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Maker of all things, Judge of all q Then shall the Priest say, men; We acknowledge and be- Hear what comfortable words wail our manifold sins and wick- our Saviour Christ saith unto edness, Which we, from time to all that truly turn to him. time, most grievously have com- ME unto me all that travail mitted, By thought, word, and and are heavy laden, and I deed, Against thy Divine Majes- will refresh you. St. Matth. xi. 28. ty, Provoking most justly thy So God loved the world, that wrath and indignation against us. he

gave his only-begotten Son, to We do earnestly repent, And are the end that all that believe in heartily sorry for these our misdo- him should not perish, but have ings; The remembrance of them everlasting life. St. John iii. 16. is grievous unto us; The burden Hear also what Saint Paul saith. of them is intolerable. Have Have mercy up

This is a true saying, and mercy upon us, on us, most merciful Father'; worthy of all men to be receivFor thy Son our Lord Jesus ed, That Christ Jesus came into

the world to save sinners. 1 Tim. Christ's sake, Forgive us all that

i. 15. is past; And grant that we may ever hereafter Serve and please Hear also what Saint John saith. thee In newness of life, To the

If any man sin, we have an honour and glory of thy Name; Advocate with the Father, JeThrough Jesus Christ our Lord.

sus Christ the righteous; and he Amen.

is the propitiation for our sins. q Then shall the Priest (or the Bishop, be

1 St. John ü. 1. ing present,) stand up, and turning himself q After which the Priest shall proceed, to the people, pronounce this Absolution.


Lift up your venly Father, who of his Answer. We lift them up ungreat mercy hath promised for- to the Lord. giveness of sins to all them that Priest. Let us give thanks unwith hearty repentance and true to our Lord God. faith turn unto him; Have mer- Answer. It is meet and right cy upon you ; pardon and deliver

so to do. you from all your sins; confirm

Then shall the Priest turn to the Lord's and strengthen you in all good

Table, and say, ness and bring you to everlast

: IT is very meet

, right

, and our our Lord. Amen.

at all times, and in all places,


up your hearts.


ing God.


give thanks unto thee, O Lord, his death hath destroyed death,

These words (Holy Holy Father, Al- and by his rising to life again Father) must be omit- mighty, Everlast- hath restored to us everlasting ted on Trinity-Sun

life. Therefore with Angels, gc. I Here shall follow the Proper Preface, Upon Ascension-day, and seven according to the time, if there be any specially appointed: or else immediately

days after. t shall follow,


"HROUGH thy most dearTH HEREFORE with Angels ly beloved Son Jesus Christ

and Archangels, and with all our Lord; who after his most the company of heaven, we laud glorious Resurrection manifestly and magnify thy glorious Name; appeared to all his Apostles, and evermore praising thee, and say in their sight ascended up into ing, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God heaven to prepare a place for of hosts, heaven and earth are that where he is, thither we full of thy glory: Glory be to might also ascend, and reign with thee, O Lord most High. Amen. him in glory. Therefore with

Proper Prefaces. Angels, &c. Upon Christmas-day, and seven Upon Whit-sunday, and six days days after.


HROUGH Jesus Christ our Jesus Christ thine only Son THI

Lord; according to whose to be born as at this time for

most true promise, the Holy us; who, by the operation of Ghost came down as at this time the Holy Ghost, was made very from heaven with a sudden great man of the substance of the Vir-. sound, as it had been a mighty gin Mary his mother; and that wind, in the likeness of fiery without spot of sin, to make us

tongues, lighting upon the Apoclean from all sin. Therefore stles, to teach them, and to lead with Angels, gc.

them to all truth; giving them Upon Easter-day, and seven days both the gift of divers languages, after.

and also boldness with fervent BUT

UT chiefly are we bound to zeal constantly to preach the Gos

praise thee for the glorious pel unto all nations; whereby we Resurrection of thy Son Jesus have been brought out of darkChrist our Lord : for he is the

ness and error into the clear light very Paschal Lamb,which was of- and true knowledge of thee, and fered for and hath taken away of thy Son Jesus Christ. Therethe sin of the world; who by fore with Angels, &c.



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Upon the Feast of Trinity only. ful bodies' may be made clean

10 art one God, one by his body, and our souls wash

Lord; not one only Per- ed through his most precious son, but three Persons in one blood, and that we may everSubstance. For that which we more dwell in him, and he in us.

. believe of the glory of the Fa- Amen. ther, the same we believe of the q When the Priest

, standing before the TaSon, and of the Holy Ghost, with- ble, hath so ordered the Bread and Wine, out

that he may with the more readiness and any difference or inequality.

decency break the Bread before the peoTherefore with Angels, gc. ple, and take the Cup into his hands, he

shall say the Prayer of Consecration, as After each of which Prefaces shall imme

followeth. diately be sung or said, THI

HEREFORE with Angels ALMIGHTY God, our heaand Archangels, and with

venly Father, who of thy

tender all the company of heaven, we mercy didst give thine laud and magnify thy glorious death upon the cross for our re

only Son Jesus Christ to suffer Name; evermore praising thee, and saying, Holy, holy, holy, his one oblation of himself once

demption ; who made there (by earth are full of thy glory: Glory offered) a full, perfect, and suffibe to thee, O Lord most High. faction, for the sins of the whole

cient sacrifice, oblation, and satisAmen.

