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SACRAMENTODec. 151882.

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To his Excellency GEORGE C. PERKINS, Governor of the State of California :

SIR: Pursuant to law I herewith submit the following report of the operations of this Department.

The receipts of this Department during my incumbency have not aggregated an amount equal to a corresponding term of former years, owing chiefly to the falling off of the number of "Articles of Incorporations" filed, upon which this office mainly relies for revenue. This was owing entirely to the adoption of the new Constitution and the unsettled position or relation that shares of stock bore to the question of taxation. Until the revenue laws were fully understood and put into operation under the new Constitution, many were of the opinion that all incorporations would be taxed upon the par value of the capital stock represented by their “Articles of Incorporation,” hence a large proportion of the mining incorporations were filed in other States, principally in New York and Nevada. And the States and Territories that formerly made California the base of their operations would designate some other locality as their principal place of business.

The passage of revenue laws by the Legislature of 1880–81, and decisions of the Supreme Court thereon, has had a tendency to restore business to its former condition, and for the past year I note a return of confidence, so far as incorporations are concerned, and a consequent increase of receipts.


on account of fees since July 1, 1880, amount to.

$13,558 10.


Amount paid Treasury,-

$13,558 10.


During the past two years, as Superintendent of the State Capitol building, I have had the several departments therein thoroughly renovated by kalsomining and tinting the walls and ceilings, furnishing hew carpets where needed, and supplying additional conveniences or the safe keeping of public records and the transaction of the

The Supreme Court has been supplied with an additional Department Court room, cases, desks, etc., for the transaction of increased

The water tanks in the garret story of the building showed signs of decay. One of them commenced to leak very badly. I caused

State's business.



them to be relined with copper, and had placed under each tank, copper vat with a discharge therefrom to the roof of the building, that any leakage or destruction of the tanks would not precipita the contents through the ceilings into the rooms below. The build ing is in good order and repair. Many needed changes and addition in have been made.

In the Engineer's Departmeni it became necessary, on accounts the increased height of the sipage water, to raise the entire system heating apparatus, and also raise the floor of the engine room. Th

gt department has been ably presided over by W. T. Drew, to who is skill and good judgment many economical changes have been mad se

The interior of the dome has been whitened and a system of visite fo tion by “permits” placed in operation which renders a visit thered on free from the annoyances that formerly attended it. For faithi ang attention to the business of his department, and a watchful care the State's interests, I am greatly indebted to E. L. Craft, Stalci Janitor.


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The law relative to returns of elections needs amendment. Pi Secretary of State is the officer designated by law to canvass election returns, but in every instance during my incuinbency N that office, when called upon to perform that duty, I have been con pelled by the delay in forwarding returns and by negligence Ni making them out properly, to be at considerable expense to recti errors and omissions. I would earnestly recommend that the N be so amended, that if the returns be not received at this office with ten days after the canvass thereof by the County Boards, that Secretary of State be authorized and empowered, if in his judgme To he deem it necessary, to send a special messenger to the couni Di failing to make returns within said time, and that the expert Bu thereof be made a charge against the delinquent county.

The failure to make returns within proper time is not an isolat case, but is of usual occurrence within the knowledge of every in vidual who in the past has occupied this office.

The Secretary of State should by law be compelled to ofm the returns when received, and if invalid for want of form, pro as certificate, or omission, he should immediately take measures to be the same corrected. I deem legislative action upon this subjec Sta the very highest importance, for we cannot foresee what the prex laxity of our laws may lead to in the future.


I again urge upon the Legislature the necessity of an elevator, reproduce the suggestions offered in my former report:

I recommend an appropriation for the purpose of placing an elevator in the State cu building. It would be a very great convenience, not alone to the oficers connected will Ar building, but to the public having business with any of the departments located on the floors. It would enable those baving charge of the building to more completely contra visitations to the dome, for the elevator would land them in the attic, and all other mee A1 ingress thereto could be closed. During the sessions of the Legislature, the committees 41 need of more rooms for the transaction of their business than the building now afforda elevator was placed therein, several committee rooms could be constructed on the fourth Business would thereby be facilitated, and comfort assured. The construction of an elever the building would not in any way interfere with the structure.



When I assumed the duties of my office, I was aware that at our several elections, variety in color and texture of tickets was used, thereby defeating the purposes of a secret ballot. My determination was to change the color of ballot paper used so that none but the Secretary of State would supply the demand and thereby perfect the uniformity and secrecy of the ballots. I estimated that to supply a general election wholly from this office, it would require over three Thousand reams of paper. I therefore contracted for three thousand seven hundred and twenty-four reams. The appropriation available for such purchase was inadequate, being only sufficient to purchase one thousand seven hundred and twenty-four reams. Therefore I agreed to pay the balance from the proceeds of sales. Notwithstanding the care and effort made, the paper was duplicated by San Francisco firms, and they generally supplied the demand. From my experience, I would recommend that no one but the Secretary of State be permitted to supply the demand for ballot paper, or that the color, weight, and texture be fixed by law, so that uniformity may

3,724 1,963


Number of reams purchased

Number of reams sold.. ON

Number of reams on hand.-zi

Number of reams purchased from appropriation.

Number of reams purchased from sales. th

1,724 2,000


STATE GEOLOGICAL SURVEY. ne Total number of volumes.. nt Distributed upon orders from the Executive Department ser

Balance on hand

63 50




I have supplied, in accordance with law, to the State officers, members of the Legislature, and others entitled thereto, stationery ropas follows: he

Stationery Supplied. ed State Officers..

$9,959 33 Members of the Senate, Officers, and Committees Members of the Assembly, Officers, and Committees ..

3,474 35

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2,509 73

$15,943 41

Postage and Expressage Fund. Appropriation, thirty-second fiscal year.

Appropriation, thirty-third fiscal year.I,

$1,500 00 1,500 00

$3,000 00

$495 57 1,051 10 1,414 06

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Amount paid for telegraphing---
Amount paid for postage stamps.
Amount paid for expressage.-

Stationery, Lights, Fuel, etc., Fund.
Appropriation thirty-second fiscal year-
vesi Appropriation thirty-third fiscal year.---

$3,000 00

$12,000 00 12,500 00

$24,500 00

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