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Crocus 3.—Burning in stomach; indigestion for years, with pain and stitches in stomach. Several cases cured with Crocus. (Dr. F. P. Sheldon.)

Crot. Tig.-Rhus poisoning. (Dr. S. H. Hathaway.)

Cupr. Met.-Severe after-pains in women who have borne many children. Cupr. acet. acts equally well, and with both this symptom has often been relieved. (Dr. M. D. Cannon.)

Dioscor 2 to 3x. —Spasmodic colic, comes suddenly and leaves suddenly. (Dr. F. M. Bishop.) Immense accumulations of gas, especially when fatigued. Nervous dyspepsia. (Dr. E. Jarrett.)

Duboisia. —Sharp pain between the top of the eyeball and edge of orbit. (Dr. C. Deady.) Pain over the eye between it and the brow, with chronic congestion of the palpebral conjunctiva. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.)

Equiset. - Frequent painful micturition; pain agonizing; urination guttation. (Dr. H. S. Hathaway.)

Fe. Phos. 3—Acute earache. Seems of no value for furuncle of the ear. (Dr. W. S. Mills.)

Gels. —Headache, better by tying cloth about head. (Dr. J. W. Allen.) Acute coryza or rhinitis where there is violent sneezing or burning sensation and dryness, profuse excoriating discharge and a general chilliness, especially felt in the spine. (Dr. H. G. Keith.)

Graph. —Facial erysipelas. Especially good in cases where the eyes are closed by the swelling. Improvement can be seen in 24 hours. (Dr. W. S. Mills.) Conjunctivitis or keratitis with inflammatory redness and thickening of the margins of the lids (may be pustules), associated with which there is the formation of thick brownish crusts in the nostrils, situated on an inflamed and fissured base. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.) Moist eczema behind ear; skin cracked and oozing free watery discharge. (Dr. J. W. Allen.)

Helonias. -Dysmenorrhea in young girls, associated with anterior displacements. (Dr. E. Jarrett.) Prolapsus uteri, with burning aching in sacral region. (Dr. L. M. Stanton.)

Hepars. - Affections of the eye or ear with great sensitiveness of the parts to. touch which seems to be out of all proportion to local manifestations of the severity of the trouble. Extremely sensitive to cold; amelioration from warmth. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.)

Ignatia. —Desire to scream out whenever anyone speaks to her. (Dr. J. W. Allen.) Lump in throat, worse on swallowing; very nervous. (Dr. J. W. Allen.)

Iris. 1—Supra-orbital neuralgia. (Dr. M. T. Hall.)

Ipec.3x_In frequent doses for nausca. (Dr. H. E. Russell.)

Jaborandi.-Sensation as if the pupil were tightly contracted. (Dr. C. Deady.)

Kali Carb.—Post nasal dropping of mucus, difficult to expel at times (K. rid) and sometimes thick and easily dislodged after eating. (Dr. I. Townsend.) Dry cough with tickling and dryness in the pharynx especially in the P. M. and at night. Expectoration scanty and tenacious, but increasing in A. M., and after eating (Dr. I. Townsend.) Sharp pains in chest from coughing. (Dr. I. Townsend.) Severe backache during pregnancy. (Dr. L. M. Stanton.)

Kali Rid. --Affections of the eye accompanied by sharp pain extending down the side of the nose. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.) In the lx given to a middle-aged man, who has had at intervals since childhood caries of various long bones, it has held stationary, for four years, cataracts in either eye, which prior to the giving of this remedy had steadily advanced. (Dr. G. DeW. Hallett.)

Kino 2x.-Offensive dark discharge from right ear following inflammation. (Dr. F. M. Bishop.)

Lach. — Sensation as if the eyes were drawn together by cords which were tied in a knot at the rest of the nose. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.) • In ovaritis when the pains were very severe and shooting from the left side of the abdomen over to the right. (Dr. H. G. Keith.) 39x Patient feels very despondent after awaking from sleep. (Dr. F. M. Bishop.)

