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How have we improved the time? How have

PALESTINE: our tempers been regulated and our passions ordered? Have we resisted, or have we yielded

SUNDAY SCHOOL, BOLTON-LE-MOORS, to the ordinary temptations—to anger, fretfulness,

ON THE 2ND AND OTH OCTOBER, 1844, indolence, or pride ? In what currents have we suffered our thoughts to flow? How have we

BY THE REV. CHARLES P. WILBRAHAM, B.A., been in our closets, and in secret prayer? Have Vicar of Audley, and late Curate of Bolton-lewe, “ as much as lay in us, lived peaceably” and

Moors. amiably with those around us ? or have we by unkindness and petty provocations disturbed the

LECTUKE I.-PART 1. quiet or comfort of the domestic scene? If we EVERY_reader of scripture must feel an interest can answer these questions satisfactorily, let us about Palestine ; and, having visited that land, thank God, take courage, and go forward. If I wish to state to you a few particulars respecting not, let us not waste our time, or exhaust our its present condition. You will find that many strength in unavailing sorrow or unprofitable things which bear evidence to the faithfulness regret; but let us fly at once to the mercy-seat and accuracy of holy writ are still existing there, for pardon. Let us return to the path of happi- many customs recorded in scripture (and differness and duty, before we have gone still farther ing from our own) still kept up, many remains of from it. Let us apply the remedy, before the the sacred spots still to be found, and many striking disease has become worse. Let us with redoubled fulfilments of prophecy to be traced. energy renew the resolutions of yesterday. The Providence has pleased to make Palestine the first lesson appointed for this day sets before us scene of most of the remarkable events that are the most animating motives for thus resolving. It recorded in scripture. It was on the very same shows us how God can create worlds and systems mountain where Abraham offered up Isaac that, out of nothing; nay, how he can educe beauty, about a thousand years later, Solomon built and harmony, and order, out of confusion and his temple, and, still a thousand years later, our emptiness. "God said, Let there be light, and Lord was crucified. Thus a country which is there was light.” And why may not he, who no larger than Yorkshire has been honoured, by caused the light to shine out of darkness, shine in becoming the scene of the most important events our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the world ever witnessed. the glory of God, in the face of Jesus Christ ?” It is rather more than 3,000 miles by sea to He has promised to do so, if we earnestly pray the coasts of the land of Canaan ; and there are for grace, and faithfully improve that grace when so many difficulties and risks to encounter on the given. When God had in five days accomplished journey, that comparatively few persons become his preparatory works, when he had divided the eye-witnesses of those spots where once the light from the darkness, the waters from the chosen people of God lived, and where man's waters, and the dry land from the seas, when he redemption was completed. Once it was different : had filled the earth with fertility, and adorned it 700 years ago, the zeal of Christians to recover with all the varieties of vegetable beauty, when the ħoly sepulchre from the hands of the unhe had fixed his two great lights in heaven, and believers induced tens of thousands of warriors, “ made the stars also, when he had brought vast numbers of them from England, to leave forth all the various tribes of “the living crea- their lands and homes, and, taking up the cross, tures after their kind,” when all was ready, and to attempt the recovery of Jerusalem. King God saw that all was good, and when everything Richard, of England, was one of the leaders in seemed waiting for the entrance of the chief these holy wars, which were called crusades. In actor upon the stage, “God said, Let us make the year 1096, it is said that 800,000 armed men man in our image, after our likeness; and let them marched against the infidels. have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over Very different is the modern way of visiting the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over Jerusalem : peaceful pilgrims flocked there, some all the earth, and over every creeping thing that from superstition, some from curiosity, some from creepeth upon the earth.” Behold the position a more enlightened devotion. We might almost which we ought to occupy, the attitude in which fancy that Voses had foreseen this pilgrimwe ought to stand before God and his creation ! spirit, and the impressive recollections it would And, though we fell from our first estate, yet, excité, when he says: “The stranger that shall blessed be God, if we be in Christ Jesus, we have come from a far land, when he shall see the fallen only that we might rise again, and put plagues, shall say, Wherefore hath the Lord done on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge thus unto this land ?” (Deut. xxix. 22). after the image of him that created him.” Let We often remembered this text, and felt that we us keep in mind “how holily and justly and un- were indeed such strangers from a far land, blameably we should behave ourselves” who tracing the desolation that God's curse had bear this sacred character and this divine im- brought upon that once favoured country. pression. Let us remember that we are placed I commence at once with those associations here as representatives of the sovereign Ruler of connected with the Old Testament, beginning this lower world. Such we are, both by creation from the earliest times. and redemption; and, consequently, “what The first notice of the land of promise is the manner of persons ought we to be in all holy journey of Abraham from his distant home among conversation and godliness ?” Let us then go the Chaldeans. He came by a special call of God forth this day upon our several calls of duty, and to Canaan, and dwelt in the plains of Mamre; and let us, as with one soul, resolve that, “ whatso- no wonder, for it is a spot of great beauty, and ever we do, we do all to the glory of God.” even now fruitful in corn and olives and grapes.

