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contains the enzymes of all the glands, which go to aid digestion and in the same physiological form and proportion as found in the human body.

It is the only preparation that contains the ferments of the spleen and intestinal glands.

Clinical results have proven its effectiveness over all other digestive ferments.

For samples and literature, apply to our Canadian representatives A. L. MASSEY & CO., 61-65 East Adelaide St., Toronto, Ontario


42-44-46 Germania Avenue, JERSEY CITY, N.J.

When writing advertisers please mention Tho CANADIAN JOURNAL OF MEDECINE AND SURGERY.



It gives me great pleasure to report that I have found a 1-1000 solution of Alphozone one of the most satisfactory antiseptics I have ever employed.

I have under my charge from three hundred to five hundred lumbermen, whose daily occupations expose them to numerous accidents, and I have yet to see the first case of suppuration, when I was able to bandage the cut or bruis- with a pad of sterilized gauze wet with Alphozone and when the patient faithfully kept the bandage moist with the same solution.

In beginning abscesses, a hypodermic injection will almost invariably abort the abscess.

In an operation for appendicitis a 1-1000 solution was used exclusively, and I had one of the most satisfactory recoveries.

I am now using it in fermentation enteritis in one case and in rectal ulceration in another case-both improving.


Beautiful Work with Cramer Plates.-It will be of interest to all photographic workers as well as to dealers in photographic supplies to know that the New York office of the G. Cramer Dry Plate Company is distributing to all dealers this spring and summer, very beautiful samples of work on its plates. These prints are made from negatives by the foremost workers in the country, and are of great pictorial value as well as plate quality. We mention a few of the most prominent makers of these negatives, as follows: Mrs. J. E. Bennett, winner of the Grand Prize at the St. Louis Exhibition ; Mr. Curtis Bell, President of the American Federation of Photographic Societies; Mr. Rudolph Eickemeyer, jr., Mr. J. H. McFarland, Mr. Harry Hendrickson, Mr. Pirie MacDonald and Mr. Henry Troth. It is of interest to note that all these prominent workers are constantly using Cramer plates. In addition to the names mentioned above, Mr. E. B. Core, the children's photographer of New York, has made for the Cramer Company a set of 14 negatives of a little boy, which are taken with a very short exposure and show excellent results. Mr. Core has used the Cramer Crown plate exclusively. Mr. E. L. Somerville, the manager in charge of the eastern territory for the Cramer Dry Plate Company, has collected these negatives, and he has at their New York City address a complete display which is very interesting

A Good Move.--A move in the right direction has recently been made by E. W. Gillett Co., Limited, of Toronto, in placing an order for Gasoline business rigs, to be used by them for advertising purposes throughout the Dominion, and for delivering their goods to the grocery trade in Toronto. Motors for business purposes are being largely used in England as well as other European countries. In the large U. S. cities to-day they are almost as common as wagons drawn by horses. The Express Companies in most of the American cities have adopted the use of the horseless vehicle to a very great extent. From actual tests, it has been found that one business motor wagon will deliver as many goods in a day as can be delivered by twelve teams of horses. It will not be surprising to find that other large concerns will gradually fall into line.

In Tuberculosis

Fresh air and over-feeding, combined with rest in the earlier stage of treatment, are now recognized as the only means of successfully combating the disease.


is the only concentrated nourishment which fulfils the requirements of the Profession

A pure and non-sterilized albumen, retaining the natural enzymes of fresh milk. A transformation of casein into globulin by a physiological process, and not by chemical synthesis. Rich in soluble phosphates, maintaining the alkalinity of the blood and increasing leucocytosis. The proteid of new milk in its most readily assimilable form. A natural food retained by the most delicate stomach, and decreasing all gastric and intestinal irritation.

Lacto-Globulin is so easily digested and so rapidly assimilated that it forms an absolutely ideal food for frequent administration between meals and before retiring. It will increase the natural appetite and the power of digestion through its affinity for and attraction of the gastric enzymes, and gives the maximum nutriment at the least taxation of the digestive organs.

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When writing advertisers, please mention THE CANADIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY.


Kola Tonic Wine.-Dr. C. F. Couture, of Tingwick, Que., writes as follows to the Hygiene Kola Company, Toronto, Ont., “Dear Sirs - Please find enclosed money order for one case of Kola, Celery and Pepsin Tonic Wine received from you. Ship two cases more by express at once. Your Kola Tonic Wine has been highly appreciated by all those who had occasion to try it. I have no doubt it is one of the best tonics we can prescribe for those who suffer from indigestion and other troubles of the stomach, and for building up the system."

Wam pole's Antiseptic Vaginal. Cones, with Ichthyol and lodine.--Formula : Iodine Resublimed, 1 gr.; Antiseptic Vaginal Cone Mixture, with Ichthyol, q. s. The addition of Iodine to our Antiseptic Vaginal Cones renders them of especial value in the treatment of deep-seated inflammatory conditions of the female genito-urinary organs where an alterative, antiseptic and anodyne effect is desired. They present an admirable combination and vehicle for the local application of lodine to the parts desired, neutralizing and deodorizing the acid secretions of the vagina, destroying the activity of pathogenic organisms, and exerting a healing alterative effect upon the tissues. Put up in boxes of one dozen cones each.

Some Facts about Sanmetto.--Sanmetto is a combination of the virtues of santal and saw palmetto in a pleasant menstruum of aromatics. In your practice you will find many diseases and diseased conditions in which Sanmetto will be indicated. I will name some of these diseases, and you have only to prescribe this remedy. Be careful as to diet and exercise as you would in prescribing any other remedy, and you will soon find it the best friend you ever had. Cystitis

, both acute and chronic; enlarged prostate, with its usual irritation of neck of bladder and sensitive urethra ; urethritis, both specific and non-specific; impotence, either due to excess or premature decay; and simple irritation of any part of the genito-urinary tract. It is also a great aid in treating many diseases of the pelvic organs in the female. Also seminal emissions and prostatorrhea, hematuria and enuresis are well treated with this remedy, except where surgical interference is necessary. C. W. Cuman, M.D., Orkney Springs, Va.

Sanitaris — The Monarch of Mineral Waters. The product of Alpha Spring, Diamond Park, has been placed on the market under the registered name of Sanitaris, and is fast becoming the favorite among the many mineral waters that are now offered to the public, being pleasant to the taste and beneficial in its results. It is a natural mineral water, and goes to the consumer precisely as it comes from the Spring, only being filtered and aerated in the process of bottling: Thus the peculiar healing properties and virtues of the product of Nature's laboratory, as it exists at Diamond Park, may be partaken of by people anywhere, although to receive full benefit we would strongly recommend invalid to personally visit the Spring. As a table water Sanitaris cannot be excelled. Unlike most mineral waters (many of which are artificial) Sanitaris will blend nicely with the most delicate wines and liquors, imparting a zest and piquancy which makes it a favorite in hotels, clubs, and private families, where it is largely used. Sanitaris is valuable in all kidney and stomach troubles, and will be found of benefit as a morning drink by those suffering from a slugrish or inactive liver, inducing biliousness, jaundice and similar diseases.

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