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METHODIST EPISCOPAL-Continued. Scholes St. Synagogue, Scholes St., near Ewen St. Greenpoint Tabernacle, Manhattan Ave., opp. Temple Beth El, of Greenpoint, 110 Noble St.

Noble St. Tenrple Beth Elohim, Keap St., Dear Division Hanson Place, Hanson Place, cor. St. Felix St. Ave.

Janes, Reid Ave., cor. Monroe St.
Temple Israel, Bedford Ave., cor. Lafayette Ave. Knickerbocker Ave., Knickerbocker Ave., cor.

Ralph St.

Newman Memorial, Herkimer St., near Schenec

tady Ave. Bethlehem (German), Marion St., near Reid Ave.

New York Ave., New York Ave., cor. Dean St. Bethlehem (Swedish), 3d Ave, and Pacific St.

North Fifth St., N. 5th St., near Bedford Ave. Bethlehem Norwegian), Russell St., near Nassau Norwegian, 58th St., near 12th 'Ave. Ave.

Nostrand Ave., Nostrand Ave., cor. Quincy St. ('alvary, Rochester Ave., near Herkimer St.

Powers St., Powers St., near Lorimer St. ('anarsie St. Matthew's, E.92d St., n. Flatlands Ave.

Ridley Memorial, Lawrence Ave., near Ocean ('hrist, 1084 Lafayette Ave.

Parkway. Emanuel, 7th St., near 5th Ave.

Russell Place, Russell Place, near Atlantic Ave. First Scandinavian, Manhattan Ave. , near Milton

Sands St., Henry St., cor, Clark. St. German Evangelical, Schermerhorn St., near Sheepshead Bay, Voorhees Ave.,cor. Ocean Ave.

Simpson, Clermont Ave., cor. Willoughby Ave.
Court St.
Holy Trinity, Cumberland St., near Lafayette South Second St., S. 20 st., near Driggs Ave.

Sixth Ave., 8th St., near 6th Ave.
Immanuel (Swedish), Leonard St., n, Driggs Ave.

South Third St., S. 3d St., cor. Union Ave.

St. John's, Bedford Ave., cor. Wilson St.
Messiab, Humboldt St., cor. Norman Ave.

St. Paul's, Richards St., near Sullivan St.
Norwegian, William, near Van Brunt.
Our Saviour (Danish), 9th St., near 3d Ave.

Summerfield, Washington Ave., cor. Greene Ave. Our Saviour Norwegian), Henry St., near 4th Pl.

Sumner Ave., Sumner Ave., cor. Van Buren St. Redeemer, Bedford Ave., cor. Hewes St.

Tompkins Ave., Tompkins Ave., cor. Willoughby. Reformation, Schenck Ave., near Hamilton Ave.

Union, Leonard, cor. Conselyea.

Warren St., Warren St., near Smith St.
Resurrection (English), Court, cor. President St.
Salem's Danish Evangelical.

Wesley, Glenmore Ave., cor, Shepherd Ave. St. James', 46th St., near 4th Ave.

Williams Ave., Williams Ave., near Atlantic Ave. St. Johannes, Maujergst., near Graham Ave.

Windsor Terrace, Greenwood Ave., cor, Prospect. St. John's, Bath Beach,

York St., York St., near Gold St.
St. John's, 84th St. and 16th Ave.
St. John's, New Jersey Ave., near Liberty Ave.

St. John's, Prospect Ave., near 5th Ave.
St. John's, E D., Milton St., n. Manhattan Ave.

St. Luke's, Washington Ave., n. Willoughby Ave,
St. Mark's, Bushwick Ave., cor. Jefferson St.

Greene Ave., 1171 Greene Ave. St. Matthew's'(German), N. 5th St., D. Driggs Ave.

Salem, Vanderveer Park, cor. 38th St. and Ave, D. St. Matthew's, 6th Ave., cor. 2d St.

St. John's, Sumner Place, near Flushing Ave.
St. Paul's, Knickerbocker Ave., cor. Palmetto St. St. Paul's, Marcy Ave., cor. Penn St.
St. Paul's, Henry St., near 3d Place.

Wyckoff St., Wyckoff St., near Smith St.
St. Paul's, Wyona, near Glenmore Ave.
St. Paul's, E, D., S. 5th St., cor. Rodney St.

St. Paul's (Swedish), 392 McDonough St.
St. Peter's, Bedford Ave., near De Kalb Ave. First, Park Ave., near St. Edward's.
St. Petri's, E. D., Rodney St., near S. 2d St.

Orchard, Oakland St., near Nassau Ave.
St. Stephen's, Newkirk Ave., cor. E. 28th St. Welcome, Classon Ave., near Myrtle Ave.
Trinity, Harrison St., cor. Tompkins Place.
Trinity (Norwegian), 27th St., near 5th Ave.