There were fine pastures, too, for the flocks and herds, which constituted the riches of the pa- | could not better describe their actual condition, triarchs.

living as they do by plunder. We had a very Strange it is how unchanged the manners and narrow escape of falling into their hands, whilst habits of the east are: everything appears now riding on the edge of the great desert near Dajust as it may have been in tlie days of Abraham. mascus. Twenty-five Bedouin Arabs armed with We saw old men, with flowing white beards, who long spears suddenly came upon us. Provimight resemble the father of the faithful. They, dentially, the sight of the British uniform which like him, live a wandering life, driving their flocks my brother wore induced them not to attack us. from one well to another. They, like Abraham, Yet there is something noble in these lawless have no houses, but dwell intents of black plunderers; for, when once you entrust yourself goats' hair. The very colour is scriptural ; for in to their care, and they have promised on their the Song of Solomon it is written, “ I am black heads to watch over your safety, you may rely as the tents of Kedar.” How interesting to recon- upon their word. We parted with regret from cile the bible's words with the objects round us ! our Arab companions, at the foot of the hill of Further: these shepherds received us just as Bashan. Abraham received strangers in his day. It is re- In following the course of scripture, we next markable that three verses in Genesis xviii. come to the thrilling and awful associations should be a faithful journal for 1841. Our wild connected with the destruction of Sodom and Arabs brought us to the shepherd encampment; Gomorrah. Now here are evidences before us and, just as Abraham in his day called to Sarah which the veriest unbeliever cannot gainsay or his wife, “Make ready quickly three measures deny. If ever a spot seemed marked by the Alof fine meal, and make cakes upon the hearth," mighty's curse, it is the shore of the Dead Sea, so also among these wandering tribes did the where Sodom and Gomorrah stood. Desolation women grind corn in a hand-mill; and they made around, a hot pestilential air, vegetation parched for us round fat cakes, baked in the embers; and, up, not a plant within miles, the bitterness of like Abraham, they killed a lamb of the flock, the waters-all these things proclaim the ven“ and hasted to dress it; and they took butter geance of God upon the cities of the plain. Once and milk (to use the words of scripture) and set all this was a fertile country, well watered by the it before us.". Thus the lapse of 4,000 years has Jordan, until the day came that the Lord rained scarcely altered the simple manners and hospitality brinistone and fire upon them from heaven. of the east. It may be that Providence has ordained Such is the fearful origin of this vast lake; and its that the customs pourtrayed in the bible should ever waters are still impregnated with brimstone and remain as a standing testimony to the faithful nitre : they have a leaden colour, and are so heavy records of scripture: the modern improvements that the wind scarcely ruffles the surface. When I of artificial life have not spoiled the simplicity of swam in them, they were so dense and buoyant the Arab tent.

