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Henry B. MERWIN,
William F. DeVoy,

Assistant Editor
Advertising Manager


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Weekly Copies, Binders, and Histories of Our Own Times
leve may be procured at the following agencies pe
Boston, Mass...

W. B. Clark Co. New York City, N.Y....... Brentano's
Damrell & Upham

.Siegel-Cooper Co.'s
Wm. H. Guild & Co.

Brooklyn, N. Y.
..Abraham & Straus

M.J. Whaley, 401 Fifth Avenue
Chicago, Ill..
..A. C. McClurg & Co. Philadelphia, Pa....

..J. & R. Sims, 123 22d Street Providence, R. I........ Preston & Rounds Co.
Cincinnati, O.. .... The Robert Clarke Co. St.Paul, Minn., St.Paul Book and Stationery Co.
Cleveland, O..

.. Burrows Bros. Co. Washington, D. C....... Woodward & Lothrop New Haven, Conn.... ..... Edw. Malley Co.

At these agencies loose copies for the quarter may be exchanged for bound volumes on paying 35 cents a volume for binding. If more convenient, subscribers may send loose copies to us (prepaid) for exchange, and remit 35 cents for binding.



$2.00, postage prepaid Six Months (26 weeks),

1.00, postage prepaid Single Copies, Five Cents

FOR ALL FOREIGN COUNTRIES $2.60—10/8 sterling--10.50 marks-or 13.50 francs per year, postage prepaid

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Subscriptions are payable in advance by draft, or check on New York, postal or express order.

Bills and silver often carry safely in an ordinary envelope, but we cannot assume responsibility for money lost in transit. It is safer to register envelopes containing silver or currency.

No receipts are sent for remittances unless by special request. The number on the wrapper shows that a remittance has been received, also the number with which a subscription will expire.

Please always give the old and the new addresses and ten days' notice when a change in address is desired.

Subscriptions may be sent direct to us, through booksellers, or through any reputable subscription agency. Postmasters and storekeepers in towns and villages will also forward subscriptions. The Trade is supplied by our agents, The American News Co.


Address Remittances and Letters to

The Great Round World Co., 150 Fitch Avc., New York City

A History of Our Own Times.

. The Great Round World's Vol. XIII is completed. It contains 432 pages of text, illustrated, carefully indexed, covering the period from Jan. 4 to March 29.

PRICE $1.00, Charges paid. In the thirteen volumes the past is linked to the present. What took place one day is explained in the light of previous history. The progress of events is carefully recorded by impartial and honest observers.

These Histories are not thrown aside after reading, but are referred to frequently. They should be in every home where a love of good reading exists. The special articles alone-over twenty, each com.

• plete in itself-are considered worth the price of the set.

This is what one buyer wrote on March 26, 1900, from West Bethlehem, Pa.:

Tc The Great Round World Co.:

It is now convenient to remit the balance for my Histories, as I am very anxious to have them. I would rather do without a daily paper than without my little newspaper. If, when I come home from school on Thursday and do not find my “ Great Round World " I am inconsolable for that evening. Do you know if there are any numbers between the bound volumes and my subscription? If there are any I want them, for I want these books complete. Thanking you for your courtesy extended to me, I remain sincerely,

S. H. V.

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When you order please say whether you want light-blue, red, or green cloth binding. We must have the privilege of supplying in any color in case the partic. ular color ordered is exhausted. Vols. IX to XIII can be supplied in the threo colors, but in the earlier volumes we may have to substitute another color for the one ordered.

The Great Round World Co., 180 PIFTH AVENUE


of Christianity

Thoughts on Questions of the Hour,


Columbia University.


ANY of the theological idiosyncrasies of the day meet with

severe handling by this masterly writer, while the foundations of Christianity are faithfully and nobly interpreted. hoped that these strong, earnest words will richly bless thousands." -Christian Guardian.

“Professor Quackenbos presents Christianity as the religion of grace, forgiveness, renewal, and divine communion. His attitude toward the other beliefs is purely antagonistic and critical, and therefore unsatisfactory. He is a man of war, and there are room and use for men of war in this field. The book in its execution is vigorous and effective."-Sunday School Times.

"In the different chapters of the volume Dr. Quackenbos contrasts Christianity with Hinduism, the Pantheistic religion of India, with Buddhism, Confucianism, Mohammedanism, Theosophy, Spiritism, Christian Science, Socialism, Communism, Economic Democracy, Altruism, and Agnosticism. His pictures of these various isms are carefully and skillfully drawn, and are exceedingly instructive, while his concluding chapter, upon the ' Evidences of Christianity,' is a classic. His facts are marshaled and his arguments presented with a master hand, and his word-painting discloses the true touch of the literary artist. It is a book that no intelligent man or woman can afford to be without."- Quebec Daily Mercury.

Crown 8vo. Cloth. $1.50.


Publishers and Booksellers, 150 Fifth Avenue,

New Yon

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