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called Misitria. It is now the Succoth was within the canton capital of the Morea, with a Scythopolis. The Jews tells us, Greek archbishop's see, and a the name of Darala was aftercastle. It is divided into four wards given to Succoth. Gid. parts, the castle, the town, and con tore the flesh of the printwo large suburbs. The church cipal men of Succoth, with is one of the finest in the world; thorns and briars, because they but the Turks have turned it returned him an haughty an. into a mosque, near which is swer, when he asked some rea magnificent hospital. In this freshments of them for his city are a great number of people, who were then pursu. Christians, and so many Jews ing the Midianites, Judg. viii, that they have three syna- 5, 6, &c. Lat. 32, 14. gogues.

The population is SUD, or Sodi, a river of twelve thousand. The river Babylonia mentioned by Bawhich runs by the city is now ruch i, 4. We know no river called the Vasilipotamo. Sparta by this name in this country: is 100 miles south-west from It might be some arm of the Athens. Long. 23 E. Jat. 36, Euphrates. 55 N.

SUKKIM. What particuSUCCOTH, or Sochoty, lar people these are the learned the first encampment of the have not agreed. The word Israelites, when they came out signifies a tent or a cave. Hence of Egypt, Exod. xii, 37. Suc- it has been a question, whether coth signifies tents.

by the Sukkim are to be un. Succoth, a city beyond derstood the Troglodytæ, a Jordan, between the brook of people in the parts of Africa, Jabbok and this river. Jacob, adjoining Egypt, south, and so at his return from Mesopota- called by the Greeks, because mia, passing over the brook they lived in caverns cut out Jabbok, set up his tents at of the rocky mountains, or Succoth, Gen. xxxii, 17, whether the Bedoween Arabs where afterwards they built a are meant, who were so called city, Josh. xiii, 27, assigned from their living in tents. This to the tribe of Gad. Solo. people have been celebrated in mon cast his large brazen ves- history by the name of Sarasels, which he intended for the cens. service of the temple, between SYCHEM, or SyChar, a Succoth and Zarthan, 1 Kings city of Samaria. Dr. Prideaux vii, 46. St. Jerome says, that says it was called Sychar by

the Jews as a term of reproach, situated under the tropic, ac. this name importing the drun. cording to the report of Strabo, ken city. The town stands in a well was sunk, which marked a narrow valley between mount the summer solstice, and the Geriziin and Ebal. On Ge. day was kuown, when the stile rizim the Samaritans have now of the sun dial cast no shadow a temple. This place, like most at noon; at that instant the verothers in the possession of the tical sun, darted his rays to the Turks, has declined, and is in bottom of the well, and his ima mean condition. It consists age was reflected on the water. chiefly of two parallel streets. Syene is at present a miseraThe place is now called Nap- bly decayed place, with a small lousa. See Shechem and Sic fort, comanded by an aga of char.

the Janissaries; the remains of SYENE, a city in the south. the ancient town are on an emern frontiers of Egypt or Ethi. inence to we south. Columns opia, between Thebes and the and pillars of granite, scattered great cataracts of the Nile, here and there, denote its situa. though Ezekiel places it at that tion: 375 miles south from extremity of Egyptfarthest from Cairo, long. 38, 8, E. lat. 24, Ethiopia: "From the tower of 0, N. M. Denon, however, Syene even unto the borders says, that Syene now has a nuof Ethiopia,” Ezek. xxix, 10, merous population; but the whence some think, that the trade is confined to senna and Hebrew being translated, “from dates, and these two articles Migdol to Syene, and to the produce a sufficient re'urn to frontier of Cush.” See Migdol supply all the other wants of and Cush. This city is cele- the inh.ibitants, to maint in a brated for the first attempt to Kiachef, a governor, and a ascertain the circumference of Turkish garrison. The senna, the earth, by Eratosthenes, a which grows around Syene is native of Cyrene, who, about of moderate quality; when sold the year 276 before Christ, was it is fraudulently mixed with invited from Athens to Alexan. that which grows wild in the dria, by Ptolemy Euergetes: desert, brought hither by the near it on a small island in the Barabra, and sold at nearly a Nile, anciently called Elephan. hundreth part of what is given tina, is a temple of Cnupis, for it in Europe. It is one of still standing, very little injur. the most important articles of ed. In this town, which was the custom houses at Cairo and

Alexandria. The second arti- mon soldier. He was very incle of exportation is dates; they tent on a demonstration in geare small and dry; but they are ometry, and calmly drawing his so plenty, that besides making lines, when a soldier entered the principal food of the inhab. the room and clapped a sword itants here, large boats, loaded to his throat. Hold (said Arwith them, are daily going chimedes) one moment, and down the river to Lower Egypt. my demonstration will be fin

