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travels of lord Valentia, vol. ii. ARACH, a city of Chaldea, The Wahabees entered Mecca built by Nimrod, the grandson on the 27th of April 1803, lev. of Cush, Gen. x, 8. This in elled eighty of the tombs, be. all probability is the town of longing to the descendants of Aracea, placed by Ptolemy in Mahomet, and the tomb also the Susiana on the Tigris, beof his wife Kadiza, plundered low its confluence with the the holy places, but left the Euphrates, Ammian calls it Caaba. Mecca was, however, Arecha. From this city the repossessed by its sherriffe. In Arcetæan plains, which abound 1804, Medina, the second city with Naptha, and sometimes in Arabia, was taken by the take fire, derive their name. Wahabees, who plundered all Probably from the name of this the treasures, which had been place, the Arabians have named accumulating there for ages by Iraca, or Irack, a large province, the contributions of the faithful. of Asia, extending along the The tomb of Mahomet him. waters of the Tigris, a distance self was destroyed. The Arabs of twenty days journey, its will soon be united under one breadth eleven days journey. master. Arabia is for ever lost The capital of this province to the Sultan, who consequent- under the Chaldeans and As. ly is no longer head of the Ma- syrians was Babylon; since it homedan religion. Mecca can- has been possessed by the not be again visited by pil. Arabs, Bagdat has been the grims, according to the order capital. By the Greeks and of the prophet." The mighty Latins, this province was calfabric of Mahometanism must led Chaldea and Babylonia. be considered as having passed Lat. 31, 10. away, when Suad entered Mec

ARAD, a city lying to the ca in 1803. Maundrel, Shaw, south of Judah and the land of Park, Niebuhr, Bruce, Pocoke, Canaan, in Arabia Petrea. The Sonini, Gibbon, Modern Geog. Israelites having advanced, to

ARACEANS, or ARKITES, wards the land of Canaan, people descended from Arak, Numb. xxi, 1, the king of son of Canaan, who dwelt in Arad, opposed their passage, the city of Acre, near the foot defeated them, and took a booty of Lebanon. In the latter times from them. But they devoted of the Jewish Commonwealth, his country, as a thing accurs. this city was a part of Agrippa's ed, and destroyed all the cities kingdom.

thereof, as soon as they became

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masters of the land of Canaan, served for a wise, and for a Numb. xxxiii, Arad was re- wife kept sheep,” which was built and Eusebius places it done in Mesopotamia. Nor in the neighborhood of Kades, did Aram include all Syria, but at the distance of twenty miles that portion which was settled from Hebron. The Israelites by the nation of Aram, that is in their passage through the the northern and eastern parts. wilderness, having departed from the Hebrew Aram the from Sepher, came to Arad, old Greek writers seem to have and thence to Makkelath. distinguished the inhabitants

ARADUS, a small island by the name of Arimi, which on the coast north of Tripolis. we find in Homer's Iliad ii, It is two miles and a half from 783. The name Syri or Syraj the Main, and a mile in com- is not found in that ancient poet. pass. It is supposed to have ARARAT, a famous mounbeen settled by a son of Ca- tain in Armenia, on which No. naan, since we find the Arva- ah's ark is said to have rested dite mentioned among his de- after the deluge, Gen. viii, 4. scendants, it is also thought It is affirmed, but without any to be the same place, which in good proof, that some remains the book of Kings and in Isa- of Noah's ark are still to be iah is called Arpad, or Arphad seen upon the top of this or Arvad. “It seemed to the mountain. John Strue in his eye, said Mr. Maundrel, to be voyages, assures us, that he not above two or three furlongs went up to the highest part of in length, and to be filled up it, and that an hermit, who with tall buildings, like castles. abode there, declared to him, The ancient inhabitants of this that some broken pieces of the little island were once famous ark, were there to be seen, and navigators, and possessed the at the same time, presented continent as far as Gabala. him with a cross, made of the

ARAM, is frequently ren- wood of this famous vessel. dered Syria, yet they do not But M. de Tournefort, who mean precisely the same coun was upon the spot, assures us try. In - soine ancient writers that there was nothing of the Aram includes Mesopotamia. kind to be seen, that he found Hence Jacob in Hebrew is cal- the top of mount Ararat inac. led an Aramite, though in our cessible, both by reason of its version, a Syrian. In Hosea great height, and of the snow, xii, 12; by Syria must be un- which perpetually covers it, derstood Mesopotamia, “Israel This mountaio is situated

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twelve leagues east of Erivan, pieces of the ark were then to in a vast plain, having no other be seen. It is also, well known, mountain near it on either side. that in the vicinity of this Josephus, says, that the remains mountain were preserved more of Noah's ark were still to be authentic accounts of the ark, seen in his time, in the canton than in almost any other part of Abdiabene, called Cæron, of the world. a country remarkable for pro- about Ararat was esteemed ducing great plenty of cinna- among the ancients 'as a re.

