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This is a large well, south of the Pool of Siloamn at the junction of the two valleys, Jehoshaphat and Hinnom. It is 125 feet deep, and strongly walled with large stones. This wall terminates in an arch at the top, the whole bearing evidence of great antiquity. This well is still a place of great resort, as the water is better than most of the water about the city. A large flat stone with a circular hole in the centre constitutes the mouth of the well. The water is still drawn, as in ancient times, in leathern buckets and earthen jars attached to ropes; deep creases are worn into the edge of the aperture through the capstone, where these ropes have for many centuries been drawn up.


This fountain is a large, deep, artificial cavity in the hill-side, cut entirely in the solid rock. It is reached by a broad stone stairway of 26 steps. The water is about 25 feet below the entrance on the hill-side, and some 10 or 15 feet below the bottom of the valley. The water is contained in a basin 15 feet long by from 5 to 6 broad, and 7 feet deep. The usual depth of the water is about 3 feet, the bottom of the basin being covered with pebbles, an accumulation of dirt, and rubbish. It is said by some to get the name, "Fountain of the Virgin," from the fact that these waters were considered a grand test for women accused of incontinence. If

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innocent, they drank it without injury; if guilty they immediately fell down dead! When the Virgin Mary was accused she submitted to the ordeal, and thus established her innocence.


Is in the city, near the Jaffa Gate, and is 240 feet long by 144 feet wide. Its bottom is formed of the natural rock, levelled and cemented. This pool supplies several large baths with water.

Near the Cotton Bazar is the WELL OF HEALING, 85 feet deep, through rock. There are several chambers and passages connected with this well, whose uses are unknown.

The POOL OF BETHESDA (Moat of Antonia) is 365 feet long, 131 wide, with a branch at the south-west corner 142 feet long and 45 wide. The north half of it is walled over by foundations for houses, and built upon. The MEKHEMEH POOL is under ground near the Wailing Place, and is 84 feet by 42, built against the Temple area wall, arched over but not now used. The BATH OF BATHSHEBA was near the Jaffa Gate, north, is 120 feet long by 50 wide, and 20 deep ;now filled up with rubbish. HELENA'S CISTERN, near the Coptic Convent, is 60 feet long by 30 wide. and is supplied with good water the year round.

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