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chap. xii, 3, he put them, as it to whom this prophet, (chap. may be read, to saws and har. xxvii, 2-4) presented the cup rows, &c. i. e. to servitude. of the Lord's fury, and direct. David revenged this indignity, ed them to make bonds and thrown upon his ambassadors, yokes for themselves, exhortby subduing the Ammonites, ed them to submit themselves the Moabites, and the Syrians, to Nebuchadnezzar, and threattheir allies. Ammon and Mo. ening them, if they did not, ab continued under the obedi- with captivity and slavery. E. ence of the kings, David and zekiel (xxv, 4-10) denounces Solomon, and after the separa. their entire destruction; and tion of the ten tribes, they tells them that God would give were subject to the kings of them up to the people of the Israel till the death of Ahab in east, who should set their pal. the year of the world 3107. aces in their country; so that Two years after the death of there should be no more menAhab, Jehoram, his son, and tion of the Ammonites among successor of Ahaziah, defeat. the nations; and all this as a ed the Moabites, (2 Kings iii,) punishment for their insulting but it does not appear that this the Israelites, upon the calami victory was so complete as to ties they suffered, and the dereduce them to his obedience. struction of the temple, by the At the same time the Ammon- Chaldeans. It is believed that ites, Moabites, and other peo- these misfortunes happened to ple, made an irruption upon the Ammonites, in the fifth year the lands belonging to Judah, after the taking of Jerusalem, but were forced back and routs when Nebuchadnezzar made ed by Jehoshaphat. 2 Chron. war against all the people, that xx, i, 2. After the tribes, dwelt upon the confines of luReuben, Gad, and the half dea, in the year of the world tribe of Manasseh, were carried 3420. It is also thought prob. into captivity, by Tiglath. able, that Cyrus, gave the Am. pileser in the year 3264, the monites and Moabites the lib. Ammonites and Moabites, took erty of returning into their own possession of the cities, bélong- country, from whence they had ing to these tribes. Jeremiah been removed by Nebuchad(xlix, 1) reproaches them for nezzar, for we see them in the it. The ambassadors of the place of their former settleAmmonites were some of those ment, exposed to those revo.

lutions, which were common ants of Abraham and Lot. The to the people of Syria and land of Canaan was to be in Palestine, subject sometimes due time in possession of the to the kings of Egypt, and at Israelites, the sons of Jacob. other times to the kings of South of Canaan settled IshSyria. We are told by Poly. mael in the wilderness of Pabius, that Antiochus the Great ran, and west of mount Seir, took Rabbath or Philadelphia, which was to be the possession their capital, demolished the of Esau, the brother of Jacob. walls, and put a garrison in it, East of mount Scir, the Midiin 3806. During the persecu. anites seated themselves, with tions of Antiochus Epiphanes, the other sons of Keturah. Josephus informs us, that the North of these were found the Ammonites shewed their hat. two sons of Lot, Moab and Be. red to the Jews, and exercised nammi. It is worthy of notice great cruelties against such of that Providence made room them, as lived about their for these settlements of Abram's country. Justin Martyr says, children, Israel excepted, by that in his time, there were still the great slaughter of the orig. many Ammonites remaining; inal inhabitants by Chedorla. but Origen assures us, that omer, king of Elam, and his when he was living, they were confederates. That we might known only under the general understand this fact seems to name of Arabians. Thus was be the design of Moses in givthe prediction of Ezek. (xxv, ing an account of the con10) accomplished, who said quests of Chedorlaomar over that the Ammonites should be these countries, Gen. xiv,5—7. destroyed in such a manner as AMORITES, OR AMORRnot to be remembered among HITES, a people descended the nations. Zechariah also from Amorrhæus, according says, chap. ii, “Ammon-shall to the Septuagint and Vulgate; be as Gomorrah.” Their very Emoræus according to other name is accordingly, now ex-, expositors; Hæmori, according tinct. They are known only to the Hebrew; or Emorite, ac. in the records of other times. cording to our version of the

I cannot omit taking notice Bible, who was the fourth son here, observes the good Dr. of Canaan, Gen. x, 16. Wells of the dispensations of The Amorites, first of all, Providence in assigning the peopled the mountains lying to first settlements of the descend. the west of the Dead sea; they

had likewise establishments to brew name signifies branchthe east of the same sea, be- ing or spreading; it may, theretween the brooks of Jabbok forc, simply mean the people and Arnon, whence they forced who live in the numerous and the Ammonites and Moabites, extensive branches of mount Numb. xviii, 30, 21, 29; Josh. Paran, Gilead, and Lebanon, y, l; and Judg. xi, 19, 20. Wells, &c. Moses made a conquest of this AMPHIPOLIS, a city lying country from their kings, Si. between Macedon and Thrace, hon and Og, in the year of the but depending on the kingdom world 2553.

of Macedon. It is mentioned The prophet Amos (ii, 9) in the Acts of the Apostles speaking of the gigantic stature (xvii, 1.) St. Paul and Silas, and valorof the Amorites, com- being delivered out of prison, pares their height with that of left Phillippi, went to Thessacedars, and their strength with lonica, and passed through Amthat of an oak. The name phipolis; but it does not appear, Amorites is often taken in scrip- that any church was formed ture for all Canaanites in gen- there: It has its name from beeral. The lands, which the ing encompassed by the river Amorite possessed on this side Strymon, the old boundary beJordan, were given to the tribetween Thrace and Macedon. It of Judah; and those which they was built by Cimon the famous had enjoyed beyond this river Athenian, 470 years before were distributed between the Christ, and settled with a col. tribes of Reuben and Gad. In- ony of 10,000 people. It is deed there seems to have been now called Emboli by the very different tribes of men Turks; but is not a place of called by this general name. inuch importance. Lat. 41, 50.