that it was almost impossible to sink. And one Let me say a word about the climate. Whoever more very remarkable observation we made, viz., has experienced a Syrian summer's day or an that on coming out of the water we were covered American winter's night, must allow that we in with a white incrustation of salt ; reminding us England have much reason to be thankful that of the fate of Lot's wife, who here perished in such extremes of heat and cold are not our lot. her flight. I conceive that this fact adds a great St. James says: “The sun is no sooner risen with interest to the account of that miraculous event, a burning heat but it withereth the grass.” And and strengthens the evidences which we derive this exactly describes the parched desolate ap- from personal observation. pearance of Palestine in summer: water becomes On the occasion of Sarah's death, Abraham very scarce, and the air is suffocating. Hence the said to the inhabitants of the land, “Give me a allusions to green pastures and to water-brooks, possession of a burying-place with you, that I which convey to the oriental the most refreshing may bury my dead out of my sight, (Gen. ideas. Let me add, that I here first learnt the xxiii

. 4); and he bought, according to the custom value of that “pillar of a cloud” which accom- of those days, a cave in the rocks as a buryingpanied the Israelites. A little cloud, scarce bigger place: it was called the cave of Machpelah. It than “a man's hand,” gave us a momentary is a great source of regret to every traveller not shelter from the scorching rays of the sun, as we to be able to enter that cave where Abraham, were riding at the foot of the mount Hermon; Isaac, and Jacob, and their wives, are buried. and that instant of refreshment reminded me at The reason of this is singular : the Turks have the time of the protection vouchsafed to the Is- built a temple over it; and no Christian, on pain raelites under the perpetual covering of their of death, durst enter a Turkish place of worship. miraculous cloud.

We saw, however, where the cave lay. I have spoken of the wild Arabs who accom- Now, in this fact we may trace God's hand 1; panied us. They were twelve noble-looking men, for he promised Abraham, “I will make thy name whose wild, loose, flowing dress was very striking. great;” and to this very day the Christian, the They escorted us down the steep descent of Mount Jew, and the Mahommedan unite in reverencing Zion, along the brink of the pool of Siloam, and him ; and the city is still called by the name Elover the Jordan, into the land of the Moabites khalil, which signifies “ the friend," alluding to and Ammonites. And here is a singular fulfil- the blessed title of Abraham as “the friend of ment of prophecy worthy of your attention. Here God.” are still existing a wild race, descendants of Ish- During the old age of the patriarch Jacob, a mael, bearing the same character foretold 4,000 famine drove him and his family to the land of years ago: “Ishmael shall be a wild man: his Egypt, which became to them å house of bonhand will be against every man, and every man's dage; and a house of bondage it still is. Never hand against him” (Gen. xvi. 12). Words have I, in any quarter of the globe, witnessed

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more intense misery than there. It would be in swimming across, owing to the sharp rocks in
profitable for those who complain of their lot in the bed of the river.
this our favoured country to compare their con- A few miles from the Jordan are the remains
dition with the suffering of the inhabitants of of Jericho. Some poor huts and a ruined square
Egypt: their scanty subsistence is torn from tower are now all that is to be seen of this famous
them by their rulers ; their sons dragged from city of palms :" and no wonder ; for God said
them to join the armies in some distant land, by the mouth of Joshua, “Cursed be the man
whence they seldom return; and there is no re- that riseth up and buildeth this city Jericho." A
dress. As an instance of this despotic power, I few weeks only before our reaching Jericho, the
will tell you of a canal lately dug in Egypt, tyrant of Egypt had burnt the village to the
where more than 200,000 persons of every age ground; and the wretched inhabitants came to
and sex were compelled to labour, and where entreat my brother's assistance to restore it-a
more than 30,000 perished from the pestilential startling request, to be asked to rebuild Jericho. I

