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ample, if there be a disposition to scepticism, the position of these priests—and it is a posior to some course of action whose unlawful- tion to which they not unfrequently have the ness is not so clearly defined that all who will parallel-and can they display the like conmay decide it for themselves—there is good stancy and perseverance? The position is ground for hope that we may win over the this: A man has been praying for assistance man, convince him of error, and lead him from God: he has received no answer to his to amendment. But the dispiriting thing is, prayer, but, on the contrary, seems unheard when we know and feel that there is no place and deserted; and precisely at this moment for argument, when we are sure that we can he is tauuted by a man of opposite principles, urge nothing whose justice will be disputed, who ridicules him for his belief, and appeals but that those to whom we speak are quite to his unsuccessful prayers as evidence that ready to concede that what we advance is his trust is wrong placed. We do not truth, and quite as ready to act as if they know that there could be a position in knew it to be falsehood. And this is the which ridicule could act at a greater adcase in regard of almost every practical reli- vantage. The circumstances are just those gious topic on which we can employ our which would be likely to engender suspicion, public discourses. There is, strictly speaking, and to incline a man to doubt whether no field for debate : there is no antagonist he had truth on his side. And there is no who will make any stand ; and on this very denying that, under such circumstances, saraccount it is that we have so little hope of casm would have extraordinary force, just success. Those with whom we wish to because it would be little more than his own grapple altogether evade us: they, most suspicion thrown into the most cutting form, literally, conquer by yielding: they confess and introduced where he is at all times most from the outset that we are right, but remain accessible and sensitive. If a man were to the close secretly determined to act as proof against ridicule in this case, there would though they had proved us to be wrong. It be very little likelihood of his being mastered is thus, in a very high degree, with refer- by it in any other. And, even in this case, a ence to ridicule. Make the thing a thing Christian ought to be proof against ridicule: of argument, bring reason to show the folly he has every thing to make him 'proof, seeing of being swayed by a laugh where eternal that the whole tenor, whether of scripture or interests are at stake, and you just appear as of experience, bears witness that it is to those if you brought an elaborate process of reason who " wait patiently upon the Lord” that ing to demonstrate the danger of casting there comes finally an answer of peace. But, one's self off a precipice, or the certainty if he want any thing to stimulate him, let him that, sooner or later, every one of us must pass in thought to the grand scene upon Cardie. The whole thing is a thing of feeling: mel. Shall the priests of Baal be less affected our laboured demonstration falls utterly by irony than the disciples of Christ? Shall powerless, because no demonstration was they, the ministers of an idol which cannot needed. The difficulty is, not to bring men to have given evidence of any power to protect its admit the truth of a principle, but to act on worshippers, persevere in their petitions when a principle whose truth theyadmit.