Lycop. —Tonsilitis, beginning on the right side; aggravation from 4 to 5 P. M.; tem. high. (Dr. J. B. Garrison.) Tympanitis, with burning in the stomach, frequently attended by yellow sand-like deposits in the urine. (Dr. J. M. Lee.) A tingling feeling all over the body, as if parts were asleep, with a sensation of humming, or vibration in bowels, from pity removed by Tzc. 6x Patient calls his condition the “quivers” and believes it to be due to an acid condition of the blood because old school treatment he was relieved after taking acetate of potash. (Dr. G. W. McDowell). Constipation. Cannot eat, a few mouthfuls fill him up. He feels hungry soon after eating. (Dr. F. M. Bishop.) Urine thick dark red sediment. (Dr. J. W. Allen.) Red sand in urine, urine scanty; excessive flatus; always feels full. (Dr. J. W. Le Seur.)

Merc. Bin.-Phlyctenular ophthalmin; right side much injected tongue coated; teeth decayed. (Dr. J. W. Allen.)

Merc. Corr.-In solution 1-1000 hypodermically injected under the conjunctiva in cases of choroiditis with progressive myopia, I


have observed it to immediately stop the severe aching pain behind the cyeball, which was present in these cases. (Dr. G. DeW. Hallett.)

Merc. Prof. —Aching in gums, and the teeth feel long; tonsils sore, worse on left side. (Dr. J. W. Allen.)

Mezereum.-Suppuration of the attic of the tympanum, with the promotion of hard, dry, dark-brown crusts which are difficult to remove, and disclose an ulcerated surface bathed in pus. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.) Eczema, especially of head and face; scabs thick, with itching, worse at night. (Dr. E. Jarrett.)

Nat. Mur.-Anemia; face as white as chalk; violent thirst; great craving for salt, eats it in lumps; palpitation, especially on going upstairs. (Dr. L. M. Stanton.) 30x Night sweats of phthisis. (Dr. F. M. Bishop.)

Nitric A id.—Accumulation of thick tenacious mucus back of palate; aggravation in the morning. (Dr. J. W. Dowling.)

Nux Vom. 3x—This drug continued for months will often cure those chronic headaches which are so rarely cured, caused by long indulgence in a badly selected diet-poorly cooked. Patient awakes in the A. M. with certain feeling, which is a precursor of oncoming headache; complains of biliousness, las bitter taste in mouth, head throbs; vomits at its climax, and after a night's rest feels buoyant all next day, only to have a repetition of headache soon again. I keep my patients of this type on the drug for over a year, taking it hourly and seldom does the drug fail. (Dr. M. D. Cannon.) 1x Dry coryza, with heavy dull feeling in head. (Dr. C. E. Birch.) Coryza, with sensation of rawness and smarting in pharynx, extending up into nose. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.) Lack of ambition although not especially tired; no appetite; little constipation. (Dr. J. W. Allen.) Pain in back; dull pain better by covering up warmly. (Dr. E. S. Munson.)

Phos. Ac.—Inability to collect thoughts or do mental work. (Dr. J. W. Allen.)

Phos. -Cough dry and tight, with much oppression of the chest. (Dr. M. T. Hall.) Weight on and oppression of chest. (Dr. J. W. Allen.) Hemorrhage from the kidneys, caused by worry and sexual abuse. (Dr. F. M. Bishop.)

Phyto.-Glands of throat swollen, hot and covered with false membrane; fetid breath, great prostration. (Dr. J. W. Le Seur.) Pain from the throat to ear, worse on swallowing. (Dr. J. W. Allen.) 1 for swollen and inflamed tonsils. Side affected immaterial. (Dr. W. S. Mills.) Follicular pharyngitis; severe aching in occiput, neck and small of back; throat burns and feels enlarged; worse on right side. (Dr. L. M. Stanton.)

Podo. —Stool clay colored and chalk-like. (Dr. M. J. Hall.)

Polypodium Vulg. —Hemorrhoids. C'se decoction of root and leaves. (Dr. F. M. Bishop.)

Psorin.-Mental depression; debility; bad odor to excretions and secretions; inclined to diarrhea. (Dr. E. Talcott.)

