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temple, but the filth, was con- name of places in Palestine. ducted by a drain into the There was a town of this name brook Kidron. This, effectu, near Gibeon, in the tribe of al confutes the absurd notion Benjamin. Josh. xviii, 23. of virtue imparted to the pool KIRJATH-AIM,a town beof Bethesda by the blood of the yond Jordon ten miles from sacrifices, as some have believ- Medeba, westward. Josh. xii, ed.

19. In the time of Jerom and KILMAD, by some sup- Easebius, this was a flourishposed to be a city of Media. ing village, inhabited wholly Ezek. xxvii, 28.

by Christians, and was called KINAH, a town in the tribe Kariatha. of Judah. Josh. xv, 22. Lat. KIRJATH-ARBA, the an31, 1.

cient name of Hebron, Judg. i, KIR, a city of Assyria or 10. Media, to which the people of

KIRJATH HUZOTH, a Damascus were carried captive royal city of Balak, king of by Tiglathpileser. Josh. xv, 9. Moab, supposed to have many

KIR-HERRES, Jer. xliii, handsome streets, as its name 31, 36, the same with Rab- imports, Num. xxii

, 39. bath-Moab, otherwise called KIRJATH-JEARIM, or Ar, the capital of Moab. This Psaalah, a city of Judah, city was ruined by the Chal- upon the confines of Benjamin, deans and Assyrians. See Ar. where the ark was lodged for

KIRJATH JEARIM, a city many years in the house of A. of Canaan, mentioned in Josh. minadab, till David removed it XV, 9. The same as Baalah, to Jerusalem. Urijal, the and Kirjath-baal, &c. It was in prophet, was a native of this the tribe of Judah, near a forest, place. Josh. xv, 9; 1 Chr. xiii, nine or ten miles north-west 6. This town is ten miles from from Jerusalem. It was one Jerusalem, on the road to Di. of the cities of the Gibeonites. ospolis or Lydda. Here the ark of God continu. KIRJATH.SANNAH, a ed for perhaps 80 or 90 years city in the tribe of Judah, Josh. after its return from the Philis. XV, 49. See Debir. tines. Josh. ix, and xv, and KIRJATH-SEPHER, that 1Sam. vii, 1, and iChron. xiii. is to say, the city of letters, or

KIRJATH, a word which books, otherwise called Debir, signifies a city, whence it is that a city in the tribe of Judah, we so often meet with it in the one of those, which fell by lot

to this tribe, and were after tween the Mediterranean Sea wards given to Caleb; it was and the lake of Galilee. Some taken by Othniel, to whom of its springs proceed east, Caleb for his reward, gave his some west. Or perhaps, as in daughter Achsah in marriage, several instances in New EngJosh. xv, 6, 7; Judg. i, 10-13. land,the same fountain may send

It is presumed by the learn- part of its water to one point, ed, that in this town was a and part in an opposite course, seat of learning, a college, or and on

and on this account, two university. Its other name, streams having the same source, Debir, signifies an oracle; there are called by the same name. fore, most probably it was a

See the next article. religious seminary for the ed. Indeed, since writing the aucation of priests. One-cir- bove, I find that Bonfrerius cumstance is worthy particu. says, that this torrent has its lar notice; this seminary was fountain in mount Tabor; in existence, as early as the which has two channels, and days of Joshua, and, therefore, two streams, proceeding to opwas evidently an establishment posite regions; one runs cast of the Canaanites, previous to to the sea of Galilee, and is the invasion of the Israelites. called the Minor Kishon, the This fact goes far to prove that other running west, pours itthe invention of letters was self into the Mediterranean, antecedent to the time of Mo. and is called the Greater Kishses, and that he was not taught on. Accordingly in his great the use of letters, or the art map of the Holy Land, he has of writing on mount Sinai, as drawn the Kishon, like a canal some have supposed. Moses by the base of Tabor, extend. himself gives no intimation of ing from sea to sea. this sort, and letters were evi. KISHON, a celebrated river dently in use before his day. in the land of Israel, having See Debir.

its source in mount Tabor, and KISHION, a town of Issa- descending west through the char, yielded to the Levites of fertile plain of Esdraelon falls Gershom's family.

into the Mediterranean at the KISHON, a. brook, which port of Acre.

Several imfrom mount Tabor runs east portant events have taken place into the sea of Galilee. It near this river. It seems that seems that Tabor constitutes a the battle between Sisera and part of the height of land, be. Barak was in this region, Judg.

iv, and probably in the time of of similar words with a plural a violent freshet. Hence in her termination in Hebrew were song Deborah says, "the river the names of individuals or Kishon swept them away, that tribes. The latter is perhaps ancient river the river Kishon.” the most probable. Kittim When the prophet Elijah had was the son of Javan and great convinced the people of Israel, grandson of Noah. Kittim, if that Jehovah was the true God, considered a people, descended he commanded them to seize from Japhet, and settled in the prophets of Baal, and bring Asia Minor or Greece. See them to the brook Kishon, and Chittim. Josephus by Kittim he slew them there. Mr.Maun- understands the isle of Cydrel tells us that this river takes prus; others the isle of Chios; its way down the plain of Es- others Cilicia, and others A. draelon, and proceeds close an chaia. The first book of Maclong the foot of mount Carmel, cabees and Calmet understand to the sea. When he saw it,