Amorrhites, inhabited a part ANA, a city of Arabia Deof mount Lebanon, East of serta on the Euphrates. Upon Phenicia.

an island near it is a very fine Amorrhites, dwelt in mount mosque.

For half a league Gilead, between the rivers round the town is a fruitful Jabbok and Arnon.

soil, beyond which is a frightAmorrhites, inhabited the ful desert. . mountain of Paran, between ANAB, a city ir: the moun. mount Sinai and Kadesh Bar- tains of Judah. Josh. xi, 22. nea, Gen. xv. As their He- Lat. 31, 12.

ANAHARATH, a city be like a giant to run his course, longing to the tribe of Issachar. Psalm xi, 5: that the Lord Josh, xix, 19. Lat. 32, 32. will destroy the giant and the

ANAKIMS, a people de- warlike man, Isaiah iji, 2; that he scended from Anak, who was will call his giants in his wrath the son of Arba; Numb. xiii, to take vengeance of his ene. 22. These people, like their mies, Isaiah xiii, 3; that he fathers, were giants, and terrible will destroy the power of for their fierceness. But Caleb, Egypt by the sword of his assisted by the tribe of Judah, giants, that is to say, of his took Kirjath-arba and destroyed warriors, Ezekiel xxxii, 12, the Anakims; Judges i, 20. 21, 27. There seems to have been

It is very probable, that the several races of giants in Pal- first men were of a strength estine. The Emims, Repha- and stature much superior to ims, &c. See Rephaims. those of roankind at present, The Anakims, or the sons of since they lived longer; long Anak, were the most famous life being commonly the effect giants of Palestine. They of a

vigorous constitution. dwelt at Hebron, and in the The scripture says that there vicinity. Their stature was were many of these mighty, so much above what was com men upon the earth when mon, that the Israelites, who Noah appeared, and that there were sent to view the promis- were some before, and after ed land, told the people at the sons of God had an intertheir return, that they had course with the daughters of seen giants, who were of so

The text in Moses monstrous a size, that the Is. runs thus, "there were giants raelites in comparison were in the earth in those days, and but grasshoppers. Numbers also after that, when the song xiii, 23. T'he Septuagint of God came in unto the sometimes translate the word daughters of men, and they Gibbor, giant, though literally bear children to them.” Sev. it signifies no more than a eral of the ancient authors, led strong man, a man of valor into mistake by the apocry. and bravery, a warrior. For phal book of Enoch, have as. example, they say, that Nimrod serted, that giants were the was a giant before the Lord, production of a marriage beGen. x, 8, 9; that the sun rises tween angels and the daugh


ters of men. This opinion they much above common men, founded, likewise, upon the without contradicting scripture, text of the Septuagint, which and the most certain histories in some copies stand thus, and traditions of all people. Gen. vi, 2,' The angels of Moses, Deut. iii, 11, speaks God saw that the daughters of of Og, the king of Baashan's men were beautiful and fair, bed, which was 9 cubits long, and all which they chose. But and four wide, that is fifteen Moses in this place means feet four inches and an half nothing else, but that the men long. Goliah, was six cubits of Seth's family, which was and a span in height, that is to the family of the righteous, and say, ten feet seven inches; 1 the sons of God, were corrupt. Sam. xvii, 4. These giants ed by their affections to the were still common in Joshua's women of Cain's race, who are and David's tiines, when the here described under the name life of men was already SO of the daughters of men. Thus much shortened, and as may St. Chrysostom, Theodoret, be presumed, the size and St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. strength of human bodies very Austin and many more, have much diminished. Calmet's explained it.

Dict. As to the existence of Gi. The ancient writers, who ants, several writers, ancient make mention of giants, are and modern, have imagined, Herodotus, Diodorus Siculus, that the giants spoken of in Pliny, Homer, Virgil, Ovid, scripture, were indeed men of Plutarch, &c. Mr. Whiston an extraordinary stature, but in his Original Records, has a not so much above what was supplement concerning the old common as some have fancied, giants, where, according to the who describe them as three or apocryphal book of Enoch he fuur times larger, than men divides the giants into three are at present. They were, kinds and in this division thinks say they, men famous for the himself countenanced by the violences, which they commit- words of Moses, Gen. vi, 2, ted, and for their crimes rather &c. the first and lowest kind than their strength, or the of which are in stature from 4 greatness of their stature. But cubits tó 15, the second are it cannot be denied, that form- called Nephilim, from 15 to erlythere were men of a stature, forty, and the third or great

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