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Gods; and that from thence alfo among the Gentiles, chiefly in Greece, and at Rome, fo many Gods were acknowledged and worshipped, when yet in the Antient Church, from whence thofe Epithets fprung, they never worshipped more than one God reverenced under fo many Names, for this Reason, because by Name is understood Quality.

2725. Ver. 34. And Abraham fojourned in the Philiftlines Land many Days. Abraham fojourned in the Philistines Land many Days, fignifies that the Lord joined to the Doctrine of Faith many Things from the Science of Human Knowledge.

2726. That Abraham fojourned in the Philiftines Land many Days, fignifies that the Lord fhould join to the Doctrine of Faith many Things from the Science of human Knowledge, appears from the Signification of, to fojourn. which is to inftruct, of which, N. 1463. 2025; from the Representation of Abraham, which is the Lord, of which, N. 1965. 1989. 2011. 2501; from the Signification of the Land of the Philiftines or Philiftia, which is the Science of Knowledge, of which, N. 1197. 1198; and from the Signification of Days which is the State of a Thing, which is treated of N. 23. 487. 488.493.893; here because Knowledge from Scientifics and Rationals is treated of, and it is faid many Days, it fignifies many Days refpectively. It has been difcourfed from Ver. 22, hitherto of human Rationals and Scientifics, added to the Doctrine of Faith, as is plain from the Explanations, here is the Conclufion of them. With respect to the Thing itself, as it is more profound in itself, and as the fame is amply handled in the following Chap. xxvi, we shall here defer any farther Explanation.

Of Marriages, how they are confider'd in the Heavens, and of Adulteries.

2727. WHAT is genuine conjugal Love, and from whence its Original, few at this Day know, for this Reafon, because few are in it; almost all believe that it is innate, and fo, as they fay, flows from a natural Inftinct, and the more fo, as there is also a Matrimony exifts among Animals; when yet fuch is the Difference between the conjugal Love among Men, and the conjugal Action among Animals, as there is between the State of Man, and the State of a brute Animal.

2728. And because few at this Day, as has been faid, know what genuine conjugal Love is, it shall be defcribed from thofe Things that have been difcover'd. Conjugal Love derives its Original from the Divine


Marriage of Good and Truth, fo from the Lord Himfelf; that Conjugal Love is from thence, does not appear to the Senfe and Apprehenfion, but yet it may appear from the Influx and from Correfpondency, befides from the Word. From Influx, Heaven, by the Union of Good and Truth which flows from the Lord, is compared to Marriage, and is called Marriage; from Correfpondency, when Good united to Truth flows down into the inferior Sphere, it fupports the Union of Minds, when it flows into a yet more inferior Sphere, it fupports Marriage: Wherefore the Union of Minds from Good united to Truth by the Lord, is the very conjugal Love itself.

2729. That from hence is genuine conjugal Love, may likewife appear from this, that no Perfon can be in it, unless he is in the Good of Truth and in the Truth of Good from the Lord; as alfo from this, that celeftial Happiness and Felicity is in that Love; and they who are in it, all come into Heaven, or into the Celestial Marriage: Alfo from this, when there is a Difcourfe among the Angels about the Union of Good and Truth, then the Reprefentative of Marriage is fupported in the inferior Sphere among good Spirits; but the Reprefentative of Adultery is fupported among the evil Spirits; hence it is, that in the Word the Union of Good and Truth is called Marriage, but the Adulteration of Good and the Falsification of Truth, Adultery and Whoredom, as may be feen N. 2466.

2730. The Men of the moft Antient Church above all others on this Earth, lived in genuine conjugal Love, because they were celestial, from Good in Truth, and in the Kingdom of the Lord together with Angels, and to them Heaven was in that Love. But their Pofterity, among whom the Church fell off, began to love their Children, not their Wives; for Children may be loved by wicked Men, but a Wife cannot be loved but by good Men.

2731. It was heard from thofe Antients, that conjugal Love is fuch, that it would be wholly another's, and this reciprocally, mutually and interchangeably; as that the Conjunction of Minds is fuch, that this reciprocal Mutuality is in all and fingular Cafes of Life, and in all and fingular Expreffions of the Affection, and in all and fingular Acts of the Thoughts: Therefore it was inftituted by the Lord, that Wives are the Affections of the Good which is of the Will, and Hufbands are the Thoughts of Truth which are of the Understanding, and that Marriage is from thence, fuch as it is between the Will and the Understanding, and between all and fingular thofe Things in the Man, who is in the Good of Truth, and the Truth of Good.

2732. I talked with the Angels about this reciprocal Mutuality, what it was, and they faid, it was the Image and Similitude of one Perfon in the Mind of another, and that fo they cohabit not only in the Singulars but also in the Intimacies of Life, and that the Love and Mercy of the Lord might flow into fuch an One with Happiness and Felicity. They faid alfo, that they who in the Life of the Body lived in fuch a conjugal. Love, may be together and cohabit in Heaven as Angels, fometimes alfo with Children; but that there were at this Day very few from the Chriftian World, but from the most Antient Church, which was celeftial, all, and from the Antient Church, which was fpiritual, many: But they who liv'd in Marriage not joined in conjugal Love, but in lafcivious Love, that they should be feparated in the other Life, because nothing of Lafcivioufness is fuffer'd in Heaven; and that they are yet more feparated, who are mutually averfe to one another, and yet more those who hated one another; when they both come first into the other Life, they often meet, but after they have fuffered Hardships, are feparated.

