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the slums of Chicago are accommodated days each. The need for it is evidenced for two weeks at a time. The change from in the fact that 301 persons were cared for the hot, heavy air of the city and the sti. in buildings intended for 250. But one Aling atmosphere of the small crowded mother responded to the objection by sayrooms where so many live and sleep that ing: no one can get even a fair share of oxygen, “Crowded, is it? It's like hivin. Shure to the fresh open spaces of the country I've thirteen to provide for every blissid with clear, blue skies, green grass and night at home, and only wan bed and a plenty of sunshine, is almost overwhelm- matthress on the flure.” ing at first to these poor jaded mothers and Convalescents and those worn out and lethargic children. It is all so new and in failing health are the ones to whom a strange that expression fails them for the stay at Sea Breeze is given, others being first day or two. But the new conditions sent there only for a day's outing. A seasoon produce a marked effect for the bet- side tent camp for children suffering from ter.

tuberculosis of the bones and glands is New York City's fresh-air work is done located near Sea Breeze. through numerous agencies, but is almost The Fresh Air Mission of Buffalo has a entirely confined to summer homes, the forty-acre farm on the shore of the lake, tent camp not being used there to any at Angola, to which it sends 175 children extent. The scope of this article therefore between the ages of five and twelve, for a prevents reference in detail. The New two weeks' stay. About eight hundred York Association for Improving the Con- receive the benefit each year. It is named dition of the Poor substitutes for the out. Cradle Beach and the work done there is ing camp, buildings on Coney Island, the same as in the outing camps. called Sea Breeze, to which last year it Washington, D. C., has also its "Camp sent from May 17 to September 30, 3,887 Good Will” to which 380 children were women and children for a stay of ten sent for two weeks' outing during the

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summer of 1905. It is located in Rock to them of ninety cents. Goodrich House Creek Park. It has been so fortunate as Settlement has a farm on the lake shore to receive valuable gifts other than money where some 322 persons had outings of two and provisions, for its possessions include weeks in length last summer. a cow, horse, wagon, carriage, and a The only tent camp for well people condonkey with cart and harness, all of which nected with Indianapolis is that managed contribute much to the pleasure and bene- by the Indianapolis News at Bethany fit of the campers. Expense has also been

Expense has also been Park, fifty miles from the city. Many saved by the loan of ten army tents. The children and old ladies are sent there for outlay for the ten weeks' season of 1905 two weeks' rest and recreation. The work was $2,723.04. The value set by physi- is kept up by public subscription. There cians upon these summer outings for the is a Summer Mission for sick children, but poor may be inferred from the fact that this is located in ten cottages on a bluff no less than seventy-five of them sub- above the river and near it is a summer scribed to the funds for this camp. tent camp for tubercular patients.

Cleveland, like New York City, does not Often a woman hesitates about acceptuse the tent camp. It has an organization ing an invitation to one of these summer bearing the name, “The Children's Fresh camps because if she is away her "man Air Camp,” which owns a large tract of won't bring his envelope home and the land beyond the end of the city car lines, rent is due,” or she may lose her “places where poor children are taken for summer to wash.” One mother, a Bohemian Cathooutings. Hiram House Settlement has its lic, who had five children, gave this as a camp in fifty-two acres of woodland twelve

reason why she could not go, but a truly miles from the city, where in a cottage generous helpfulness was shown in the accommodating forty children, boys and contribution by a Bohemian Jew of onegirls may go for two weeks at an expense half the amount needed for the rent, and

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the other half by a Bohemian Protestant. ones. I've found them willing enough to Such women feel as one expressed it: cut me down to the last penny about my

“It is like heaven to be here. If I never washing. But here are these women just have another vacation I shall always seeming to be happy in looking after us. remember this one. Why I haven't done a I am never going to think so hard of rich thing since I came up here, except mind people again, even if they do like to save my own children and wash out a few little money." The cause of her changed things for them and myself.” The speaker opinion was a long ride behind two handin this instance was a woman who some- some horses. how managed to provide for four children, Far more than a mere temporary rest although only able to wash and iron two and physical benefit are given to these days of every week because of a weak back. women and children by this summer tent

Another said: “I've always believed camp work. It is worthy of larger sustethat rich people cared nothing for poor nance than it receives.

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ON May 22 last an expe- compared with other Arctic expedition

dition set sail from Vic- ships, being but sixty-six tons register. toria, British Columbia, The chief aim of the expedition is to that is the first of its determine whether or not land exists in kind to start from a Pa

the vast unexplored section of the Arctic cific coast port, and is

Ocean lying above Alaska and north of unique in equipment Banks Land. The region comprises some and method.

one hundred and fifty thousand square The expedition is in joint command of miles, and has been always described as a Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen* and Mr. E. De

sea of ice. Indications, however, go to Koven Leffingwell, two young men who show that a big body of land exists in this will find themselves famous if they suc- region. The Esquimaux of Prince Albert cessfully accomplish what they have set

land and northern Alaskan points state out to do. Upon Captain Mikkelsen de

this to be the case, while the direction of volved the selection of a vessel, choice of the prevailing ocean currents gives rise to a crew and the collecting of supplies. The

the opinion that some body lies in their expedition's little ship, the Duchess of path. It is also a well established fact that Bedford, was originally a sealing schooner, focks of migratory birds travel poleward and was chosen by Captain Mikkelsen on

from the Siberian, Alaskan and northern account of her small size and unusual mainlands annually, and the natural instoutness build. Her tonnage is light ference is that they are not making for * For portrait, see frontispiece of this issue,

ice-fields, but for land. Everything, therefore, tends to the theory that a large body Alaskan coast will be hugged, with a posof land exists in this great unexplored sible call at Point Barrow, Mackenzie and Arctic Ocean, and if scientific theories are Bathurst. Some provisions will be taken borne out, a new and more accessible route on board at Park's Inlet, and the schooner to the pole will have been established. If will then sail to Minto's Inlet and make such land be discovered its ownership will her winter quarters there. It is the intenbe defined by the 142d meridian, which tion to make the winter a busy one, the settles the British and American claim. explorers and scientists leaving the vessel

Besides the two commanders the party in charge of the crew and striking out over consists of Ejnar Ditlevsen, a zoologist land and ice through Prince Albert land, and noted European painter of animals; Banks Land, Banks Straits, Patrick's V. Stefaussen, ethnologist, and Dr. George Land and out over the ice as far as pracHowe, M.D., physician and scientist; Cap- ticable. Surveys will be made and the tain Mikkelsen and Mr. Leffingwell will Esquimaux of the regions will be studied. devote themselves to surveys and geologi. The party will then return to their ship cal work. A sailing master, three seamen to take advantage of the short summer and a cook make up the total number of and get the vessel to Cape Prince Albert, the vessel's company, ten in all. The from which point Captain Mikkelsen and

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Duchess of Bedford will touch at some Mr. Leffingwell will start west over the point on the Alaskan coast to land mail great unknown tract. They will take with and will then proceed to Cape Navarin on them provisions for one hundred and forty the Siberian coast, where it is expected to days, with forty dogs, sleds, and a horse. pick up some good dogs. Not many dogs Their arrangements for this trip are will be taken, however, as the feeding of unique in the extreme; as the provisions them will be an important item.

decrease and there is less to carry, the Sailing on through Behring Straits the horse will be killed, the men and dogs shar.

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