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Manasseh,on the east of Jordan. because it lay in Gilead, at the Aristobulus, king or prince of foot of the mountains, which go · the Jews, and son of!Hyrcanus, by this name. Eusebius places early in his reign, made war it six miles from Pella, towards upon the Itureans, and subdu- Gerasa, and consequently it ed a great part of them. He must be eastward of the sea of gave them their choice, either Tiberias. to quit their country, or em- JABNEEL, a town upon brace the religion of the Jews. the frontiers of Naphtali, Josh. They chose to be circumcised, xix, 33. There is another of rather than to march, and seek the same name in the tribe of a new settlement.

Judah, Josh. xv, 11. IVAH, a kingdom mention- JACOB'S WELL or ed 2 Kings xix, 13. Where is FOUNTAIN, a well near Shethe king of Hamath and—Ivah? chem, at which our Savior con But where it was, or what was versed with the woman of Saits character we need informa- maria, John iv, 12.

Jacob tion. See Ava.

dwelt near this place, before JAAKAN, or Ben E-JA. his sons slew the inhabitants of AKAN, an encampment of Is- Shechem. Formerly a church rael, between Gidgad, and stood over this well, built in Moseroth.

the form of a cross.

They JABBOK, a brook on the pretend to show the bucket, east of the Jordan, the spring used by the woman of Samaria, of which is in the mountains when she conversed here with of Gilead. It falls into the Jor- Jesus Christ. The sick fredan a little south from the sea quented this well, supposing, of Tiberias. Near this brook its water had a medicinal powthe pátriarch Jacob wrestled er. The church has gone to with the angel, and prevailed ruin. This well is in the narlike a prince, Gen. xxxii, 22. row valley between Gerizim The Jabbok separated the land and Ebal, one mile and a half of the Ammonites from the from Sichem. The well is Galanites, and of Og king of sunk into a solid rock, three Bashan. Lat. 32, 20. yards diameter, and thirty-five JABESH, or JABESH-GIL- deep.

Maundrell. EAD, was the name of a city, JADUR, a city of Palestine, in the half tribe of Manasseh, belonging to the tribe of Judah, beyond Jordan. The scripture Josh. xv, 21. generally calls it Jabesh-gilead, JAHAZ, JAHAZIAH,OrJan.




%A, probably the Ziza of Ptol. Jabnia or Jamnia. Yebna, saith emy, a city near Aroer, be- he, is a village about twelve tween Medeba and Diblathaim miles from Jaffa, [Joppa) in a on the north frontier of Moab, fine plain, surrounded by hills, beyond Jordan, near which Si- and covered with herbage; a hon was defeated by Moses; it rivulet formed by the ruins supwas given to the tribe of 'Reu- plies it with water. It is conben, Numb. xxi, 23, and Deut. jectured that the rock Etam, i, 32. This is thought to be where Sampson was surprised the same with Jahzah, situated by the Philistines, was not far to the north, and pretty near from this place. North-east Ar of the Moabites, Josh. xiii, from Yebna is a lofty hill, 18. It was given up to the Le- from which is a view of Bamvites, 1 Chr. vi, 73. Jahaz was la, five miles distant. From a ravaged by the Assyrians and hill of easy ascent on the bor. Chaldeans, Isa. xv, 4.

der of the plain, Yebna, EkJAHAZAH, a city of the ron, Ashdod, and Askelon, priests in Palestine; but where were all in sight. Lat. 32. situated, it does not certainly JANSHAX, a city in the appear, probably, however, it tribe of Ephraim, upon the fronwas the same as the above place. tiers of the half tribe of Manas,

JAMNIA, a maritime town seh, Josh.xvi, 6. It was twelve in Palestine, situated between miles east from Shechem, and Azotus and Joppa. It has a was taken and ruined by Tigpretty good haven. We do lath-pileser, king of Assyria, not meet with the name of 2 Kings xv, 29. this place in the Hebrew JANUM, a city of Palestine text of Joshua, though we in the tribe of Judah. find it in the Greek, xv, 45.

JAPHETH,a province menJosephus says it was given, up- tioned by Judith, ii, 25. Geogon the division, to the tribe of raphers confess their ignorance Dan. We read in the second of this province,wherefore some book of Maccabees, xii, 9, that read it Jephlath, or Japha, or the port of Jamnia was thirty Jaffa. miles from Jerusalem. When JAPHIA, a city of Galilee Christianity flourished here, this in the tribe of Zebulon, Josh, place was' the residence of a xix, 12, not far from Jotapata. bishop. The following is Dr. This city was taken and cruelWittman's account of Yebna, ly ravaged by the Romans. which appears to be the ancient JAPHLETI, a town on the

frontiers of Benjamin and Eph- west from Philadelphia, and if raim, Josh. xvi, 3. The king teen from Heshbon, and a little of this city was slain by Joshua. south of Ramoth Gilead, at the

JAPHÓ, a town of Canaan, in head of a large river, which fell the tribe of Dan, Josh. xix, 46. into the Jordan, and since we

JARMUTH, or JARAMITH, read of the sea of Jazer, it is a city of Judah, whose king probable the town 'stood rear was killed by Joshua, x, 5. It the lake, which was the head is ten miles from Eleuthero- of the river. Jerome says, that polis, north-east, and as many Jazer was remaining in his day. south-west from Jerusalem. Lat. 31, 53. In the fourth century it was yet JAZER, sea of, the Hebrews a village.

called all considerable waters, JARMOUTH, a city of Pales- as rivers, ponds, lakes, seas. tine in the tribe of Issachar; it This sea was a lake mentioned was given to the Levites, as a Jer. xlviii, 32, it lay east of the sacerdotal city, and it was also a tribe of Gad, in the north-east city of refuge. It is supposed part of Canaan. this may be the same as Ramoth. JEARIM, mount Jearim of

