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mains of an aqueduct, which ari'i calls it, a lofty mounanciently conveyed the water tain, about two leagues from from Solomon's pools to Jeru. Jerusalem. It is generally salem, and may well, says Mr. visited by pilgrims, and at Maundrel, be allowed to be in present is furnished, not only reality what it is pretended for. with a convent of the Latins, The aqueduct consists of but also with one of the Greeks, stones perforated. These are and another of the Armenians. let into each other with a fillet, Here are shown you the seframed round about the cavity, pulchres of Jesse and David, to prevent leakage, and united although, as Bonfrerius obto each other with so firm a serves, David was buried in cement, that they will some. Jerusalem; also, the very place, times sooner break through a where our Savior was born, kind of coarse marble, than be the manger in which he was separated. This train of stones laid, and the cave or grot in was covered, for its greater which the blessed virgin, hid security, with a case of smaller herself and her divine Babe, stones, laid over it, in very from the malice of Herod, for strong mortar. The whole some time, before their de. seems to be endued with such parture into Egypt. The grot absolute firmness, as if it had is formed in a chalky rock, but been designed for eternity. this whiteness, they will not But the Turks have demon. have to be 'natural, but occastrated in this instance, that sioned by some miraculous nothing can be so well wrought, drops of the blessed virgin's but they are able to damage milk, which fell from her or destroy it. For of this breast, when she was suckling strong aquçduct, carried five the holy infant; and so much or six leagues, with such vast are the inhabitants of Bethleexpense and labor, you see hem possessed with this opinnow only here and there a frag- ion, that they believe the chalk ment remaining

of this grotto has a miraculous Bethleheni was a city not virtue, for increasing women's considerable for its extent or milk, and it is taken very freriches; but was infinitely so quently for this purpose. Here on account of the Messiah's are shown you likewise the birth.

chapel of St. Joseph, the sup. Bethlehen is situated upon posed father of our Lord, the the declivity of a hill, or as chapel of the innocents, and

also those of St. Jerome, St. wine is celebrated, though it is Paula, and Eusochium. A. strong and “heady.” Here, bout half a mile eastward from says a Mahometan writer, "Jethe town, you see the field, sus, on whom be peace, was where the shepherds were born of his mother.” It is 6 watching their Rocks, when miles south from Jerusalem. they received the glad tidings Lat: 31, 50; long. 35, 25, E. of the Savior's birth; and not Bowen, Adams, Mariti, Volney. far from the field, the village, BETH-MEON, a city bewhere they dwelt. Bethlehem longing to the Moabites, in the is at present a considerable tribe of Reuben, Jer. xlviii, place, from which is a delight. 23. This is probably the ful prospect. It is surrounded same as Baalmeon. Not only with bills and vallies. The sit- this but all the places in this uation is pleasant. It has sev. region were possessed by the eral fine streets, and a church Moabites before the people of in the form of a cross, erected Israel took possession of the by the famous Helena, also country; though the Amorites several chapels. In the town had expelled them, the Moab. are 600 men able to bear arms, ites seem to have taken posses. 100 of these are Christians. sion again, after the ten tribes Six miles from Bethlehem were carried into Assyria. were the vineyards of Engeddi. Hence many cities, which had The complexion of the people belonged to Israel, as Heshis very durk, almost approach. bon, Jazer, Dibon, and others, ·ing to black. The females

The females Jeremiah represented as cities are betrothed as soon as they of the Moabites. are born, and married at twelve BETH-NIMRAH, a city years of age. They cover of Judah, belonging to the their heads with a long veil, tribe of Gad. Numb. xxxii, which iɔis loosely down their 36. backs. The sides and top of BETHOANNABA, Cal. the mountain are enriched with met supposes this may be fine vineyards, banked with Nob, where the tabernacle walls, which cost iminense la. continued sometime in the

The grapes are large, reign of Saul. and of a rich flavor. Here are BETHOM, or BETHORA, figs and other fruit, which are or BETHORON, or JULIAS, ir the principal support of the in- bore all these names, the birth. habitants. The soil is rich, place of the prophet Joel. the fruits excellent; their white BETH.PALET, according


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to Joshua (xv, 27;) or Beth. the resson of which is, that it phelet, according to Nehemi: was but a village, as Josephus ah (xi, 26;) was a city in the tells us, till Philip the Tetrarch most southern part of Judah; made it a magnificent city, and one of those which was and gave it the name of Julius, yielded up to the tribe of Sim- out of respect to Julia the

daughter of Augustus Cesar. BETH-PAZZIZ, a city of Its original name in Hebrew Palestine belonging to the tribe. imports a place of fishing, or of Issachar. Josh. xix, 21. of hunting, and for both these

BETH-PEOR, a city of it was very commodiously sitMoab, given to the tribe of vated. As it belonged to the Reuben; Deut. iv, 46; where, tribe of Naphtali, a country rethe God Peor was worshipped. markable for a plenty of deer,

BETH-PHAGE, a small Gen. xlix, 21; and as it lay on village of the priests, situated the north end of the lake Genon mount Olivet, and as it esareth, it was so commodious seems, some what nearer Jeru. for the latter that we find Peter salem than Bethany. The and Andrew, who were inhabidistance between Beth-phage tants of this city, were fisher. and Jerusalem is computed at men by trade. Wells. SEE fifteen furlongs. Yet the Tal. BETHZAIDIA. mudists say that a Beth-phage

