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ably because a temple in this Lydia was situated to the east city was dedicated to Jupiter. of Ionia, south of Mysia, west Since the Crusades, the Chris• of the great Phrygia, and north tians have called the place St. of Caria, between 37 and 39 of George; because here that saint north latitude; but in the more suffered martyrdom. Here the flourishing times of their last emperor Justinian erected a kings Cresus and Alyattes, church. Another traveller the territory was much more says, that Lydda is situated in extensive. The principal cita plain, about a league north ies were Sandis, Philadelphia, from Rama. It is so entirely Thyatira, Manesia, &c. The ruined, as to be only a miser. Lydian kings were of three able village, noticeable only dynasties, all of whom togethfor a market held once in a er must have reigned about week. The traders resort here 6 or 700 years. After the to sell cottons and other com. country had been overrun by modities. This ruined place the Gomedians, or Cimmeriwas once, according to Jose- ans, about Anno Mundi 3368, phus, equal to a great city. and after Cræsus had extended The Jews had a proverb that, his empire over the country, the women of Lydda would from the Ægean sea to the river knead their dough, go up to Halys, Cyrus conquered the temple at Jerusalem, offer Lydia. Since this, it has suctheir prayers, and return home, cessively been the prey of the before it was leavened, imply. Greeks, Romaps, Saracens, ing that they so arranged their and Turks. Anciently, the household affairs and religious Lydians were a remarkably services, that they did not in- wicked race of people; the terfere with each other. Lat. women, it is said, earned their 32, 6.

marriage portion by prostituLYDIA, a province of Asia tion, and after their subjugation, Minor, peopled by the sons they gave themselves up to of Lud. There is mention of idleness and effeminacy. The this country under the name of gospel, however, was early inLydia, only in the first book troduced here, and some vesof the Maccabees viii, 8; Isaiah tiges of Christianity remain Ixvi, 19 mentions it under the to this day. Their music was name of Lud, which perhaps soft and effeminate. may be spoken of the country Lydia, in Egypt is a prov. of the same name in Egypt. ince of that country peopled by


Ludim, the son of Mizraim. fifty nations under its com-
Of this province the sacred mand. Whitby.
authors speak frequently. See F. Calmet thinks, that
Jer. xlvi, 9; and Ezek. xxvii. Macedonia was peopled by

The situation and ex- Kittim, the son of Javan, and tent of this Lydia, is not dis- that, as often as Kittim, or tinctly known. See Ludim. Chittim is mentioned in the Lat. 37, 30.

Hebrew text, Macedonia is to LYSTRA, a city of Lycao- be understood. See Chittim. nia, of which Timothy was a This country submitted to native. Lat. 39, 15.

Rome about A. M. 3856; after MAACHATH, a city of being subject to the Romans the Amorites on the Jordan, nearly 1,600 years, it fell under near mount Hermon, Josh. xii, the yoke of the Ottoman 5. It was situated in Naphtali. Turks, who still sway their fa

MAACAH, MAACHAH, or tal sceptre over this country. Beth-Mancha, a little prov. Some of its chief cities were ince of Syria, to the east and Thessalonica, Amphipolis, Phil. north of the sources of the riv. ippi, Berea, and Polla. St. er Jordan, upon the road to Paul was invited by the angel Damascus.

of this province, who appeared MAARATH, a city of Ca- to him at Troas, to come and naan in the tribe of Judah. preach the gospel in MacedoJosh. xv, 59.

nia. Lat. 41. MACEDONIA, a large MACHAERUS, or Macheprovince of Greece, bounded ronte, a city and port east of on the north by the mountain Jordan, in the tribe of Reuben, of Hemus, on the south by north and east of lake AsphalEpirus and Achair, on the east tites, about two or three leagues by the Ægean sea, and on the from the river, and not far from west by the Aonian and Adri- its mouth. Here John the atic seas.

Its ancient name Baptist was put in prison, and was Emmathia; but from the beheaded by order of Herod. kings of Macedon, it was after. Josephus. Lat. 31, 27. . wards called Macedonia, and MACHPELAH, or Macbecame famous, being the PELA, the name of the plain in third kingdom, which, under which the cave was situate, Alexander the great, obtained which Abraham bought of the empire of the world, and Ephron; it lay near to Hebron, had no less than a hundred and and is the first piece of land

mentioned in history, as sold says, that Jesus Christ came to or bought. In the cave here, Dalınanutha. St. Matthew says Abraham and the other patri, he went to Mageda; the Greek archs with their wives were of Matthew is Magdala. The buried. Hence it is a great Syriac, Arabic, and several anresort of pilgrims. A church cient Greek manuscripts read built over the cave or tomb is Magdan. The question is now turned into a mosque, in- where was Magdan, or Dalmato which neither Jews nor nutha? Bochart thought Ma. Christians are allowed to enter; gedan or Medan was a source but are permitted to look of the Jordan, called Dan, at through certain holes made in the foot of Lebanon. Here, the walls. Here, says a trav- invited by the pleasantness of eller, “We Christians said our the situation, and the convenprayers in the best manner we ience of traffic, great numbers were able. The Jews also at- of Arabs, Saracens, and Partended with great assiduity, and thians settled and kept a fair, poured out divers odoriferous for which reason it was called things, and burned perfumes, Medan, in Arabic, the fair. and wax candles.” M. de Valle. Hegesippus calls this place

MADMANNAH, or Me. Melda or Meldan, which he DEMENE, a city belonging to interprets a fair or market. Simeon, Josh. xv, 31. It was Of Meldan, says Calmet, may first given to Judah. Eusebius be made Delmana, or Delmaplaces it towards Gaza. See nata, or Delmanutha. Thus Isaiah x, 31. It was deserted Medan, Magedan, Delmana, by its people for fear of the and Delmanutha, will be the Assyrians.