Denon's Travels. ished. But the soldier, equal. SYRACUSE, a famous city ly regardless of his prayer and of Sicily, seated on the east side his demonstration, instantly kilof the island. While in its led him. splendor, it was the richest city The city of Syracuse conpossessed by the Greeks in any tinued subject to the western part of the world. St. Paul, empire, till its declension, when going to Rome, landed in this the island of Sicily being rav. city, and tarried three days. aged by different barbarians, Thence he went to Rhegium, the capital also underwent variActs xxvii, 12. Syracuse ous revolutions; at last in 834, was anciently, very strongly it was destroyed by the Sara. fortified, great in extent, and cens, who razed it to the populous. The port was most. ground, and few traces of its ly environed with beautiful ancient grandeur are now to be buildings; and that part of it, seen. The ancient city of Sy. which was without the city, was racuse was of a triangular form, on both sides banked up, and and consisted of five parts or sustained with very fair walls towns, the circuit, according to of marble. Strabo tells us, it Strabo, amounted to twentywas about twenty-two miles in two and an half English miles. circumference; and Livy and The new city, which has risen Plutarch acquaint us, that the from its ruins, stands on a little spoil of it was almost equal to island, having a castle well for. that of Carthage, when it was tified, and is itself strongly taken and sacked by Marcellus, walled, having two noble hathe Roman general, about two vens. It is very weak towards hundred and ten vears before the sea, but the shelves render the birth of our Savior. In it hazardous to debark on that storming this place, Archim. side. edes, the most celebrated math Its population is eighteen ematician, was slain by a com- thousand. The dwellings are

far from being memorials of Silicia on the north; and by ancient Syracusan architecture Phænicia, Judea, and Arabia or opulence. The ancient tem- Deserta on the south. ple of Minerva is now turned No name perhaps in geogra. into a cathedral. This temple phy or history has been used is built in the old Doric pro- in a more vague and indeterportions, used in the rest of minate latitude than Syria. Sicily; its exterior dimensions Unless it be connected with are 185 feet in length, and 75 some other word to qualify its in breadth. There are also meaning, or to ascertain its ex. some remains of Diana's tem. tent, it gives no precise idea to ple, but now scarcely discerni. the mind. It is of importance, ble. Besides these, there are then, to know to what different few ruins in the island.

countries it has been applied. Every object here imprints All that country extending a melancholy sensation on the from the river Tigris to the mind, while it draws a compar- river of Egypt, was sometimes ison, between the present hum- called Syria. That portion lyble state of things, and their ing between the Tigris and the once Aourishing condition. I Euphrates was called Syria of had already viewed, (says Mr. the rivers; the Greeks called Swinburne) the desert scites of this same tract Mesopotamia; many great, ancient cities, and its principal city was Edessa, had as often mourned over their formerly called Rages. Cælo remains, but never did I feel Syria was a name generally apthe impression of pity and re- plied to the noble valley, lying gret so strong, as in wandering between Libanus and Anti-Li. among the ruins of Syracuse. banus, though sometimes the The English now possess this name was applied to the tract, island. Lat. 36, 12.

extending to the Euphrates, SYRIA, called in Hebrew and contained Antioch, Laodi. Aram, from the name of the cea, Apamea, and other cities, patriarch who peopled its chief Palestine was, therefore, a part provinces. The Arameans, or of Syria, as New England is a Syrians, possessed Mesopota- part of the United States. I mia, Chaldea, and a part of Ars may add, that the name of menia. Syria, properly so Syria was given to a portion of called, is bounded by the Eu- Arabia. Arabia Desertà was phrates on the east, by the called Syria Soba, or Zobah, Mediterranean on the west; by within whose borders were con

tained Idumea, or Mount Seir, of Phænicia, which was thea according to Brocardus Mona- looked upon as making a part chus; though in his map of the of Syria, and was in the jurisHoly Land, Bonfrerius places diction of the governor of this Syria Soba near the head wa- province. St. Matt. xv, 22, 24. ters of the Jordan.

who wrote in Hebrew or SyrSyria of the two rivers, or iac, calls her a Canaanitish woMesopotamia, then Syria of man, because this country was Damascus; Syria of Zobah, really peopled by the CanaanSyria of Maachah, Syria of ites, Sidon being the eldest son of Rehob, &c. were only so inany Canaan, Gen. x,15. Lat. 34,45, different provinces of Syria, de TAANATH-SHILOH, a nominated from their situation place in the Holy Land, 10 miles with respect to these rivers or east from Shechem. Near this cities. Syria without any other spot was a village called Thenappellation, stands for the king- ath, as late as A. D. 400. dom of Syria, of which Anti TABATHA, a town or vil. och became the capital, after lage of Judea, five, or according the reign of the Seleucidæ. to others fifteen miles fromGaza. Before this time it was very TABBATH, Judg. vii, 22. rare to find the name Syria Where this place was situate used by itself. The provinces is not known. of Syria were generally ex

TABERAH, an encamppressed by the addition of the ment of Israel in the wilder. city, that was the capital of the ness, Numb. xi, 3: Deut. ix, 22. province.

The Hebrew word Taberah SYRO-PHOENICIA, this is signifies fire; and the place was Phænicia properly so called, of so denominated because a fire which Sidon or Židon, was the went out from the tabernacle, capital: and which having by and burnt a great part of the right of conquest been united camp as a punishment of their to the kingdom of Syria, and murmurings. joined its old name, Phenecia, TABOR, a very remarkato that of Syria, just as Pales- ble mountain not far from Katine was called Palestine of desh, in the tribe of Zebulon Syria, because it was con- and in the confines of Issachar sidered as making a part and Naphtali. It has its name of Syria.

In ihe gospel from its eminence, besides, it the Canaanitish woman is call. rises up in the midst of a chamed a Syro-phænician by St. paign country, called the valley Mark, vii, 26; because she was of Jezreel, or the great plain.

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