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Mathematical Conference-E. E. Gallup, Adrian.
Biological Conference—W. E. Praeger, Kalamazoo College.
Commercial Conference-P. R. Cleary, Ypsilanti.
Physiography Conference-Helen Martin, Battle Creek.
Drawing Conference-Alice V. Guysi, Detroit.
Manual Training Conference-E. C. Warriner, Saginaw.
Educational Psychology Conference-L. H. Jones,, Normal College.

Auditing Committee.
O. V. Adams, Ann Arbor, and Gertrude T. Breed, Ann Arbor.

Committee on Legislation. D. W. Springer, Ann Arbor; E. A. Lyman, Normal College; C. F. Adams,

Detroit Central ; J. B. Edmonson, Jackson; W. G. Coburn, Battle Creek.


March 24 Balance as per last report, commercial Dept.


44.II March 24 Balance as per last report, savings Dept.

23.41 Apr. 3 Deposit dues

200.00 Apr. 4

277.00 Apr. 5

30.00 Apr. IO

46.00 May 3

20.00 May 3 sales of Journal

70.00 May 17 dues

29.00 May 17 advertisements

20.00 May 21 sales of Journal

50.00 May 21 dues

1.00 June I interest

.34 July 29 dues

13.00 Oct. 14 advertisements

10.00 Dec. interest

.34 1914 Jan. 31 advertisement

4.00 Total receipts



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1913. April 2 April 4 April 4 April 5 April 7 April 7 April 7 April 7 April 10 April 15 April 15 April 15 April 15 April 15

Check No. 254 Paul Color, delivery

255 Dayton C. Miller, address
256 J. G. Coulter, address
257 L. P. Jocelyn, salary
258 M. A. Bigelow, address
259 S. W. Millard, badges, etc.
260 N. H. Williams, miscellaneous expense
261 Ann Arbor Press, printing
262 Mack & Co., postal cards
263 Guss Ritz, lantern
264 G. W. Baxter, doorkeeper
265 John Maulbetsch, doorkeeper
266 J. R. Simpson, doorkeeper
267 E. L. Fogelsonger, doorkeeper

1.20 16.00 25.00 200.00 50.00 17.00

2.10 108.81

.50 2.00 1.13 1.00

.75 1.05


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Balance, March 7

57.69 Bal. in Sav. Dept., Dec. 1, 1913

24.09 Bal. in Commercial Dept. March 7, 1914

.$ 33.60 Report of Auditing Committee. We, the undersigned, have examined the Financial Report of the Secretary-Treasurer of the Michigan Schoolmasters' Club, and find the same to be correct.


Auditing Committee.

Report of Nominating Committee.

Officers for the year 1914-1915.
President-D. B. Waldo, Western Normal School.
Vice-President-Clara J. Allison, Owosso.
Secretary-Treasurer—I.ouis P. Jocelyn, Ann Arbor.
Classical Conference-Chairman, Benj. L. D'Ooge, Normal College; Vice-

Chairman, J. G. Winter, University ; Secretary, Anna S. Jones, Grand
Rapids; Member of Executive Committee, Florence M. Barnard, Sag-

inaw. Modern Language Conference-Chairman, J. R. Effinger, University; Sec

retary, Emilie A. Flinterman, Detroit. English Conference-Chairman, W. R. Stocking, Jr., Detroit; Secretary,

Edith W. Shaw, Ann Arbor. History Conference-Chairman, Mildred Hinsdale, Grand Rapids; Secre

tary, Bessie L. Priddy, Adrian. Physics and Chemistry Conference-Chairman, D. L. Rich, University;

Vice-Chairman, J. W. Matthews, Detroit Western ; Secretary, B. W.
Peet, Normal College.

