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manganese in the blood, as well as the fact that chlorosis is not only due to a reduction of iron, but also to a proportionate decrease in manganese, and that this loss must be equally compensated, and the important part played by this metal in the absorption of oxygen by the blood gave rise to repeated experiments to produce a preparation by a combination of iron and manganese, which would be easily absorbed and the composition of which resembled that in which these elements are present in the blood. For a long time, however, the accomplishment of these aims was only a pium desideratum. Neither the acid, alkaline, or other combinations of these two metals, which were based upon experience or theory, or last, but not least, upon commercial considerations, were able to gain a permanent place in ferruginous therapy:

In Gude's Pepto-Mangan alone are these requisites completely fulfilled and realized, and in this preparation the disadvantages belonging to other chalybeates have been obviated in such a manner and with such certainty as had previously been pictured as unattainable by the pharmaceutical chemist, and which stamps the liquor mangano-ferri peptonati as a true medicinal agent.

It is a clear, dark-red fluid of an agreeable non-metallic and non-astringent taste. It contains iron and manganese in the proportion of 3 to 1, combined in the form of a peptonate, which is unaffected by an acid or alkaline reaction and never gives rise to unpleasant by-effects.

Permit us to make the following prefatory remarks: The manner in which medicinal iron is absorbed and assimilated in the human organism has been of the greatest interest to the experimental physiologist, and for this reason numerous investigations have been made in order to determine the assimilability of iron in the body. We would refer to the work of Quinke who presented an important contribution on such experiments to the Congress for Internal Medicine in 1896. To the medical practitioner, however, the point of paramount importance is the degree of efficiency of a ferruginous remedy, and Pepto-Mangan has the great advantage over all other chalybeate preparations in that it contains manganese, to which great value has been ascribed in the formation of blood, and to which attention has been directed particularly by lleitzman (Ceber Anwendung und Wirkung des Mangan-Eisen-Pepton Gude).

He says: "After Ilannon had recognized the great significance of manganese besides iron in the oxygenation of the blood, and this discovery had been verified by Ruehle, attempts were made to produce combinations of both these remedies which would conform in every respect to the therapeutic requirements. Former experiments of this kind did not lead to the desired results. The purpose in view was to find a form of both metals in which they would be absorbed by the entire digestive tract, and, furthermore, would be devoid of any unpleasant taste which might prevent their continued administration. After various experiments I found that the preparation of Dr. 1. Gude, pepto-mangan, was the one conforming in every way to the above requirements

, so that I am able to recommend it most highly." Another equally positive opinion is given by Pohl (Ceber Liquor mangano-ferripeptonati Gude), who remarks: " A large number, almost all, of the officinal ferruginous preparations are absorbed only to a slight extent when adıninistered internally. This can be maintained on the ground of the fact, that in animals and human beings positive evidence of the entrance of these preparations into the blood cannot be obtained if the persons experimented


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with have not intestinal catarrlı or have not received excessive doses of iron. The more the preparation approximates to the form in which iron is contained in the food, the more likely it is to be absorbed. The peptonization of an iron preparation is therefore of decided advantage, as its absorbability and assimilability are thereby enlianced to a considerable degree. Aside from this, the peptone combination is adapted for exerting the systemic effect. This general action of iron preparations only takes place if after absorption they undergo conversion into hemoglobin. Hence this conversion is only possible in the case of preparations which contain iron in the form of an organic combination. They will then act even when containing a much smaller precentage of absolute iron."

Iloenigschmied (Liquor ferri-mangano-peptonati Gude) refers to the value of pepto-mangan in the following words: “ The fluid preparations of iron which are administered in the form of oxydules or oxyds have the disadvantages of acting as astringents upon the stomach and intestine, of jetarding peristalsis, and of usually causing a diminished secretion of gastric juice, in consequence of which digestion is impaired and constipation not infrequently produced. The well-known iron albuminates and the alkaline saccharated iron, owing to their excessive amount of soda alkali, neutralize the gastric juice, thus giving rise to an abnormal condition of the digestive secretions. Dr. A. Gude, chemist, of Leipsic, has succeeded in producing an iron preparation which renders prompt service, and which owing to its composition does not interfere with the digestion in any way, does not change the gastric juice, and, it would appear, is readily and completely absorbed.”

Ripperger (Einige Lemerkungen ueber die Eisenbehandlung bei Chlorose und speziell ueber das Mangan-Eisen-Pepton Gude) finally says: “ In reviewing the facts we are able to state that Gude's pepto-mangan is a very useful and easily assimilable chalybeate which does not disturb the digestive tract.

