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Dakota and Indiana. It is an interesting comment on the new tendencies in American life that Mr. Bryan's name was presented to the Missouri Democratic convention by Ex-Governor Francis, who was a member of President Cleveland's cabinet. It almost looks as if Mr. Bryan might carry on a canvas in the role of a conservative!


Two events during the last week of May emphasized the growing tendency toward

the preservation of peace The Peace of between the nations and the World

the value of arbitration as a means of securing it. At a dinner given in New York to the American members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union a platform was adopted favoring treaties of arbitration and the establishment of stated periods for the sessions of the Hague Tribunal. Professor John Bassett Moore, ex-Assistant Secretary of State, and now of ('olumbia University, gave an address in which he advocated the idea that the

Ilague Tribunal must become a permaROBERT L TAYLOR

nent world court with legislative, judicial Elerted to succeed Senator Carmack as l'nited States Senator from Tennessee

and executive control, for the prevention

of war by the peaceful settlement of disEver since Mr. Roosevelt announced putes between nations. At the Lake that he would not be a candidate for Mohonk conference where some three hun

renomination Republican dred and fifty men and women Presidential

leaders have been speculat- gathered, there was emphatic approval of Nominations

ing and scheming. VicePresident Fairbanks is believed to be among the aspirants for the office, and of late Speaker Cannon has been vigorously “boomed.” Neither of these two men in our opinion is likely to be nominated in 1908. Neither stands for what the nation really will be demanding in

in 1908. Speaker Cannon is a shrewd politician, but he would be seventy-three years of age on entering his office. It is well for his supporters to remember that he stands committed to none of the great reforms the people are set upon achieving and maintaining, and is commonly regarded as representing the great machine of his party. His attitude toward tariff revision, pure food legislation, not to mention other matters, would handicap him and his party. Especially would this be the case if the Democrats were to renominate

PITCHFORK OR BIG STICK? Bryan. His name has already been

The Goddess (explaining) -- Some gentlemen had a misunder. formally presented to or approved by con- standing about me. One had a pitchfork and the other a big

stick, and somehow I got in between. Where can I get some arnica? ventions in Arkansas, Missouri, South

Warren, in Boston Herald



Two hundred and seventeen architects from almost every country in the world competed for Mr. Carnegie's " Palace of
Peace," and no fewer than 3,038 drawings were sent in. The first prize has been awarded to L M. Cordonnier of Lisle,
France, for the design here reproduced. The chief feature of the interior will be a magnificent Hall of Arbitration

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such a permanent court for arbitration. various cities for essays on international This endorsement obtains decided value arbitration and the means for its promofrom the fact that it was given by a com- tion. Governor Utter, of Rhode Island, pany which included a judge of the has also offered prizes of $100 each to the Supreme Court of the United States and students of Brown and Amherst colleges eight judges of the higher State Courts, for similar essays. As a further indicaseveral distinguished diplomats, four tion of the increasing sympathy with the members of Congress and a large number idea of international arbitration it is of educators with the representatives of interesting to note that forty-seven govfifty boards of trade. The growing ernments have agreed to send representasentiment in our day is indicated by the tives to the next conference of the Hague giving of prizes by the public schools in Tribunal. In 1899 there were twenty-six.

Amateur Sport Cornell has had one of the great years in five events and tied in three. In five of her athletic history. Not only have her events the Easterners surpassed the WestThe crew and baseball team de

erners. Mott Haven feated Harvard's, but her Games athletic team won


The Conference Meet on Shepherd championship at Mott

Mott Haven. The Field, Northwestern University, June 2, records at the latter meet were good, but


was a day of triumph for by no means as sensational as those of the Conference Michigan, her team scoring Conference Meet at Evanston. No world's

