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Violates the Rule of a Lifetime.--I violate the rule of a lifetime in saying a word for Sanmetto, but being fully convinced, as I am, of its worth and purity, and knowing, as we all do, its essential components, I feel I am justified in saying that I have never found it to fail me in time of need. Wilbur F. Hoyt, M.D., Paw Paw, Mich.

In Promoting Nutrition.--Angier's Petroleum Emulsion has a most positive value in the treatment of cases associated with progressive loss of flesh, either as an accompaniment of organic or infectious disease, or existing without discoverable cause. Its value in these cases is due to its reinforcing influence upon the normal processes of digestion, assimilation, and nutrition, whereby the system is enabled to utilize to the full extent all forms of nutriment.


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An Obstetrical Calender.-- The Norwich Pharmacal Co., of Norwich, N.Y., recently got out a most useful and unique calendar, giving the probable date of labor. . It is a piece of plated metal, the shape and about the size of a fifty cent piece. In the outer circle, divided into twelve spaces, are given the months of the year, and in the inner, similarly divided, also the months of the year and a numeral. It is so arranged that, by a glance, the date of labor can be told. Any physician can secure a calendar by writing for it and making the request.

The Canadian Medical Exchange.- While the profession practically all know that Dr. Hamill, of the Canadian Medical Exchange, handles over 80 per cent. of all the medical practices sold in Canada, which offers are every month found among our advertising pages, it may not be generally known that he also locates young physicians in fields for practice where there are excellent openings, and where the people have requested a doctor to settle. In fact, Dr. Hamill assures us that he always has on his register from six to ten openings that are sufficiently inviting to induce any young doctor to start in, with certain assurance of a good living and plenty of scope to enlarge. Physicians desiring a short-cut to their needs in this line will do well to communicate with Dr. Hamill.

Increased Their Capacity. The name “Carling" has long been identified among the very best brews of ales, porters and lagers made in Canada, and their lines now enjoy a large sale in the best hotels, cafes and clubs in the United States, as well as being a household word from Halifax to Vancouver. The immense plant of the Carling Brewing and Malting Co., London, Ont., although worked to its full capacity and with night shifts, had been unable for the last few vears to cope with the heavy demand for their various lines until about a year ago, when their facilities were almost doubled. With their Increased output the Carling Co. are now able to supply the demand with thoroughly aged goods, which is a most important feature of the business, and one to which the Carling Co. have always given a good deal of attention. Times were when leading English ales held sway in our best hotels, clubs and homes, but they are fast giving place to the Carling lines, which are regarded by connoisseurs to be quite the equal of any other brews in the world.

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When writing advertisers, please mention The CANADIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND SIRGERY.

The Food for Glycosuria Patients.- Dr. Franklin Burritt, of Fredonia, V.Y., writes Messrs. Farwell & Rhines as follows: Gentlemen,-Your Diabetic and Gluten Flours are a great boon to Glycosuria patients—in fact, they would prove a remedial “ saving ordinance " to a host of miserable dyspeptics were their value known generally. I have several times ordered your flours, and have found them exceedingly reliable, and consider them the best foods for diabetic patients I have ever employed.


Vin des Carmes.--As a proof of how this excellent tonic wine is meeting with the endorsement of the Canadian medical profession, the following voluntary testimonials go to show: Dr. A. David, Montreal, gives to it high commendation as a general tonic. Dr. Dick, of Ste. Anne de Beaupre, affirms that he has used Vin des Carmes with great efficacy in many cases of dyspepsia due to the inactivity of the liver, and anemic young girls and women whose stomach could not bear ferruginous preparations. He asserts positively that Vin des Carmes suits perfectly every kind of stomach, and he prescribes it to people who want to recover strength and gain appetite. Dr. J. E. Grandin, of Charlesburg, states that he has obtained, in prescribing Vin des Carmes, wonderfully happy results in cases of dyspepsia complicated with atony of digestive organs. Dr. Tundel, of Danville, says that Vin des ('armes is a powerfully beneficent agent for poor nerves, that it is of a high therapeutic value, and he prescribes it with success in every case of weakness.

