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Consequently I sent you the following telegram to confirm the engagement made by Mr. Cromwell:

In accordance with instructions from you through Cromwell, will remain in New York to meet you Sunday at such time and place as you desire.

I await your pleasure, as it may be expressed either direct or through Mr. Cromwell, as to time and place of meeting.

I am stopping at the Hotel Marie Antoinette, where I can be reached at any time. Very truly, yours,


Chief Engineer.


New York, June 26, 1905. The PRESIDENT,

White House, Washington, D. C.

(Through the Secretary of War.) Sır: I have the honor to hereby respectfully tender my resignation as member of the Isthmian Canal Commission, to take effect at such time as may suit your pleasure and convenience. Very respectfully,

JOHN F. WALLACE, Member Isthmian Canal Commission.

[Personal and confidential.]

New York, June 26, 1905. ,
Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission,

New York City. MY DEAR MR. SHONTS: I have had confidential advices that the Chicago Record-Herald intends to publish an article to-morrow morning stating that the President had found things unsatisfactory on the Isthmus and had requested my resignation.

I of course can not feel but that this is being done to injure me and is being instigated by some one.

If you can bring any influence to bear in any direction to prevent an act which will lead to results that no one can foresee, and which will be deplorable to our mutual friends connected with the Administration, you will certainly be doing a wise act and a kind deed if you can head it off.

While I desire to leave matters in the most satisfactory shape for yourself and the Administration, I of course can not let any statement of this character go unchallenged, and I think that all our friends connected with the canal work will realize that no good and much injury will be done the cause by an article of this nature. It can certainly benefit no one.

Confidentially I desire to tell you that I sent my formal resignation from all the positions I hold in connection with the work to-day, and that I have absolutely refrained from any statements to the press, as

I thought that anything that should go to the press should be after mutual agreement and consideration among those interested.

A little prudence at this time upon the part of all of us may prevent a most unpleasant situation. Very truly, yours,

J. F. W.

NEW YORK, June 27, 1905. Mr. John F. WALLACE, New York.

MY DEAR Mr. WALLACE: I acknowledge your two favors of yesterday, one of which I received yesterday afternoon and the other this morning

When I reached New York Sunday morning, I went as usual to my brother-in-law's apartments at the Waldorf, and while there received word from Secretary Taft to call upon him at the Manhattan.

I immediately went there; saw Secretary Taft and Mr. Cromwell; was told of their conference with you and its results. As the Secretary had other parties with him and was taking the 1 o'clock train, I, at his request, accompanied him part of the way that he might inform me of his views upon the situation thus created.

I can not tell you how distressed and surprised I was at this turn of affairs.

I need not say that I most fully reciprocate your expressions of cordiality and good will, and the only consolation in the severance of our official relations is the fact to which you so kindly allude-our personal friendship and the complete harmony of our cooperation in the work up to this point.

As you say, the subject is relieved entirely of the personal element, there being not the least friction between the members of the Commission, but I would not be just to myself (especially as I was influenced in accepting the chairmanship by the assurance that you would discharge the important duties of constructive engineer) if I did not say that I can hardly agree that you had the right to make other engagements before we had carried out the programme agreed upon and which you so heartily approved of. With regards, I am, sincerely yours,


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