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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1996, by

G. W. BERTRON, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Wasirington, D. C.

All Rights Reserved.


THIS comprehensive volume treats fully every

great issue, every party and every question, that enter into the political campaign of 1896.

. It attacks no man's creed and upholds the banner of no party; but placing every party and its principles, with its leaders, upon its own platform, and bringing the several parties, platforms and champions in their true light before the mind of the reader, the intelligent citizen will, in this book, be enabled to view and compare them side by side and judge of their respective claims upon his vote as an American citizen.

A vast storehouse of truth, plain, simple and unvarnished, makes this book an unequalled source of information upon the great issues of this campaign, suited to the wants of every voter irrespective of party and without partisan bias.

It tells the story of former Presidents, political parties and statesmen, and shows the causes of their successes and failures. In the light of the past and the revelations of truth as here set forth, the voter is enabled to gain a clearer view of the situation and to cast his vote intelligently and wisely upon the great issues of “ High Protection "versus “ Tariff for Revenue Only,” “ A Gold Standard of Currency ” versus “ Bimetallism and the Free and Unlimited


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Coinage of Silver,” “Prohibition

“A Licensed Liquor Traffic.” These momentous ques tions are eloquently discussed and expounded by the great champions and apostles of each doctrine.

Since the rising war cloud of 1859-60 which deluged our country in the blood of brothers, our nation has not been so agitated, divided and excited as it is to-day from ocean to oceanNorth, South, East and West—on the coinage question. This must necessarily be the great issue of this campaign; and its settlement is fraught with threatenings and omens which indicate political combinations, upheavals and surprises which our shrewdest politicians seem unmindful of or unwilling to recognize.

Since 1873 the mutterings of discontent have been growing louder between the advocates of gold and bi-metal standards. During the past three years, these mutterings have grown into clamorous shouts and peremptory demands on both sides.

The tariff constitutes the next great issue. Unexpectedly it is being intricately woven into the fabric of the coinage question, and silver advocates of the West declare free coinage only a just offset against protected manufactures in the East. All the old battle ground must be gone over and new battles on new fields must be fought on this question.

Every intelligent reader will here find just the information most needed to help him to a wise and patriotic decision.

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