need not say that he had neither the power nor
Turn we to Ezekiel xxx. 13, touching this the inclination to do so.
matter: “ There shall be no more a prince of the There is a spot of great interest near Jericho:
land of Egypt; and I will put a fear in the land it is a spring of beautiful water, flowing through
of Egypt. And so it ever has been since those a grove of pomegranates and figs, where we had
days: history informs us that Egypt has fallen a pitched our tent. And what says the scripture
prey to one fierce invader after another, and at about this stream ? In the second book of
this moment groans under the sway of an op- Kings ii. 19, we read: “The men of Jericho
pressive tyrant of a foreign and a strange race. said to Elisha the prophet, Behold, the situation
# Thus (the prophet continues) will I execute of this city is pleasant, as my lord seeth ; but the
judgments in Egypt; and ye shall know that I water is naught, and the ground barren.' And he
am the Lord.”

said, Bring me a new cruse, and put salt therein. As I was walking in Egypt I met a funeral, And he went forth to the spring of the waters, and I witnessed the loud cries and shrieks and and cast the salt in there, and said, Thus saith lamentations of the mourners. These tokens of the Lord, I have healed these waters : there shall grief agree with the scripture account of the smit- | not be from thence any more death or barren ing of the first-born : “ There was a great cry in land. So the waters were healed unto this Egypt; for there was not a house where there was day.” By that beautiful fountain we pitched not one dead” (Exod. xii. 30).

our tent; and there can be little doubt of its being It is a remarkable circumstance that it never the same, as it is the only sweet water in all the rains in Egypt; and, on referring to the prophet country round, and it is still called Elisha's founZechariah (xiv. 17) we find this fact alluded to: tain. To make the miracle more striking, we per“Whoso shall not come up to Jerusalem to wor- ceived another stream not far off, which was ship the Lord of hosts, upon them shall be no bitter, and the land around barren. rain ; and if the family of Egypt go not up, that Joshua, on crossing the Jordan, raised a heap have no rain, there shall be the plague: this shall of stones in commemoration of the event; and he be the punishment of Egypt. It is most in- did the same on conquering Ai. It is strange teresting to trace in scripture the very facts pass- to find that this is still a practice of the east ; and ing before our eyes : whilst I was in Egypt in Gibeah of Saul I saw multitudes of heaps of there was no rain, but the plague was raging stones piled together ; a pious custom of pilgrims, dreadfully.

on coming there for the first time, in sight of We next resume the bible history on the ar- Jerusalem. rival of the Israelites in the land of Moab, on In pursuing the scripture narrative, we read of their road to Canaan. Moab is a beautiful land the defeat of Sisera by Barak. From the summit of green hills and pastures, but there is not a of Mount Tabor we could trace the field of battle. single house to be seen; once so populous, now a There was “ the river Kishon, which swept them desert. This would be wonderful, if not explained away; that ancient river, the river Kishon” by Jeremiah, who prophesied, “ Moab is wasted: (Judges v. 21). There was the village where joy and gladness is taken away from Moab : he they were slain; for, as David says, shall make the habitations desolate."

perished at Endor, and became as the dung of the On some of the mountains which we traversed, earth”. (Psalm lxxxiii. 10). This village of Enit is probable that Balaam uttered his remarkable dor, which lies so beautifully at the foot of the prophecies ; and from one lofty summit we en- mountain, was the scene of that apparition of joyed such a magnificent view of the land of Ca- Samuel, when invoked by the witch, of which you naan, that we could not but believe it to be that may read in 1 Samuel xxviii. 7. The river kiPisgah, or Mount Nebo, over against Jericho, shon is in summer but a gentle stream, but at the from whence Moses looked upon the promised melting of the snows it becomes a rapid torrent. land which he was destined never to enter. The We rode through it on our way from Mount CarJordan's valley was at our feet, and an unbounded mel to Nazareth; and, unfortunately, one of the prospect of Judea and Samaria.

