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dad, king of Syria. 1 Kings ABEL-MEHOLAH, OR xv, 20; and afterwards by the ABELMEA, being the counking of Assyria, 2 Kings xv, 29. try of Elijah, (1 Kings xix,

ABEL KERAMIM, a 16.) It was also the birthtown, which lay east of the Jor- place of Elisha the prophet. dan, in the country of the Am. According to Eusebius, it was monites, where Jephthah de- sixteen miles distant from feated that people; it abounds in Scythopolis; it was situated on vines; it was also called Abela. the west of Jordan, between Abila signifies a mountain, in the valley of Jezreel and the the Phenician language. Prob- village of Bethmaela in the ably therefore, this town was plains of Jordan, where the built on a mountain.

Midianites were defeated by ABEL THE GREAT, the Gideon. Lat. 32, 121. name of a large stone lying in

ABEL-MIZRAIM, a place the field of one Joshua, a Beth. some distance west from Jerishemite, on which the ark was choand Jordan, and not far from placed, when it was sent back Hebron. It was before the by the Philistines. It is thought threshing door of Atad, but on to have been called by this account of the mourning here name, which signifies great for Jacob, it was called Abelmourning, on account of the Mizraim, signifying, the lamenvast number of Bethshemites, tation of the Egyptians, the peothat were punished by God on ple of the place supposing that this occasion, for we are told all the people, who composed (1 Sam. vi, 18,19;) that no this funeral procession were less than fifty thousand, three- Egyptians.

Some suppose score, and ten Bethshemites it was between the Jordan and were smitten for looking into the city of Jericho. the ark of the Lord. Lat. ABEL-SHITTIM, or 32, 36.

SHITTIM, a city situate in ABEL A, See Abel- the plains of Moab beyond KERAMIM, a city in the Jordan, opposite to Jericho. land of Bashan, in the half (Numb. xxxii; 49; and xxv, 1; tribe of Manasseh, 12 miles and Josh. ii, 1.) Eusebius from Gadara, east. Jerome says it stood in the neighbor. says, it was remarkable forhood of mount Peor. Moses good wine. Lat. 33, 5. encamped at Abel-Shittim,

It lay

sometime before the Hebrew Joab besieged this town, durarmy passed the Jordan. Here ing the revolt of Sheba. Lat. the Israelites fell into idolatry 32, 221. and worshipped Baal-Peor, for ABILENE, a small canton which God punished them, so in Coelo Syria, between Leba. severely by the hands of the non and Anti-Libanus. Levites. The place stood west from Damascus.

The north-east from the Dead Sea, town of Abilene stood at the and received its name from the bottom of the valley on the great number of Shittiin or bank of Chrysorrhoas, the Sittim trees, which grew there, 'channel of which Mr. Maundrel As Abel denotes mourning in says, is very rocky. Here LyHebrew, some have thought, sanias was governor in the 15th this place received its name year of Tiberias, Luke iii, 1. on account of the mourning This was a considerable town, and lamentations of the people and its vineyards were extenhere, an account of the destruc- sive and fruitful, as we are intion made among them for the formed by Jerome and Eusebisin above mentioned. See us. Being the capital, it gave Numb. xxv, 1–9. Some of name to the district around. them being hanged, others Eusebius says it lay between slain, others dying of the Paneas and Damascus. This plague, to the number of twen. is only one of many instances ty-four thousand. Whether in which we shall find the same Abel-Shittim and Shittim were place obscured by having two places is somewhat uncer. more than one name. See Abel, tain.

Perhaps Shittim was beth-maachah. the city, and Abel Shittim the ACCARON a town of Ju. valley or plain, where was an dea. It was the boundary of encampment of Israel.

Philistia north, not far from ABEN-BOHAN, See Bo. Bethshemeth and the sea. KAN. Lat. 31, 31.

This town was famous for the ABEZ, a city belonging to the idol Baalzebub, who was wore tribe of Issachar. Josh. 19,20. shipped here under the same

ABILA, or AbeL, HOBAL, attributes with Achor, the god or Hoba, or ABELBETH-MA• of flies; from this circumstance, ACHA, OR Abel-MAIN, a town, according to the celebrated north of Damascus, between Bryant, this city derived its Libanus and Anti-Libanus. name,

It is 34 miles from

Jerusalem. It first fell to the for the blood of Jesus Christ, lot of Judah, and was after. (Matt. xxvii, 8; and Acts i, wards given to the tribe of 18.) Judas having brought Dan. Lat. 31, 55. Long. 34, this money back into the tem57, E.

ple, and the priests thinking it ACCAD, a city built by was not lawful to make use of Nimrod, the situation of which it for the service of so holy a is not very well known. The place, because it was the price Septuagint read it Archad. of blood, they bought a potters Gen. x, 10. Jerome says, it field to be a burying place for was a city of Babylon, that in strangers. This field is shown his day it was called Nisibis, at this day to travellers. It that it was besieged and taken lies south of Jerusalem; the by the Romans, and in a few place is small, and covered years after delivered to the Per. with an arched roof. It is sians. Lat 32, 5.

said to have been the same with ACCHO, afterwards called the Fullers field, lying on the Ptolemais, lies north of mount south side of Jerusalem, where Carmel with a harbor to the they whitened their cloth,'

It fell to the tribe of Isaiah vii, 3. It was the potAsher by division, Judges i, 31. ters field, where they dug their The Israelites would not extir- materials, of course, it must pate the inhabitants of Accho, have been entirely barren; and and it continued in the hand was, therefore, bought as a buof the Canaanites. See Acre. rying place for strangers. It has for 300 years been sub ACHAIA, a province of ject to the Turks, and is re• Greece of which Corinth was markable for castles, palaces, the capital, where St. Paul and churches in ruins. It is preached, (Acts xviii, 12;) and thinly inhabited, but has an St. Andrew suffered martyrold church and a bishop. Lat. dom. This province of ihe 32, 58.