JATTIR, a city in the tribe Judah, it might denote a woody of Dan, Josh. xv, 48. It was mountain, or that on which afterwards given to the Levites Kirjath-Jearim was built. of Kohath's faroily, Josh. xxi, JEBUS, otherwise JERUSA14. Eusebius says, that Jattir Lem, one of the oldest cities or Jether, or Jethira, is situated in the world. See Jerusalem. in the canton called Daroma, to. Jebus was founded by Jebus wards the city of Malatha,twen- the son of Canaan, and father ty miles from Eleutheropolis. of the Jebusites. It is probably the same as Eth- JEBUSITES, a people deer or Athar. Calmet's Dict. scended from Jebus, who were

JAVAN. See Greece. settled in Jerusalem and the

JAZER, a city beyond Jor- neighboring mountains. They dan, given to the tribe of Gad, were a warlike people, and and afterwards to the Levites, withstood the arms of Israel, Josh. xxi, 30, and xiii, 25. It and retained Jerusalem in their lay at the foot of the moun- possession, till the time of Datains of Gilead, near a brook vid. Even then this diminishof the same name, which falls ed tribe of Canaanites displayed into the Jordan. Eusebius and a daring temper; they rudely Jerome say, it lay eight miles insulted him, as if their blind

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and lame could defend their round which are a number of strong walls against his army. barren mountains, which renJoab,

however, took the place; der it extremely hot. Here but some of them were proba- was formerly cultivated the bly spared, of whom was A. balm of Mecca. From the deraunah, 2 Sam. v, and xxiv. scription of the hadgis, this is

JEHIED, a city of Palestine, a shrub similar to the pomein the tribe of Dan.

granite tree, with leaves like JEHOSHEPHAT, valley those of rue; it bears a pulpy of, called also the valley of nut, in which is contained a Kidron, because the brook Ki. kernel, which yields the resindron runs through it, it lies on ous juice, called balm or bal. the cast of Jerusalem between sam. At present not a plant the city and the mount of Ol. of it is remaining in Jericho; ives.

but there is another species JEGAR-SAHADUTHA, Zakkoun, which produces a the name given by Laban to a sweet oil, celebrated for healing heap or circle of stones erected wounds. The Zakkoun reby him and Jacob, as witness sembles a plum tree; it has of an agreement between them. thorns four inches long, with

JERICHO, a city of Judea, leaves like those of the olive between Jordan and Jerusalem. tree; but narrower and greener, Josephus says, the whole space and prickly at the end; its fruit from Jerusalem is desert and is a kind of acorn, without a rocky, and equally uncultivated calyx, under the bark of which and barren, between Jericho is a pulp and then a nut, the and Asphaltites. Yet the places kernel of which affords the oil, near the town and above it are which the Arabs sell at so dear extremely fertile and delicious, a rate. This is the sole comso that it may justly be called merce of the place. a divine plain, surpassing all This city was in the tribe of the other lands in Canaan,

sur. Benjamin, about seven leagues rounded by hills in the manner from Jerusalem, and two from of an amphitheatre. It pro. Jordan, Josh. xviii, 21. Moses duces opo-balsamum myroba- calls it the city of Palm trees, lans, and dates. In modern Deut. xxxiv, 3, by reason of times this place is called Raha, the great number of these trees, and Mr. Volney informs us it growing in the plain of Jericho. is situated in a plain 6 or 7 Josephus says, that in the terleagues long, and 3 wide, a- ritory belonging to this city,

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there were not only many sulted by the Ammonites, apalm trees, but likewise the bode at Jericho, till their beards balsam tree, which produced were grown again. Josephus that precious liquor, so much sufficiently distinguishes these esteemed by the ancients. The two places. After Hiel had valley of Jericho was water- repaired old Jericho, nobody ed with the rivulet, which made any scruple of dwelling formerly was salt and bitter, there. "Our Savior wrought but was afterwards sweetened some miracles at Jericho, and by the prophet Elisha, 2 Kings there it was that

he was invited ii, 19, and its waters render- to abide with Zaccheus. Eued the plain of Jericho not sebius, however, instead of only one of the most agreea. supposing there were two cit. ble, but one of the most fer- ies in different places of this tile spots of that country. Jeri- name, asserts that the city cho was the first city in the built by Hiel, which was honland of Canaan, taken by Josh. ored with the visits of our Savua, ii, 1, 2

. Joshua cursed ior, was destroyed for the the man, before the Lord, who treachery of the inhabitants, should raise up and rebuild Jer- during the siege of Jerusalem icho; “Let his first born dic, by the Romans.

The city said he, while he lays the foun- standing in his day, and which dation of it, and may he lose is now a sorry village, was a his youngest child, when he third city built since the desetteth up the gates."

The struction of Jerusalem; not on imprecation of Joshua was not the very scite of the former, for vain, for Hiel of Bethel about the ruins of both the forner 530 years after this, having cities were then to be seen. undertook to rebuild Jericho, In A. D. 1659, Jericho was lost his eldest son Abiram, as thus described by D’Arvieux. he was laying the foundations, After having travelled a quarter and his youngest son Segub, of a league in a plain, we enwhen he hung the gates. There camped near the gardens of was however, some other city Jericho by the side of a small of this name in the tribe of brook, and while our supper Benjamin, before the time of was preparing, we walked in Hiel. There was a city of the gardens and among the ru. Palm trees in the time of the ins of Jericho. This very anJudges iii, 13. David's am- cient city is now desolate, and bassadors, who had been in consists of only about fifty poor

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