horses, laden with baggage, rolled over in the On the 26th April we crossed the river Jordan, middle of the stream. a river sacred both to the Jew and Christian. Above this river are the mountains of Tabor Its rapid stream was miraculously stopped whilst and Hermon, named in Psalm lxxxix. 12 ; on the the Israelites under Joshua passed over. At the former the transfiguration took place. Northvery same spot (at least so it is recorded) we ward, in Lebanon, is another Mount Hermon; and crossed over with much difficulty. A raft, formed you will, I think, be interested with David's with sheep-skins, conveyed the baggage; and we allusion to the “dew of Hermon,” which shows ourselves were in some danger of being drowned his attentive observation of nature. Even during

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the scorching summers of Palestine, when every- | by the blood of this Jew, even Jesus Christ, that all thing is parched up, there is dew on Hermon. must be saved, if saved at all. Some have said, it is You shall hear why. From the sea of Galilee of no avail to pray for the Jews; but hark, has not there rises from the intensity of the heat a great God said, “ After these days I will give them a new cloud of vapour: this evaporation is driven by heart and a right understanding ? God works by the evening sea breeze upon the side of Mount means, and it is the prayers of the righteous which

avail much with God. God has promised to convert Hermon, making it green and fruitful, when all the Jews, but it will never be done but only as the else is dried up: à more beautiful comparison could full answer to prayer and faith” (Isaacs). not have been chosen.

You will all remember Jephthah's vow, before Prayer.- Jehovah, Lord! the first and with gaining a victory over the Ammonites (Judges the last, who hast called the generations from the xi.). He swore to sacrifice to the Lord whatsoever beginning, we will come near and keep silence beshould first come out of his doors to meet him. fore thee, that thou mayest speak unto us by thy We rode along the very same path which he must word, and call thy judgments and thy promises to have taken ; and we could fancy the anxiety he our remembrance. Well it becometh us, that we, may have felt on his homeward journey from Am- of the isles, should draw near and listen when mon to Gilead, and the fatal meeting with his only thou speakest; we, whom thou hast chosen unto daughter.

thyself in Christ Jesus before the seed of Israel But a darker tragedy than this was enacted thy servant, and Jacob thy chosen ; we, whom here, the murder of Uriah the Hittite; that thou sanctifiest, for his dear sake, by the blessed black stain on David's life that years of peni- indwelling of thy Holy Spirit, and hast called tence and mourning could not blot out, and which, from the depths of sin and misery unto repentance though forgiven, was punished by the rebellions and newness of life ; renewing our strength, and and sins of his children. It was also amongst enabling us, by thy free grace, to raise up our the noble oaks of this district that Absalom was hopes and affections unto thee with wings as eagles, caught by the hair of his head, and slain.

O, grant us to perfect this love in thy faith and Of Ammon and its magnificent ruins and its fear, and be pleased to uphold us with the strong now melancholy solitude much might be said, to arm of thy righteousness, that we never grow show the wonderful completion of prophecy ; it faint or weary; but, when thou shalt call us unto is, however, enough to compare its present condi; thy rest, strengthen us to draw near with courage, tion with the words of Ezekiel xxv. 5: “I will knowing that he, who hath brought us good make Rabbah a stable for camels, and the Am, tidings and is mighty to save, even our Redeemer; monites a couching-place for flocks; and ye shall the Holy One of Israel, will be with us, and will know that I am the Lord.” No description could hold our right hand, and bid us rejoice in thee, be more faithfully accurate than this denunciation, O Lord God, blessed for evermore. pronounced when Ammon was a populous and Father of mercies, have pity, we beseech thee, flourishing country. Şuch predictions are evi- upon the seed of Abraham thy friend, and this dently beyond human knowledge, and testify to right soon. Restore thine own, whom thon us that all scripture is by inspiration of God. If tookest from the ends of the earth. Quicken some one were to foretell that the populous dis- them, whom thou didst exalt above all nations, trict in which we now are was in a few years to and restore them to their lost inheritance. Bring become a wilderness, it could not be more extra- them home to thy flock, whom in thy just disordinary than the completion of the woe de- pleasure thou hast cast away, and with the whirlnounced against Ammon.

