1133 of New York (Sup.).....

139 Pendleton, Townsend v. (Sup.).

.1148 People v. Way (Sup.). .. Pennsylvania Coal Co., Ryan v. (Sup.). ...1144 People v. Weick (Sup.).

.1140) People v. Ackron (Sup.).

. 1140 People v. Westchester Traction Co. (Sup.) 389 People v. Barker (Sup.). 336 People v. Whalen (Sup.).

434 People v. Bensel (Sup.). 110 People v. Wheeler (Sup.).

450 People v. Bingham (Sup.).

330 People v. Wilson (Sup.). People v. Bingham (Sup.). ..1079 People v. Wintermute (Sup.):

.1076 People v. Bingham (Sup.). . 1140 Peoples' Trust Co. v. Schenck (Sup.)

782 People v. Blake (Sup.). 319 Pepper, Spicer v. (Sup.).

.1145 People v. Board of Health of City of New Perley v. Schubert (Sup.).

593 York (Sup.)... 923 Perry v. Bates (Sup.)..

.1141 People v. Briggs (Sup.). . 1140 Persons v. Gardner (Sup.).

616 People v. Bryan (Sup.). 1140 Peters v. Adam (Sup.).

158 People v. Burnham (Sup.). 57 Peters v. Tallchief (Sup.).

64 People v. Butler, two cases (Sup.). . 1140 Peterson, Erickson v. (Sup.).

.1125 People v. Butler (Sup.).

.1141 Phenix Ins. Co. of Brooklyn v. New York People v. Cassidy (Sup.) .1140 Cent. & H. R. R. Co. (Sup.).

696 People v. Chamberlain (Sup.).

149 Phillips v. Brooklyn Union Elevated R. People v. Curtis (Sup.). 1141 Co. (Sup.)

79. People v. Dimond (Sup.). 277 Phillips, Hoover v. (Sup.)

.1131 People v. Dimond (Sup.). 832 Phillips v. Pike (Sup.).

486 People v. Dinser (Sup.). 495 Pierce, Guilfoyle v. (Sup.).

1128 People v. DiRuzza (Sup.).

1140 Pierce' v. McLaughlin Real Estate Co. People v. Dooling (Sup.). 430 (Sup.).

28 People v. Duffy-McInnerny Co. (Sup.). 878 Pierce, Merritt v. (Sup.).

.1137 People v. Dunham (Sup.).. 1140 Pike, Phillips v. (Sup.)"

486 People v. Erste Ulaszkoweer Kranken Un- Pillmore, Dunn Salmon Co. v. (Sup.).

88 terstutzungs Verein (Sup.).

922 Pirong v. Syracuse Lighting Co. (Sup.). .1141 People v. Flynn (Sup.) 925 Pittel v. Burkhard (Sup.).

243 People v. Flynn (Sup.).

.1141 Pitt & Scott, Hanna v. (Sup.). People v. Gibson (Sup.).

590 Piza v. Lubelsky (Sup.). People v. Glynn (Sup.). 956 Pizer v. Herzig (Sup.). .

370 People v. Golding, two cases (Sup.). 821 Pizzutielle v. Graham (Sup.)

1099 People v. Ham (Sup.).

312 Place v. Place (Sup.)... People v. Harris (Gen. Sess.).

.1035 Platt v. Platt (Sup.). . People v. Hebberd (Sup.)

.1140 Plaut, Gozzett v. (Sup.) People v. Jackson (Sup.)..

.1046 Polizio, McMail v. (Sup.). People v. Jones (Sup.).

.1140 Pollak, Kister y. (Sup.). People v. Kaufman (Sup.).

305 Pomerana, Joseph F. Clarke Co. v. (Sup.). .1133. l'eople v. Keeper of Prison of Seventh Popham Ave. in City of New York, In re

Dist. Magistrate's Court (Sup.).. 314 (Sup.)
People v. Keeper of Prison of Seventh Dist. Port Byron, Frisbee v., two cases (Sup.). .1126

Magistrates' Court of City of New York Portland Co. v. Hall & Grant Const. Co. (Sup.)

960 (Sup.) People'v. Kipp (Sup.). 307 Potterton, Montrose v. (Sup.).

.1138 People v. Klaw (Gen. Sess.) 341 Pound v. Converse (Sup.).