Peloponnessus was bounded ACELDAMA, that is, the west by the Ionian sea, south inheritance or potion of blood; by Elis and Arcadia, and east by this name was that fieid cal. by Sicyonia. It is now called led, which the priests purchas- Romania, Alta in the Morea. ed with the thirty pieces of The Romans divided all silver, that had been given to Greece into two provinces Mac. Judas Iscariot, as the price edonina, and Achaia. Under


the former they include Epirus thought probable, that Achand Thessaly; under the latter, saph and Achzib are but difGreece, properly so called, and ferent names for the same the Peloponnessus. The word town, of Ecdippa upon the Greece in the Old Testament coasts of Phoenicia and not was used in its most extensive far from mount Tabor. See sense, and included Macedo- Achzib .In the time of Jerome, dia. In the New Testament about four hundred years after it does not include Macedonia, Christ, this was a small village and is equivalent to Achaia in called Chasalus. the Roman sense of the word, ACHZIB, a city belonging that is, including not only to the tribe of Asher, (Josh. Greece proper, but the Pelo. xix, 29;) thought to be the ponnessus in which lay Achaia same, which the Greeks called proper. Lat. 36, 30.

Ecdippa, and at present is calACHMETHA, (Ezra vi, led Zib. It was situated near 2.) See the article Ecbatana. the Mediterranean sea, beBut some suppose it does not tween Tyre and Ptolemais. denote a place, or town; but a See Achsaph. In the tribe of box or press, in which thc uld Judah was another town of the rolls of the Medo-Persian court same name. were deposited.

ACRA, one of the hills in ACHOR, a valley in the Jerusalem, on which stood the territory of Jericho, and in the tower or old city, which was tribe of Benjamin, or on the the, old Jerusalem, to which north border of Judah, where was afterwards added Zion, or Achan, his sons, and daughters, the city of David. Probably were stoned to death. The it was called Acrd, from the valley lay along the Jordan, not fortress, which Antiochus far from Gilgal; it was so cal. built there, in order to annoy led from Achan, or as others, the temple, and which Simon more probably suppose, from Maccabeus took and razed to the trouble suffered there on the ground. He spent three his account, Achor in Hebrew years in levelling the mountain. signifying trouble. Lat. 31, Here was afterwards built the 44.

palace of Helena, also another ACHSAPH, a city belong- for Agrippa. ing to the tribe of Asher, the ACRABATENE, a district king of which was conquered of Judea, extending itself beby Joshua (xii, 20.) It is tween Shechem and Jericho, in

clining to the east, about twelve for the siege of Jerusalem; here miles in length. Josephus met a general council in the frequently mentions this place. twelfth century.

This city ACRABATENE, another dis- successively under the domintrict of Judea on the fron- ions of the Romans and of the tier of Idumea, towards the Moors, and afterwards for a southern extremity of the Dead long time, was the theatre of Sea. See Macab. v, 3.

contention, between the Chris. ACRE, or Acco, or St. tians, and the infidels in the JOHN DE ACRE, a sea port progress of the crusades. In town, on the Phænician coast 1189 the armaments of Europe in Syria. Its ancient name was burst on this devoted place; Acco, or Accho, and is called for two years they pressed the by the Arabs Akka. It was seige; nine battles displayed afterwards denominated Ptole- the courage of the warriors; mais, from one of the Ptole- the besieging camp was thinned mys in Egypt, and Acra, on by sickness, by famine, and the account of its fortifications, and sword. Despair began to preimportance; whence the knights vail; in the spring of the secof St. John, of Jerusalem called ond year the royal fleets of it St. John de Acre. The situ. England and France arrived ation of Acre has every possi. in the bay of Acre; Acre subble advantage both of sea and mitted, but not till three-thous. land; it is encompassed on the and Moslems were beheaded; north and east, by a spacious one hundred thousand Chrisand fertile plain, on the west tians had fallen in battle, and by the Mediterranean, and on a greater number perished by the south by a large bay; ex- disease. After the loss of Jetending from the city to rusalem, in unsuccessful atmount Carmel, a strong town, tempts for recovering the Holy and convenient harbors. It Land, from the possession of was strong enough to resist the the Saracens, renewed by St. arms of Israel, when they sub- Louis, with the co-operation dued the surrounding country. of Edward I, and other powe Asher did not drive out the ers, Acre became the metropinhabitants of Accho. Here olis of the Latin Christians, the apostle Paul preached the and was adorned with strong gospel; here Titus tarried and stately buildings, with some time to make preparation aqueducts, an artificial port,

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