laughed at and scorned; and shall the serBut, if there be no room for a process of vanis of Jehovah be daunted, though every argument, there ought to be the more for day swells the proofs of his might and his strong and indignant rebuke. It is so faithfulness? The case of these priests of wretched a thing to see men quite aware that Baal was precisely that in which, as we have they have the right on their side, thoroughly said, ridicule would act with most force. persuaded that reason gives an unreserved And, nevertheless, they do not seem to have verdict in their favour, and nevertheless over- cared for the ridicule. The prophet taunted borne by the sneer of some bold caviller or them with the vanity of their worship, exactly thoughtless jester, whose intellect they pro- at the moment when that vanity was most bably hold cheap, and whose good opinion likely to be suspected by themselves; but they count nothing worth, that we really want yet, as though neither their belief nor their terms in which to express our sense of their courage were shaken, they only gave theminfatuation and their weakness. And we are selves with increased ardency to their supernow going to see whether we can shame you stitious practices. That the practices were into courage by the example of idolators. superstitious, and that the worship was false, It can never be said that the priests of Baal has nothing whatever to do with the example had better reasons for being staunch in their they furnish: it was an example of contempt adherence to their idol, than the servants of for contempt which cannot be too highly apGod for confidence in his power and protec- plauded, nor too closely imitated. Arid, if tion. But let Christians put themselves into they may be brought up as witnesses against us at the last if we shew deficiency in zeal, | And may not this be partially the case in with equal fitness may they undoubtedly be regard of the great matter of prayer? Is it not if we shew deficiency in courage. That it is notorious that many are disposed to question the hard to brave a laugh, this is not disputed : possible efficacy of importunate prayer, and that that there is a power in sarcasm which may they ground their objections on the confessed make days of outward peace days of actual attributes of God? “How can it be,” they will persecution, this is not disputed; but, when say, “seeing that prayer is addressed to an unthe difficulty is made an apology for defeat, changeable Being, to one whose purposes are and Christians would think it some excuse immutably fixed, that any good can result for being ashamed of their religion, for keep- from importunity? It is like supposing God ing it concealed, or even for giving up some a creature, variable as one of ourselves, to of its observances, that there is brought to bear suppose him capable of being acted on by our on them the battery of jest and contempt, ah, reiterated petitions, and so wearied into the let them not flatter themselves that their vin- doing or granting what he would not have dication will be accepted, so long as the priests done or granted had we been less importunate.” of Baal can be pointed at; who no sooner And those who urge this argument either do heard their idolatry despised and made the not or will not see that we are far enough from subject of a keen and bitter irony, than they supposing that God alters his plans in concried to their god with yet greater earnest- sequence of our importunity. We quite agree ness, “and cut themselves, after their manner, with them as to the impossibility of any such till the blood gushed out.

alteration, and have not a word to say against But we must not yet displace these priests the statement that the necessary attributes of from the position of instructors : they have God preclude his being turned from his puranother lesson to deliver, before we resume poses by the force of human prayers; but our office. They have furnished one lesson by what has this to do with the propriety or the their zeal, and a second by their courage: usefulness of our submitting ourselves to a their zeal, in being ready to suffer; their positive commandment of God, and acting on courage, in being undaunted by ridicule. the direction that we “pray without ceasing?" The third lesson is furnished by their impor- No sooner has God issued a command, ihan tunity: they persisted in praying, though no his unchangeableness becomes one reason for answer was vouchsafed; and, in this respect, our acting on that command, and cannot, we think them yet more admirable than in without extraordinary perversion, be wrested the others. We have already said that amid into an encouragement to disobedience. The the superstitions and errors of paganism might truth is, in reference to prayer, that, God be discovered, if there were diligent search, having enjoined on us the being importunate many fragments of great truths, which can in petitioning, our importunity becomes one only be supposed to have been handed down of those things which are finally to determine by tradition, and which have become cor- whether this course shall be adopted or that. rupted or mutilated in the lengthened trans- We have no right to say that God has irrevomission. We have said that it would be a cably determined beforehand to bestow on us very interesting thing to institute the search, one blessing, and to withhold from us another, and thus to turn the vast mass of folly and without any regard to what our prayers may falsehood, which we are now disposed to be. We are rather bound to think, arguing regard with unmingled pity or contempt, from his commandment as viewed jointly into a heap indeed of ruins, but nevertheless with his attributes, that he has determined to the ruins of what was beautiful and mag- bestow or withhold, according as we are or nificent. And we believe that we should occa- are not persevering in prayer. It is here sionally find the heathen holding fast a truth that his unchangeableness comes in: he has which, with all our superior information and irrevocably fixed that we shall obtain such or advantages, we are disposed to let go. For it such a blessing, if we reach a certain point in is one effect of revelation to invigorate rea- importunity; but that we shall miss it, if we son; and reason, when made keener and more come short of that point. And thus, in place energetic, will suggest doubts and raise ob- of any disagreement, there is the most thojections, which would hardly occur if the rough barmony between the truths that mind were less quickened. Hence a truth, with God is no variableness, neither shadow which might be received in simplicity and of turning," and that, nevertheless, we must adhered to with tenacity by an idolator, may ask if we hope to obtain-and that not once, be lost or weakened amongst Christians; nor twice, but frequently, as those who know just because there is, unavoidably, a more that importunity may prevail where there has questioning spirit, less willingness to take on been for a long time refusal. trust, and to believe where we cannot explain. But need we tell you how imperfectly this