wind of thine indignation hast scattered as chaff. We have here concluded the patriarchs and Father, cease, we pray thee, from thy wrathful judges, and I next proceed to the kings of Israel visiting, and graciously call back these poor outand Judah.

casts from the church of thy “Well-beloved,"

that they may see and know, and understand toSABBATH MEDITATIONS.

gether, that thy hand, O Lord, is ready to save

them; and that they that strive with thee, and conNo. XXVIII.

tinue to crucify the Lord of life, shall perish everJANUARY 5.-SECOND SUNDAY AFTER CHRIST. lastingly from thy presence. For woe is them, in

this their day. Poor and needy are they in the

things that concern their eternal peace. They look Morning Lessons : Isa. xli. ; Matt. iv. Evening Lessons : Isa. xliii.; Rom. ir.

for the well-springs of salvation, and behold, they find none; yea, their tongue is not lifted up unto

the)Prince of Peace, their Redeemer ; and their “Keep silence before me, O islands; and let the people renew heart faileth within them for thirst of the living their strength."-Isa. xli. l.

waters. Accomplish, then, O God of Abraham, Meditation.-“What have we received from the thy gracious promise. Verily, Lord, thou wilt Jews that should entitle them to our prayers? I fulfil it, for all thy promises are yea and amen; reply by asking another question : 'What have we and unto his seed were the promises made. Verily, that has not emanated from the Jews? These are

thou wilt seek them that are lost, and wilt again the people who have for nearly 1800 years been driven be a God unto Jacob, and a king unto Israel. into different parts of the world, have endured all Hear our cry, O Father of our Lord Jesus Christ : kinds of persecution; yet, in all their tribulations, they have kept the ancient bible pure unto this day.


“Forgive them, for they know not what they member, the twelve apostles, to whom the Christian do.” Behold, thou hast lifted up thy hand, and world is indebted, were Jews. Think also of him opened the door of faith to the Gentiles, and they who took upon himself the seed of Abraham : he was rejoice and are glad. O raise up the tribes of from the stem of Jesse, and of the house of David ; Jacob, and give them to be a light unto us; yea, in a word, he was a Jew. And never forget that it is let our fulness come in, that their blindness may

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" Abraham belie

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pass away, and thy salvation may be unto the tion's sake, behold, and in mercy hear us, pleado ends of the earth. Amen.

ing before thee for the life of us sinful souls; S. K. C. pleading for it, not as of debt, but as of thiné

unmerited grace in him, whom thou hast made

unto us wisdom and righteousness and sanctificaGod, and it was counted unto him for tion and redemption. To us, Lord, be the comrighteousness."-Rox. iv. 3.

fort and the blessedness; to thee, the praise and Meditation.—“That we say, 'Faith only justifietli, the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. ought to offend no man. For, if this be true (and

S. K. C. most true it is), that Christ only redeemed us, Christ only bare our sins, made satisfaction for them, and

EPIPHANY. purchased us the favour of God, then must it needs

MONDAY, 6TH JANUARY. be true that the trust only in Christ's deserving, and in the promises of God the Father, made us for Christ's

Morning Lessons: Isa. lx.; Luke iü. 1-23.

Evening Lessons : Isa. xlix.; John ii. 1-12. sake, doth only quiet the conscience, and certify her that the sids are forgiven."