Mathematical Conference-Chairman, L. C. Karpinski, University ; Secre

tary, E. F. Gee, Detroit Central. Biological Conference-Chairman, LeRoy H. Harvey, Western Normal;

Secretary, Helen B. King. Commercial Conference Chairman, C. B. Bowerman, Detroit. Physiography Conference-Chairman, E. C. Case, University ; Secretary,

Helen M. Martin. Drawing Conference-Chairman, H. M. Kurtzworth, Muskegon; Secretary,

Charlotte W. Calkins, Grand Rapids. Manual Training Conference-Chairman, J. H. Trybon, Detroit; Secretary,

R. F. Kepler, Detroit Cass. Educational Psychology-Chairman, C. S. Berry, University ; Secretary, H.

C. Lott, Normal College. Principals' Association—Chairman, W. M. Aiken, Ann Arbor; Secretary,

D. G. Clancy, Hillsdale.

(Admission to all meetings of the Club by badge.)

Wednesday Afternoon, April 1

4:15 o'clock

BARBOUR GYMNASIUM 1. Young Ladies' Classes in Demonstration of Gymnastics. 2. Games.

Wednesday Evening, April 1

8:00 o'clock

Chairman-Professor W. W. Florer, University.

Celebration of Bismark's Anniversary.
(Compliments of the German Societies of Ann Arbor

and of the University.) I. Organ Selections,

Frank Taber, University School of Music. 2. German Songs, 2

University Quartette. 3. Ossian,

Harmonie Männerchoir, Ann Arbor. 4. Address of Welcome,

President H. B. Hutchins, University. 5. Erlkönig,

William Howland, University School of Music.

Accompaniment by Minnie Davis Sherrill, Detroit. 6. Address: The Economic Development of Germany Since


Consul General Alfred Geissler, Chicago, Ill. 7. Am Rhein,

Mrs. George A. Hastreiter, Ann Arbor. 8. Group of Songs,

Harmonie Männerchoir. 9. America,

Audience. (Free reserved seats for club members wearing their badges. Go to door V and take a seat in section V.)

Wednesday Evening, April 1

7:00 o'clock

ROOM B-8, HIGH SCHOOL Meeting of the of the Association of High School Principals. Chairman-Principal E. E. Gallup, Adrian. SecretaryI. An Informal Discussion of the Administrative Work of

High Schools. 2.

Business meeting.

Thursday Morning, April 2
(Admission by badge)

10:00 o'clock

UNIVERSITY HALL President-Superintendent J. M. Frost, Muskegon. Secretary-Mr. L. P. Jocelyn, Ann Arbor. 1. Appointment of Committees. 2. The University in Its Relation to Public Utilities,

Professor Mortimer E. Cooley, Dean of the Department

of Engineering, University of Michigan. 3. Commercial Education and Public School Ideals,

Honorable Woodbridge N. Ferris, Governor of the State

of Michigan. 4. The School of Commerce and University Ideals,

Professor Herbert J. Davenport, Head of Department of Political Economy, University of Missouri. Thursday and Friday, April 2-3

NEWBERRY HALL Women members of the club who wish to lunch together will be accommodated. No reservations necessary.

Thursday Afternoon, April 2

4:15 o'clock

HILL AUDITORIUM University Glee and Mandolin Club Concert. Repertoire same as prepared for Pacific Coast trip. Admission, 15 cents.

Thursday Afternoon, April 2

5:00 o'clock

Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Association.
Chairman-Principal W. A. Morse, Detroit.
Secretary-E. J. Shassberger, Lansing.
I. General Discussion of Interscholastic Athletics.
Business meeting.

4:00 o'clock

SARAH CASWELL ANGELL HALL 1. Junior Girls' Play. (Admission 25 cents.)

Stereopticon views of the plans of the new Women's Dorinitory, the gift of a New York Alumnus.

6:00 o'clock

BARBOUR GYMNASIUM 3. Alumnæ Banquet.

Miss Florence B. Barnard, Toastmistress.
Speakers: President Emeritus James B. Angell, University;

President Harry B. Hutchins, University; and others.


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