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International Association of Governmental Labor Officials:

Purposes and activities of the I. A. G. L. 0.-president's address, by

A. W. Crawford...

State labor departments:

New responsibilities of State labor departments, by Frances Perkins,

United States Secretary of Labor----

Unemployment compensation:

Present status of unemployment compensation-report of committee

on unemployment compensation, by Paul Raushenbush, chairman.


Old-age pensions:

Administration of old-age pensions-report of committee on old-age

pensions, by Harry R. McLogan, chairman.


Supplementary report and recommendations of committee on old-

age pensions, by Harry R. McLogan, chairman..


Minimum-wage laws:

Present status of minimum-wage laws-report of committee on

minimum-wage laws, by Frieda S. Miller, chairman.


Women in industry:

Status of women in industry, 1935–36-report of comınittee on

women in industry, by Mary Anderson, chairman..


Child labor:

Problems of child labor-report of committee on child labor, by L.

Metcalfe Walling, chairman..


Wage-collection laws:

Wage-collection laws and their administration--report of committee

on wage-collection laws, by E. I. McKinley, chairman.

Proposed State wage-payment and wage-collection law (recom-

mended by I. A. G. L. 0.)--


Home work:

Regulation of home work-report of committee on industrial home

work, by Morgan R. Mooney, chairman..

Proposed State law to regulate and tax industrial home work

(endorsed by I. A. G. L. 0.)----


Civil service:

State departments of labor and the civil service--report of the com-

mittee on civil service, by E. B. Patton, chairman.



The rapid acceptance of advanced labor legislation by the Federal Government and the individual States during recent years has greatly increased the responsibility of governmental labor agencies, as well as added to their opportunities for social service. New problems of coordination between State and Federal labor departments, and between the States themselves, in carrying out new laws and new policies, have emphasized the old need for some pooling of effort on the part of labor-law administrators to the end that similar laws shall produce similar results.

Some of these problems and the measures necessary for meeting them are discussed in this bulletin from the viewpoint of those responsible for the administration and enforcement of labor laws and regulations. The International Association of Governmental Labor Officials, like other professional organizations, is vitally concerned not only with professional standards, but with constant improvement in the character and scope of the services which its members are called upon to perform. Because of close daily contact with the practical application of measures designed to improve working conditions and industrial relations, the men and women who make up the International Association of Governmental Labor Officials have, through their association, been able to make valuable contributions to the effort to raise standards and to secure uniformity not only in laws but in policies and personnel of the administering agencies.

The goals being sought by this organized group of governmental labor officials, as well as the difficulties in the way of realizing these goals, are apparent in the proceedings of their 1936 convention, of which this bulletin is a transcript.


Commissioner of Labor Statistics. JUNE 1, 1937.


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