rule is acted on, even by those who profess to upon perseverance? They have gone down believe in the prevalence of importunate from the pulpit; and we once more resume prayer? How soon do Christians begin to our accustomed place; but never has the suspect that their prayers are not heard, minister of Christ preached more emphaticbecause not immediately answered! How ally, with more of warning and more of quickly are they discouraged, inclined to give rebuke, than these servants of an idol. We up, and to conclude that it is useless to reite- almost fear to weaken the effect of their serrate petitions ! And thus, probably, they mon by adding any thing of our own. lose more than can be computed. They may yet, for a moment, must we require you to almost have reached the point at which the bring the supremacy of your God to the test blessing would be granted; and there, un- to which these idolators were ready to submit happily, they stop, and so lose the blessing that of Baal: “ The God that answereth by simply through want of a little more perse- fire, let him be God.” There are those verance. O, how eloquently do the priests amongst you who have another god than of Baal reprove all this infidelity as to the Jehovah.' Money, is it not the god which efficacy of prayer, and all this want of impor- some of you worship? The world, with its tunity! The suspicion never seems to have pleasures, are there not many of you who crossed the minds of these priests that, if Baal inake this your deity ? Reason, are there were a god, he could not be expected to alter none of you who bow to it as sufficient to his purposes in consequence of their supplica- instruct and direct them? But can your tions; or that, because many prayers had been god answer by fire? Where is the flame, fruitless, it must be vain to offer more. The si- the mighty Alame, which can melt down an lence of their deity appears to have been with obdurate nature, or consume the wood and them nothing but a reason for greater importu- stubble of carnal devices? Is this furnished nity: they were all the more earnest, because by any of those religious systems which men they had obtained as yet no answer. And thus carve out for themselves, and prefer to the do they seem to have held fast a great prin simple but humiliating gospel of Christ, beciple which may have travelled down to them cause allowing them greater licence and from the earliest day, the principle that the offering them more indulgence? My brethdivine unchangeableness is not an argument ren, it is a great criterion to which to bring against, but for the possible utility of prayer, our religion-has the God whom we serve and that the having long prayed apparently ever answered by fire? It is the promise, without success should only furnish motive the characteristic of the dispensation, beneath to the “praying withont ceasing." Be which we live: “ Ye shall be baptized with ashamed, then, servants of the one true God, the Holy Ghost and with fire." And I am if, with all the advantages of revelation, re- yet a stranger to this fiery baptism, and Deity velation which is most explicit in asserting cannot have spoken to me in flame, if there the duty and profitableness of importunate have not gone on within me any melting and prayer, you are sooner wearied, sooner tempted purifying process, as though the refiner had to think it to no purpose to offer petitions, been there, purging out the dross and burning than the ministers of an idol whom repulse up the stubble. There will be this process, only served to encourage. And, if ever you wheresoever there is genuine conversion ; feel inclined to grow remiss in the great work and I am to conclude that I am yet prac. of entreaty, and to hearken to the favourite tically a stranger to the gospel of Christ, if suggestions of Satan, who would draw you no signs of such a process can be discovered away from the throne of grace, as knowing in myself. There is much to need the that, if he can prevail on you to be languid action of fire: the hard heart, the debased

prayer, he is almost sure of easy conquest, powers, the adulterated affections, the chethen turn not only to the examples of saints rished idols--all these require the application who, through assiduous petitioning, have of fire, to soften or to purge or to consume brought down immense blessing on others And our God is a God that answereth by and themselves: turn, also, to such a scene fire. He will

answer by nothing but as that presented by our text : take a lesson fire. If you will not have evil habits burnt in perseverance from the slaves of super- out of you, evil desires scorched and shristition; for Baal's priests called upon Baal velled up, God will not have you for his from morning even until noon, aye, and, worshippers. It is by fire that he answers ; when mid-day was past, prophesied until the and those, who will not be living sacrifices time of the evening sacrifice.