.1141 People v. Klock (Co. Ct.).

267 Powell, Higgins v. (Sup.). People v. Koster (Sup.).

793 Powell v. Roach (Sup.). People v. Luke (Sup.).




. 1097

161 .1136 .1134



.1130 .1141

166 .1141

621 | Powers v. New York (Sup.).




Page ay v. New York State Nat. Bank, two Riker Basin System, Henry Huber Co. v. ases (Sup.)...


.1130 entice v. Sommer (Sup.). . 1141 Ringler & Co., Smith y. (Sup.).

.1145 ice, Schnitzer v. (Sup.). 767 Ripley's Estate, In re (Sup.).

841 ince Line v. John C. Seager Co. (Sup.). .1141 Ripson, Knapp v. (Sup.).

. 1134 ince Line, Johnson v. (Sup.).

.1132 Roach, Powell v. (Sup.). inting Business of Edwin C. Bruen, Roberts, In re (Sup.).

.1142 Schmidt v. (Sup.)... 443 Roberts, In re (Sup.).

. 1151 intup's Estate, In re (Sup.). 74 Robinson, Booksin v. (Sup.).

.1117 itchett, In_re (Sup.).

847 Robinson v. Consolidated Gas. Co. (Sup.). .1088 udential Life Ins.

Robinson v. Kelso (Sup.)...

.1142 Sup.) . 1149 Robinson v. Union R. Co. (Sup.)

203 Iblic Service Commission, Second Dist., Robinson Mach. Co., Goepel v. (Sup.)..

990 People v. (Sup.). . 968 Roche, In re (Sup.).

.1142 insky V. New York (Sup.). 1141 Roche, Bates v. (Sup.).


Rochester Candy Works, Koester v. (Sup.). .1134 jackenbush, In_re (Sup.).

773 Rock, v. International Paper Co. (Sup.). .1142 ieens Borough, People v. (Sup.). 1140 Rockland Lake Trap Rock Co., Kuyan v. lentell v. New York Cotton Exchange (Sup.)

.1134 (Sup.)

228 Rockwood v. New York Contracting Co. ienzer, Tobin V. (Sup.).


.1142 rigley v. Monsees (Sup.). 167 Rodgers, In re (Sup.).

.1143 iillin, Turner y. (Sup.). .1148 Rodgers, Callahan v. (Sup.).


Roehrs v. Manhattan Refrigerating Co. acich, Hunt v. (Sup.). ... 1132 (Sup.)

. 1143 le Co. v. Kane (Sup.). 47 Roff, Van Druten v. (Sup.).

.1148 ae Co. v. Kane (Sup.). . 1150 Rogers, Donnelly v. Sup.).

.1123 aff v. Baer (Sup.)..

.1141 Rogers v. Franklin Mills Co. (Sup.).. 1143 ahm v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. Romano v. Concordia Fire Ins. Co. (Sup.) 63 (Sup.)

. 1141 Rooney v. Brogan Const. Co. (Sup.). 1143 aife v. Switzer (Sup.).

..1142 Roscoe Lumber Co. v. Reynolds (Sup.). .1143 andall. In re (Sup.). 943 Rosenberg, Anderson v. (Sup.).

171 andazzo v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.) 193 Rosenberg v. Frankel (Sup.).

.1143 andel v. Frank (Sup.). 1142 Rosenfeld, Kliger v. (Sup.).

..1134 ankin v. Bush (Sup.). 1142 Rosengarten, Bieber v. (Sup.).

..1117 ay v. Heard (Sup.).

.1142 Rosenthal v. Empire Brick Co. (Sup.). . 1143 aymond, Mutual Life Ins. Co. v. (Sup.). .1138 Rosenzweig v. Kalichman (City Ct. N. Y.) 860 ealty Iron Works v. Henney (Sup.). 1142 Rose v. Rose (Sup.)..

.1143 eed, Dockstader v. (Sup.). 795 Rossell, In re (Sup.).

.1143 eed, Waterford Electric Light, Heat & Rossenbach v. Supreme Court 1. 0. F. Power Co. v. (Sup.). .1149 (Sup.)

1143 eibstein, Hebrew Pub. Co. v. (Sup.). .1129 Rothschild, Bauchelle v. (Sup.).

1137 eid v. Brown (Sup.)... 27 Rothstein, Manning v. (Sup.).

