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mentioned, likewise, by Isaiah, as in the case of Og, king of xvii, 5. The Philistines en. Baashan, and Goliath. camped there more than once, memoir read before the acadei Chron. xi, 10; xiv, 9. my of sciences at Rouen, M.

It is also called in the Greek 'Le Cat gives the following acthe valley of the Titans, and in count of giants, that are said to our translation and the vulgate, have existed in different ages. the valley of the giants, and “Profane historians have givsometimes in the English ver. en seven feet of height to Hersion, the valley of Rephaim, ascules, their first hero, and in in the two last places quoted, our days we have seen men and in 2 Sam. xxiii, 13. Joshua eight feet high. The giant, places the valley of Rephaim who was shown in Rouen in as one of the limits of the por. 1735, measured eight feet, some tion of Judah. It was very

It was very inches. The emperor Maxinear Jerusalem, and it may be min was of that size; Skenki. doubted whether it belonged us and Platerus, physicians of to Judah or to Benjamin; be. the 17th century saw several of cause of the proximity of these that staiure, and Goropius saw two tribes.

Eusebius places a girl, who was ten feet high. it in Benjamin, but Josh. xvii, The body of Orestes, accord10, and those passages of the ing to the Greeks, was eleven book of Samuel, in which it is feet and an half, the giant Gabmentioned insinuate, that it be. bara, brought from Arabia to longed to Judah, and was to Rome under Claudius Cæsar, the south or west of Jerusalem. was near ten feet, and the bones

Though in the scripture, we of Secondilla and Pusio, keepare told of giants, who were pro- ers of the gardens of Sallust, duced from the marriages of were but six inches shorter. the sons of God with the daugh. Funnam, a Scotsman, who livters of men, yet this passage ed in the time of Eugene II, has been differently interpre- king of Scotland, measured ted, so as to render it doubtful eleven feet and an half, and Ja. whether the word translated cob Le Maire in his voyage to giants, does there imply any the straits of Magellan, reports extraordinary stature. In other that on the 17th of September, parts of scripture, however, gi. 1615, they found at port Deants with their dimensions, are sire several graves covered mentioned in such a manner, with stones, and having the cuas we cannot possibly doubt, riosity to remove the stones, they discovered human skele. Valence in Dauphine, boasts tons of ten and eleven feet long. of possessing the bones of the The Chevalier Scory, in his giant Bucart, tyrant of the Viv. voyage to the peak of Ten. arais, who was slain by an ar. eriffe, says, that they found in row, by the count de Cabillon, one of the sepulchres or'cav. his vassal. The Dominicans erns of that mountain, the had a part of the shin bone, head of a guanche, which had with the articulation of the 30 teeth, and that the body was knee, and his figure painted in not less than 15 feet long. The fresco, with an inscription, giant Ferragus, slain by Orlan- showing that this giant was do, nephew of Charlemagne, 22 feet and an half high, and was 18 feet high. Rivland, that his bones were found in a celebrated anatomist, who 1705, near the banks of the wrote in 1614, says, that some Morderi, a little river at the years before, there was to be foot of the mountain of Crussol, seen in the suburbs of St. Ger- upon which (tradition says) the main the tomb of the giant Is- giant dwelt. soret, who was 20 feet high. January 11, 1613, some ma. In Rouen, in 1509, in digging sons digging near the ruins of in the ditches near the Domi- a castle in Dauphine in a field, nicans, they found a stone which (by tradition) had long tomb, containing a skeleton, been called the giants field, at whose skull held a bushel of the depth of 18 feet discovered corn, and whose shin bone a brick tomb, 30 feet long, 12 reached up to the girdle of the feet wide, and 8 feet high, on tallest man there, being about which was a grey stone with 4 feet long, and goosequently the words, Theutobochus Rez, the body must have been 17, cut upon it. When the tomb or 18 feet high. Upon the was opened, they found a hutomb was a plate of copper on man skeleton entire, 25 feet which was engraved, “In this and a half long, ten feet wide tomb lies the noble and puis. across the shoulders, and five sant Lord, the Chevalier Ricon feet deep from the breast bone de Vallemont, and his bones.” to the back.

His teeth were Platerus, a famous physician, about the size, each of an ox's declares that he saw at Lu- foot, and his shin bone meascerne, the true human bones of ured four feet. a subject, which must have Near Mazarino, in Sicily, in been at least 19 feet high. 1516, was found a giant 30 feet

high, his head was the size of resemblance to that of a mai. an hogshead, and each of his “If it be true, therefore, that teeth weighed five ounces. a great number of the gigantic Near Palermo, in the valley of bones, which we have mentionMazara, in Sicily, a skeleton of ed have been seen by anato. a giant 30 feet long, was found mists, and by them have been in the year 1548, and another reputed real human bones, the of 33 feet high in 1550, and existence of giants is proved.” many curious persons have pre- With regard to the credi. served several of these gigantic bility of all, or any of these acbones.

counts, it is difficult to deterThe Athenians found near mine any thing. If in any castheir city two famous skeletons, tle in Bohemia, the bones of a one of 34, the other of 36 feet man's leg 26 feet in length is high.