BETH-SHAN, or BETHwas within the walls of Jerusa. SHEAN, a city belonging to the lem; it is possible a street might half tribe of Manassch, on the bear this name, which led to west of Jordan, and not far the Beth-phage, which produc- from that river. But the peo. ed figs, without the city. It ple of Manasseh, were not able is uncertain whether a village to drive the natives from this rose, here, or a number of place. It was a considerable houses, or only the habitations city in the time of Euscbius, of the gardeners, who might and St. Jerome, and was then raisc figs and other fruit for called as it had been for severthe Jerusalem market.

al ages before, Scythopolis, or BETH-BEHOB, See Re- the city of the Scythiars, as

the Septuagint, Judges i, 27; BETHSAIDA, a city of reads it. It is supposed to which there is no mention in take its name from some re. the Old Testament though it. markable Occurrence

here, frequently occurs in the New, when the Scythians made an



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inroad into Syria. It is said BETH.SHITTAH, Gide. (2 Maccab. xii, 29;) to be six on pursued the Midianites to hundred furlongs from Jeru- this place, Judges vii, 22. It salem. After the battle on probably lay in the tribe of mount Gilboa, the Philistines Manasseh east of the Jordan. took the body of Saul, and fas BETHZURA, or BETI. tened it to the wall of Beth. SHUR. See Beilzur. shan, 1 Sam xxxi, 10. This BETH-TAPPUAH, a city place was the limit of Galilee in the tribe of Judah, Josh. 15, south and before the Babylo. 53, situated in the way to nish captivity, was reckoned Egypt, fourteen miles from within the land of Israel, but Raphia, and of course not far after that period it was not in- from the Nile. cluded. The city was a mile BETHUL, a city in the tribe and a half from the river Jor- of Simeon, Josh. xix, 4. Sozodan. Probably a district man, says the town was popuround the town lore the same lous; we find a bishop of Bethename and might be on each lia among those of Palestine. side of the river. This city is See Bethulit. more generally known by the BETHULIA, a city ccle. name of Scythopolis.

brated for enduring the siege of BETH-SHEMESH, a city Holofernes, at which he was in the tribe of Judah, belong. killed by Judith. ing to the priests, Josh. xxi, 16. Our modern travellers to the This place was thirty miles Holy Land,almost unanimously from Jerusalem. This was also agree, that Bethulia is situated the name of a city in the tribe in the tribe of Zebulun, about a of Issachar, Josh. xix, 22, and league from. Tiberias, towards there are some, who take notice the west, where they pretend of a third city of this name in that some marks of Holofernes's the tribe of Naphtali, ib. 33, camp are still to be seen; but und Judges, i, 33.

this however is certain, that BETHSHEMESH, was also'a both Judith and her husband city of Egypt; probably the He. were of the tribe of Simeon, liopolis of the Greeks, and the Judith viii, 1, and ix, 2, and On, mentioned Gen. xli, 45. for what purpose they should In the time of Ezekiel it retain. remove to so great a distance ed the same name, Ezek. xxx, froin their own inheritance, 17.

in the temple here was an and settle in a different tribe, annual festival in honor of the is not easy to find out. Sincc,

therefore, the scripture takes


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notice of a place in the tribe of ing on the tribe of Zcbulun,
Simeon, named Bethul, a place near the Dead Sea.
dependent on Gaza of the Phil. BETHZAIDA, or Beth.
istines, and famous for its tem. SAIDA, see Bethsaidı. “Woe
ples, which are very remarka- unto thee Chorazin; woe unto
ble, both for their antiquity and thee Bethsaida, for if the migh.
fine structure, (from whence ty works had been done in
not unlikely, it had the name Tyre and Sidon, which have
Bethulor the house of the Lord.) been done in you, they had a
there is much more reason to great while ago repented, sit-
conclude, in the opinion of ting in sackcloth and ashes."
Calmet, that this was the place, This “woe" has long since
since the other town which trav. been executed.

Hence we ellers talk of in the tribe of may infor that. Jesus Christ Zebulun, must be of too mod. did not speak without author. ern a date, to be the city intend. ity. God has punished them ed here; because we find neither for their disregard of Jesus Joshua, nor Josephus, nor Euse. Christ. Five or six poor cottages bius, nor St. Jerome, make any are all which now remains of mention of it. Calmet's dis- this populous town. Toposert. and comment.

grahic Dict BETHULIA, a town of Pales BETH-ZUR, or BETHSUtine, in the tribe of Zebulun, two RA, a city belonging to the miles from the Dead Sea. The tribe of Judah, Josh. xv, 53; learned author from whom the being opposite to south Edom, preceding article is extracted and a place of great strength, would have

have saved himself defending the passage into Ju. trouble, if he had examined the dah, on the south side of Idu. seventh chap. of Judith, and mea. We read in the second would doubiless have con. book of Maccabees, xi, 5; that cluded that there were two Bethsura was only five furtowns of this name, and also longs from Jerusalem, but this have felt more charity for mod. is an obvious mistake; Eusebi. ern travellers. In the third us places it at the distance of verse, the camp of Holofernes twenty miles from Jerusulem, is said to have extended from in the way towards Hebron. Bethulia to Cyamon,'which is At the foot of mount Bethzur over against Esdrelon. Esdre. is a spring where 'it is said the lon or Jezreel, we all know, eunuch of queen Candace was was not in the tribe of Simeon, baptized. but in that of Issachar, border Bethzur, or Bethsur, sigri.

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