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The Relation of the Motor Endings on the Muscle of the Frog

to Neighboring Structures. By JOHN GORDON WILSON,
M.A., M.B.(Edin.) From the Hull Anatomical Labora-

tory of the University of Chicago. With Plates I and II. Space Perception of Tortoises. By ROBERT M. YERKES. From the Harvard Psychological Laboratory.

17 A Note on the Significance of the Form and Contents of the

Nucleus in the Spinal Ganglion cells of the Foetal Rat.
By SHINKISHI HATAI. From the Neurological Laboratory

of the University of Chicago. With Plates III and IV. 27 An Establishment of Association in Hermit Crabs, Eupagurus

longicarpus. By E. G. SPAULDING, Ph.D. (Bonn). Col.
lege of the City of New York.

49 Editorial.


The Mid-Winter Meetings.



Literary Notices.

Animal Education, 70—Metaphysics in Comparative Psychology, 72— Claparède on Animal Consciousness, 74—The Measurement of Mental Traits, 76Are Sounds, Made in the Air, Audible in the Water ? 80–Edinger and Wallenberg's Bericht, 81–Substitution of Function after Nerve Anastomosis, 81– The Cerebral Commissures Again, 81-The Homologies of the Cerebellar Fissures, 82-Mendel and Jacobsohn's Jahresbericht, 83-Allis on the Anatomy of the Mackerel, 83.

THE JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE NEUROLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY is published bi-monthly. The annual volume of six numbers comprises about 500 pages, with plates and text-figures. The subscription price is $4.00 a year, strictly net (foreign subscription, $4.30, 18 s., M. 18, 22 fr., L. 22), postage prepaid.

Authors receive 50 reprints of their papers gratis and additional copies are supplied at cost. All MSS. and matter for review relating to the Structure of the Nervous System and all business correspondence should be addressed to the MANAGING EDITOR AT DENISON UNIVERSITY, GRANVILLE, Ohio. Editorial Matter relating to Comparative Psychology and the Physiology of the Nervous System should be sent directly to Dr. ROBERT M. YERKES, PsychoLOGICAL LABORATORY, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, CAMBRIDGE, MASS.

Application filed for entry as second-class matter in the Postoffice at Granville, O.

The Journal of Comparative

Neurology and Psychology

(Continuing the Journal of Comparative Neurology.)


C. L. HERRICK, Socorro, New Mexico.
Denison University

Harvard University


Columbia University

University of Pennsylvania


J. MARK BALDWIN, Johns Hopkins University, FRANK W. BANCROFT, University of California LEWELLYS

F, BARKER, University of Chicago H. HEATH BAW DEN, Vassar College ALBRECHT BETHE, University of Strassburg G. E. COGHILL, Pacific University, FRANK J. COLE, University of Liverpool H. E. CRAMPTON, Columbia University C. B. DAVENPORT, University of Chicago, WM, HARPER DAVIS, Columbia University HENRY R. DONALDSON, University of Chicago LUDWIG EDINGER, Frankfurt a-M. S. I. FRANZ, Dartmouth College A. VAN GEHUCHTEN, University of Louvain R. G. HARRISON, Johns Hopkins University C. F. HODGE, Clark University S. J. HOLMES, University of Michigan EDWIN B. HOLT, Harvard University G. CARL HUBER, University of Michigan JOSEPH JASTROW, University of Wisconsin J. B. JOHNSTON, West Virginia University

B. F. KINGSBURY, Cornell University
FREDERIC S. LEE, Columbia University
JACQUES LOEB, University of California
ADOLF MEYER, N. Y. State Pathological Inst.
THOS. H. MONTGOMERY, Jr., Univ. of Texas
WESLEY MILLS, McGill University

MORGAN, University College, Bristol
T. H. MORGAN, Bryn Mawr College
A. D. MORRILL, Hamilton College
HUGO MUENSTERBERG, Harvard University
W. A. NAGEL, University of Berlin
G. H. PARKER, Harvard University
STEWART PATON, Jobns Hopkins University
RAYMOND PEARL, University of Michigan
C. W. PRENTISS, Western Reserve

University C. S. SHERRINGTON, University of Liverpool G. ELLIOT EMITH, Gov't. Medical School, Cairo EDWARD L. THORNDIK E, Columbia University JOHN B. WATSON, University of Chicago W. M. WHEELER,'Am. Museum of Nat. History C. 0. WHITMAN, University of Chicago

Published bi-monthly

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