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not more so, than these general maps of the surface or soil formations have proven to be and there can be no doubt that public expenditures for them are more than justified by the results that follow. This is proven by the results in the state so far as we have gone and is evidenced by the rate at which the work is going forward in all parts of the country and in some states in particular. Now the point which I would make is that Michigan can well afford to take much fuller advantage of the liberal offer of cooperation which is made by the Federal government and appropriate much more liberally for this purpose than heretofore.

WHAT IS THE COST OF TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS? The cost of topographic maps varies with the character of the country. An open country well dissected by roads is mapped with less cost per square mile than a wooded or undeveloped country. The cost of the work in the Southern Peninsula has been approximately $10.00 per square mile or 1/2 cents per acre. In the nine years that the work has been carried on the state has spent $17,800 and the Federal government approximately the same amount. Thus an approximate total of $35,600.00 has been sufficient for the mapping of 3,530 square miles and in addition control lines have been run for a considerable number of quadrangles which have not been mapped. It it probable that the cost would be materially reduced were the operations conducted on a larger scale.


TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS? Informal requests for topographic maps are being received from almost everywhere in the state,--particularly from the more undeveloped parts of the state. Occasionally such requests are presented as formal petitions.... There has been received from the Adjutant General a request for a topographic map of the proposed new military reservation in Crawford county and from the Public Domain Commission a request for topographic maps of the Houghton Lake and Higgins Lake State Forests.

PLANS FOR TOPOGRAPHIC MAPPING. It has been pointed out that the appropriations granted heretofore for co-operative topographic mapping in Michagan are so small that reasonable progress towards completion of a map of the state can not be made thereunder. The Federal government offers to co-operate with Michigan in this work up to any amount not to exceed twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) per annum. Provision has been made in the budget submitted for an acceptance of this co-operation to the extent of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) per annum. With an annual expenditure of $15,000 by the state progress could be inade at the rate of 2,500 to 3,000 square miles or from 7

to 1o quadrangles per annum. Mapping of the state forests and the military reservation on a special large scale and ten foot vertical interval should be undertaken at once. The order of survey of the various quadrangles should be left to the discretion of the Board of Geological Survey to be governed by the relative urgency of the need of such work in the various parts of the state.


April 4, 1912-1913.

Meeting called to order by President H. N. Chute. Report of Secretary read and approved. Report of Secretary-Treasurer and of Auditing Committee read and both accepted. Report of Legislative Committee read, accepted, and the Committee continued. Recommendation of Educational Committee that "Educational advantages should be offered to children of school age, who may be in attendance at the hospitals in connection with the University of Michigan, either as state cases or as private patients, and suggesting that the law of the State be amended so as to make the same possible” was endorsed.

Report of nominating committee was accepted and the persons therein named were declared elected to their respective offices.

Committee on Nominations.
Chairman-W. B. Arbaugh, Ypsilanti.
At Large-E. N. Worth, Kalamazoo, and L. P. Jocelyn, Ann Arbor.
Classical Conference -A. B. Crittenden, University.
Modern Language Conference-R. C. Ford. Normal College.
English Conference-B. F. Comfort Detroit Cass.
History Conference-W. B. Sloan, Bay City.
Physics and Chemistry Conference-R. H. Struble, Detroit Eastern.
Mathematics Conference-Miss M. S. Gerls, Detroit Central.
Biology Conference-LeRoy Harvey, Western Normal.
Commercial Conference--W. A. Morse, Detroit Western.
Physiology Conference--J. D. Scott, University.
Drawing Conference-G. J. Bennett, Muskegon.
Manual Training Conference-J. B. Davis, Grand Rapids.
Educational Psychology Conference-C. G. Wade, Flint.

Auditing Committee.
A. G. Hall, University, and E. E. Gallup, Adrian.

Committee on Legislation.
D. W. Springer, Ann Arbor; E. A. Lyman, Normal College; C. F. Adams,

Detroit Central; J. B. Edmundson, Jackson; W. G. Coburn, Battle


March 4 Balance as per last report, commercial Dept.

Balance as per last report, savings Dept.
March 22 Deposit
March 28

$ 190 08

27 74 39 00 225 00

March 30

328 70

61 30

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3 00


61 00


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March 14 March 29 March 29

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March 13 Check No 220 H. G. Prettyman, Postage.