2733. There were certain Spirits, who according to their Manner in the Life of the Body, infefted me with a peculiar Importunity, and this by a kind of foft and as it were waving Influx, fuch as is ufually that of good Spirits, but it was perceiv'd that in them there was Craftiness and the like, that they might catch and deceive; at length I talked with one of them, who, as it was told me, had been General of an Army, when he lived in the World, and because I perceiv'd, that in the Ideas of his Thought there was a Lafciviousness, I talked with him concerning Marriage, the Speech of Spirits is illuftrated by Reprefentatives, which fully expreffes the Senfe, and many Things in a Moment; he faid that he accounted Adulteries in the Life of the Body as nothing; but it was granted me to tell him, that Adulteries were abominable, altho' they appear before thofe, who are fuch, from the Pleasure they take, and from the Perfuafive from thence, that they are not fuch, nay, that they are lawful; which alfo he could know from this, that Marriages are the Seminaries of Mankind, and from thence alfo the Seminaries of the heavenly Kingdom, and therefore should never be violated, but be accounted holy; as likewife from this, that he ought to know, as he was in the other Life, and in a State of Perception, that conjugal Love defcends from the Lord thro' Heaven, and that from that Love, as from a Parent, was derived mutual Love, which is the Firmament of Heaven; and from this, that Adulteries, when they only come near the celestial Societies, perceive their own ftrong flinking Scent, and throw themselves from thence towards


Hell; at least he might know, that to violate Marriages was contrary to the Divine Laws, and contrary to the civil Laws of all Nations, as well as contrary to the genuine Light of Reason, and contrary to the Order as well Divine as Human, and much more befides. But he anfwer'd, that be never knew fuch Things in the Life of the Body, nor thought about them; he was willing to reafon whether it was fo, but it was faid, that Truth would not admit Reasonings in the other Life, for they are patroniz'd by Pleafures, fo by Evils and Falfities, and that he ought first to think of thofe Things which had been faid, because they were Truths; or even from that Principle, which was exceedingly well known in the World, that no Man ought to do to another which he would not have another do to him; and fo if any should deceive his Wife, whom he loved, as every one does in the Beginning of his Marriage, then when he was in a State of Anger upon fuch an Occafion, if he could fpeak from that State, whether he would not himself also abhor Adulteries, and then, as he had a good Share of Senfe, he would confirm himself against those Things more than others, fo as at last to damn them to Hell; thus he might judge himself from himself.

2734. They who in the Life of the Body enjoy'd Happiness in Marriages from genuine conjugal Love, they also have Happiness in the other Life, fo that the Happiness of one Life is continued to them in the other, and there becomes a Union of Minds, in which confifts Heaven; it was told me, that the Kinds of celestial and spiritual Felicities were from thence only most univerfal, and in Number unlimited.

2735. Genuine conjugal Love is the Image of Heaven, and when it is reprefented in the other Life, it is done by the most beautiful Things, which can poffibly be feen by the Eyes and apprehended by the Mind; it is reprefented by a Virgin of inexpreffible Beauty circled with a white Cloud, fo that he may be faid to be Beauty itself in Effence and Form; it was faid, that from conjugal Love was all Beauty in the other Life; the Affections and Thoughts of it are reprefented by adamantine Airs Sparkling as it were with Rubies and Carbuncles, and thefe with Delights which affect the most intimate Receffes of Minds: But on the first Approach of any Thing lafcivious, they are Separated.

2736. I was inftructed, that genuine conjugal Love is Innocence itself, which dwells in Wifdon; there are fome who have lived in conjugal Love, who in Wisdom are before all in Heaven, and are even beheld by others, who appear as Infants in a flourishing and blooming Age; and whatever then happens, is to them Joy and Felicity: They are in the inmoft Hea


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ven, which is called the Heaven of Innocence; from thence the Lord flows into conjugal Love; and from that Heaven Angels affift Men who live in that Love; they likewife affift Infants in their first Age.

2737. In those who live in conjugal Love, are opened the Interiors of the Mind thro' Heaven even unto the Lord, for this Love flows from the Lord thro' the Intimate of the Mind, from whence they have the Kingdom of the Lord in themselves, and from bence they have genuine Love towards Infants, for the fake of the Kingdom of the Lord; and from hence they above all others are receptible of celestial Loves, and are above all others in mutual Love, for it comes from hence as a Current from its Fountain.

2738. Mutual Love, fuch as is in Heaven, is not as conjugal Love; this is to defire to be in the Life of another as one, but that to wish better to another than one's Self, fuch as is the Love of Parents to their Children, and fuch as that is of those who are affected with the Pleasure of doing Good, not for the fake of themselves, but for the fake of this that it is a Pleafure to them; fuch an angelic Love is derived from conjugal Love, and hence it is born as an Infant of its Parent, wherefore it is in Parents towards their Children; this Love is preferved in Parents by the Lord, altho' they are not in conjugal Love, for this Reason, that Mankind might not perish.

2739. From the Marriage of Good and Truth in the Heavens defcend all Loves, fuch as the Love of Parents towards their Children, the Love of Prethren between themselves, and the Love towards Kindred, and fo on according to the Degrees in that Order: According to thofe Loves which are unitedly from Good and Truth, that is, from Love and Faith in the Lord, all the heavenly Societies are formed, which are fo joined by the Lord that they exhibit one Man, wherefore alfo Heaven is called the Greatest Man, there are ineffable Varieties, all which draw their Original and are derived from the Union of Good and Truth from the Lord, which Union is the celestial Marriage; hence it is, that from the Marriages on Earth is taken the Origin of all Relations and Affinities, and in like Manner are derived Loves according to their Degrees mutually between themselves; but in as much as there is not conjugal Love at this Day, Confanguinities and Affinities are indeed reckon'd from thence, but they are not the Confanguinities and Affinities of Love. In the most Antient Church there were alfo fuch Derivations of Love, wherefore in the Heavens they dwell together diftinguish'd as it were into Nations, o VI.



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