here, he reserves to be as fuel hereafter for And now, will you say that these priests the 'flame of his righteous indignation. of Baal have not delivered a most instructive Sooner or later he answers by fire, whataomily; a homily upon zeal, upon courage, ever the call which ascends to his throne.


The cry of the cities of the plain went up, one substance, power, and eternity ; the Father, the and God at length answered by fire ; so that Son, and the Holy Ghost” (Art. of Religioni.).

“ Man, who was created and formed, was made the burning showers descended, and Sodom after the image and likeness of the uncreated God ; and Gomorrah perished through that strange the Father approving and commanding; the Son rain. The cry of this creation has been long effecting and creating ; and the Holy Ghost nourishgoing up-a creation overrun with wicked-ing and increasing.... God's Word and Wisdom, the ness, and with all that can provoke a holy whom and with whom he freely and spontaneously

Son and the Spirit, are always present with God; by God—and he will yet answer by fire: “ The made all things ; to whom also he speaks, saying, heavens and the earth which are now, by the Let us make man in our own image, after our like

ness'” (Irenæus). same word are kept in store, reserved unto

“Thou, one Lord, grant that, giving thanks we may fire against the day of judgment and perdition praise, and praising we may give thanks, to the only of 'ungodly men." Every unrighteous man One, Father and Son, to the Instructor and Teacher, is calling to God, calling to him by his pre-o Holy Ghost, in all things one; in whom are all ference of the temporal to the eternal, calling things, through whom all things are One ; through to him by his impenitence, calling to him by whom is eternity” (Clement Alex.). his scorn of mercies, calling to him by his indul- Prayer.—To thee, most merciful Father, do I gence of lust; and, O, if there be å lake that lift up my voice; for thou hearest, when we ask burneth with fire, into which God will finally according to thy will; to thee, who didst call me cast all his enemies, will it not be by fire that into being by thy mighty power, and hast since the call shall be finally answered ? And with given me a name and a better being, by the suf

ferings of thine only-begotten Son, even the hope a better and more acceptable voice is every of regeneration and eternal life through him. o true servant of the Saviour addressing him- Father, pour down upon me and increase in me self to God; but still the same answer is thy manitold gifts of grace, the spirit of wisdom given, an answer by fire. The communica- and understanding, the spirit of counsel and of tions of the Spirit consume daily more and ghostly strength, the spirit of knowledge and true more of what is yet corrupt in his nature, and with the spirit of thy holy fear. Work in me,

godliness; and endue me, good Lord, especially light up within him a more intense flame of I beseech thee, to will and to do of thy good zeal and of love. Thus, the answer is by pleasure ; and keep and strengthen me, that I may fire; and, if it were in a chariot of fire and grow daily from grace to grace, and bring forth by horses of fire that the prophet departed fruits meet for repentance, unto joy, peace, longfrom this earth, the answer may agaiu be by suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, fire when God shall interposé on behalf of temperance. Hear me, O Father, for Jesus' sake; his elect, who have cried to him day and

and turn not away thy face from my humble

petition. night, and carry them away to be for ever 0, blessed Lord, the fulfiller and giver of all with himself. You remember what St. Paul righteousness, the redeemer of them that are in says: “Our God is a consuming fire." In captivity, my strong hope, my deliverer, my one way or another he must make good that strength, and my salvation, be thy wondrous love character upon every one of us : think of the praise of every creature of thy hand in heaven that. You have your choice as to time and above and in the earth below; for great art thou,

