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south. At the foot of the bill built here, called by pagan is a fountain of excellent water. writers Berzimma, or Bersabe. At the upper part of the town The place was well fortified, is an old church, built by the when governed by Christian empress Helena.

Helena. Lat. 31, 51. princes, and as a frontier town Beeroth,the twenty-eighth it was considered a place of imstation, whence the children of portance.

When the Romans Israel, marched to Mosera, held this country, Beersheba (Deut. x, 6) and which Euse. was a garrison. bius places, at the distance of BEKAA, a valley of Syria, ten miles from the city Petra. anciently called Coelo Syria This place in Numb. xxxiii, which separates the chain of 31, 32, is called Bene-Jaakan, mountains, denominated Antiinstead of Beeroth-bene-Ja- Libanus, from the Libanus of akan. It lies a little north the Druses, or Maronites, a from Ezion-geber.

most fruitful district of all BEERSHEBA, the well of Syria. But the reverberation an oath, or the well of seven, so of the sun's rays, between the called, because that Abraham mountains, renders the heat made here an alliance with intense. The north winds, Abimelech; king of Gerar, and however, cool the atmsophere gave him seven ewe lambs, as and the country is not unheala pledge of that covenant, to thy: Before the earthquake of which they had sworu.

1759 this whole region was Beersheba was at first given covered with farms and villaby Joshua to the tribe of Judah, ges, but that calamity, and and afterwards a cession of it, the subsequent wars of the was made to Simeon. Josh. Turks, have produced a gener xv, 28, and xix, 2. It was al desolation. In this vale is twenty miles from Hebron, to. situated the famous Balbec. wards the south, and 42 from BENE-BERAK, a town of Jerusalem. The limits of the Canaan in the tribe of Dan. holy land, are often expressed, Joshua xix, 45. From Dan even unto Beer BENE-JAAKAN, a station sheba; 2 Sam. xvii, 11, &c. of the Israelites in the desert,beThe two places were 156, or tween Moseroth and Hor-hagid. 160 Roman miles apart. Dan gad. Niimb.xxxiii,4.2. Lat.30. was the northern, and Beershe BENJAMIN, this tribe lay ba the southern extremity to the north of Judah, and of the land. In process of south from Ephrain; it had dime, a considerable town was the Jordan east, and the tribe

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of Dan interposed between the greatest honor of this tribe Benjamin and the sea. Jacob was Saul of Tarsus, afterwards had said, “Benjamin shall Paul the apostle. When this raven as a wolf,” and wolves tribe came from Egypt they the men of this tribe were. had 35,400 men, able to bear They at different times, dis- arms; in the wilderness they played the rude ferocity of amounted to 45,600; when Datheir courage, till they were vid numbered them, a little finally almost annihilated as a before his death, they were people. Bold in their wicked. about 60,000. In this tribe ness, they patronized the lewd was the temple, and the city of wretches of Gibeon, which Jerusalem. When the other drew on them the just ven ten tribes revolted with Jerogeance of all the other tribes. boam, Benjamin faithfully adYet such was the fury of their hered to Judah and the house courage, that twice with only of David, and shared in the 25,000 men they defeated blessings of their religious priv360,000 of the other tribes, and ileges. Under Jehosophat the slew 40,000. In a third battle militia of Benjamin were they were defeated, and their 380,000.

380,000. After the captivity whole tribe, excepting 600 vast numbers of them returned men, destroyed. These filed to Jerusalem. to the rock Rimmon. When BEON, Numb. xxxii, 3; the other tribes had time for otherwise Bean, 1 Maccab. v, cool reflection, they were griev. 4; a city beyond Jordan, which ed for the almost entire extir. Eusebius says belonged to pation of their brother Benja- the tribe of Reuben. min. Accordingly they pro BERA, See BeeR. cured young women from Ja. BEREA, a city of Macedo, bez Gilead, and from Shiloh, nia, where St. Paul preached to be wives for the 600 sur the gospel with great success, viving Benjamites, (Judges Acts xvii, 10, 13. Lat. 40, 45. xx, and xxi.) It was not per BERED, a city of Palestine, haps much more than half a not far from Gaza. The well, century after this, that Ehud where Hagar rested herself, arose and delivered the coun- Aying from her mistress, was in try from the Moabites. Saul this region. and Ishbosheth, the first kings BERITH, or BARATRES, a of Israel, were of this tribe, so city of Phænicia on the Meditwere Modecai and Esther. But terranean, between Biblos and

Sidon, fisty miles north from 400 pursued those Amalekites, Sidon. It is doubted whethe, who had burned Ziklag. It is this place is mentioned in scrip- thought that the Ethiopian ture, but there are several cities eunuch was baptized in this of this name in Palestine. brook, Acts viii, 26-39. I

BEROTH, a city of Syria think Sanson correct in saying conquered by David, 2 Sam. this seems to be sometimes, viii, 8; perhaps it was Berytus called the torrent, or river of in Phænicia.

Egypt. Lat. 31,10. BEROTHAH, or BEROTH, ВЕТАН, or TiвнАТн, а a city mentioned in Ezekiel, city of Syria, taken by David xlvii, 16; thought to be the from Hadadezer, 2 Sam. viii, same with Beroth of Syria. 8, and thought to be the same

BERSABA, a town in Gal- with Beten, which Josh. xix, ilee between upper and lower 25, sets down as belonging to Galilee.

the tribe of Asher. BESETHA, a mountain in BETHABARA, a place beJerusalem, north from the tem- yond Jordan, where John the ple.

