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fessors "to forsake their first ance hardly visible. This city
love, and not to remember was celebrated for the worship
whence they have fallen, and of Diana, her image supposed
repent.” Literally has Christ by them to have fallen down
fulfilled his threatening, against from heaven, was small and of
this church, “Thy candlestick wood, but very gorgeously at-
shall be removed out of his tired, each hand was supported
place,” Rev. ii. The descrip- by a bar of gold, and a veil
tion of an eye witness must be from the ceiling concealed ii,
interesting. Dr. Chandler says, except when the service re-
The inhabitants are a few quired it should be visible.
Greek peasants, living in ex So sacred was this temple, that
treme wretchedness, depende the immense treasures were
ance, and insensibility; the re secure for many ages. But we
presentatives of an illustrious now seek in vain for the tem-
people, inhabiting the wreck of ple itself; the city is prostrate,
their greatness, under the walls and the goddess is gone. Eph-
of the glorious edifices which esus had a good harbor, on a
they raised, and some beneath gulf of the same name, 40
the vaults of the stadium, miles south from Smyrna,
once the crowded scene of long. 27, 58 E. lat. 37, 48 N.
their diversions, and some Ricaut, Newton, Thevenat,
by the abrupt precipice, in Wells.
the sepulchres which received EPHESDAMMIM, a place
their ashes. Its streets are ob- between Shochoh and Azekah,
scured and overgrown. A herd on the west of the valley of
of goats was driven to it for Elah. Here the army of Philis-
shelter from the sun at noon, tia was encamped, when Goliah
and a noisy fight of crows insulted the host of Israel.
from the quarries seemed to Here they were found again
insult its silence. We heard after the coronation of David,
the patridge call in the area of and suffered a great slaughter.
the theatre. The glorious pomp EPHRAIM lay on the south
of its heathen worship is no side of Samaria, extending from
longer remembered, and Chris- the Mediterranean to the Jor.
tianity, which was here nursed dan, bounded south by Benja.
by apostles, and fostered byinin and a small part of Dan.
general councils, until it in. The country in general is
creased to fulness of stature, rocky and mountainous, but
barely lingers on, in an exist, the low lands are remarkably

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rich and fruitful. Joshua be- dan, thought by some to have longed to this tribe, as did been the place where Jesus reDeborah, and several other em- tired with his disciples, a short inent persons.

The territory time before his passion, John was small for this populous xi, 54. The wood or forest tribe; but when they requested of Ephraim, in which Absa. more from Joshua, he only en- lom's army was routed, and couraged them to complete himself killed and buried, 2 the expulsion of the Canaan- Sam. xviii, 6, &c. was situate ites. When the census was east from Jordan; so named taken, as this tribe left Egypt, perhaps from lying on the river the warriors were 40,500; but opposite to the tribe of Ephin the wilderness they were reduced to 32,500. The united EPHRAIM, a city of Palespopulation of Ephraim and tine in the tribe of Benjamin, Manasseh, the sons of Joseph, eight miles from Jerusalem amounted to 72,700 men, when and according to Eusebius they came from Egypt. So was near to Beth I. verified the promised fruitful EPHRAH, a city of Ephness of Joseph. For about 320 raim, and the birth place of years the tabernacle was con- Gideon. Its exact situation is tinued at Shiloh, which was in not known; but it is thought this tribe. When the ark was to be the same as Ophrah. taken by the Philistines, the Lat. 32,29. soldiers of Ephraim acted in a EPHRATAH, a word cowardly manner. At the cor- which we meet with in Psalm onation of David 20,800 troops cxxii, 6, to denote the lot of from this tribe were present. Ephraim. Ephratah is also Jeroboani was of this tribe, and used for the town of Bethledecoyed his brethren and nine hem, Micah v, 2. See Bethle. other tribes to revolt from Ju. hem. dah and Benjamin. This sep EPHRON, the name of a arate government continued city situated beyond Jordan, 254 years. As this was the which Judas Maccabeus took leading tribe, most or all the and sacked at his return from kings being from Ephraim, all an expedition against T'imothe tribes were sometimes de- theus, general of the Syrians, nominated Ephraim.

1 Macc. v, 46, &c. EPHRAIM, a city in the EPIPHANIA, a city of tribe of Ephraim, towards Jor. Syria, and probably another

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name for Hamath. It stood on dah. Here the Hebrew spies, the Orontes, between Antioch while surveying the country, and Apamea.

cut a bunch of grapes to carry EPIRUS, a province of back to the people, as a speciGreece, on the coast of the men of

men of the delicious fruit, Ionian sea, having Albania which they might suon enjoy. north, Thessaly south, the o- The bunch ofgrapes was as large cean west.

as two men could well carry. ERECH, a city of Chaldea ESHTAOL, a town of Pal. built by Nimrod, Gen. x, 10. estine, which the tribe of Judah It probably stood on the east yielded to Dan. Eusebius bank of the Tigris, below its says, this place was ten miles junction with the Euphrates. from Eleutheropolis. Lat. 31, From this city probably the 32. Erectean fields had their name, ESHTEMOA, a city of which abound with Naptha, Judah, given to the Levites; and sometimes take fire. This it is uncertain whether it be place has also been called A, not the same with the next raka, which is in Susiana. It article. Joshua xxi, 14. has also been supposed to be ESHTEMOTH, a city in the same as Edessa. See Hol- the southern part of Judah. ben.