221 E. E. Calkins, postage
222 J. R. Thomas, doorkeeper

223 O. B. Thiel, doorkeeper March 30

224 Adah Baer, clerk ... Apr.

225 L. P. Jocelyn, salary Apr.

226 Nellie Easton, clerk Apr.

227 E. S. Loomis, Math. Conference Apr.

228 J. A. Muma, doorkeeper Apr.

229 W. S. Lezapski, doorkeeper Apr. 9

330 American Express Co. Apr.

331 H. G. Prettyman, postage Apr. 16

332 The Times News Co. Ads Apr. 17

333 C. J. Keyser, address Apr. 17

334 David Felmley, Address Apr. 20

335 William Hollands, doorkeeper Apr. 29

336 Roger Thomas, delivery Apr. 30

337 E. E. Calkins, postage May 9

338 E. E. Calkins, postage

339 Clerical force for year May

340 S. W. Millard, badges, etc. June

341 Ann Arbor Press June 6

342 E. E. Calkins, postage July 15

343 Clara Inglis, list of rooms July 15

344 Geo. Wahr, cards July 16

345 E. E. Calkins, postage

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April 4, 1913 We, the undersigned, have examined the Financial Report of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Michigan Schoolmasters' Club, and find the same to be correct.

Auditing Committee.


E. E. GALLUP Report of Nominating Committee.

Officers of the Club for 1913-14. President-J. M. Frost, Muskegon. Vice-President-Miss Gertrude Breed, Ann Arbor. Secretary-Treasurer-L. P. Jocelyn, Ann Arbor. Classical Conference--Chairman, Campbell Bonner, University ; Secretary,

Anna S. Jones, Grand Rapids. Modern Language Conference-Chairman, J. H. Bacon, Kalamazoo; Sec

retary, Miss Anna Barnard, Central Normal. Physics and Chemistry Conference-Chairman, F. S. Kedzie, M. A. C.;

Vice-Chairman, D. L. Rich, University ; Secretary, C. W. Greene,

Albion College. English Conference-Chairman, J. R. Brumm, University ; Vice-Chairman,

C. L. Spain, Detroit; Secretary, Edith W. Shaw, Ann Arbor. History Conference-Chairman, W. A. Frayer, University ; Secretary, Bes

sie L. Priddy, Adrain. Mathematics Conference-Chairman, Albertus Darnell, Detroit ; Secretary,

W. H. Pearce, Normal College. Biology Conference-Chairman, LeRoy Harvey, Western Normal ; Secre

tary, Helen B. King, Saginaw. Commercial Conference-Chairman, David Friday, University;


Physiography Conference-Chairman, Frank Leverett, University;

Secretary, C. B. Bowerman, Detroit.
Draiwng Conference-Chairman,

Secretary, Kate B. Conover, Detroit.
Manual Training Conference-Chairman, J. H. Trybon, Detroit ;

Educational Psychology Conference-Chairman, H. C. Lott, Normal Col-

lege; Secretary, G. B. Randells, Alma College.


At its meeting last year, the Michigan School masters Club authorized the appointment of a Committee on legislation to co-operate with similar committees from other educational organizations. Two of our number were members of other committees and, being the last committee in the field, we awaited suggestions from the other committees as to ways in which we could be of service. As these did not come, we have done a little work on our own hook, acting however, largely as individuals rather than as a committee. Each of the members has spent at least one day at Lansing, and some of them many days, advising the various legislators that the Uniform Textbook Bill was not a panacea for educational ills. Three of the members of the committee have done considerable work in behalf of the teacher's retirement fund. Recently, there has come to the notice of the chairman of your committee the fact that there are annually in attendance in the hospitals connected with the University of Michigan over two hundred crippled children, who are of school age. These children are in the hospital for varying lengths of time, the average being about six weeks. About half of these children are here at state expense, under Act No. 42, of the public acts of Michigan, 1897. During the time children are at the hospital, they are in such physical condition that from one-half to threequarters of their stay they could attend to school matters if educational advantages were offered them. Many of these children are already in the public schools of the state and the time when they are in the hospital represents a period of absence from school and a consequent loss of school training. With a slightly added expense, educational advantages might be offered them, and I suggest that it would be within the province of the Schoolmsters' Club to pass a resolution endorsing the general principle that educational advantages should be offered to children of school age, who may be in attendance upon the hospitals, either as state cases or as private patients, and suggesting that the law be amended to make the same possible.

D. W. SPRINGER, The meeting adjourned.

Chairman. Louis P. JOCELYN, Secretary.

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