and mercitul, and canst not worthily be woras to place; but a fire, a consuming fire, he shipped and adored. O thou Life of life, Light of is; and a fire, a consuming fire, he must light, very God of very God, in whom all the fulprove himself to all. Submit to him now; ness of the Godhead dwelleth, shed abroad the and he will be to you the fire of the refiner, dew of thy heavenly grace in my heart, baptize fitting the metal to take his own impress :

me with thy good Spirit, and let his purifying resist him now; and he must be to you the fire refine the dross of my unclean and polluted fire of the avenger, doing all but consume, ness, and my barrenness of all spiritual riches, are

soul. Thou knowest mine infirmities: my nakedand mysteriously making indestructible that not hidden from thine all-seeing eye. Have mercy, on which it shall perpetually feed.

have mercy upon me, dear Saviour. Turn thou

me unto thy God and my God, and so shall I be SABBATH MEDITATIONS.

turned. O do thou heal and close up my wounds;

say unto my soul, “Be thou clean!" Be pitiful No. XLVII.

unto me, gracious Redeemer : pardon and blot out MAY 18.--TRINITY SUNDAY.

all my offences: though they be as scarlet, let

them be white as snow. Help thou mine unbelief. Morning Lessons: Gen. i. ; Matt. iij.

Give me to be born of thee, that I may keep myEvening Lessons : Gen. xviii.; | John v.

self unspotted from the world, and overcome it; " There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost; and these three are one."-1 JOHN yea, give me the victory over my sinful flesh and

the snare of the wicked one, even by faith in Meditation.—There is but one living and true God, thee: 0 give me thyself, in whom only is life, everlasting, without body, parts, or passions ; of in- that I may have life, and be snatched of thee from finite power, wisdom, and goodness; the Maker and that death which liveth for ever. Preserver of all things, both visible and invisible. And And, O Holy Ghost, the Sanctifier and the in unity of this Godhead there be three Persons, of Comforter, I humbly pray thee, water my soul

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with thy gracious and fruitful dew. Thy blessed you our impressions on hearing it first at Alexandria; Spirit did brood over the dark chaos of waters, but here, in Cairo, it is infinitely more striking. On and replenish them with life and beauty: even so

some occasions, when the wind is favourable, we can do thou arise upon my soul with healing in thy hear perhaps a hundred voices, in solemn, and indeed wings; disperse thou its thick darkness; and let harmonious, concert. Here the mueddins, raised there be light, thy heavenly light, henceforth upon creatures to worship heaven's God; and, 0, as their

between earth and heaven, call on their fellow. it and around it and within it. Purify my affec-voices are borne on the night-wind, let the silent tions with the fire of thy love; O shed abroad in prayer of every Christian, who hears them, ascend to a my heart the love of Christ; fulfil me with all throne of grace for mercy on their behalf. They are joy and peace in believing; and make me sted- more especially objects of pity, because they have fast

, immovable, alway abounding in the work the light of the gospel in their land. But how is of the Lord, and walking worthy of the vocation that light obscured! Prejudice, and (shall I write whereunto Í am called.thou holy One, the it?) the conduct of many Europeans dwelling among power of the Most High, have mercy upon me; them, and calling themselves Christians, have blinded lead me, I pray thee, into all truth; and sanctify their eyes ; and,

because of the sins of others, the true me in body, soul and spirit, that I may know and Christian spends his strength in vain. Far be it live in the truth as it is in Jesus; that so, by the from me to cast a sweeping censure; but our retruth being made free, I enter into his eternal spectable and respected friends here will join me as glory, into the mansions not made with hands, who by their profligacy prove ever rocks a-head"

I raise my voice against those nominal Christians, eternal in the heavens.

