Conspectus of organic materia medica and pharmacal botany

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G.S. Davis, 1880 - 220 pages

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Page 91 - ... from half an inch to an inch and a half in diameter, and...
Page 211 - Special formulae made and coated to order, when desired, in lots of 3,000 or upwards. MEDICATED LOZENGES. Lozenges are of use in pharyngeal troubles that yield to ordinary medication. By being slowly dissolved, the medicament they contain is brought into contact with the diseased mucous membranes...
Page 80 - Bark comes in cylindrical pieces of variable length, sometimes singly, sometimes doubly quilled, from two lines to an inch in diameter, and from half a line to two or three lines in thickness — the best kinds being about the size of a goose-quill.
Page 118 - Menthol occurs as colorless, acicular or prismatic crystals, having a strong and pure odor of peppermint and a warm, aromatic taste, followed by a sensation of cold when air is drawn into the mouth.
Page 44 - Hade ; the hypogynous /lowers imbricated with 2-ranked glumes or bracts : the outer pair (glumes proper) subtending the spikelet of one or several flowers ; the inner pair...
Page 54 - ... musk-melon. In the midst of the pulp is a long, boatshaped seed or stone, sharply pointed at both ends, of a mahogany color and high polish, except where this color and polish is interrupted by the rough scar, which occupies about a third of the surface, from end to end. The whole size of the fruit is from three to six inches in length, and from two to three in thickness. Sometimes there are two seeds in one fruit, always polished and beautiful, and of large size. There is, I believe, a variety...
Page 98 - ... up, oval, pointed at both extremities, entire, pretty smooth, of a dusky green colour on their upper surface, and paler beneath. The flowers, which are supported upon solitary peduncles and rise from the axils of the leaves, are about an inch long, of a dingy...
Page 84 - The degree of bitterness in the bark is probably the best criterion of the value of the different species.
Page 148 - It is about the size of a large horse bean, being somewhat more than an inch in length by three-fourths of an inch in breadth, with a very firm, hard, brittle, shining integuments of a brownish-red, pale chocolate, or nrli-gray color.
Page 116 - ... the midrib being strongest. At each division of the panicle there are two small bracts. The yellow corolla is rotate, 4-lobed, with glandular pits above the base ; the calyx is onethird the length of the petals, which are about half an inch long. The one-celled bivalved capsule contains numerous seeds. The flowers share the intense bitterness of the whole drug. The wood of the stronger stems is devoid of the bitter principles.

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