Meet 62 4-5 points. Chicago, records were broken or even tied. At the last year's champion, was second, but with same time the work of the eastern teams only 20 4-5 points. Chicago's team was was more consistent than that of the weakened by the absence of Lightbody, western, although, thanks to the work of who competed at the Olympic Games in Garrels and Samse, the western surpassed Athens, but even with him would have been outclassed. But still more remark- "build" shut out from football. In fact, able than the total score was the work of one of the best results of the present effort Garrels, of Michigan, and Samse, of Indi- to reduce that sport to its proper position ana. The latter beat the world's record in in the educational world is the democrathe pole vault of 12 feet and 12 inch, clear- tizing of athletics through the new interest ing 12 feet 478 inches, and Garrels tied in tennis, baseball and track events. Little the world's record of 15 1-5 seconds in the by little we may also hope to see the new 120-yard high hurdles. In fact, Garrels spirit of healthy rather than feverish comproved a team in himself, winning eigh- petition grow more dominant. Instead of teen of Michigan's points. The meet was training contestants in the spirit of gladialso interesting in that one of the smaller ators, we shall see them cultivating that institutions, Iowa State Normal, captured generous rivalry that ought to exist among first place in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. gentlemen. It is not too much even to

hope that before games of importance the The development of field and track ath- contesting teams may meet at dinner, each letics is a good sign. No branch of ath- man opposite "his man.” They will play The

letics appeals to so large a none the less strenuously the next day, Democratizing proportion of college men. and they will meet more as friends and

of Athletics It provides plenty of op- less as enemies. Intercollegiate games portunities also for men who are by their should lead to friendship.

The Drama and Education The theatrical season closed unevent- the theatrical manager must invariably fully with the quiet demise of a gentle risk the sinews of commercial war on an The Past

comedy, "The Girl artistic uncertainty, yet it would seem as Dramatic Patsy," by J. Mauldin if he had in many instances during the

Season Feigl, not a poor play in past season played an unnecessarily reckitself, for it contained effective situations, less and bold game. but most unhappily cast with unskilled interpreters. The season has been a pe- The musical play which one year ago culiar one. There have been six trium- entered upon a feverish summer career phant successes, of indubitable merit as


with some twenty new proentertainments, and yet there is not one Musical ductions, both in New among them that may be reckoned a Comedy York and Chicago, is great play. Those six successes have come feebly protesting against extinction with to a full stop in the very height of long “His Honor the Mayor," “The Social vigorous runs covering many months, and Whirl,” and “The Gingerbread Man." after a few weeks of rest for the players, The first two named were comparative will shortly resume their progress. The failures in the West, but by virtue of a best and most brilliant was Shaw's “Man difference in taste in light entertainment and Superman.” “The Squawman,'' by have become financial successes in the Edwin Milton Royle, should be awarded East. “The Student King,'' Reginald De second place for its deep human signifi- Koven's latest opera, is a pretentious and cance. The third in importance is “The superior effort, calculated to live at least Music Master," by Charles Klein, a throughout the whole of next season, and dramatic lyric. "The Girl of the Golden is holding the lion's share of attention at West," by David Belasco, follows with

present in the musical field. theatric effectiveness. Barrie's “Peter Pan" is a light but skilful fantasy.

A situation of no small interest to the Klein's “Lion and the Mouse" ends the educational world has recently developed list as a powerful mental appeal, telling a


in the State of Maine. In good story, yet devoid of dramatic

University of 1865

Congress granted strength. On the other hand against


thirty thousand acres of these successes, an endless number of

land for each senator and representative mediocre and hopeless plays have had in Congress to any state which would their turbulent and unhappy day. While found and support a college, the leading


object of which should be "to teach such Colby and Bates. The friends of these branches of learning as are related to agri- colleges and normal schools naturally are culture and the mechanic arts." Maine opposing the further enlargement of the taking advantage of this offer founded the

state university. They feel that there is State College of Agriculture and the Me- no need for a fourth classical institution chanic Arts. Since that time the state or for a fifth normal school. They realize has made repeated appropriations, and that there is a splendid opportunity in under the energetic administration of Maine for a technical school. President President Harris, now of Northwestern White of Colby has proposed that there University, the institution developed into should be formed an intercollegiate comthe University of Maine, organized into mission to be composed of the president five colleges, in addition to the Agricultu- and one trustee of the four collegiate inral Experiment Station to which Congress stitutions, together with the state superinmakes an annual appropriation of $25,000. tendent of education and the governor. At the present time the faculty numbers This commission should attempt to adjust seventy-one and it has an attendance of the relation of the institutions to each over six hundred students. President Fel- other, and particularly should pass upon lows now proposes that the $20,000 appro- all proposed appeals to the state for appriated by the legislature of the state for propriations both to the university and to the period of ten years now closing be other institutions. Just what the outcome continued or increased, and that there be of the proposal will be it is too soon to added to the university a college of edu- prophesy. Maine has already set an excation.

ample to various religious bodies by its

interdenominational commission. If it The ambition to have a great state insti. can solve the problem of the relation of tution can hardly be criticised, but Maine the denominational college to the state

has already four well-lo- university, it will have done a real service Inter-Collegiate cated normal schools sup- to the country at large. In too many

Commission ported by the state and states the relation between the two is one three colleges of high standing: Bowdoin, of jealous rivalry.