Marks' Artificial Limbs. –The reasons for the successes that have cha'acterized the work of the house of A. A. Marks are many: (1) The rubber foot, which being elastic enables the wearer to walk without jar or concussion to the stump or spine. The system of phalangeal support lessens the strain on the knee and prevents it from treacherously Hexing. (2) The

half century of thought and study, and thousands of patrons, representing all classes of amputati and all conditions, have qualified the establishment to do the work in the most scientific way. (3) The fitters employed by the firm are skilled in their partienlar branches. Those that fit arms are never called upon to fit legs. Those who have given entire thought and study to the matter of fitting and adapting artificial legs for partial foot, ankle and knee-joint amputations, and those that fit thigh er tibial stumps, are always kept at their own specialties. (+) The extensiveness of plant, the Stilly of suitable material and the limitless facilities make it possible for every condition to be met

at once. (analian physicians should remember that there is no duty whatever on artificial limbs imported from the l'nited States, so that, with Marks' system of doing business and filling orders, a limb can as easily be ordered in New York city as any city a fourth the distance away, and at the same time give entire satisfaction. Address en quiries to A. 1. Marks, 701 Broadway, New York City.

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New Editions of The Students' Aid Series, rewrillen and brough ur-to-date

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AIDS to PHYSIOLOGY. One vol., cloth, 3s, 6d. each,
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AIDS to PRACTICAL DISPENSING, Cloth, 2s.6d. OLOGY. Cloth, 25. 60.
AIDS 10 MATERIA MEDICA. Three parts, 25. AIDS 10 DISEASES of CHILDREN. Cloth, 3s.


BAILLIÈRE, TINDALL & COX, Henrietta St., Covent Garden, London

Canadian Agents:
J. A. CARVETH & Company

When writing advertisers, please mention Tue CANADIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICIS & AND SURGERI.

It is,

Hydroleine in Winter Coughs.-We would recommend for Winter coughs, bronchitis or phthisis, Hydroleine, an artificially digested cod liver oil. It is the best remedy for adults or children, as it is all assimilated by the stomach and does not pass off through the bowels undigested. therefore, of ten times more value than ordinary emulsions or plain cod liver oils, and its use is highly economical. For the past twenty-five years Hydroleine has been used by the leading physicians of Canada, such as the late Dr. Howard, of Montreal, Dr. Drydale, and many others. If you are not getting results with ordinary preparations of cod liver oil, try Hydroleine.

Vin des Carmes.—We beg to again call the attention of the profession throughout Canada to the advertisement, appearing on page củii. of the JOURNAL, of Vin des Carmes. Analysis of this medicinal agent shows it to contain ingredients having undoubted therapeutic value. The wine we find to be not unpalatable, and therefore unlike many wines advertised to the medical profession, to which patients raise serious objections to partaking on account of the frequently almost nauseating taste and even odor. The analysis shows the presence of liquid extract of quinquina bark of Colombo, of kola, of cocoa, and of bitter orange, the proportion of these ingredients being placed on prescriptions of the French Codex. The Carmelite wine is highly recommended in France, and is prepared according to a formula which has received the approval of physicians of the highest standing. The manufacturers desire to call attention to the fact that Vin des Carmes is one of the few wines advertised in Canada, the formula of which is not kept

It will be found to be an excellent tonic, and can be used by doctors with perfect confidence.

Calcidin.-Despite the text-books it is generally allowed that there is a distinct membranous croup and a diphtheritic croup. In the latter there is a profound systemic toxemia; in the former the local symptoms are the main consideration. One is a catarrhal disorder, the other a specific disease due to the presence in the system of the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus. In croup of the catarrhal type, calcium iodized (Calcidin) has proven itself to be practically specific. In diphtheritic croup it is, however, only a useful adjunct to other treatment. If membrane forms and there is no profoạnd systemic disturbance; if the temperature does not rise and the disorder has distinct catarrhal form, then Calcidin in doses of 1-3 gramme every onefourth to one-half or one hour will do prompt work. Give it powdered on the tongue and follow with a few swallows of hot water, or make a fresh solution for each dose, or every few doses. The same directions apply to simple croup but here the remedy should be pushed at the first sign of

crouping,” and it will be found to be promptly abortive. If there be any possibility of diphtheritic infection antitoxin should be used promptly. Calcidin is the remedy par excellence for bronchial disorders and moreover wherever iodine is indicated internally it is the best form of the drug we possess, as it never causes iodism. Literature and samples of Calcidin will be sent on request by the Abbott Alkaloidal Co., Ravenswood, Chicago, Ill.

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