.1136 eineldt, Daly v. (Sup.). .1122 | Rowe v. Horowitz (Sup.).

1143 einold, Hollender v. (Sup.).

.1131 Rowland v. Hall (Sup.). eis v. Drug & Chemical Co. (Sup.). .1131 Royal Co., Olsen v. (Sup.).

1139 eis v. Graham (Sup.)..

645 Rudd y. McClean Arms & Ordnance Co., eiss y. Boehm (Sup.). .1142 two cases (Sup.)..

.1151 emington, H. Remington & Son Pulp & Runk, In re (Sur.)..

8.51 Paper Co. v. (Sup.). . 1132 Rupp, In re (Sup.).

483 emington & Son Pulp & Paper Co. v. Rupp, In re (Sup.)..

.1143 Remington (Sup.) .1132 Russell v. Walworth (Sup.).

.1143 eubel, Harrison v. (Sup.). ..1129 Russian Co., Gitler v (Sup.).

886 ynolds v. Britton (Sup.). 937 | Ruthenberg v. Collins (Sup.).

.1143 ynolds, Bruno v. (Sup.).

. 1118 Rutland Marble Co., Dempsey v. (Sup.). 1137 ynolds, Hill v. (Sup.). . 1130 Rutland R. Co., Briette v. (Sup.).

1118 ynolds, Jahn v. (Sup.).

. 1132 Rutland R. Co., Donaldson v. (Sup.). .1123 ynolds, Roscoe Lumber Co. v. (Sup.). . . . 1143 Rutland R. Co., Strong v. (Sup.).

85 leims v. Shuldiner (Sup.). . 1142 Ruyl v. Kahler (Sup.)..

.1143 ccadonna Hotel Co. Williams v. (Sup.). .1150 Ryan v. Central New York Telephone & cca & Sons, Battalia v. (Sup.).

Telegraph Co. (Sup.)..

1143 ce v. Interurban St. R. Co. (Sup.). 463 Ryan v. Halligan, two cases (Sup.). .1144 chard Deeves & Son v. Manhattan Life Ryan, Lewis v. (Sup.)..

646 Ins. Co. (Sup.)...

.1142 Ryan v. Pennsylvania Coal Co. (Sup.) .1144 chardson, In re (Sup.). .1142 Ryan, Riggs v. (Sup.)...

39 chardson v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co. (Sup.).

702 Saal v. South Brooklyn R. Co. (Sup.).... 996 chter v. Colon (Sup.). 1137 Sacoder, Zolotorofe v. (Sup.). ..

..1151 der v. Britton (Sup.) .1142 | Saggese v. Virgilio (Sup.). .

.1100 ggs v. Ryan (Sup.). 39 St. John, Bauer v. (Sup.).


and 140 New York State Reporter

Page Saitta, National Park Bank v. (Sup.). .... 328 Shuldiner, Rheims v. (Sup.)..

..1142 Salit, McNair v., two cases (Sup.). .1136 Shutter ý. McClintic-Marshall Const. Co. Sammaritano Interurban St. R. Co.


706 (Sup.) .1144 Siegel, Arnstein v. (Sup.).

1115 Samuels, Kadin v. (Sup.).

559 Siegel-Cooper Co., Cefola v. (Sup.). .1120 Santa Clara Lumber Co., People v. (Sup.).. 624 Siegel-Cooper Co., Tooker v. (Sup.).

277 Saratoga Gas, Electric Light & Power Co., Siegel v. United States Mailing Tube Co. Trustees of Village of Saratoga Springs (Sup.)

. 1131 v. (Sup.).... .1148 Silkman, In re (Sup.).

1144 Saratoga Gas, Electric Light & Power Co., Silver & Co. v. Waterman (Sup.).

899 Village of Saratoga Springs v. (Sup.).. 1148 Simes, In re (Sup.).

.1145 Sarony, Burrow v. (Sup.).

. 1119 Simmons v. New York Cent, & II. R. R. Sarony Co., Burrows v. (Sup.). .1119 Co. (Sup.)..

..1145 Scatcherd, Wilber v. (Sup.). 897 Simmons Co., Falihee v. (Sup.).