The Religious World The annual anniversaries of the Bap- some of the most radical as well as the tists were held at Dayton, Ohio, May 15-22. most conservative theological writers. A

These anniversaries, unlike denomination which is represented in Baptist the meetings of the Meth- recent literature by Professor Clarke of Anniversaries odists and Presbyterians, Colgate, such radicals Professor seldom are given over to free discus- Schmidt of Cornell, Toy of Harvard, and sion in which there is any great difference Foster of Chicago, as well as by such proof opinion, and their sessions are largely gressive conservatives Presidents devoted to set addresses. The meetings of Strong of Rochester and Mullins of Louisthe present year were not marked by any ville, is certainly not to be classed as lackripple of excitement, but while note- ing in tolerance. worthy in their recognition of the possibility of something like union between Baptists and Free Baptists they were also The meeting of the General Assembly of of significance in that they were marked the Presbyterians is always important, but by a little more distinctly official recogni

The Presby.

that which opened at Des tion of modern tendencies in religious teriin General Moines May 17 made histhought. The Baptists have no creed and Assembly tory. First of all it comno central ecclesiastical control. The de- pleted the work of uniting the Cumbernomination is possessed of decided flexibil- land Presbyterian and the Presbyterian ity and offers plenty of room for men of denominations. The former denomination divergent views. The day has long since is largely in the South and is composed of passed when Baptists can be regarded as those who broke from the Presbyterian standing only for the interpretation of a body because of difference on certain docsingle word. They number among them trinal matters. The recent modification of




been drawn up by a committee at the head of which was Professor Henry Van Dyke, was warmly discussed. One of the enemies of a liturgy rather dramatically declared that it "smelt of priesteraft," whatever that may be. The discussion in the end reached a compromise according to which the Book was to be published by the denomination, but its use was to be optional with the churches,



Following suit upon the Presbyterian endeavor to secure a modern statement Methodist

of their belief, for popular Creed use, the General ConferRevision

of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, in session May 5-21, declared itself by a vote of 151 to 107 in favor of the appointment of a committee to act with other branches of the Ecumenical Methodist Conference in this country and in Europe and Australia, in preparing a new statement of faith, in accordance with the evangelical Arminian doctrines, “as is called for in our day." This action on the part of the conference is in line with the thoroughly progressive spirit that marks the denomination it rep

Moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly

Among the various propositions for

union which have been made recently, the Presbyterian formulas has rendered sepa

appeal of the Vice

Church ration no longer logical and for the past

President of the United

Union two years a cumulative process of voting

States, Mr. Fairbanks, for has been carried on looking toward union. the consolidation of the northern and Despite marked opposition on the part of southern Methodist churches, is notecertain leaders of the Cumberland Presby- worthy. Mr. Fairbanks was a fraternal terians this has been accomplished and the delegate to the General Conference of the session at Des Moines in which the an- Methodist Episcopal Church South, which nouncement was made was one of immense met at Birmingham, Alabama. He took enthusiasm.

occasion to say that he had faith to believe

that the barriers which divide these two Another item which caused no small de- great bodies will ultimately yield, and a bate at the General Assembly was the union will be established between them, The

question of the Book of “thereby creating one of the greatest Book of Worship. The Presbyteri. instruments for good in the entire ChrisWorship

ans along with other large tian world.” “A united church freely religious bodies have not been content of transferring its ministers between the late with an absolutely non-liturgical North and the South, as well as between order of service. The movement to author- the East and the West, will serve mightily ize a liturgy, however, as in the case of to advance a wholesome national purthe Reformed Church in America, which pose. The conference entered heartily met in its national gathering on June 6 into the proposition for the establishand recommended a new liturgy, faced ment of a Federal Council of the denomvery decided opposition. At the General inations, and appointed its representaAssembly the Book of Worship, which had tives in the Council.

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