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This speech and scrap book undertakes to present a collection of live and interesting statements, talks and speeches for those interested in coming into contact with practical affairs and stirring events. The endeavor has been to compile and put into the student's hands constructive and interesting speeches, important facts and useful material to which he, or anyone aspiring to speak or write, can turn for ready reference and find assistance in preparing talks and arguments, statements and briefs, of various kinds.

When this kind of collection and arrangement, combined with the speech making material, was first thought of to accompany the speaking course, it was a matter of surprise to find that something of its kind had not appeared long before. And if the material in these pages—especially the material in the scrap-book section means to you, the student, what it has meant to those who collected it through a period of years, you will live with it; it will take hold of you, and you will turn to it for hope and inspiration again and again.

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This speech book-its value and interest-gains its significance as a work in collaboration. The editors sincerely thank every speaker and writer who has graciously assisted either by outright preparation of addresses especially for this volume, or by indirect aid.



The Courts and the Children-by Robert M. LaFollette....... 13

The almost terrifying power to hold an audience for four
or five hours with speeches that bristle with facts and
figures belongs to Senator LaFollette. His work on the
platform is a fine example of argument touched with emo-
tion. This address is now of historical significance. When
delivered it brought down a storm of criticism from the
friends of privilege and they are still trying to answer

United We Stand, Divided We Go Broke-by Benj. Marsh...... 25

Mr. Marsh is Director of the National Farmers' Council.
He is a representative of dirt farmers and has traced the
farmer's dollar from the time it was invested in seed
grain until it was spent for bread and shoes. He knows
what the farmer gets in return for his twelve hour day.
He speaks with vigor, directness and humor.


The Heart of the Struggle-by Samuel Gompers..

Mr. Gompers is one of the best known and most quoted
figures in America. He has been head of the American
Federation of Labor for more than a generation. His
exceptional ability as a speaker and leader is known to al-
most everyone.

A Group of Thirty-six Addresses—by H. H. Broach................. 43

Unfortunately most Union officials have been so busy in
the practical affairs of their organizations that they have
paid little attention to preserving their information and
ideas for the use of others. Fortunately, however, Mr.
Broach has for years kept notes of the addresses he has
delivered-addresses of force and simplicity—and he has
amassed material that is of tremendous practical value
to the labor student and the union worker-material that
intimately touches the daily life of the wage earner. So
he has been prevailed upon to draw freely from his notes
and put some of these simple and valuable speeches at the
service of the students of the speaking course, of which
he is the writer.
Incidentally it should be pointed out that no greater proof
of the effectiveness of his shorthand method of public
speaking could be found than the convenience with which
he has retained and put this material into printed form for
the students of this course.-M. H. H.

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