“ On May 3rd I was consulted by a young married woman, 23 years old, who on first sight presented the picture of a severe chlorosis. She stated that she had always been very pale, and since her first menstruation had suffered with severe general disturbances. The menses first appeared in her seventeenth year and were very irregular. Sometimes they lasted only three days and were scanty, and sometimes for eight days, with a profuse flow. This condition had persisted until recently. About a year and a half ago she suffered with a gastric ulcer with profuse hemorrhages. Her object in seeking medical advice was for the relief of attacks of vertigo and seiere dull headaches. She could go up stairs only with great difficulty on account of palpitation of the heart and dyspnea. The diagnosis was made from the statements of the patient and her appearance.


I ordered Pepto-Mangan with an appropriate diet. Much to my delight she experienced an improvement as early as at the end of the second week. At that time the attacks of vertigo and the pressure feelings in the head had completely disappeared although the patient still looked somewhat pale. She continued treatment and after another eight days a marked objective improvement could be determined. The mucous membranes had regained their normal color at the end of four weeks. In June the patient stated that she felt completely well and that the menstrual disturbances had entirely disappeared. Blood examinations: May 5th, Hemoglobin, 25 per cent.; May



Dose : 15


SOMATOSE A tasteless, LOSOPHAN (Triiodometacresol). odourless

Particularly efficacious in Trade Mark.1 nutrient meat powder; it con- the treatment of all kinds of cutaneous disorders tains all the albuminoid principles of the meat caused by animal parasites. in an easily soluble form. It has been exten TANNIGEN (Triacetyl of Tannin). An sively employed and found to be of the greatest

almost tasteless intestinal service in Consumption, diseases of the stomach astringent. Most efficacious in Chronic, Acute and intestinal tract, Chlorosis and Rickets. It and Summer Diarrhæas. Adult dose : 8 is of great value in convalescence from all grains every three hours. diseases

. SOMATOSE strengthens the mus: TANNOPINE A new intestinal astrincles and stimulates the appetite in a remarkable

gent). (Formerly “ Tane SOMATOSE has been found to act none"). Special indications: Tuberculous as a most efficient galactogogue. Dose for and non-tuberculous Enteritis, Typhus. Dose : adults: a level teaspoonful three to four times 15 grains, three or four times daily. a day with milk, gruel, coftee, etc.

SALOPHEN (Acetyl of Para-Amido. IRON SOMATOSE (Ferro-Somatose).

salol). Specific for Influ. A first-class tonic. enza, Headache, Migraine, Acute Articular containing the albuminous substances of the Rheumatism, Chorea, Sciatica. meat (albumoses) organically combined with grains, four to six times daily. In powders, iron. Special indications: Chlorosis and Anæ- etc. mia. Daily dose : 75 tr. 150 grains.

ANALGEN (Ortho-Ethoxy-ana - Mono.

benzoylamidoquinoline). A MILK SOMATUSE


A strength-giving specific for Malaria. Highly recommended in food containing the albuminous matter (album-Acute Rheumatism of the Muscles, Sciatica,

Malaria : before the oses) of the milk. Daily doses for children : Facial Neuralgia, etc. I to 2 teaspoonfuls ; for adults : 2 to 3 table- paroxysm of fever 20 to 30 grains ; between spoonfuls.

the fevers 15 grains every 3 hours. RheuTRIONAL (Diethylsulfonmethylethylme, times daily. The

matic affection and Sciatica : 15 grains, 4 to 5 ihan).' A most reliable and times daily. The use of ANALGEN is ac quickly-acting hypnotic of the Sulfonal group. companied by a reddish coloration of the urine, Dose : 16 to 20 grains, in a large cup of hot which, however, is not produced by the presence liquid.

of blood corpuscles. The red color of the urine IODOTHYRINE Theactive principle of may be avoided by taking alkaline waters.

the thyroid gland. It PHENACETINE-BAYER (Acetyl is most efficacious in Strumous Diseases, Myx

of Paraædema, Obesity, Kickets, Psoriasis, Eczema,

Phenetidin). and Uterine Hæmorrhages. Dose : 5 grains PIPERAZINE-BAYER (Diethylene. two to eight times a day for adults; 5 grains

diamine). one to three times daily for children.


(Di-acetic ester of morphine).