Josh.xv,50, and xxi, 14; 1 Sam. EREMON, a large village xxx, 18. A cession was made of Judea, sixteen miles from of it to the priests to be an Eleutheropolis. The same, habitation for them. i Chron. probably as Rimmon. vi, 58. It was a large town in

ESØRAELON, a more the region of Eleutheropolis. modern name for the valley of Lat. 31, 10. Jezreel, in the tribe of Issa. ESSA, a town of Palestine char. It was ten miles from

on the east of the Jordan. Scythopolis.

ETAM, a city in the tribe ESDRELA, the name of a of Judah, lying between Bethvillage on the above plain, to lehem and Tekoah. 2 Chron. which probably it gave its xi, 6. name, or the plain of Esdrela, The rock of Etam was that as it is sometimes called. to which Sampson retired, af

ESHCOL, the valley of, or ter having burned the harvest brook of, or valley of grapes, of the Philistines. Judg. xv,8. a fertile vale in the land of From a noted spring, near this Canaan, and south part of Ju. place, which was perhaps the

fountain of gardens, Pilate, always to understand Ethioand probably Solomon long pia, properly so called. Under before, brought water by an the article Cash, we have alaqueduct into the city of Jeru- ready shown, that by what is salem.

generally translated Ethiopia, ETHAM, the third station that country is meant, which of the Israelites after their lies upon the eastern coast of coming out of Egypt. Etham the Red Sea, and at that point must have lain toward the of the sea, which joins to Epoint of the Red Sea. Num. gypt. Zipporah the wife of xxxiii, 6; Ex. xiii, 20. From Moses, who was of Midian, Etham the Hebrews went to upon the Red Sea, is called a Pihahiroth. The wilderness Cushite or Ethiopian. In on both sides of the sea was short there are three countries called Etham. Perhaps it is called Cush, and generally the same place, which has since translated Ethiopia. 1. The been called Butham or Bu- land of Cush, upon the river thus.

Gihon; 2. Cush upon the easETHER, a place in Pales- tern shore of the Red Sea; 3. tine, twenty miles from Eleu. The land of Cush, situated theropolis, in the south of Ju- above Thebais and the updah, first allotted to Judah, per Egypt; and for want of and afterwards given to Sime. making this distinction several on; in the fourth century it writers have fallen into very was a large village.

considerable errors. ETHIOPIA, properly so According to the chronicle called, is a very extensive coun- of Axum, the truth of which try of Africa, comprehending is next to that of the sacred Abyssinia, Nubia, and Abex. writings, in the opinion of the It is bounded by Egypt and Abyssinians, this country was the desart of Barca on the peopled 1808 years before the north, by the Red Sea and In- birth of Jesus Christ. Two dian ocean on the east, by hundred years after its settleAnjan and the unknown parts ment, it was so destroyed by of Africa on the south, and by a flood, that it was called Oure other unknown countries on Midra, or "a country laid the west. There is frequent waste," or as it is called in mention in scripture of Ethio. scripture itself, "a land which pia; but it must be observed, the waters or floods had spoilthat by this name, we are not ed.” Isa. xviii, 2. The first

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inhabitants are supposed to Albara, one of the districts of have come from Palestine, and Abyssinia, then without inhabin the opinion of some learned itants; and travelled till they men, they were the Canaan

came to the ridge of mountains, ites, who fled before the all which separates that district conquering banner of Israel. from the rest of Abyssinia. To confirm this by another Being still terrified with the circumstance, Procopius men remembrance of the flood, and tions that in his time two pil- fearing a repetition of the same lars were known in Maurita- calamity, they dared not to setnia with this inscription in the tle in the level plains; but asPhenician language. “We are cended the mountains. Here Canaanites, flying from the face Cush and his people, with unof Joshua, the son of Nun, the describable labor, requiring robber."

arts and instruments utterly un. Some authors, however, are of known to us, formed them. opinion, that Ethiopia received selves commodious and wonits first inhabitants from the derful habitations in the leart of country lying on the east of the the mountains, composed of RedSea. According to them the solid granite and marble. These descendants of Cush, having dwellings are now entire, and settled in Arabia, gradually mi. will remain so, till the consumgrated to the south-eastern ex- mation of all things. Always tremity of that country; thence avoiding the low countries, they they readily crossed the strait of advanced along the different Babelmandel into Africa, and ridges and chains of mountains, entered the country, called across the whole continent of Ethiopia. This migration, ac- Africa. According to this tracording to Eusebius, took place dition, they built the city of during the residence of Israel Axum, about the time of Abrain Egypt; but according to oth- ham. But other writers supers not till they had entered Ca- pose Ethiopia was conquered naan, and enjoyed the govern- by Moses, who afterwards bement of the Judges. Mr. Brucecame the Lawgiver of Israel. mentions a tradition yet extant They say that the Ethiopians in Abyssinia, and which they having made an irruption, and say lias existed from time imme. conquered the country, as far morial, that very soon after the as lower Egypt, that the ora. Aood,Cush, the grandson of No- cles, while the kingdom was ah, with his family, passed thro' trembling for its existence,

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