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No more than five minutes' time is required to declaim any piece in this book; and as five minutes is the allotted time, nowadays, in the schools and colleges, and at the prize declamations, this is a strong reason why this book should meet with favor from the declaimers of America.

But there is a stronger reason. Declamations, that is, extracts from orations, speeches, sermons, make up nine tenths of the pieces spoken. This book is, therefore, all declamations. In yrtier that a speaker may declaim well, a piece must have feeling, passion, "fire" in it. Each selection in this book has been subjected to the test of reading aloud, and iš-a declamation in the proper sense of that term. In this litcle book of one hundred selections will be founi a greater nuraber of desirable pieces than in any speakers published. This is another reason why it should meet with favor.

It is not claimed that the selections are all new, but that all the selections, new and old, are made available by judicious cutting down, and there are no dead pieces in the book.

A book of five-minute recitations is in preparation, and also another hundred of declamations, which if demanded will be published in due time.

18 BOYLSTON STREET, Boston, Sept. 10, 1885.

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