An excellent substitute for LYCETOL (Tartrate of Di-Methyl-Piper: codeine. In doses of 0.005 gramme, 3 to 4

azine). Anti Arthritic, Uric times daily, it has given excellent results in Solvent. Has a marked effect on the diuresis. cases of Bronchitis, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Dose : 16 to 32 grains daily.

Catarrh of the Lungs in phthisical persons, and ARISTOL (Dythymoldiiodide). A Cica. in Asthma Bronchiale. In the latter two cases,

trisant which is an excellent, the dose may be increased to o.oi gramme. odourless substitute for iodoform and highly CREOSOTAL (Creosotum carbonas recommended for Burns, Wounds, Scrofulous

puriss). A mixture of Ulcerations, etc.

the phenol carbonates of creosote. Most valu. EUROPHEN (I so but ylorthocresolio- able in tuberculosis of the lungs Doses of 12

dide). A perfect substi. to 5 drachms per day, in wine, brandy, or cod tute for Lodoform. Odourless and non-toxic. liver oil. Has a covering power five times greater than DUOTAL (Guaiacolum carbonas puriss). iodoform. Especially useful in Ulcus molle et

Great success in cases of Puldurum,

monary Phthisis. Doses of 8 to 96 grains per PROTARGOL A new silver preparation. day.


Most reliable in cases of SULFONAL-BAYER(Diethylsulfondi. Gonorrhoea. Antiseptic wound healer. Excel.

methylmethan). lent results in cases of Gonorrheal Ophthalmia. SALOL-BAYER (Phenyl Ether of SaliSolutions of 4 to 2 / Ointments.

cylic Acid). Samples and literature may be had on application to the DOMINION DYEWOOD & CHEMICAL CO., TORONTO. Solo Agency and Depot in Canada for all " BAYER'S ' Pharmaceutical Products. (Wholesale only.)

When writing advertisers, please mention THE CANADIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND SUROERY.

10th, 30 per cent. ; May 16th, 40 per cent. ; May 20th, 55 per cent.; May 25th, 65 per cent; and June 3rd, 85 per cent.

“ At the end of February of last year I was summoned to see a primipara, 28 years old, who after delivery had a profuse hemorrhage from the uterus owing to the retention of the placenta. I found it necessary to detach it with the fingers. After this procedure so severe a hemorrhage occurred from the uterus that the woman became collapsed. The pulse was threadlike, and could scarcely be felt, and her skin was of a death-like pallor. Infusion of saline solution was resorted to and several stimulants administered, and her death thus prevented. The patient remained four weeks in bed, but convalesced very slowly, although the utmost care was observed in the dietetic and medicinal treatment. The use of the non-fluid iron preparations had to be discontinued, because they occasioned gastric disturbances and impaired the appetite. I therefore advised her to take a fluid preparation, and ordered Pepto-Mangan. The patient took this preparation willingly, because of its agreeable taste, and because she noticed that it increased her appetite. Even after a few days she was able to leave her bed, and although still pale she had been freed of her subjective disturbances. Under the continued use of Pepto-Mangan the nallor of the face disappeared and made way for a healthy color.”



CHARACTERIZED by pustular inflammation, great itching and exudation, this disease is, perhaps of all dermatoses, inost frequently encountered by the physicians. So far as the constitutional treatment goes, the aim of the physician should be to get the patient into the best state of health he can, and thus the treatment may vary with the individual. It is interesting to note in connection with the constitutional treatment, that whereas arsenic was once largely prescribed, it is now falling into desuetude among the more enlightened, who regard it, not as a specific, but as likely to aggravate inflammatory conditions.

Most authorities are agreed in interdicting alcohol. In the more important local therapy, reduction of the inflammation and exudation is indicated. First the eczematous crust must be removed: this was formerly done by soaking the entire surface in almond oil, or by applying starch poultices. Soap and water were forbidden, since they tended to irritate the skin and retard the recovery. There is little doubt but that ordinary soap does this; but the crust can be removed by the use of Resinol Soap and warm water without any fear, since it, hy reason of properties allied to those of the Resinol Ointment, exerts a benign and soothing influence, and thus not only benefits the patient, but facilitates the work of the physician. When the crust has been removed, Resinol Ointment should be applied, and repeated every sis or twelve hours, according to the irritability of the eczematous surface. Relief will be immediate. It is better to spread the ointment on strips of thin muslin, gauze or lint. In eczema of the head it will be found easy to devise a helmet or mask.

Resinol is not a newly-born remerly, but has been prescribed, and continues to be prescribed by the leading physicians in the United States and Canada, who testify by consistent 11e their active belief in its merits.

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