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manded bim to do. He struck The Jews add, that these wa. the rock and presently the wa. ters being granted for the sake ters burst forth in abundance. of the merits of Miraim, the

Rephidem could not be far sister of Moses, they failed as from Horeb, because God or. soon as she was dead; and hence dered Moses to go from thence it is, that in the encampment to the rock of Horeb, 10 give of Kadesh Barnea, which was the people water.

And it was soon after the death of Miriam, this same water that served the we see the people again fall inIsraelites not only in the en- to murmurings, for want of campment of Rephidem, and water, Numb. xx. in that of mount Sinai, but al- This miracle at Rephidem, so in their other encampments, happened in the year of the perhaps as far as Kadesh. world 2513, in the second Barnea. St. Paul, 1 Cor. x, 4, month after their departure says that this rock followed from Egypt. Travellers say that them in their journey, and that at the foot of the mount of Ho. it was the figure or type of Je- reb is still to be seen the brook sus Christ. "For they drank of water that God caused to of that spiritual rock that fol. gush out from thence, at the lowed them, and that rock was instigation of Moses. Others Christ.” Whether the stream say, that indeed there is of water followed them, or that stream that runs at the foot they followed the running was of this mourtain, but as to the ter, or whether they always rock itself, there is no water carried of this water along with that runs from it, but there them, as Ælian says the water may be seen, as it were, twelve of Choaspes always followed mouths, whence water may have the king of Persia, that is, that flowed heretofore. Morison's it was always carried after him, Voyages, Book I. because he would drink no The rock is thus described: other: or lastly, whether the It is a rock of red marble, arock of Horeb might not be bout four yards square. In all drawn upon a carriage in the the openings or mouths are hormanner of a great tun, always izontal, and in some of them full and always open to who-' perpendicular cracks, which ever had inclination to drink. could never have been produced This last hypothesis is em- by any tool. Like the rent in braced by the Rabbins, and by the rock of Calvary, it prosome of the ancient fathers. duces religious surprize in the


most philosophical spectators. ing then of his company, and In the wilderness of Kadesh, is having said nothing of those the other rock, mentioned in miracles, that are pretended to Numbers xx, from which water have been performed by St. flowed, and a stream followed Paul in this place, bis silence the camp, being twice smitten should at least render them

very by the rod of Moses, 38 years much suspected. This place is after the other miracle. From now called Reggio. It stands the bottom to the top now ap

on the strait of Messina; it has pear various openings, whence a large woollen factory, and is the waters burst forth. The 190 miles south by east from Arabs have a tradition, that Naples. It was originally setonce a river watered this neigh- tled by a colony from Chalcis. borhood.

After the defeat of Pompey, JuRESEN, a city of Assyria, lius Cæsar rebuilt this place in built by Asher, between Nine- a splendid style; since which veh and Calah, Gen. x, 12. it has often been injured by Some think that all three places, earthquakes, and plundered by with Rehoboth, are finally uni. Turks. The place is now the ted in Nineveh. But perhaps seat of an archbishop, and has Resin, is the same as Larissa two colleges, but its commerce on the Tigris, which was eight has declined, and its populamiles in circuit, the walls 100 tion is not numerous. feet high, and 25 broad. In RESSA, a famous city of A. D. 772, among the Nine- Arabia Petrea, probably the vite cities, which were depop- Rissah, and encampment of Isulated by the Arabs, we find rael in the desert. Josephus Ressin, which no doubt is the mentions the castle of Ressa in Resen of scripture; it is men- Idumea: and St. Jerom, in the tioned among the cities of As- life of St. Kilamon, says that syria.

saint converted the whole city RESEPH, a city of Syria, of Ressa, situate between Käknown in the second book of desh and Gaza. Perhaps this Kings xix, 12,

is the Larissa, mentioned by REGIUM, a maritime city William of Tyre; and Arisof Italy in the kingdom of Na- chi, an episcopal city in the desples. St. Paul landed here ert of the children of Israel. when he went to Rome, in the REUBEN, this tribe was the vear of Christ 61, Acts situated at the south-east corxxviii, 12, 14. St. Luke be- ner of Canaan, the Moabites

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lying on the east, and the Midi- days of Deborah, the Reubens anites south: concerningReuben ites were so embarrassed with his father hath said, "Unstable their own broils, that they could as water, thou shalt not excel;” send no help to Barak. Finalor as Dr. Clark renders the ly, Tiglath-pileser carried them words, “Pouring out like the captive into the north-eastern waters—thou shalt not excel.” part of his empire, Judges xv, Accordingly this tribe never 16; i Chron. xii, and xxvii. rose to any eminence in Israel; RHODES, an island lying it was not so numerous by al. south of the river Caria, in Les. most one third as either Judah ser Asia, and among the Asiatic or Dan. When numbered in isles, is accounted for dignity the wilderness of Sinai, the tribe next to Cyprus and Lesbos, of Reuben was 46,500. “These it being 40 miles long, and 15 were the males 20 years old and broad. It was remarkable aupwards, able to go forth to mong the ancients, for the ex. war.” But those in Dan were pertness of its inhabitants in 62,700, in Judah 74,600. We the art of navigation; for a col. have no mention in the history lege, in which the students were of Israel, of either king, or eminent for cloquence, and judge, or prophet, or any re- mathematics; it was a princi. nowned person in any profes- pal university of the Roman sion, descended from Reuben. empire. The old academies The remark of Mr. Scott is, of the empire were Rhodes, "That children actually do suf- Marseilles, Tarsus, Athens, and fer in this world for the crimes Alexandria. Rhodes was also of their parents.” Reuben had remarkable for the clearness of committed incest with his fath. its air, there not being a day in er's concubine. When this a year, when the