Puls.-Large phlyctenuleas of the cornea or conjunctiva, single or few in number, situated on or near the conjunctival timbus; syniptoms ameliorated in the open air. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.) In tootliache or ulcerated tooth, where the sharp shooting "jerking" pains are temporarily relieved by a mouthful of cold water. (Dr. H. G. Keith.) Heavy weight in epigastrium half an hour after eating, worse from pie, cake, coffee, etc. (Dr. J. W. Allen.) For catarrhal diarrhea, either alone or as a complication; the character of the stools, the cause of the diarrhea, or other co-existing symptoms make little difference. One to three doses at half hour intervals usually cure. (Dr. W. S. Mills.) Drawing pain in right hip, extending through from front to back; better during meistruation. (Dr. J. W. Allen.) Rheumatism, better by putting feet in cold water (Ledum). (Dr. J. A. Stewart.)

Rhust. -In affections of the eye in which the lids are closed, either spasmodically or by swelling, their separation is followed by a profuse gush of hot tears. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.) 3 For loss of appe. tite with bad taste in mouth. After taking the drug, it causes hunger, with relish for food, and they look forward to meal times with pleasure. (Dr. F. P. Sheldon.) Eczema; raw; thick crusts; oozing; especially in hairy parts. (Dr. E. S. Munson.)

Robinia. Everything, even the simplest of foods, turns sour aiter eating. Burning pain in the stomach soon after eating, with eructations of intensely acid fluid which sets the teeth on edge and scalds the throat. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.)

Rumex. -Cough aggravated by changes of temperature; ameliorated especially by covering the head with the bed-clothes. (Dr. J. B. Garrison.)

Sang.–Nausea of pregnancy, with history of sick headaches. (Dr. E. Talcott.)

Sarsapar. Ix-Canker, sore mouth, tongue and throat, fetid breath, cold hands and feet. (Dr. F. P. Sheldon.)

Sepia. -Cough, worse morning and evening: better after a litt!:2 mucus is loosened; expectoration, green. (Dr. L. II. Stanton.) Headache on top of head, hurts to brush the hair. (Dr. H. S. Hathaway.)


Spigel.-Neuralgia of the supra-orbital nerve. (Dr. H. S. Hathaway.) Pains seem to radiate from one point in the eye. (Dr. F. G. Ritchie.) 3x_Sharp pain in cardiac region, extending into left arm, with rapid heart action, or palpitation, or intermittent pulse; rapiil breathing, with slight dry cough. (Dr. W. W. Reynolds.)

Slan. -Toothache; pain increases gradually to a climax and then gradually decreases. (Dr. L. M. Stanton.)

Sulph. 3x-30x—Morning diarrhea drives the patient out of bed in the early morning. (Dr. F. M. Bishop.)

Uranium Nit. — In cases of great nervous prostration from slight causes, shopping, social entertainments, with late hours at night, etc., especially in young women when the specific gravity of the urine is high, with or without sugar, has given me marked results many times. (Dr. M. D. Cannon.)

Verat. A.2x_Pain under lower end of sternum, sometimes with belching. (After exposure to cold or not.) Dyspepsia. (Dr. W. W. Reynolds.)

Verat. Vir.-High temperature, 104 or over, with full pulse (when not caused by malarial or typhoid conditions). Drop doses of the tincture. (Dr. H. E. Russell).




Brooklyn, N. Y.


Y object in occupying a few minutes of your time this evening

is to tell of the happy results following the use of Dr. A. J. C. Skene's electric hemostat in vaginal hysterectomy.

Since 1895, acting upon the suggestion of Dr. O. G. Cranston, of Paola, Kansas, as stated in a communication to “The Annals of Gynæcology and Pediatry," it has been my endeavor in vaginal hysterectomy to avoid the use of ligatures and sutures. Two secondary hemorrhages (fortunately easily controlled in each instance) caused me to welcome the invention of Dr. Skene, which enables one to do the extirpation rapidly and with no possibility, as evidenced in

* Read before the Homæopathic Medical Society of the County of Kings.

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