764 Schaaf v. Denniston (Sup.).

168 Simmons Co. v. Shattuck (City Ct. N. Y.)..1032 Schaettler, Farrelly V. (Sup.)..

445 Simon-Lichtenstein-Pachner Co. v. StarSchenck, People's Trust Co. v. (Sup.).. 782

rells (Sup.)..

1088 Schiefer v. Freygang (Sup.).

.1144 Simpson Advertising Agency, New York Schiff, Lawrence Bros. v. (Sup.).

1135 Evening Journal Pub. Co. v. (City Ct. N. Schlesinger v. Butcher (Sup.). .1144 Y.)

858 Schmidt, Commissioner of Public Charities Simpson, People v. (Sup.).

45 of New York v. (Sup.).

.1121 Singer Mfg. Co., Weinstein v. (Sup.). 517 Schmidt, Henneke v. (Sup.).

138 Singer Mfg. Co., Weinstein v. (Sup.) 522 Schmidt v. Printing Business of Edwin C. Singer Mfg. Co., Weinstein y. (Sup.)......1149 Bruen (Sup.)... 443 Skelly, O'Reilly v. (Sup.).

. 1082 Schmitt, Foersch v. (Sup.).

935 | Slack v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co, Schnitzer v. Price (Sup.). 767 (Sup.)

...1145 Schoenfeld, Frankland v. (Sup.).

. 1101 Slade v. Delaware & Hudson Co. (Sup.). . 887 Schrader v. Elias (Sup.). .1144 Slade v. Dominy (Sup.).

..1143 Schroeder, Connolly v. (Sup.).

303 Slater v. Bonfiglio (City Ct. N. Y.). 861 Schroeder, Loewenfield v. (Sup.). .1135 Slater v. Grannemann (Sup.)..

. 1145 Schroter v. Schroter (Sup.).

22 Sloman, Commercial Nat. Bank v. (Sup.). . 508 Schubert, Perley v. (Šup.).

593 Small, Cohen v., two cases (Sup.). . .1121 Schultz v. Yvelin (Sup.). .1144 Smith v. Boston & M. R. Co. (Sup.).

. 114. Schwab v. Oatman (Sup.).

741 Smith, Butler v. (Sup.).. Scott, Coughlin v. (Sup.). .1121 Smith, Butler v. (Sup.).

.1119 Scott, Hobbs v. (Sup.).

836 Smith v. George Ringler & Co. (Sup.). .114); Scottish Union & National Ins. Co., Wood Smith, Ilowe v. (Sup.).

1132 v. (Sup.). 1150 Smith, Hurley v. (Sup.).

1132 Scott's Estate, In re (Sup.). .1114 | Smith v. Irvin (Sup.)..

1145 Scranton & Lehigh Coal Co., Hope v. Smith, Morch v. (Sup.).

1138 (Sup.)

. 1131 Smith v. New York Anti-Saloon League Sea Beach R. Co., In re (Sup.). .1144 (Sup.)

251 Seager Co., Prince Line v. (Sup.). .1141 Smith, People v. (Sup.).

1141 Searle Mfg. Co. v. Terry (Sup.). 438 Smith v. Smith (Sup.).

137 Security Mut. Life Ins. Co., Shoemaker v. Smith v. Stork (Sup.)..

.1145 (Sup.)

..1144 Snare & Triest Co., Gibbons v. (Sup.). 1127 Seiferd, Wehrenberg v. (Sup.). 901 Snyder, In re (Sup). .

.1143 Selected Securities Co., Heise v. (Sup.). ...1130 Snyder, Brownell v. (Sup.).

771 Selleck v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.)..1144 Snyder v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. Selley v. Irish Industrial Exposition &


.1143. Amusement Co. (Sup.)...

. 1144 Snyder Co., Keystone Pub. Co. v. (Sup.)...1133 Senior, Hall v. (Sup.). 29 Sofranski, Barr v. (Sup.).

.1116 Seymour, Village of Bronxville v. (Sup.). . 834 Sohman v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (City Shapiro v. Friedman (Sup.).. .1144 Ct. N. Y.).

. 1033 Shattuck, John Simmons Co. v. (City Ct. Sokolski, Boland v. (Sup.).

766 (N. Y.)..

. 1032 | Solinger Brooklyn Heights R. Co. Shaw, Central Bank of Westchester County (Sup.)

1145 v. (Sup.) 94 Soloman, People v. (Co. Ct.).

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