suo did tribe was numbered again on not shine upon it; for its pleas. the plains of Moab, their mi- ant and healthy climate, which litia ainounted to no more than induced the Roman nobility to 43,730, while Zebulon was make it a place of their recess, 60,500. The very situation of and more especially for its prothis tribe, which yet they chose digious statue of brass, consefor themselves, exposed them crated to the sun, and called his to perpetual devastations from colossus. This statue was 70 their enemies. They were a cubits high, had every finger, frontier to the Syrians, Moab- as big as an ordinary man, and ites, and Ammonites. In the standing astride, over the mouth

ef the harbor, so that the ships dians. The soil of the island sailed between its legs. On was fruitful, producing the account of its vast bulk, it was most delicious wines and the reckoned one of the seven richest fruits. The Rhodians wonders of the world. This maintained a long contest with colossus was thrown down by the Greeks and Romans; but an earthquake; when carried to having applied to the Romans Egypt, it furnished a load for for aid against their enemies, 900 camels.

they as may be expected in all When St. Paul went to Je- siinilar cases,

seized the rusalem in the year of Christ island for themselves, and made 58, he went from Miletus to it a Roman colony. Concem. Coos, from Coos to the isle of ing its subsequent history we Rhodes, and thence to Patana only add, that in A, D. 1124, in Lycia, Acts xxi, 1.

the Venetians took Rhodes The Septuagint and Samar- and held it three years. In itan Bibles, instead of Doda- 1283 it was again taken by the nin, Gen. x, 4, &c. read Ro. Turks; but in 1308 they were danim. St. Jerome, Isidore, driven off by the knights of St. and Eusebius follow them; and John of Jerusalem; but in think the isle of Rhodes to 1522 Roodes was attacked by have been peopled by the Rho- Solyman, the magnificent, with danim or posterity of Javan: 300 ships, and 200,000 men, but in the Hebrew it is Doda. the capital surrendered after nim, and in that language having lost 90,000 of its people. nothing can happen more easi. The loss of the Turks was ly, than to confound the Daleth much greater. and the Resh. See the artis population of the island is esticles Dedan and Dodanim. mated at 4,700 families of Probably the island was settled Turks, 2,500 of Greeks, 100 by the sons of Dodanim, who Jews, in all, 7,300, or probably was the grandson of Japhet. about 36,500 souls. These islanders were once a RHODES, the capital of the most formidable maritime pow. above island, built by Hyppoer; the Romans called them the damus, a famous architect of maritime people, or a nation of Miletus, was three leagues in sailors; they commanded the circumference, the beauty of neighboring seas, and mari. its harbor, says Strabo, of its time causes were decided ace streets and walls, and the magcording to the laws of the Rho. nificence of its monuments ren

The present der it so much superior to all John has been converted into a other cities, as to admit of no mosque. The vast hospital, comparison. Their schools in which Christian charity reattained so high a degree of ceived the faithful from all celebrity, that they were resort- parts of the world, and fured to bysome of the greatest men nished them with succors, at of Rome; among whom were this day serves as a granary for Marcus, Brutus, Cicero, Cato, the Turks. Rhodes has two Cassius, Cæsar, and Pompey. harbors. The smallest faces Alexander, who regarded this the east and is called Darea, city as the first in the world, Rocks at a small distance from chose here to deposite his last each other, in the front, block will. The modern town, the entrance, and only leave built on the ruins of the an. room for one vessel to pass. cient city, occupies only a Moles raised on each side, dequarter of its extent, and pos- fend it froin the wind. The sesses no remarkable antiqui- Turks, who since the conquest ties. Not the smallest remains of the island have not removed of the threatre, temples, and from it a single grain of sand, portico, are to be discovered. suffer it gradually to choke up. Statues, collossuses, paintings, There is only water enough for

To wide and merchant's ships, and skilfully disposed streets, to these are obliged to unload a those regularly arranged edi- part of their cargo, before they fices, where cach front present. can enter it. The other har- : ed the same order of architec- bor is large, it bears the name ture, have succeeded narrow of Rhodes; and in this frigates and winding lanes, and houses of 30 guns may anchor. Ves. without taste, regularity,or dec. sels are here defended from the oration. The knights of Rhodes, westerly winds, which in these left various traces of their res- latitudes, prevail nine months idence in the island. Their in the year. Long. 28, 20, east, armorial ensigns, and some Lat. 26, 25, north. The Jews busts of the grand masters, who fled here from Spain are sculptured in relief, on marble, the principal people. decorated the front of several The following information buildings. The walls and from a traveller, who visited the towers, they erected still sub- place a few years since, gives sist, and bear the marks of rather a more favorable view. their brave and obstinate de- On the morning of the 9th I fence. The church of St. visited the different quarters of

all are gone.


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