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mistake of a comma in a clause of the revenvie laws. It therefore behooves all to give the subject of punctuation much attention.

If this study is important from a business point of view, its educational value is beyond the power of calculation. The ability to express an idea clearly in a well-rounded period is the greatest gift of the preacher, the lawyer, and the statesman; and this power is not to be obtained without close study of those laws of language which are clearly defined and may be easily mastered. Owing to the number of points involved in each rule as formulated by grammarians, the formal teaching of the subject is generally deferred until the pupil has finished his grammar course; and the programmes of most schools unwisely allow but little time for specific instruction in this important feature of education.

This Manual covers all the general rules of punctuation and most of the exceptions; it has been compiled from the latest authorities, and subjected to the criticism of many of the most prominent educators in the country, and the rules have been endorsed by teachers, editors, and proof-readers as being clear, concise and complete. No attempt has been made to simplify the language, but point after point is taken up separately and its meaning illustrated by examples, so that the most elementary knowledge of grammar will enable the reader to understand the rules,

It is not claimed that this little work is exhaustive. Points may sometimes arise in the construction of sentences that will require reference to more recondite volumes, but it is hoped that this book may prove of some assistance to those who in the hurry of business need a handy book of reference, and also to some of the many who have not thoroughly mastered the subject of which it treats.

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