When he saw it, Macedonia. It calls Alexander, the water was low, but in pass- king of the Kittims, and says ing along the stream, he saw that Perseus, king of the Kitthe places where many torrents tims was overcome by the in a rainy season fall from the Romans. Daniel speaks of mountains into the channel, the ships of the Kittims, which which must raise it exceeding. Bochart supposes were the Ro. ly at such times.

mans, and that Kittim signifies KITHLISH, a town belong. Italy. But Calmet thinks that ing to the tribe of Judah, Josh. although the Roman fleet be XY, 40.

meant, it was because it lay KITRON, a city of Canaan in the harbors of Macedonia. appropriated to Zebulon, which KOA, a region in Babylonia, those of that tribe could not Ezek. xxiii, 28. take from the Canaanites, Judg. LACEDÆMON, othi, 30. It was a very strong erwise called SPARTA, a celeplace, and the greatest city in brated city in the PeloponneGalilee. It is noted in the sus, 1 Macc. xii, formerly a Talmuds for being the plače most powerful and flourishing of a university. Here taught commonwealth, the inhabitants Rabbi Judah' the holy, who of which were no less distindied here.

guished for their eminent vir. KITTIM. It may be doubt. tues and purity of manners, than ed whether this and a variety for their warlike exploits, by

which they acquired not only of Naphtali, Joshua xix, 33. the sovereignty of Greece, LAND, denotes often the which they maintained a great country of the Israelites, or many years, but prescribed laws that particular district or counto a great part of Asia. The try immediately spoken of. See city stood on the Eurotas, and Earth. though smaller than Athens, LAODICEA, there are sev. was equal in power. In its eral cities of this name, but the most flourishing state it had no scripture speaks only of that in walls; the bravery of its citizens Phrygia, upon the river Lycus, rendered walls unnecessary. near Colossae. Its ancient In the time of Cassander, walls, name was Diospolis. It was however, were erected, which afterwards called Rhoas. Last. were destroyed by Philipemen, ly, Antiochus. The son of 188 years after Christ. Some. Stratonice rebuilt it, and called time after, it was reduced to it Laodicea, from the name of be a Roman province by Mum- his wife, Laodice. St. Paul mius. The present town of never was in this city, and the Misistra stands about a mile faithful of Laodicea had “never from the ancient Lacedæmon. seen his face in the flesh,” Col.

LACHISH, a city of Pales- ii, 1. tine, in the tribe of Judah, Josh. This city, according to Cicex, 23, and xv, 39. Eusebius ro, was one of the most comand St. Jerome tells us, that in mercial and wealthy of Asia. their time there was a village It is now a mass of rubbish called Lachish, 7 miles from and ruins; the chief of which Eleutheropolis, southward. that have been mentioned by

· LAHMAS, a town in the travellers, are three large amtribe of Judah, Josh. xv, 40. phitheatres, and a circus. Ma

LAISH, was called Losem, ny other ruins of mighty fabric also Paneas, and afterwards also proclaim its former granCæsarea Philippi, and lastly, deur; but time and earthquakes Nerorias. Some suppose Dan have defaced all things, and left and Laish the same. But Cal. scarcely one stone upon anothmet says, that Dan was four er. Tacitus says, that when miles distant towards Tyre. Nero was fourth time consul, This was'a place in the tribe of Laodicea was shaken by an Asher, and subdued by soldiers earthquake, but by its own from Dan.

riches being rebuilt, it suffered LAKUM, a city in the tribe the same judgment again, when

it was deserted by its inhabit. near our tent. I remarked onants, and lost not only its opu- ly two sheep, that were very lence, but its name, and exist- black and glossy. Often damence, being now known only in aged by earthquakes, Laodicea the records of bistory.

rose again by its own opulence, A modern traveller says, that or the munificence of the RoLaodicea is now utterly desolat. man emperors. These resour. ed, and without any inhabitant, ces failing, the city became a excepting wolves, and juckals, scene of ruins. About A. D. and foxes. One of the theatres, 1097, it was possessed by the which remain to proclaim the Turks,and submitted to Ducas, former opulence and popula: general of the emperor Alexis. tion of the city, would contain In 1120 the Turks sacked some 20 or 30,000 people.

of the cities of Phrygia by the From another traveller we Meander; but were defeated by make the following extracts: the emperor John Comnenus, Many traces of the city wall who took Laodicea, and built may be seen, with broken col. anew, or repaired her walls. umns, and pieces of marble. About 1161 it was again un. Within the walls the whole fortified. Many of the inhabsurface is covered with pedes- itants were then killed with tals and fragments. The lux. their Christian bishop, or carury of the citizens may be in- ried with their cattle into capferred froin their sumpjuous tivity by the Turks. In 1190 buildings, and from two spa- the German emperor, Frederic cious theatres in the side of the Barbarossa, going by Laodihill, fronting northward and cea, with his army toward Pawestward, each with its seats lestine on a crusade, was so rising in numerous rows one kindly received that he prayed above another. Beneath the on his knees for the prosperity hill on the north are stone cof- of the place. In 1196 this refins, broken, subverted, or sunk gion with Caria, was again in the ground. Laodicea with dreadfuliy ravaged by the Colosse its neighbor, was en- Turks. On the invasion of riched by sheep, whose fleeces the Tartars in 1255, the sultan exceeded the Milesian in soft. gave Laodicea to the Romans; ness, and the jetty raven in col. but they were unable to defend or. Some shepherds came to it, and it fell again into the the ruins with their flocks, and hands of the Turks. We saw in the evening to the water no traces of either houses, or

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