• Baptist baptized, John i, 28. BESIRA, or the well of Bethabara, which in the HeSirah, two miles and a half from brew, signifies the house of Hebron.

passage, is thought to be the BESOR, a brook, 1 Sam. place, where the Israelites pas*xx, 9, which falls into the sed the river Jordan, under Mediterranean, between Gaza Joshua; and it is believed, that and Rhinocorura. This is the there was the common ford of brook of the wilderness, men- this river. It is also supposed tioned Amos vi, 14, which by some, that this is the very many have taken for the brook spot where John stood when lie or river of Egypt, which is baptized the Lord Jesus Christ. spoken of in several places of In the time of Eusebius many scripture, as Josh. xv, 4, 47, were zealous to be baptized at &c. and which Calmet thinks this place, and resorted here is no other than the Nile, or for the purpose. But some its most eastern branch. Dr. writers



was the Shaw represents this as a small place where Jacob crossed the stream, not deserving ihe name Jordan, a little south from the of a river. Here 200 of Da- sea of Tiberias. Lightfoot says vid's men remained, overcome much to prove, it lay north-east with fatigue, while the o:her from that sea.

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BETHANATH, a city of the place, which they say was the tribe of Naphtali, Josh. xix, Mary Magdalene's house, and 38.

thence descending a steep hill,
BETHANIM, a village four you come to the fountain of
miles from Hebron, and two the apostles, which is so cal-
miles from the oak or pine, led, because, according to tra-
where Abraham entertained the dition, these holy persons were

wont to refresh here, between
BETHANY, a considerable Jerusalem and Jericho, as very
place, situated at the foot of the probably they might, because
mount of Olives, or on the the fountain is close to the
mount, about fifteen furlongs road side, and is very inviting
eastward of Jerusalem. Here it to the thirsty traveller. This
was, that Martha and Mary lived, village was famous for its figs.
with their brother Lazarus, From Jerusalem JESUS CHRIST
whom Jesus raised from the having led his disciples to
dead John ix, 18; and it was mount Olivet, as far as to
here, that Mary poured the Bethany, here he lifted up his
perfume, on our Savior's head. hands and blessed them, and
Bethany is but a very small while he blessed them, they
village. One of our modern beheld; he was separated from
travellers acquaints us that near them, taken, up, and carried
the entrance of the place, there into heaven, a cloud receiving
is an old ruin, called the castle him out of their sight. The
of Lazarus, supposed to have spot now shown for the place
been the mansion-house, where of our Lord's ascension is at
he, and his sisters lived. At the top of mount Olivet, where
the bottom of a descent, not anciently was a large church,
far from the castle, you see built in honor of that glorious
his sepulchre, which the Turks triumph. An octagonal cupo-
hold in great veneration, and la, eight yards in diameter, is
use it for an oratory, or place now standing; as they say, over
of prayer. Here going down the very spot where were the
by 25 steps, you come at first, last footsteps of the divine Sa-
into a small square room, and vior in this world.
thence creep into another, that BETH-ARABAH, a city
is less, about a yard and half belonging to the tribe of Judah,
deep, in which the body is said Josh. xv, 6, and afterwards
to have been laid. About a given to that of Benjamin.
bow-shot thence, you pass by Josh, xviii, 22.

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BETHARAN, or Betha. sieged them without any suc. RAM. Numb. xxxii, 36, and cess. Josh. xiii, 27, a fenced city be. BETHBAR, a city of the yond Jordan, towards the Dead tribe of Dan, 1 Sam. vii, 11. Sea, and afterwards called Li. In a battle between the Israel. vias.

ites and Philistines, the former BETHAVEN, the same pursued the latier to this place, with Bethel. This city upon 1 Sam. vii, ll, and near this the revolt of the ten tribes, be- place Samuel set up his Ebenlonged to the kingdom of Is- ezer. Lat. 31, 52. rael, and was, therefore, one of BETH-DAGON, a city of the cities, where Jeroboam set Canaan in the tribe of Asher. up his golden calves; whence The name imports house of the prophet Hosea iv, 15, in temple of Dagon. derision calls it Bethaven, the Beth-Dagon, a city of Ca. house of vanity or idols, in- naan in the tribe of Judah; 'so calstead of Bethel, that is, the led, probably, because here was house of God, the name, which a temple of Dagon, before the Jacob formerly gave it, when country was conquered by the he had the vision there of the Israelites. mysterious ladder, Gen. xxvii, BETHEL, a city, which lay 19, and the angels ascending to the west of Hai, about eight and descending, from heaven miles to the north of Jerusalem, to earth.

in the confines of the tribes of BETHBARA, a place he. Ephraim and Benjamin. The yond the river Jordan. Judg. rabbins tell us, that the stone vii, 24, thought to be the same on which Jacob rested his head with Bethabara. It lay between at Bethel, was put into the the Jordan and Dead Sea. Here sanctuary of the temple, which Gideon called the people of was built after the return from Ephraim to post themselves to captivity; that the ark of the to arrest the flying Midianites. covenant was placed upon this This place was south from the stone, and that long after the sea of Galilee. Lat. 32, 11. ruin of the temple, the Jews had

BETHBASI, a city in the a custom of lamenting their catribe of Judah, which the two lamities upon it. The Mahom. Maccabees, Simon and Jona- etans believe, their temple at than, fortified. 1 Mac. ix, 62, Mecca to be founded on this 64; and where Bacchides be. very stone, and have a great

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