Eusebius and Jerome MADON, a city of the land place Magedan near to Gerasa, of Canaan. Calmet believes east of the Jordan, and say that the true reading to be Maron, this district is still called Maginstead of Madon, and we adene. Others prefer reading know of a place called Maro. Magdala, and place it in the nia in Syria, about thirty miles vicinity of Gadara and Tiberias, from Antioch, to the north of east from the lake of Genesamount Libanus. Madon or reth, and suppose Dalmanutha Maron, is read in the Hebrew to be near the city of Magdala; of Joshua xii, 19.

but considering the circum. MAGDALA. Where this stances of the fair, which was city was is uncertain. St. Mark held near Phiala, or the head

of the Jordan, we prefer the En-Hakkore, Judges xv, 19. opinion, which places Dalma.

MAKELOTH, one of the nutha, or Magdala in that situ. encampments of the Lsraelites, ation. Dr. Wells says that during their journey in the che place to which our Savior desart, Num. xxxii, 25. came lay between, or in the

MAKKEDAH, a city beneighborhood of, Magdala and longing to the tribe of Judah, Dalmanutha, and that these Josh. xv, 41. Eusebius says, were seated on the eastern side that this city is eight miles of the sea. Hammond and from Eleutheropolis, towards some others think that St. the east. It was two miles Mark intended to speak of east from Libnah, and 12 or Megiddo. Still I think the 14 west from Jerusalem. Near place was near the source of the town we may suppose was the Jordan. Lat. 28, 25. the cave, where the five kings,

MAGED, or Mageth, a who had fled before Joshua, hid city beyond Jordan, which was themselves, whom he, after the taken by Judas Maccabeus, 1 battle, put to death. I hare Macc. v, 36. It is called Ma- just mentioned Eleutheropolis, ked in the Greek, and is prob. and it is often mentioned thus ably the same as Maachah.

incidentally, in this volume, MAGOG. See Gog. though it is not found in scrip

MAHANAIM,orMANAIM, ture, being of more modern a city of the Levites, which origin. It is mentioned, bebelonged to the family of Me- cause Eusebius and Jerome rari, in the tribe of Gad, upon reckon the distances of many the brook Jabbok, Josh. xxi, places in Palestine from this 38; xiii, 26. It was on the city. It stood in the tribe of border of Gad, and the half Judah. tribe of Manasseh, east of the MAKTESH, a street in Je. Jordan. Wells. Lat. 32, 21. rusalem, probably distinguish

MAHANE-DAN, or the ed for its commerce; its mercamp of Dan, a place near Kir- chants had reason to mourn, jathjearim, where the six hun- when the city was invaded by dred Danites encamped on their the Chaldeans, Zeph. i, 11. way to Laish, Judg. xviii, 12. MALATHA, a castle in

MAKAZ, a city, thought Idumea, to which the younger to belong to the tribe of Dan, Agrippa retired, after he had at 1 Kings iv, 9. Supposed to Rome squandered his estate. be the same as Maktesh, or We think Malatha may be the

Makheloth of Num. xxxiii, 25, torian, Sozomen, says that this 26. Eusebius speaks of Mala- tree was standing in the fourth the, and by comparing the century, highly honored by pilpassages in which it is men- grimages and annual feasts. tioned, it appears that this city Near it, he says, was Abrawas in the south of Judah, a. ham's well, much resorted to bout twenty miles from He- by heathen and Christians. bron.

MANASSEH was separatMALLOS, a city of Cilicia, ed in the land of Canaan. One situated upon the river Pyra- half the tribe was settled in mus, the inhabitants revolted Galilee, north of Gad, in a wide from Antiochus Epiphanes, region extending 70 miles from because he had given this with north to south, and from the the city of Tarsus, to one of sea to the Jordan. The other his mistresses named Antio. half tribe were placed in the chis, 2 Macc. iv, 30.

north-east corner of Canaan, MAMRE, plain of, a fertile having the tribe of Gad south, plain, near Hebron in Palestine. the sea of Galilee and the Jor. In this place Abraham dwelt, dan west, the mountains of "building there an altar unto Hermon, Bashan, and Gilead the Lord,” Gen. xviii, 18. The westerly. Gideon,Jephthah,and name of this plain was doubt- Elijah were of this tribe. When less derived from that Mamre, David was crowned king, who went with Abraham in 18,000 men from the western pursuit of Chedorlaomer, and section of Manasseh attended. to rescue Lot, who was prob. This tribe enlisted under the ably the owner of this plain, banner of Jeroboam. After the and from whom probably He- captivity, part of this tribe rebron was sometimes called turned and dwelt at Jerusalem, Mamre. This plain was doubt. i Chron. ix, 3. less often called the vale of He MANDIA, a place near bron. We are told that it lay Bethlehem, where Johanan, son two miles south from the city. of Kareah, overtook Ishmael On this plain was the celebrated the murderer of Gedaliah, Jeroak or pine tree under which emiah xli. Abraham entertained three an MAON, a city of the tribe gels. Constantine forbid the of Judah, in the most southersuperstitious worship perform- ly parts belonging to the tribe. ed here, and built a church on Josh. xv, 55. See also 1 Sam. the place. A respectable his. xxiii, 24. This city is called

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