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§ 1887.

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1—Report of the California State Penological Commission. 2—Report of W. C. Hendricks to the Penological Commission of California. 3–Report of John Mullan on Certain Claims of the State of California against the United States. 4—Petition of Members of the Police Department of San Francisco, urging the passage of Senate Bill No. 69. 5–Petition of Citizens of Stanislaus County, urging the passage of Assembly Bill No. 12, relating to irrigation. 6—Recommendations Relating to the Registration of Voters. 7–Argument of Peter Roberts, delivered before the Assembly Committee on Labor and Capital, on Assembly Bill No. 13. 8–Report of the Joint Committee on Claims on claim of D. Jordan, relative to Construction of Branch State Prison ât Folsom. 9–Testimony taken before the Joint Committees on Claims, in reference to the claims of D. Jordan. 10—Report of the Senate Committee on Fish and Game. 11—Report of Senate Committee on Chinese and Chinese Immigration. 12—Report of Senate Committee on River, Harbor, and Coast Defenses. 13–Report of Senate Committee on Military Affairs. 14–Report of Senate Committee on Education. 15–Accidents on Street Cable Railroads. 16—Report of Senate Committee on State Prisons and Prison Buildings. 17–Report of Assembly Committee on State Prisons. 18–Report of Assembly Committee on State Library. 19—Report of Select Committee in Relation to Alleged Errors in Engrossment of the General Appropriation Bill. 20–Report of Assembly Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds. 21—Report of Assembly Committee on Fish and Game. 22—Report of Assembly Committee on State Hospitals and Asylums. 23–Report of Special Committee on Savings Banks. 24—Testimony Relative to the Charges Preferred against Chief Justice R. F. Morrison and Associate Justice J. R. Sharpstein. 25–Report of Special Committee Relative to Charges Respecting Changes of Positions of Bills on Assembly File, etc.

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