Wartburg Chapel, Georgia Ave, and Fulton St.
Zion, Henry St., near Clark St.

Grace, E. 92d St., cor. Church Ave.
Zion, Locust St., near Grant St.


St. John's, Howard Ave., near Herkimer. Andrew's, Richmond St., cor. Jamaica Ave.

Union Bethel, Schenectady Ave., cor. Dean St. Benson Ave., Bath Beach.

Union Zion, S. 3d St., cor. Hooper. Bethany (Swedish), Troy, cor. Herkimer.

Wesleyan, Bridge St., near Myrtle Ave. Borough Park, Borough Park,

Zion, Fleet St., near Myrtle Ave.
Buffalo Ave., Buffalo Ave., cor. Bergen St.

Zion, Gravesend Beach.
Bushwickl Ave., Bushwick Ave., cor. Madison St.
Carroll Park (Norwegian), Carroll St. . near Hoyi.

Cropsey Ave., Cropsey Ave., near Bay 35th.
De Kalb Ave., De Kalb Ave., near Franklin Ave.

Ainslie St., Ainslie St., near Manhattan Ave. Eighteenth St., 18th St., near 5th Ave.

Arlington Ave., Arlington Ave., cor. Elon St. Elim (Swedish), 47th St., nearøth Ave.

Bay Ridge, 81st St., cor. 2d Ave. Emanuel (Swedish), Dean St., near 5th Ave. Bedford, Dean St., cor. Nostrand Ave. Embury, Decatur St., cor. Lewis Ave.

Bensouhurst, Bensonhurst. Epworth, Bushwick Ave., cor. De Kalb Ave. Bethany, McDonough St., near Howard Ave. Fennimore St., FennimorpfSt., cor. Rogers Ave.

Bushwick, Central Ave., cor. Covert. First, Lenox, Road, near Flatbush Ave.

Central, Marcy Ave., cor. Jefferson Ave. First, Greenpoint, Manhattan Ave., near Java St. City Park Chapel, Concord St., near Hudson Ave. First Pl. , First Pl., cor. Henry St.

Classon Ave., Classon Ave., cor. Monroe St. Flatlands, Kings Highway.

Cumberland St., Cumberland St., u. Myrtle Ave. Fleet St., Fleet St., cor. Lafayette Ave.

Cuyler Chapel, 358 Pacific St. Fourth Ave., 4th Ave., cor. 47th St.

Duryea, Clermont Ave., near Atlantic Ave. Goodsell, Sheridan Ave., cor. McKinley Ave.

Ebenezer, Stockholm St., near Wyckoff Ave. Grace, 7th Ave., cor. St. John's Place.

Emanuel Chapel, Hamburg Ave., cor.Putnam Ave. Grace, Bay Ridge.

Fifth German, Halsey St., near Central Ave. Gravesend, Gravesend.

First, Henry Śt., near Clark St.



PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL-Continued. First German, Leonard St., cor. Stagg St.

St. Jude's, 55th St., near 13th Ave, Franklin Ave., 163 Franklin Ave.

St. Luke's, Clinton Ave., near Fulton St. Friedens' Kirche, Willoughby Ave., near Broad- St. Margaret's, Van Brunt St. near President St. way.

St. Mark's, Adelphi St., near De Kalb Ave. Glenmore Ave., Glenmore Ave., cor. Doscher St. St. Mark's, Bedford Ave., cor. S. 5th St. Grace, Stuyvesant Ave., cor. Jefferson Ave. St. Martin's, President St., cor. Smith St. Greene Ave., Greene Ave., near Reid Ave.

St. Mary's, Classon Ave., near Willoughby Ave, Gwinnett St. Mission, 158 Gwinnett St.

St. Matthew's, Throop Ave., cor. Pulaski St. Home Crest, Home Crest.

St. Matthias, E. 230 st., Sheepshead Bay. Hopkins St. (German), Hopkins St. , near Throop St. Michael's, High St., near Gold St. Ave.

St. Michael's, N. 5th St., pear Bedford Ave. Immanuel, Newkirk Ave., near Flatbush.

St. Paul's, Clinton St., cor. Carroll St. Lafayette Ave., Lafayette Ave., cor. S. Oxford St. St. Paul's, Church Ave., cor. St. Paul's Place. Lefferts Park, Lefferts Park.

St. Peter's, State St., near Bond St. Memorial, 7th Ave., cor. St. John's Place.

St. Philip's, Dyker Heights. Mount Olivet, Evergreen Ave., cor. Troutman St. St. Philip's Chapel, Dean St., near Troy Ave. Noble St., Noble St., cor. Lorimer St.

St. Stephen's, Patchen Ave. cor. Jetierson Ave. Olivet, Bergen St., near 6th Ave.