Meditation.-" The church celebrates this feast to “Remember, that Christ made not this atonement, show our gratitude to God in manifesting the gospel that thou shouldest sin again; neither died he for thy to the Gentile world, and vouchsafing to them equal sins that thou shouldest live still in them; but that privileges with the Jews, who had been all along his thou shouldest be a new creature, and live a new life peculiar people. The first instance of this divine after the will of God, and not of the flesh. And be favour was in declaring the birth of Christ to the wise diligent, lest through thine own negligence and un- men of the east (Matt. ii. 1-12). The ancient church thankfulness thou lose his mercy and favour again" called this feast the appearance,' or 'manifestation,' (Tindal).

which was the common name for this and for ChristPrayer.—All praise and blessing, be to thee, O lesser epiphany.'.... St. Augustine in his time speaks

mas-day; and as that was (the greater, this was the Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son, thou of it as universally celebrated by the catholic church, heavenly teacher of saving truth, in that thou and neglected by none but schismatics” (Nicholls). showest unto us, by the ensample of faithful “The church this day bespeaks thee, reader, in her Abraham, that before God no works can justify Master's language: 'Go, and do thou likewise. Seek us, or procure us whereof to glory. Fo as per- Christ by the guidance of the star, by the light of his taining to our sinful flesh, what man living shall word. Do thou likewise ; honour' him with thy soul, be just with thee, the Holy One? where is he body, and substance. Whoso come now to worship that doeth good, and sinneth not? Now, there- him, shall be one day called by him they worship, fore, O God of Abraham, who didst raise up Jesus the kingdom prepared for you'” (Bp. Sparkes).

Come (ye comers), ye blessed of my Father, receive our Lord from the dead, and deliveredst him for our offences, that he might rise again for our jus- Prayer:--For ever blessed be thy name, O tification, have pity upon us, and endue us with Lord God, Pather of our Lord Jesus Christ, for the fulness of that faith which Abraham confessed, sending him into the world, born of a woman, to and which was counted to him for righteousness. be a teacher of righteousness, to go before us, and

O thou living God, from whose wondrous grace leave us the ensample of his most holy life; to die proceedeth all our hope and every means of sal- for our sins, and rise again for our justification ; vation, quicken us and help our unbelief, that we and then to ascend into heaven and prepare a may have a sure and stedfast trust in all thy pro- place for us. O, how great was thy love, which an mises, and believe in thee, who justifiest the angel proclaimed and a multitude of the heavenly ungodly.

host celebrated with songs of praise, when thou Son of God, our Redeemer and our alone sentest thy dear Son, in the likeness of our sinful Justifier, ever watch over and strengthen us, lest Alesh, and in the form of a servant, to minister to we stagger at the promise of thy merciful Father our necessities, to relieve our misery, and to be through unbelief. And be thou, who ever sittest the way to everlasting life!, 0, the riches of thy at his right hand, our gracious advocate, that we grace, that, after mankind had forfeited all the may partake of the blessedness of that man to whom rights of thy creatures, and had contemned and he imputeth righteousness without works; whose despitefully used thy many messengers, thou iniquities are forgiven, whose sins are covered, shouldest in much mercy create us again unto to whom he imputeth no sin. Be thou, divine good works, and, for that blessed end, thyself Saviour, the mediator for us of this blessedness, appear most gloriously among us, in Jesus Christ. and we shall be blessed indeed. And grant that Vouchsafe, O reconciled Father, vouchsafe unto we may ever hereafter walk in the steps of that me the gift of thy Holy Spirit, that his precious faith which Abraham had, living unto God in all guidance may ever fix mine eyes, in hearty, and holy obedience, putting our whole trust under jealous affection, on my dear Lord and Saviour, the shadow of his wings, and ever striving, for the that he may see the fruit of the travail of his soul love of thee, to keep thy words in all godliness in me; that I may purify myself even as he was and honesty.

pure, and that I may hunger and thirst after the Glory, glory to thee, O Lord, for the riches of fulness and perfection of those joys which are at thy grace and the precious offer of thy salvation his right hand, for evermore. Amen, amen ; for by faith. Thou gavest it to the father of many Jesus Christ his sake. (Selected from bishop nations, of whose seed we are : if thou wilt, thou Patrick). eanst give it to us also. We implore, we beseech thee, vouchsafe unto us his justifying faith. We have no hope, no trust, no surety, but in the blood of our dear Redeemer. We know that, if that blood had not been poured out for us, we must bave perished in our sins. O, for his one obla

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