preserved, we indeed have deAt Totu, in Bohemia, was cided proof of the existence of found a skeleton, the head of a giant, in comparison of whom which could scarce be encom- others would be but pigmies. passed, by the arms of two men Nor indeed could these bones together, and whose legs, which be supposed to belong to an they still keep in the castle of elephant, for an elephant itself that city, were 26 feet long. would be but a dwarf in comThe skull of the giant found in parison of such an enormous Macedonia, Sept. 1691, held nionster. But if these bones 210 pounds of corn.

were really kept in any part of The celebrated Sir Hans Bohemia, it seems strange that Sloane, who treated this matter they are not frequently visited, very learnedly, does not doubt and particular descriptions of these facts, but thinks the bones them given by the learned, who were those of elephants, whales, have travelled in that country. or other enormous animals. It is certain however, that there

Elephants bones may be have been nations of men, conshown for those of giants; but siderably exceeding the comthey can never impose on con- mon stature. Thus all the Ronoisseurs. Whales, which by man historians inform us, that their immense bulk, are more the Gauls and Germans exproper to be substituted for the ceeded the Italians in size, and largest giants, have neither it appears that the Italians in arms nor legs, and the head of those days, were of much the that animal hath not the least same stature with the people

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of the present age. Among somewliere in South America, these northern nations, it is al- there is a race of people very so probable that there would considerably exceeding the be as great differences in stat. common size of mankind, and ure, as there is among the consequently, that we cannot present race of men. If that altogeiher discredit the rela. can be allowed, we may easily tions of giants handed down to believe, that some of these us by ancient authors; though barbarians might be called gi- what degree of credit we ought ants, without any great im- to give them is not easily de. propriety. Of this superiority termined. , We might from of size, indeed the historian good au'hority multiply the Florus gives us a notable in accounts of the great variety of stance in Teutichochus above. stature among mankind. Homentioned, king of the Teu. mer speaks of the giants Otus tones, who being defeated and and Ephjaltes, who were nine taken prisoner by Marius, was cubits round, and thirty-six in carried in triumph before him height. The body of Orestes at Rome, when his head reach- being dug up, by order of an ed above the trophies that were oracle, was found to be ten feet carried in the same procession. and a half in length. At Rome

But whether these accounts in the reign of Claudius, one are credited or not, we are very Gabbaus was nine feet nine certain that the stature of the inches high. In 1572, Delerio human body is by no means saw at Rohan a native of Pied. absolutely fixed; we are our- mont above nine feet high. In selves a kind of giants com- 1719, at Stonehenge in Eng. pared with the Laplanders, nor land, a human skeleton was dug are these the most diminitive up, which was nine feet four people on the earth. The abbe inches long. On the other hand la Chappe, in lois journey into we read of whole tribes of men Siberia in order to observe the indifferent countries as remarklast transit of Venus, passed able for their diminitive stature. through a village inhabited by In the interior of Madagascar people called wotiacks; neither among the mountains, which men nor women are above 4 are 10 or 12,000 feet above feet high. The accounts of the ocean, is a nation of dwarfs. the Patagonians also, which The ordinary height of the cannot be entirely discredited, men is 3 feet 5 inches; that of render it very probable, that the women is less. The men wear their beards long; their or ten feet two inches high, a hair is short and woolly; they Jew born. He was named E. are intelligent, active, and cour. leazer, and was called a giant ageous. They defend them- by reason of his greatness. selves with lances and weapons, Merulla, who succeeded Justus which they form from iron and Lipsius, as professor of history steel of their own manufacture. in the university of Leyden, These people are called Qui. asserts that he himself saw in mos or Kimos; they have plen- France a Fleming, who exty of cattle and provisions. ceeded nine feet in height. Pinkerton, Modave, Commerson. This was in 1583. Becanus

Finally, to show from good saw a man near ten feet high, authorities, that the stature of and a woman full ten feet high. Goliath was not impossible, nor We remember to have seen in incredible, I will mention Ga. London, Bamford, a hatter by bara, who in the time of Claudi- trade, who lived near Temple us, the emperor, was brought Bar, who measured eight feet out of Arabia. He was nine and six or eight inches, yet feet nine inches high.' Pliny. wilfully lost four inches of his Maximus, the emperor, was stature by a habit of stooping, eight feet and a half in height: which he had contracted: and he was a Thracian, barbarous, we know that O'Brien, lately cruel, and hated of all men; he exhibited under the name of the used the bracelet or armlet of Irish giant, measured eight feet his wise as a ring for his thumb, six or eight inches while living, and his shoe was longer by a and I think, two or three inches foot than that of an ordinary more when dead. Parkhurst's man.

There were in the time Ilebrew Lexicon, &C. of Augustus Cæsar, two per- REPHIDEM was the elev. sons, called Idusio and Secon- enth station or encampment of dilla, each of them was ten feet the Israelites in the desert, Ex. high, and somewhat more. xvii, 1. Departing from the Their bodies after their death, wilderness of Sin, they came were kept and preserved for a to Rephidem, where the people wonder in a sepulchre within wanted water; they began to the Salustian garden. Vitellus murmur against Moses. God sent Darius, the son of Arta- commanded him to carry the banus, an hostage at Rome, people to the rock of Horeb. with divers presents, among Moses in the presence of the which was a man seven cubits, elders did what God had com

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