St. Thomas', Cooper St., cor. Bushwick Ave. Prospect Heights, 8th Ave., cor. luth St.

St. Timothy's, Howard' Ave., near Atlantic Ave. Ross St., E. V., Ross St., near Bedford Ave. Transfiguration, Fulton St., near Railroad Ave. Seaman's Institute, 18 Atlantic Ave,

Trinity, Arlington Ave., near Schenck Ave. Second, Clinton St., cor. Remsen St. Siloam, Prince St., near Myrtle Ave. South Third St., S. 3d St., cor. Driggs Ave.

REFORMED EPISCOPAL. Throop Ave., Throop Ave., cor. Willoughby Ave.

Church of the Intercession, Nichols Ave., near Westminster, Clinton St., cor. Ist Place.

Etna St. Wyckoff Heights Chapel, 148 Wyckoff Ave.

Grace, Fulton St. ,pear Howard Ave.

Reconciliation, Jefferson Ave., cor. Nostrand Ave. REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN.

Redemption, Leonard St., near Norman Ave. First, Prospect Place, near 5th Ave.


Bay Ridge, 2d Ave. and 80th St.

Bedford Ave. First Reformed, Bedford Ave., cor. First, S. Ist St., cor. Rodney St.

Clymer St. Second, Atlantic Ave, cor. Bond St.

Bethany Chapel, Hudson Ave., near Myrtle Ave. Westminster, Bainbridge St. and Hopkinson Ave. Bushwick, Bushwick Ave., near N. 2d St.

East New York, New Jersey Ave., near Fulton St. PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL.

Edgewood, 54th St., near 14th Ave.

First, 7th Ave., cor. Carroll St.
Frederick Burgess, Bishop.

Flatbush, Flatbush Ave., cor. Church Ave.

Flatbush (Second), (German), Church Ave., opp. Advent, Bensonburst.

Locust St. All Saints', 7th Ave., cor. 7th St.

Flatlands, Neck Road, near Flatbush Ave. Ascension, Kent St., Dear Manhattan.

Grace, Lincoln Road, cor. Bedford Ave. Atonement, 17th St., near 5th Ave.

Gravesend, Neck Road, near Ocean Parkway. Calvary, S. 9th St., cor. Marcy Ave.

Greenwood, 41st St. , cor. 7th Ave. Christ, E. D., Bedford Ave., opposite Morton.

Heights, Church on the, Pierrepont St., near Christ, Clinton, cor. Harrison.

Monroe Place. Christ, 31 Ave., cor. 68th St.

Kent St., Kent St., near Manhattan Ave, Christ Chapel, Wolcott St., near Van Brunt St.

New Brooklyn, Herkimer St., near Howard Ave, Church Foundation Chapel, Atlantic, near Albany New Lots, New Lots Ave., cor. Scheuck Ave. Ave.

New Utrecht, 18th Ave., near 83d St. Church of Our Saviour, Clinton St.,cor. Luquer St.

North, Clermont Ave., near Myrtle Ave. Epiphany, McDonough St. and Tompkins Ave.

Ocean Hill, Herkimer St., near Hopkinson Ave. Good Shepherd, McDonough St., near Stuyvesant

Reformed (German), Graham Ave, neur Jackson. Ave.

South, 3d Ave., near 520 St. Grace, E. D., Conselyea St., near Lorimer St.

South Bushwick, Bushwick Ave., cor. Himrod. Grace, Hicks St., cor. Grace.

St. Peter's, Union Ave., cor. Scholes St.
Holy Apostles, Greenwood Ave., cor. Prospect.

Twelfth St., 12th St., near 5th Ave.
Holy Comforter Chapel, 44 Debevoise St.
Holy Cross Mission, 176 St. Nicholas Ave.

Holy Spirit, Benson Ave., cor. 20th Ave.
Holy Trinity, Clinton st., cor. Montague St.

C. E. McDonnell, Bishop.
Incarnation, Gates Ave., near Classon Ave.
Messiah, Greene Ave., cor. Clermont Ave. All Saints' (German), Throop Ave., near Thorn-
Nativity, Kenilworth Place, near Avenue F.

ton. Redeemer, Church of the, Pacific St., cor. 4th Ave. Annunciation of the B. V. M. (German), N. 5th St. Alban's, Canarsie.

St., cor. Havemeyer St. St. Andrew's, 47th St., near 3d Ave.

Assumption of the B. V. M., York St., cor. Jay st. St. Ann's, Clinton St., cor. Livingston St.