markably central situation; not That part of the mountains only well calculated to supply of Ararat, on which the ark its own inhabitants; but for the rested is called by many of migration of colonies to other the eastern nations, Ar-dag, parts of the world. The reor Parmak-Dagh, the finger gion is very fruitful, especially mountain, because it stands up in the part, where it is reported right by itself, like a finger by the Patriarch made his descent itself, it is so high, as to be froin the summit of the mounseen at the distance of ten days tain. This country is also rejourney, according to the stages markably elevated. Such a of the caravan; the city of Tau. country must be peculiarly ris is near this mount. Tav- eligible, immediately after the ernier says, there are many flood, being the soonest dry, monasteries upon mount Ara. and of course habitable, This rat, that the Armenians called mountain has in all ages since it Meresoussar, because the the deluge retained the name ark stopped there. It is, as it of Ararat. Is not this very were, taken off, from the other conclusive evidence? Tournemountains of Armenia, which fort, who has particularly demake a long chain, and from scribed this mountain, though the middle to the top of it, is he was not successful in reach. often covered with snow foring the top, says it consists three or four months in a year. chiefly in free stone, or calcaThere are some authors, how• reous sand stone. It is a deever, that are of opinion that tached mountain in the form the ark rested on a mountain of a sugar loaf, in the midst of near Apamea in Phrygia. an exiensive plain, and has two

John Shuir, however, affirms summits. The lowest is most that he ascended mount Ararat sharp, the highest, which is supin Armenia and that some posed to be that on which the

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ark rested, lies north-west from Jordan. In the region of Argob the other, and raises itself there were sixty cities called far above all the mountains of Bashan-havoth jair, which had the country, and is generally veryhigh walls and strong gates, white with snow.

without reckoning many villa. Various ancient writers as. ges and hanilets, which were sert the ruins of the ark were not enclosed, Deut. iii, 4, 14; visible in their day. We have and i Kings iv, 13. But Arroom to mention only a few. gąb was more particularly the One relates, that in his time name of the capital city in the people carried about them, region of Argob, which Eusepieces of wood taken from the bius says was fifteen miles ark, as an amulet or charm, west from Geresa. Lat. 32, 57. against accidents and diseases. ARGOB, a place in Samaria, Berosus, who wrote 2,000 near the royal palace, where years ago, says that in his day, Pekah, son of Remaliah, assasthey scraped off the pitch as a sinated Peakaliah, a king of charm. Some of the Christian Israel. It lay in the tribe of fathers declare, that the wreck Manasseh; it was a fertile tract of the ark existed in their time. of country. In the second century Theo ARIEL, or Ar, the capital philus makes this assertion. city of Moab, frequently men. In the fourth century, the elo- tioned in scripture. See the quent Chrysostom speaks of article Ar. The Arnon ran the fact as though it were fa. through the place and divided miliarly known to his people. it into two towns. "Do not," saith he, "do not ARIEL, is likewise taken those mountains of Armenia, for the altar of burnt offerings, bear witness to the truth? or for the city of Jerusalem, Those mountains where the ark Isa. xxix, 1, 2, 7, and Ezek. first rested; and are not the re. xl, 15, 16; Ariel, literally mains preserved there to this signifies a Lion. See 1 Chron. day.” Eusebius and Jerome xi, 22; Aquila and Symmachus both assert that in their time say, Ariel signifies the Lion pieces of the ark still remained. of God, and suppose it allegor

ARGOB, a canton lying be- ically denotes the temple or city yond Jordan, in the half tribe of Jerusalem, which is strong of Manasseh, and in the coun- and powerful. Bonfrerius says try of Bashan, one of the most that in Isaiah, Ariel denotes jefruitful on the other side of rusalem, and in Ezek. the altar.

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ARIMANON, a city of Near this town, also, Barak refuge in Canaan beyond Jor- vanquished the forces of Sisera, dan. Perhaps, the same as Judges v. “There fought the Ramoth in Gilead.

kings of Canaan by the waters ARIMATHEA, the city of of Megeddo. They fought Joseph the counseller, who beg. from heaven; the stars in their ged the body of Jesus, Luke courses fought against Sisera." xxiii, 50; &c. from Pilate, and These royal battles are suppos. who having taken it down ed to be only shadows or em. from the cross, wrapped it in blems of that greater battle of linen, andlaid it in a sepulchre, the great day of God Almighthat was hewn in a stone, in ty, which is to be fought near which man never before was this town. Rev. xvi, 16. And laid. St. Jerome places this he gathered the kings of the city between Lyda and Joppa. earth, and of the whole world,

ARMAGEDDON, a cele- to a place, called in the He. brated place in Canaan repeat- brew tongue, Armageddon. It cdly mentioned in scripture. is the concurrent opinion of Eusebius says it is where An. learned divines, that when the tichrist and the devil will col. sufferings of the Church shall lect their armies to fight against draw to a close, after a period God and his saints. Megeddo of twelve hundred and sixty was a city in the half tribe of years, which it is expected will Manasseh, west from the Jor. terminate about A. D. 1866, dan, near the Kishon, and not that then Antichrist, who has far from mount Tabor. To already begun "to rule the this name, if we add hur, hir, kings of the earth,” will go or ar, we may form Armaged. forth to destroy the people of don, which signifies, according God in Palestine. There the to Pool and Faber, the destruc- gigantic power, now crushing tion of Megeddo, a name very ap- the nations under his feet, will propriate to Megeddo, consid come to his end, and none will ering the bloody scenes, which help him. This Antichrist have been exhibited in its vi. “shall do according to his will,” cinity. Here the good king till the indignation of God shall Josiah received a mortal wound be accomplished. He shall in a battle with Necho, king of execute the office given him, Egypt, and was carried dead in as a minister of Divine venhis chariot from the field of bat. geance. After having been the He to Jerusalem, 2 Kings xxiii. scourge of God in other coun

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