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MEDICAL MEN Are frequently consulted by patients as to the best kind of

footwear in many painful conditions of the feet--Rheumatism, Gout, Corns, Bunions, Swollen Feet-the result of milk leg or a varicosed condition of the veins, sweaty feet, etc. For the relief of such, the attention of physicians is called to


The prime object of this shoe is to give comfort to tender and tired feet and relieve many foot ailments, but by combining the art of high-grade shoe-making with this patented Cushion Insole, a shoe has been produced that contains all the style and snap of the highest

grade footwear, and, being the easiest shoe on earth, it

is worn by all. FINE FRENCH CALF

The lamb's wool cushion is GEARBS WHOLY

pliable and a non-conductor ANNER SCLE

of either heat or cold, all WIFIBRES

animal oil having been exOUTEA SOLE

tracted. The feet are kept at


Cushion conforms to and fills DR. A. REED'S CUSHION SHOE

every curve of the foot, dis(PATENTED)

tributes the weight evenly, Applicable to the lightest and snappiest shoe demanded by the

admits of perfect blood circumost fastidious wearer,

lation and prerents friction, which causes calluses and

many foot troubles. Even a cursory examination of the cut of a section of this shoe will explain how it is made. Directly underneath the French call, which is next the foot, is a layer of lamb's wool as described, and between the inner and outer sole is another layer of fibre, all of which makes the wearer think he is walking on velvet, so comfortable is the tread.

“I have found that the Dr. A. Reed Cushion Shoe possesses all the merits claimed for it." - DR. CHARLES KENISON, 26 McVickers Building, Chicago.

Some Reasons for Buying Dr. A. Reed Cushion Shoes

They need no breaking in, from the very first wearing the insole adapts itself to the bottom of the foot and guarantees absolute comfort to the wearer.

They contain the best of materials, therefore give the best of satisfaction in service.

This inner sole being damp proof, prevents many of the troubles contracted from wet feet-rheumatism, neuralgia, etc.

The Cushion Insole gives the wearer a delightful sensation of buoyancy, enabling one to accomplish greater distances without fatigue.

“The sole of the foot, like the palm of the hand, differs

in every individual-no two being alike."-DR. A. REED. Physicians are respectfully requested to look into the merits of Dr. Reed's Cushion Shoes, the manufacturers feeling that, once they advise their pur. chase in cases such as above alluded to, they will be more than pleased with the results.

Obtainable at all First-Class Shoe Stores J. & T. BELL

MONTREAL Sole Makers for Dominion of Canada

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Sandreuter & Waters

40 Saxlehner, A...

51 Seaboard Air Line Railway

109 Simpson Co. Limited, The Robert 45 Smith Electrical Co.

23 Smith, Kline & French Co... Cover Smith & Co., Martin H..

34 Spooner, W

91 Standard Chemical Co.

59 Standard Loan Co.

101 Stanyon Metallic Furniture Co.. 30 St. Charles Condensing Co. 25 St. David's Wine Growers Co.. 30 Stearns & Co., Frederick .27, 28 Sulton Drug Co.

89 Sykes & Co., Walter S..


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Lacto-Globulin Co., Limited.. 77 Lakehurst Sanitarium

33 Lambert Pharmacal Co.,

47 Lea Bros & Co.

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92 Lyman Bros. & Co., Limited, The 105 Lyman, Son & Co..

cover, 111 Lyons, J. F.


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Cadbury's Cocoa

59 Calgary Sanitarium.

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42 Canada Paper Co

100 Canada Cycle and Motor Co.. 81 Canadian Casualty and Boiler lasurance Company

103 Canadian Pacific Railway

106 Canadian Institute for Physical Training

41 Carling Brewing Co. Carswell Co., Limited, The

3 Castle & Co., Wilmot.

19 Chicago Policlinic..

35 Chandler,

Ingram and Bell,

12, 13 City Dairy

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Walnut Lodge Hospital

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Gibson, R. L..

Cover, 31 Gillett Company, Limited, E. W. 112 Givens' Sanitarium

86 Glaisher, Henry J.



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New Physicians'

The firm of Chandler, Ingram & Bell, Limited, beg to announce to the medical profession throughout Ontario and the Yukon that they have purchased from Chandler & Massey, Limited, 235 Yonge Street, Toronto, their retail business.

On and after May 15th, they will be found in their new warehouse, Corner Yonge and Wilton Avenue, which

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has been remodelled and decorated throughout, making, on the lower floor one of the handsomest and best lighted showrooms in Canada. The new firm wish the profession not only to understand that they keep the largest, most compreh nsive and up-to-date stocks of surgical supplies in the Dominion, but that they are prepared to supply on short notice anything required by the practitioner, no matter what it is.



Phone, M. 4126. Night and Sunday Call, M. 5158

When writing advertisers, please mention THE CANADIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY.

Supply House

The stock consists of a new and full line of surgical instruments, e.g., pocket cases, amputation cases, laryngoscopes, etc. Also obstetric bags, rubber goods, buggy cases, dressings of all kinds, pharmaceuticals, staple drugs, sterilizers, microscopes (Bausch & Lamb Optical Co.), electrical goods, medical books, etc., etc.

The firm's representatives will shortly call on the profession, and


they bespeuk for them a kindly reception, and trust that they may look forward to a fair share of business in the future.

Chandler, Ingram & Bell, Limited, are anxious that physicians, when in the city, will feel free at all times to call and make use of their offices for personal correspondence.

Watch their announcement in this journal every issue.

BELL, LIMITED Cor. Yonge St. and Wilton Ave., Toronto

When writing advertisers, please mention Tue CANADIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY.

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