Blessed Sacrament, Fulton st., cor. Euclid Ave. St. Augustine's, St. Edward's, near Park Ave. Chapel of St. John's Home, St. Mark's Ave., cor, St. Barnabas', Bushwick Ave.", near Kossuth Pl. Albany Ave. St. Bartholomew's, Pacific St., cor. Bedford Ave. Chapel of St. Mary's Female Hospital, 155 Dean St. St. Clement's, Pennsylvania Ave., cor. Liverty. Chapel o St. Mary's General Hospital, Rochester St. George's, Marcy Ave.,.cor. Gates Ave.

and st. Mark's Aves. St. James', St. James' Place, cor. Lalayette Ave. Chapel of St. Peter's Hospital, Henry St., cor. St. John's, St. John's Place., cor. 7th Ave.

Congress St. St. John's, 99th St., cor. Fort Hamilton Ave. Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Hopkinson Ave., St. John's, Park ville.

cor. Pacific St. St. John's Chapel, Atlantic Ave., cor. Albany. Chapel of the Precious Blood, 212 Putnam Ave.



ROMAN CATHOLIC-Continued. Chapel of the Visitation Convent, Willoughby St. Malachy's, Van Sicklen Ave., near Atlantic Ave., cor, Clinton Ave.

Ave. Church of the Presentation, Rockaway Ave., cor. St. Mark's, Sheepshead Bay Rd., cor. E. 14th St. St. Mark's Ave.

St. Mary's, 85th St., cor. 23d Ave. Church of the Sorrowful Mother, Morgan Ave., St. Mary's of the Angela (Lithuanian), S. 4th and cor. Harrison Pl.

Roebling Sts. Fourteen Holy Martyrs, Central Ave., cor. Covert St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, LeonSt.

ard St., cor. Maujer St. Guardian Angel, Boulevard, opposite Race Track St. Mary's Star of the Sea, Court St., cor. Luquer Holy Cross, Church Ave., cor. Prospect St.

St. Matthew's, Utica Ave., cor. Degraw St. Holy Family, Rockaway Ave., near 98th St. St. Michael's, 4th Ave., cor. 420 St. Holy Family (German), 13th St., cor. 4th Ave. St. Michael's Archangel (Italian), Lawrence St., Holy Name, 9th Ave., cor. Prospect Ave.

cor. Tillary St. Holy Rosary, Chauncey St., near Stuyvesant Ave. St. Michael's (German), Jerome St., near Liberty Holy Trinity (German), Montrose Ave., near Ave. Ewen St.

St. Nicholas' (German), Powers St., cor. Olive St. Inmaculate Conception, Leonard St., cor. Manjer. St. Patrick's, Kent Ave., cor. Willoughby Ave. Immaculate Conception Chapel, Bushwick Ave., St. Patrick's, 95th St., cor. 4th Ave. cor. De Kalb Ave.

St. Paul's, Court St., cor. Congress St. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Fort Hamilton Ave., St. Peter's, Hicks St., cor. Warren St. cor. E. 4th St.

SS. Peter and Paul's, Wythe Ave., near S. 2d St. Nativity, Classon Ave., cor. Madison St.

St. Rose of Lima's, Lawrence Ave., near Ocean Our Lady of Angels, 4th Ave., cor. 74th St.

Parkway. Our Lady of Czestohowa (Polish), 25th St., near SS. Simon and Jude, Van Siclen Ave., Gravesend. 4th Ave.

St. Stanislaus' (Scandinavian), 14th St., near 6th Our Lady of Good Counsel, Madison, near Ralph Ave. Ave.

St. Stanislaus' (Polish), Driggs Ave., near HumOur Lady of Loretto (Italian), Powell St.

boldt St. Our Lady of Mercy, Debevoise Place, near De St. Stephen's, Summit St., cor. Hicks St. Kalb Ave.

St. Teresa's, Classon Ave., cor. Butler St. Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Italian), N. 8th St., St. Thomas Aquinas', 4th Ave., cor. 9th St. cor. Union Ave.

St. Thomas Aquinas', Flatbush Ave. , near Ave. N. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 5th Ave., near 59th St. St. Vincent de Paul's, N. 6th St., near Driggs Our Lady of Victory, Throop Ave., near McDon Ave. ough si.

St. Vincent's Chapel, 7 Poplar St. Sacred Heart, Clermont Ave., near Park Ave.

Transfiguration, Hooper St., cor. Marcy Ave. Sacred Heart Chapel, Villa de Sales, near Park Visitation of the B. V. M., Verona St., cor. ville.

Richards St. Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary (Italian), President St., cor, Van Brunt St.

UNITARIAN. St. Agnes, Hoyt St., cor. Sackett. St. Alphonsus' (German), Kent Ave., near Man- First Unitarian Congregational Society, Pierrehattan Ave.

pont St., cor. Monroe Place. St. Ambrose, Tompkins Ave., cor. De Kalb Ave. Fourth, Flatbush. St. Anne's, Front St., cor. Gold St.