world; and did institute, and in I Then shall the Priest, kneeling down at his holy Gospel command us to

them that shall receive the Communion this continue, a perpetual memory of Prayer following:

that his precious death, until his V E do not presume to come coming again ; Hear

to this thy Table, O mer- ciful Father, we most humbly beciful Lord, trusting in our own seech thee; and grant that we righteousness, but in thy mani- receiving these thy creatures of fold and great mercies. We are bread and wine, according to thy not worthy so much as to gather Son our Saviour Jesus Christ's up the crumbs under thy Table. holy institution, in remembrance But thou art the same Lord, of his death and passion, may whose property is always to have be partakers of his most blessed mercy : Grant us therefore, gra- Body and Blood: who, in the cious Lord, so to eat the flesh of same night that he was betrayed, thy dear Son Jesus Christ, and took Bread; and, to drink his blood, that our sin- / when he had given into his hands :


O mer

* Here the Priest is to take the Paten

the Bread :


* Here he is to

hand :


is my

* And here to break thanks, * he brake | unto everlasting life. Drink this

it, and gave it to in remembrance that Christ's his disciples, saying, Take, eat, Blood was shed for thee, and be

+ this is + And here to lay


Body thankful. his hand upon all the which is given for . If the consecrated Bread or Wine be all you : Do this in

spent before all have communicated, the remembrance of me. Likewise af

Priest is to consecrate more according to

the Form before prescribed ; beginning at ter supper he *took

[Our Saviour Christ in the same night, tuke the Cup into his the Cup; and, &c.) for the blessing of the Bread; and when he had giv

at [Likewise after Supper, &c.] for the

blessing of the Cup. en thanks, he gave it to them, When have communicated, the Minissaying, Drink ye all of this ; ter shall return to the Lord's Table, and for this

reverently place upon it what remaineth + And here to lay


of the consecrated Elements, covering the his hand upon every Blood of the New

same with a fair linen cloth. vessel (be it Chalice Testament, which I Then shall the Priest say the Lord's there is any Wine to is shed for you

Prayer, the people repeating after him
be consecrated.
and for

every Petition,


UR Father, which art in heaas oft as ye shall drink it, in re

ven, Hallowed be thy Name. membrance of me. Amen.

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be

done in earth, As it is in heaven. Then shall the Minister first receive the Communion in both kinds himself, and then

Give us this day our daily bread. proceed to deliver the same to the Bishops, And forgive us our trespasses, Priests

, and Deacons, in like manner, (if As we forgive them that trespass any be present,) and after that to the ple also in order, into their hands, all against us. And lead us not into meekly kneeling. And, when he delivereth temptation ; But deliver us from the Bread to any one, he shall say,

evil: For thine is the kingdom, THE Body of our Lord Jesus Christ, which was given for

The power, and the glory, For

ever and ever. Amen. thee, preserve thy body and soul unto everlasting life. Take and

After shall be said as followeth.

we thy humble servants enhim in thy heart by faith with tirely desire thy fatherly goodthanksgiving

ness mercifully to accept this our 1 And the Minister that delivereth the Cup sacrifice of praise and thanksto any one shall say,

giving ; most humbly beseeching HE Blood of our Lord Jesus thee to grant, that by the merits

Christ, which was shed for and death of thy Son Jesus thee, preserve thy body and soul | Christ, and through faith in his


eat this in remembrance that O Lord and heavenly Father,


blood, we and all thy whole company of all faithful people; Church may obtain remission of and are also heirs through hope our sins, and all other benefits of of thy everlasting kingdom, by his passion. And here we offer the merits of the most precious and present unto thee, O Lord, death and passion of thy dear ourselves, our souls and bodies, Son. And we most humbly beto be a reasonable, holy, and live- seech thee, O heavenly Father, ly sacrifice unto thee; humbly so to assist us with thy grace, beseeching thee, that all we, who that we may continue in that are partakers of this holy Com- holy fellowship, and do all such munion, may be fulfilled with good works as thou hast preparthy grace and heavenly benedic- ed for us to walk in; through tion. And although we be un

Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, worthy, through our manifold with thee and the Holy Ghost, sins, to offer unto thee any sacri- be all honour and glory, world fice, yet we beseech thee to ac- without end. Amen. cept this our bounden duty and I Then shall be said or sung, service; not weighing our me


LORY be to God on high, rits, but pardoning our offences, and in earth peace, goodwill through Jesus Christ our Lord; towards men. We praise thee, by whom, and with whom, in the we bless thee, we worship thee, unity of the Holy Ghost, all ho- we glorify thee, we give thanks nour and glory be unto thee, 0 to thee for thy great glory, O Father Almighty, world without Lord God, heavenly King, God end. Amen.

the Father Almighty.

O Lord, the only-begotten Son LMIGHTY and everliving Jesu Christ; O Lord God, Lamb

God, we most heartily thank of God, Son of the Father, that thee, for that thou dost vouchsafe takest away the sins of the world, to feed who have duly receiv- have mercy upon us. Thou that ed these holy mysteries, with the takest away the sins of the world, spiritual food of the most pre- have mercy upon us. Thou that cious Body and Blood of thy Son takest away the sins of the world, our Saviour Jesus Christ; and receive our prayer. Thou that dost assure us thereby of thy fa- sittest at the right hand of God vour and goodness towards us ; the Father, have mercy upon us. and that we are very members For thou only art holy; thou incorporate in the mystical body only art the Lord; thou only, O of thy Son, which is the blessed Christ, with the Holy Ghost, art

Or this.


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