to the already prejudiced Moslem. This always imGrant this, O holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, portant city may now be ranked among “men's one Father, one Son, and one Holy Ghost, who thoroughfares” in a wide sense; and we must only liveth and reigneth in the unity of power, majesty, hope that the day may come when the phrase, and dominion, as it was in the beginning, is now,

“ These are Christians," will no longer convey reand ever shall be, world without end. Amen. proach. The Mohammedan months are lunar, and

S. K. C. consequently retrograde; and, when Ramadan occurs

in the summer, the obligation to abstain from water Poetry.

during the long sultry days is fearful in its conse

quences. At sunset, the fasting Moslem takes his THE POOR.

breakfast; and this meal generally commences with (For the Church of England Magazine.)

light refreshment, such as sweet cakes, raisins, &c.;

for, from long abstinence, many persons fiud themO, WHEREFORE with the rich and great

selves in so weak a state that they cannot venture to Will ye alone abide,

eat immediately a full meal. Many break their fast And turn from the unfortunate

with merely a glass of sherbet, or a cup of coffee. With cold, repelling pride ?

This refreshment is succeeded by a substantial meal, Though wealth and pomp and state bewitch,

equal to their usual dinner. They often retire, to And want and care offend,

obtain, a short sleep. Usually two hours after sunThe poor are greater than the rich

set, criers greet all the persons in their respective God is the poor man's friend.

districts, beating a small drum at the doors, and The cup already running o'er

saying something complimentary to the inmates of Ye pour your blessings in :

each house. Again, the morning call to prayer is Well pleased, ye add to plenty's store,

chanted much earlier than usual, perhaps an hour The rich man's smile to win.

and a half before daybreak, to remind all to take Grudgingly answer ye the call

their second meal; and the crier also goes another Of poor and needy men,

round, making a loud noise, in which he perseveres Yet pleads for them the Lord of all

until he is answered at each house where his attenHis smile is nothing then.

tion is required. Thus, you see, no small pains are To visit your delighted home

taken to remind the faster to avail himself of his The rich man ye constrain:

opportunities; and it is singular to hear the variety Well pleased are ye to see him come,

of noises which disturb the nights of this most Grieved when he goes again.

unpleasant month. At daybreak, each morning, the Ye'd scorn to give the houseless leave

last signal is made from the citadel, by the firing Under your roof to rest;

of a cannon, for the removal of all food ; and, on Yet, would ye kindly such receive,

some occasions, this report seems to shake the city to Their God would be your guest*.

the very foundations. The open lattice windows MAHALATH. oblige us to bear all the noises I have described.

Our windows are furnished with glazed frames, in

addition to the carved wooden lattice-work; but the Miscellaneous.

former are only closed in the winter, for those who RAMADAN*, -The great among the Moslems in desire to enjoy any sleep during the hot season inust general turn night into day during Ramadan; there- keep all windows (and, if possible, doors also ) open. fore they are seldom seen in the streets. Most of Judging by my own surprise at the degree of heat them sieep from daybreak until the afternoon; while

we have endured since our arrival, I imagine you others break their fast in private. I do not think have no adequate idea of it. On my opening, a few that this is done by the lower orders; and no one can

days since, a card-box full of sealing-wax, I found hear the cry of joy which rings and echoes through the whole converted into an oblong mass, fitting the the city at sunset, when, in token that the fasting lower part of the box. is over, for at least some hours, a cannon is discharged from the citadel, without rejoicing with the

• Matt. xxv. 35.

London. Piiblished for the Proprietors by EDWARDS and

HUGHES, 12, Ave Maria Lane, si. Paul's; J. BURNS, people that another day of Ramadan has passed.

Portma Street: and to be procured, by order, of all Booksellers But no sound is so imposing as the night-call to in Tow and Country. prayer from the numerous minarets. I mentioned to

* From Mrs. Poole's “ Englishwoman in Egypt." JOSEPH ROGERSON, 94, NORFOLK-STREET, STRAND, LONDOX.



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