Second, Clinton St., cor. Congress St.
St. Anthony's, Manhattan Ave., opposite Milton Third, Gates Ave., cor. Irving Place.

Willow Place Chapel, Willow Place.
St. Augustine's, 6th Ave. and Sterling Place.
St. Barbara's, Central Ave., cor. Bleecker St.

St. Benedict's (German), Fulton St., near Ralph | All Souls' Church, S. 9th St., near Bedford Ave.

Church of Our Father, Grand Ave., cor. Lefferts. St. Bernard's (German), Rapelye St., cor. Hicks.

Church of the Good Tidings, Quincy St., near St. Boniface's (German), Duffield St., near Wil

Reid Ave. loughby St.

Church of Reconciliation, N. Henry St. St. Bridget's, Linden St., cor. St. Nicholas Ave.

Nassau Ave.
St. Casimir's (Polish), Greene Ave., near Carlton Prospect Heights, Lincoln Place, near 8th Ave.

St. Catherine's Chapel, Bushwick Ave., cor. Ten

Eyck St.
St. Cecilia's, N. Henry St., cor. Herbert St. Bereau Evangelical, Sumner Ave., near Kos-
St. Charles Borromeo's, Sidney Place., cor. Liv-

ciusko St. ingston St.

Bethlehem Chapel, Prospect Place, near 6th Ave. St. Edward's, St. Edward's, cor. Leo Place. Brooklyn Christian Mission, 129 Boerum. St. Elias', 720 Leopard St.

Christian Church of the Evangel, Leonard St., St. Finbar's, Bath Beach.

near Meserole Ave. St. Francis' Chapel, 300 Baltic St.

Church of Brooklyn, 1028 Gates Ave. St. Francis de Chantal, 57th St., near 13th Ave. Church of God, 870 Willoughby Ave. St. Francis of Assisi, Lincoln Road and Nostrand Church of Individual Dominion, Bedford Ave., Ave.

cor. Madison St. St. Francis of Assisium Chapel, Maple St., near Church of the New Jerusalem, Monroe Place, Nostrand Ave.

cor, Clark St. St. Francis Xavier's, Carroll St., cor. 6th Ave. Faith Gospel, 128 Meserole Ave. St. James' Pro-Cathedral, Jay St., cor. Chapel St. First Congregation and Church of the People, 304 St. Jerome, cor. Newkirk and Nostrand Aves. Clifton Place. St. John the Evangelist's, 21st St., near 5th Ave. First Free Baptist, Keap St., cor. Marcy Aye. St. John's Chapel, Clermont Ave., near Greene Fraternity of Divine Communion, Bedford Ave., Ave.

cor. Madison St. St. John the Baptist's, Willoughby Ave., near Household of Faith, 617 Greene Ave. Lewis Ave.

New Church, 550 Bedford Ave. St. Joseph's, Pacific St., near Vanderbilt Ave. Swedenborgian (New Jerusalem), Clark St. and St. Leonard of Port Maurice's (German), Ham Monroe Place. burg Ave., cor. Jefferson St.

United Brethren (Mora ian), Jay St., near Myrtle St. Louis' (French), Ellery St., near Nostrand Ave. Ave.


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Clubs in Manhattan Borough.











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Aldine Association. 1895 111 Fifth Ave.....

380 72 8100 None. $75.00 $25.00 Chas. L. Patton. American Yacht. 1883 Milton Point, Rye,N.Y. 300

2001(c) 20 100

50.00 (c)50. William P. Allen. Arion.. 1854 Park Ave. & 59th St... 1,500



40.00 Julius Werner. Arkwright. 1893 320 Broadway...

700 None.

700 87 50 $20.00 50.00 20.00 F. E. Turner. Army and Navy 1989 16 W. 31st St... None. None. 205 875 25 None. 30.00

5.00 Charles H. Loring. Authors

18827th Ave, c. W. 56th St. None. None. 95 59 25 25.00 20.00 (d)10. Duttield Osborne. Barnard.. 1893 W. 56th St. & 7th Ave.

536 42 25 10.00 10.00 5.00 Edward L. Parris. Calumet.. 1879 267 Fifth Ave..

600 Xorie.

550 215 None. None. 87.00 40.00 Charles C. Bull. Catholic

1871 120 Central Park South 1,000 300 851 250 50 None. 50.00 10.00 Charles Murray. Century Association.. 1847 7 W. +3d St


300 991 206 150 100.00 60.00 30.00 Edward Cary. City.. 1892 19 W. 34th St.

600 65 (b) 50 None. 50.00 15.00 James W. Pryor. Colonial....

1889 B'way & W. 72d St... 1,000 None. 700 501 100 50.00 50.00 35.00 Charles J. G. Hall, Coney Island Jockey 1879 569 Fifth Ave..


50 50.00 25.00 25.00 Cornelius Feilowes. Congregational.. 1879 No Club-House..

200 None. 188 5 5 None. 10.00 None. Chas. L. Beckwith, Craftsman's. 18:4 17 E. 22d St..

500 None. 250 30 None. None. 15.00 8.00 G. W. Arnold. Democratic 1871 617 Fifth Ave.. 3,000 None. 2,718

25.00 25.00 Wm. E. Wyatt. Downtown Ass'n. 1860 50 Pine St....

1,000 None. 1,000 89 150 75.00 50.00 25.00 Wm. R. Stewart. Drug Trade... 1894 100 William St...

300 None, 300


25 5.00 40.00 10.00 Harry Hall.
1888 374 Fifth Ave...


468 485 50 25.00 50.00 25.00 Chas. W. Baker. Fidelio. 110 E. 59th St..

Samuel Louisson.
German Leiderkranz... 1817 111 E. 58th St..



R. F. Lang.
German Press.. 1884 21 City Hall Place..

105 175 10 10.00 12.00 12.00 F. C. Martini.
1884 29 E. 32d St..
250 125 250 125

50 25.00 30.00 15.00 Thos, G. Evans. Hardware... 189253 Broadway.

200 600 150 50 50.00 50.00 25.00 Arthur G. Sherman. Harlein...

1886 Lenox Ave. & 123d St. 400 None. 248 54 50 50.00 50.00 None. Frank Combes. Harlein Democratic.. 1852 106 W. 126th St.. Node. None. 475


10.00 10.00 H. S. Sayers,
Harlein Republican.. 1887 23 W. 124th St. None. None. 300 20 10 5.00 20.00 10.00 S. A. Sutford.
1852 45 W. 42 St..



125.00 E. Spiegelberg. Harvard.. 1865 27 W. 14th St.

None. None. 1,047 515 10 10.00 10-20 10.00 F. H. Kinnicutt. Hudson Boat.

1875 Foot W. 126th St. None. None. 100 5 10 10.00 18.00 2.00 H. J. Boleman. Jockey. 1894 Windsor Arcade. 50 None. 50 None. 100


F. K. Sturgis. Knickerbocker. 1871 819 Fifth Ave.

450 None.


Jas. W. Appleton. Knickerbocker Yacht.. 1874 College Point, L. I.



J. 0. Sinkinson.
1875 70 W, 36th St..

150 100

98 200 100.00 150.00 25.00 John Drew.
1887 120 Broadway.

1,200 None. 1,200 400 None. None. 100.00 50.00 Geo. T. Wilson.
187012 E. 8th St...
500 None. 500 None. None. None. 12.00

Alex. H. Reid. Lotos.... 1870 558 Fifth Ave. 600 None. 584 368

75.00 30.00 Chester S. Lord. Manhattan. 1865 26th St.& Marlison Ave 1,500

800 600 250 250.00 100.00 25.00 David B. Gilbert. Manhattan Chess t.. 1877 105 E. 22d St

None. None 207 None. 10 10.00 20.00 10.00 Gustave Simonson. Merchants 1871 108 Leonard St.

350 150 350 50 100 50.00 75.0 37.00 Frederic S. Wells. Metropolitan 1891 Fifth Ave. cor. 60th St. 1,200 500 873

175) 300 300.00 100.00 50.00 Wm. W. Sherman. New Yorkt. 1845 35th St. & Fifth Ave.. 500 None. 350


100 50.00 75.00 37.50 William A. Lane. N. Y. Athletic.

1068 Central Park South... 3,500 700 2,850 500 100 50.00 50.00 30.00 Chas. L. Burnham, N. Y. Caledonian. 1856 846 Seventh Ave. None. None. 400 None


John Gilchrist.
N. Y. Press..

1872 116 Nassau St... None. None. 800 601 10 5.00 15.00 15.00 Walter Scott. N. Y. Railroad... 1872 12 W. 31st St...... Xone. None. 1,024 None. None. 2.00 2.00 W. B. Yereance. N. Y. Scottish. 1887241 Fifth Ave..


Joseph Stewart, Jr. N. Y. Turn Verein 1850 85th St. & Lex. Ave... None. None. 637


12.00 B. Nageischnitt. N. Y. Yacht ..... 184 37 W. 44th St. (a). None. None. 1,850

100 100.00 50.00 50.00 J, V. Š. Oddie. Players.

1888 16 Gramercy Park... 500 550 465 503 100 50.00 40.00 20.00 Charles E. Carryl. Prof. Woman's League 108 W. 45th St


5.50 Miss Alice Brown. Progress.

1864 Cor. 5th Ave. & 630 St. 600 600 500 201 100 100.00 100.00 50.00 Chas. M. Eisig. Quill... 1890 772 Park Ave.. 200


12.00 Chas. P. Fagmani. Racquet and Tennis... 1875 27 W. 43.1 St..

700 200

200 200.00 100.00 50.00 11. C. Mortimer. Reform.....

1888 233 Fifth Ave.. None. 2,000 473 2,000 25 None. 40.00 10.00 Edwin Baldwin, Republican... 1879 450 Fifth Ave..


50 25.00 25.00 12.50 E. A. Jones. Saint Nicholas... 1875 7 W. 44th St..


100 50.00 75.00 37.50 Rutger B, Jewett. Salmagundi.

1871 14 W. 12th St.. None. None. 320 84) 50 50.00 25.00 10.00 J. A. Thompson. Seawanhaka - Corin-1 1871 Oyster Bay, L. I...... 500 None. 500

50 50.00 50.00 Allen E. Whitman. thian Yacht.. Transportation. 1896 Madison Ave. & 42d St. 500 500 392 470 25 25.00 40.00 20.00 John Carstensen, Turf and Field.. 1895 Westchester, N. Y..... 300



25.00 Amos T. French, Underwriters.. 1898 73 William St...

500 None.

435 85 25 5.00 25.00 5.00 R. A. Cowles.
1836 Fifth Ave. & 21st St.(f) 1,400 None. 1,400


Franklin Bartlett.
Union League..
1863 1 E. 39th St...


1,694 9+ (e) 300 (e)75. (e)45. Geo. S. Terry. University.

1865 Fifth Ave. cor. 54th St. 2,000 1,500 1,758 1,271 200 100.00 75.00 35.00 Otto T. Bannard.
1901 9 E. 46th St...


15.00 15.00 Mrs.W.H. Rockwell.
1894 W. B'way & Beach St. 450 200 400 170

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e Dark Oerum. 4. Les



Te. re Bedied:

15.00 50.00 10.00 John P. Faure.
* Initiation fee, $50 ; members under twenty-five years of age, $25. Report of January 1, 1:01. Initiation fee for profes-
sionals, $50 ; dues, $25. (8) Rendezvous at Bay Ridge, L. I. (b) No initiation fee when applicant is under thirty years of age.
(c) Subscribing members. (d) Non-residents pay no dues first two years. (e) Army and Navy members and clergymen, $150;
annual dues, $30. (f) New club-house, 5th Ave. and 51st St. The returns in this table are of January 1, 1902, approximately.



the Panel

Public Buildings in Manhattan Borough.



Army Building, Whitehall and Pearl Streets. Jefferson Market Court, 6th Ave. and 10th Street.
Assay Office, 30 Wall Street.

Ludlow Street Jail, near Grand Street.
Barge Office, foot of Whitehall Street.

Post-Office, Broadway and Park Row.
City Hall, City Hall Park.

Register's Office, City Hall Park,
County Court-House, Chambers St., near B'way. State Arsenal, 7th Avenue and 35th Street.
Criminal Court Building, Centre and Franklin Šts. Sub-Treasury, Wall and Nassau Streets.
Custom-House, Wall and William Streets.

Tombs, Centre and Franklin Streets.

Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations.

ESTABLISHED by consolidation of The Trustees of the Astor Library," "The Trustees of the Lenox Library," and "The Tilden Trust,"' May 23, 1895, twenty-one trustees being chosen from the trustees of these corporations. The agreement of consolidation provided for the establishment and maintenance of a free public library and reading-room in the City of New York, with such branches as might be deemed advisable for the continued promotion of the objects and purposes of these several corporations.

The Astor Library was founded in 1849, by John Jacob Astor, and his endowment was increased, and land and buildings added, by the beneficence of various members of the Astor family.

The Lenox Library was founded by James Lenox, who gave land on Fifth Avenue between Seventieth and Seventy-first Streets, large funds and valuable collections of Bibles, manuscripts, and Americana. It received subsequently large endowments from his sister, Miss Henrietta Lenox, from Mrs. R. L. Stuart, and others.

The Tilden Trust, incorporated in 1887, was created by the will of Samuel J. Tilden, made in 1884, which gave his entire residuary estate to trustees to establish and maintain a free library and reading-room. A long contest in the courts resulted, before the termination of the suit, in an agreement of compromise by which the Tilden Trust became possessed of over $2,000,000.

The Trustees soon after the consolidation in 1895 determined to pursue a liberal policy and to create a great library system not only for the use of scholars, but for the people. The best permanent site for the future great library was considered to be in Bryant Park,on Fifth Avenne, between Fortieth and Forty-second Streets on the site of the reservoir, which had become obsolete and was practically unused. On March 25, 1896, the Trustees made a formal address to the Mayor asking aid from the city in securing the site of the reservoir, and in May, 1896, the Legislature passed a law authorizing the removal of the reservoir and the lease of the land to the Library. On May 19, 1897, another act was pass'd providing for the construction by the city of a library building on the reservoir site, and for its lease to the Library, which act was amended in 1900, removing the limit of cost. On November 10 the architects were selected for the new building and on December 1 the plans were approved by the city. The style of architecture will be Renaissance and the material used will be white marble. The building will front on Fifth Avenue, looking east. The greatest projection of the main façade of the building is seventy-five feet back of the Fifth Avenue building line. It is intended to make a terrace out of this seventy-five feet of foreground, serving as a grand approach to the main entrance. The terrace will be 455 feet long. There will be a hallway in the centre of the building eighty feet long and forty feet wide. The staircases which lead to the second and third floors will be of stone, twelve feet wide. The arches forming the vestibule will be thirty-five feet high and fifteen feet wide. The entrance to the stairs and the elevators will be found on the Fortieth Street side. On the first floor will be the main exhibition room. On the second floor will be the rooms of the director and trustees, lecture-room, and reading-room. The top floor will contain the Stuart collection. There will be about 140 feet of ground between the west elevation of the building and the present park. The design of the building will be monumental in character, with classical proportions. After delays, owing to the inability of the city to appropriate funds for the work, the removal of the reservoir

was begun on June 6, 1899. The reservoir has since been removed and ihe foundations for the new bnilding completed and the corner-stone for the building laid. The Park Department, acting on behalf of the city, entered into a contract with contractors to construct the building at a cost of $2,865, 706.

In June, 1900, the Finance Department of the city requested the Library to investigate the condition of free circulating libraries, and on September 24 a report was made, after careful investigation, recommending a definite centralized system of free circulating libraries. On December 11, 1900, the trustees of the New York Free Circulating Library offered to consolidate with the Public Library, and on February 23, 1901, an agreement of consolidation was effected. An act permitting libraries to deed their properties to the Public Library became a law on March 6, 1901, and under it the St. Agnes Free Library and the Washington Heights Free Library have conveyed all their property to the Public Library.

On November 14, 1900, the Library received a communication from the Board of Education for the Boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx, recommending coöperation with the public schools, and on December 12 an agreement with the Board of Education was made by which books were to be supplied in 1901, for reading-rooms in eight public schools.

On March 12, 1901, Mr. Andrew Carnegie offered to give $5, 200,000 to the city for the construction and equipment of free circulating libraries upon condition that the city should provide the land and agree to maintain the libraries when built. This communication was submitted to the Mayor on March 15, and on April 26 an act was passed authorizing acceptance of the gift by the city upon the terms imposed by Mr. Carnegie. An agreement with the city was executed on July 17, the Library acting as agent for Mr. Carnegie, under which forty-two buildings are to be erected in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Richmond, on sites to be selected and purchased by the city with the approval of the Library, the buildings to be leased to the Library and to be under its control. The city agrees to provide adequate yearly maintenance of 10 per cent of the cost of each building, being agreed upon as a minimum. The Trustees of the Library are: Samuel P. Avery.

Daniel Huntington, Alexander Mai nd, Philip Schuyler, | John Bigelow,

H. Van Ren. Kennedy, Stephen H. Olin, George W. Smith, William Allen Butler, John S. Kennedy,

Alexander E. Orr, Frederick Sturges, John L. Cadwalader, Edward King,

Henry C. Potter,

Chas. Howland Russell, Andrew H, Green, Lewis Cass Ledyard, George L. Rives, William W. Appleton.

Edward M. Grout, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex-oficio.
There is an advisory committee on circulation consisting of H. E. Howland, F. W. Stevens, J. F.
Kernochan, C. Scribner, F. C. Huntington, W. W. Appleton; Chairman, A. Maitland.
BRANCHES-REFERENCE. --Astor Building, 40 Lafayette Place. Lenox Building, 890 Fifth Ave.

Bond Street, 49 Bond St.
Harlem, 218 E. 125th St.

(Riverside, 261 W. 69th St. Ottendorfer, 135 Second Ave. Muhlenberg, 130 W. 23d St. Yorkville, 1523 Second Ave. George Bruce, 226 W. 420 St. Bloomingdale (and Travelling Thirty-fourth St., 215 E. 34th St. Jackson Square, 251 W. 13th St. Libraries), 206 W. 100th St. Chatham Square, 22 East B'way.

STATISTICS FOR YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 1901. Volumes called for in reference branches 605,487 Volumes given out for home use.. .1, 620, 812 Number of readers

143,972 Bound volumes in reference department 538, 957 Visitors to art galleries.

33, 454
** circulating

179, 894 Volumes read in circulating branches.... 149.508 Pamphlets • reference Invested funds, $4,062, 240.75; income, $196,782.37; expenditures, $199,358.13.

182, 370

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